Lady Madonna


[This story continues the saga of a unique parish church that celebrates the natural hairy body, the fluids and materials produced by the body, and anal eroticism. If any of that sounds likely to offend or disgust you, please look elsewhere for a story more to your liking. All characters in this story are 18 or over and some quite elderly. I put it in the Fetish category because that seemed the most inclusive for all the different things going on in it.]

The parish’s youthful servers and sisters visit Dame Taborova

1968 was an intense year for both the Bohemian citizens of Czechoslovakia and the far-flung Czech diaspora, especially in the Rust Belt of northern Ohio where so many Czech immigrants had settled. The “Prague Spring” had been marked by the unprecedented liberalization of communist Czech culture under the leadership of Alexander Dubček and the flowering of that freedom — so dear to the heart of the Bohemian soul — only to be met with the force of Soviet and Eastern Bloc tanks and repression, at the end of the summer.

The congregants of our parish were in an uproar, understandably so, as this was just another instance of outside forces trying to bring Bohemian freedom under their heel. First the Vatican, then the Dominicans, the Hapsburgs, the Nazis, and the Soviet Union and its Eastern Bloc, were all of a kind: authoritarian entities determined to obliterate Bohemian independence.

Despite their strong instincts to lay low, some congregants went so far as to picket the Soviet consulate in Cleveland, resulting in a news photo running on the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer with Mrs. Tupa front and center displaying a protest sign advocating “Free Czech Bondage!!” which earned a chuckle on the evening TV news.

Considering what else was happening during that over-heated year — the Red Guards turning China upside down with the Cultural Revolution, France brought to a halt by a general strike, the police riot assaulting anti-war demonstrators at the Democrats’ convention in Chicago — it really did feel like things were coming to a head, what Dame Taborova had described as a “quickening”.

Due to a heightened demand, Father Viktor was forced to schedule a second weekly “sharing circle” in the Penance Chapel, as an increased number of parish widows sought out mortification in the hopes that their penitential prayers would draw the Almighty’s attention to the dire situation in the Bohemian “old country”. This increase in parish activity actually thrilled my good pal Nick, who had recently joined me as a lay server to the congregation, as he had enthusiastically volunteered to serve as the toilet attendant for the sharing circle. A second evening of penance sharing meant he now had twice as many elderly widows’ bums to carefully wipe after they shared their pee and poop with the penitents underneath their commodes. Opportunities like this sent Nick over the moon.

The heightened world disorder also lent an added urgency to Dame Taborova’s zeal in performing ever more advanced rituals of the “old ways”. When Father Viktor informed her of my recent success in healing Sister Pavla, the young blind double virgin, and of Nick’s irrepressible enthusiasm as a novice lay server, she made it known that she wished to host our circle of young servers and sisters — Nick, myself, Pavla, and Katka — the coming Sunday afternoon at her mansion after Mass. I had little doubt that she intended to engage us in intense rites that would push us all to the very limit of what our bodies and minds could handle, as the more challenging the sacred activities, the greater the blessings we would receive.

When I informed Nick of the good Dame’s invitation, he declared the news “bitchin'” and gave me a high five, as if we’d won the lottery once again. “Wow, Jack, I was wondering when I’d get to meet that Dame lady. She sounds like a real trip! Has she really stretched her tits all the way down to her hips?”

“‘Fraid so, my friend, though you better not gawk. We have to be on our very best manners with Dame Taborova, no matter what, else Father Viktor will personally take us down to the Mortification Cells and put us through a world of pain. He insists that we treat her with the utmost respect and deference. You’ll understand once you meet her. If you thought Agata was amazing, just wait until you meet the good Dame. She’s the most remarkable woman I’ve ever met, hands down.”

* * *

Once again, Father Viktor excused us from attending Mass Sunday morning and allowed us to meet in the Rectory parlor to provide some advance orientation for Pavla and Nick. As I had done with Katka, prior to our previous visit, I made sure that they understood that Dame Taborova’s “advanced needs” and mastery of the “old ways” might make for some very intense rituals, which we were expected to take part in, no matter how strange or blasphemous they might seem. Nick took all this in stride, as it seemed like the stranger the better, as bursa escort far as he was concerned. Katka reassured Pavla that the good Dame and her housekeeper were very generous and gracious hosts, and the sacred and loving energy that the rituals generated were wonderful and indicative of a state of grace and forgiveness that we would share in. The four of us shared an Embrace of Eden which was so open and heartfelt that we felt prepared for anything we might be asked to do.

