Subject: Little Peter 5 LITTLE PETER By Encolpius DISCLAIMER: This is fiction. This chapter is inspired by an actual video. Compliments, comments or complaints to [email protected] Please donate to Nifty! It’s important to keep this resource alive. AUTHOR”S NOTE: When I originally thought of this, Little Peter was going to be bisexual. But I thought the audience in Gay/Adult-Youth might appreciate it more so I made him gay. But, if anyone is interested, I have an alternate chapter to this one that is bisexual, entitled “Little Peter gets a little pussy”, if you are interested. Just write me ail. FIVE Posted as Little Peter’s Tickle Torture 11 years old 4′ 8″ 75 pound They are posted to the dark web. In exchange for a piece of a bitcoin, you can see my beautiful hairless boy being serviced. There are only 5 videos up but we make steady money. I’m not going to oversaturate the market. When the new video comes out every 6 months, we get the hits. My fellow perverts are eager for the content. I fancy his balls may be a little bigger and he is more aggressive. He doesn’t stay over every noght but his fucked up mother dumps him off on me fairly frequently. If she knows, she doesn’t care. If she doesn’t know, she still doesn’t care. I am the one that loves Caleb – Little Peter – and he loves me. He’s just stuck with that bitch until he’s legal. She’s got twins now, a boy and a girl, and baby daddy is turning out to be the shit I thought he would be. I do get messages from