* * *

For this visit, we did not have to rely on the good Dame and Mrs. Capekova to give us a lift to the mansion. With Nick as part of the expedition, the four of us squeezed into his VW bug and drove over there, like a car full of teenagers on our way to a party. Our spirits were high, as we all expected something special was going to happen, even if we couldn’t predict exactly what. Nick was charmed by both Sister Katka and Sister Pavla, and they by him, it seemed. It didn’t hurt our giddy mood to know that, soon after we arrived, we were all going to be naked together in Dame Taborova’s sitting room, being instructed to do the most lewd things to each other, under the attentive guidance of the good Dame and her housekeeper, and all with the blessing of our church.

As instructed by the good Dame via Mrs. Capekova, when we arrived we drove up her long driveway all the way to the back of her mansion, where Nick parked the car out of sight from the street. To accommodate Pavla’s handicap, Katka and I rode in the VW’s back seat, while Pavla rode in the more accessible front passenger seat. Nick had assisted the blind sister to get in and out of the car, and we all walked holding hands to the side door, where I pressed the doorbell. Mrs. Capekova let us in, and as before, had us wait in the hallway, while she went to announce us to her mistress.

“Church young people have arrived, My Dame. Very handsome bunch. We have hands full today, for sure.”

“Well, I certainly hope so, Lada. I do find it especially gratifying to share the ‘old ways’ with attractive young people. Please show them in, and bring us some light fare to give us energy for what’s ahead.”

Mrs. Capekova led us down the hall, opened the double-doors to the sitting room and shooed us in, where we were met by Dame Taborova standing to greet us. I did the honors.

“My Dame, may I present Sister Pavla, formerly of the Dominican Order.”

“Oh dear, the Dominicans, you poor thing, though I do understand that Brother Jack has worked his wonders to welcome you back into our fold.”

“Yes, My Dame. That he has!” The blindfolded Pavla curtsied and with my guidance found and kissed Dame Taborova’s proffered hand, and then stepped back.

“My Dame, may I present Brother Nick, our new novice lay server.”

Nick bowed and kissed the good Dame’s hand as I’d instructed. In his enthusiasm, he even kissed it a second time, causing her to raise an eyebrow and give him a droll smile.

“Brother Nick, my dear friend Agata Zelenkova had the nicest things to say about your conduct during your visit to her with Brother Jack. We have a special treat in store for you and Sister Pavla, if you are agreeable.”

“My Dame, I am totally agreeable”, Nick blurted out in his earnest way. We all couldn’t resist a little chuckle, as Nick blushed at exposing his own eagerness. Dame Taborova smiled and reached over and gave a gentle pat to the boner that was tenting out the crotch of his trousers.

“Maintain that attitude, Brother Nick, and you will serve our parish well.”

“My Dame, may I present Sister Katka, who you may recall from our previous visit.”

Katka curtsied and kissed Dame Taborova’s knuckle and then gave her the cutest smile.

“Sister Katka, how could I ever forget you and your beautiful Rite of the Immaculate Conception? Has your angelic twin been providing you with proper guidance?”

“I think so, My Dame, though I’m not certain how one defines ‘proper’ exactly. He keeps urging me to visit Brother Jack for further lessons in the Bohemian old ways.” She gave me a quick look, and a naughty little grin.

“Well, my dear, perhaps we can help that to happen today. It is always best to keep one’s angel happy.”

After a brief pause, I stepped forward and bowed my head to kiss the good Dame’s hand. As often happened when we made contact, I felt the tickle of an electric current shoot from her hand to my lips and then throughout my whole body. My tool went instantly rigid, and as she had with Nick, the good Dame patted my boner affectionately.

“And who could forget dear Brother Jack, who has been so diligent in serving the needs of our parish. I have a suggestion for you today that I think both you and Katka will greatly enjoy. You two are so lovely together. Ah, to be young again. And how has your angel been treating you?”

“Wonderfully, My Dame. It seems like she is constantly guiding me to do the right things and helping me stay energized and loving. görükle escort I can’t thank you enough for helping us to meet each other.”

Even as I spoke, I could sense my angelic twin fluttering about happily, interpenetrating my body, and pleased to be back in the room where we had first come together.

No sooner had our greetings and introductions concluded than Mrs. Capekova entered with a silver platter of hors d’oeuvre. The housekeeper set the platter on a side table and distributed small plates and napkins and urged us to help ourselves to the appetizers and sparkling water. This time, instead of little sandwiches, there was an array of cocktail sausages and deviled eggs. Dame Taborova watched in discrete amusement as Katka picked up two sausages by their toothpick and handed one to Pavla. They teased us by sucking the little sausages into their mouths and then letting them poke out again. For our part, Nick and I were giving Pavla and Katka lewd looks as we tongued the yellow filling of our deviled eggs, as if we were tonguing their privates. Katka had to describe what we were doing to Pavla, who whispered “oh my!”

“Well, well, I can certainly tell that everyone seems to have similar things on their minds. Not to worry. It is perfectly alright to bring a light-heartedness to the old ways. The Good Lord is pleased when his creatures enjoy themselves. I trust that we will please Him greatly today.”

Once the hors d’oeuvre had sated our hunger, it was time for the opening rituals. The good Dame suggested that we all disrobe, while she summoned Mrs. Capekova with the servant’s bell. Her loyal housekeeper arrived promptly and took charge of relieving her mistress of her clothes.

The four of us were by now all naked and in our natural states, as we watched as Mrs. Capekova struggled with unveiling the good Dame. Her mistress was not in her full corseted garb, but she was nevertheless bound up with control garments, straps, belts, and ropes. The good Dame’s housekeeper stoically unhooked and unfastened these various bindings and finally released her mistress from all her mortifications. The good Dame wept in gratitude for the relief she felt in her freed state. Yet, I knew that she would be adamantly mortifying herself again as soon as this brief interval of relief was over.

As always, I was struck by Dame Taborova’s dignified stance and her elegant beauty, marred only by the grotesque deformation of her painfully stretched titties. What surfeit of guilt and masochism had caused her to disfigure what must have once been enticing uplifted mammaries into pendulous tubes of flesh hanging all the way down to her hips? This was only one of the many mysteries that the good Dame embodied.

Because there were so many of us, our greeting rituals — the Embrace of Eden, the Kiss of Peace, and our direct sharing of pee and poop — seemed to take nearly an hour, during which Pavla nearly levitated in ecstasy from the rest of us peeing into her open mouth and pooping on her chest. As a connoisseur of mortification, Pavla felt right at home in her new surroundings. After Mrs. Capekova had cleaned us all up, the good Dame signaled a pause for refreshment and had us take our seats, while Mrs. Capekova served us a round of chilled champagne and caviar. Dame Taborova certainly had a knack for making her guests feel as if we were honoring her with our presence.

“Dear ones, I have a couple of suggestions for today’s holy rituals that I’d like to share with you. I just need to confirm a few details. Sister Pavla, is it true that you are a virgin in both fore and aft?”

“Yes, My Dame.”

“Ah, and Brother Nick, is it true that you have yet to perform anal penetration?”

“Gee whiz, My Dame. Guilty as accused.”

“Now now, my dear child, no need to feel ashamed. The reason I ask is that both you and Sister Pavla have the necessary qualifications for performing the Rite of the Immaculate Conception together, one of the old ways’ most wonderful rituals. Sister Katka and Brother Jack underwent it recently and are, I believe, satisfied with the results?”

I looked at Katka and she nodded vigorously.

“Please, My Dame, it was the most beautiful day of our lives.”

“Well then, if you two are willing, Sister Pavla and Brother Nick, Mrs. Capekova and I would be honored to assist you in undergoing the Rite, which reenacts the Holy Spirit’s impregnation of the Blessed Virgin by means of the Archangel Gabriel. If performed together with love and open hearts, it should summon your angelic twins — your Guardian Angels — to join with you for the rest of your lives.”

Sister Pavla was shaking like a leaf, which led Nick to put his arms around her to comfort her, while she whispered “Oh my God, please yes. Please!”

“That would be very kind of you, My Dame,” Nick responded. “We’re ready when you are.”

“Very well. We shall proceed shortly.

“But first I’d like to suggest a special escort bayan ritual of your own, Sister Katka and Brother Jack. A modified Sacrament of the Bridal Chamber would enable you to lose your hymen, my dear, under the most propitious conditions possible: the simultaneous sexual congress of your angelic twin with Brother Jack’s. In fact, the simultaneous celebration of the Rite of the Immaculate Conception and the Sacrament of the Bridal Chamber together is sure to draw down the grace of the Almighty from the highest heaven, the Pleroma.”

Sister Katka let out a little squeal of excited glee at the good Dame’s proposal. I was a bit unsure myself and raised my hand to ask Dame Taborova a question.

“Uh, My Dame, will our Sacrament involve ‘spreading’?”

I still had a vivid memory of the Sacrament of the Bridal Chamber I had performed with Dame Toborova during my first visit, which had involved spreading our excrement all over our upper bodies and faces as a lead-up to the ritual.

“Oh Brother Jack, I quite understand your concern. No, this ‘modified’ version involves no ‘spreading’, as I want you both to have the most elevated Sacrament possible. My advanced version of the Bridal Chamber, which you kindly indulged in for my sake, was combined with the direct sharing of pee and poop, for the maximum Mortification. But I see no need today for any of you to mortify yourselves. The blessings that we draw down should be more than enough to place us all in a state of grace.”

“Thank you, My Dame. I feel much better now. I wasn’t sure that I could bring myself to ‘spread’ my shit on dear Katka’s body. Pooping is one thing, but spreading it is something else. The very notion seemed to agitate my angel something fierce when she read my mental image.”

“Understandably so. My apologies for not clarifying that sooner. And now, shall we begin? It is most effective to perform and conclude these rituals before sunset.”

* * *

As Mrs. Capekova had earlier brought in the pads and pillows to protect the carpets during the greeting rituals, we simply had to help Katka and Pavla to lie down prone with their legs spread and knees raised, about a yard from each other, their heads on pillows. I sat on my haunches between Katka’s delicately hairy thighs, while Nick took the same position with Pavla.

Dame Taborova then proceeded to walk around us and between us, making Mesmeric passes and stirring up the magnetic ether into swirling clouds that we couldn’t see but we could certainly feel. As the good Dame chanted Hail Marys in Czech and made her moves, we all passed into a kind of blissful trance. Mrs. Capekova had Nick and me arouse our “brides”‘s quims with our passionate kisses and devoted tonguing, while the housekeeper and her mistress knelt and caressed the entranced sisters’ exquisite young titties. Our mutual efforts were having a profound effect upon the young ladies, who were squirming and making little love cries

A glowing field of love was enfolding us in its embrace, as our hostesses directed Nick and me to insert our prongs into our partners’ mouths so they could slather them with their spittle. That accomplished, Lada and her mistress withdrew to observe the proceedings and keep them on course. With a nod, they let us know that it was now time to enter our sisters’s respective orifices.

Katka’s gaze was fixed upon my face with an expression that wordlessly told me that she had been dreaming of this moment since we had our initial intense encounter in my room in the Rectory. I bent over her and kissed her deeply, opening my heart and sensing her opening hers. I positioned my stiffened prick at her dripping vaginal entrance and slid its crown up and down between her labia. I’m only averagely endowed, but Katka was so petite, that I wondered for a moment whether I could successfully push my way in to breech her hymen. But she urged me on, by squeezing my butt and whispering “you can do it!” Her eyes were shut tight, with a look of pained concentration, as my probe pushed against her virginal membrane, and then her eyes suddenly popped open as I made it through. She pinched my buns to get me to pause before moving any further.

“You okay? Does it hurt too much?”

“It stung when it tore, but not too bad. Alright, I think you can start moving again. Just start gently.”

Feeling our genitals rubbing together inside Katka’s bloody quim was a new and intense experience. It was enhanced by the uncanny sense of our angelic twins engaging in their own sexual union, their wings fluttering, as if we were all merged into a single being with multiple limbs and heads.

While we had been somewhat preoccupied, I was vaguely aware that Pavla and Nick had been engaged in their own intense rite, their hearts fully open and Nick sliding in and out of Pavla’s anus, while she grunted as if he were giving her the most glorious mortification she had ever received. She was in a quivering ecstasy, while Nick held her ankles high and her thighs pushed back against her chest, his balls slapping against her big beautiful bottom. I could sense that their angelic twins had been successfully summoned and they were all in a sacred clusterfuck together.

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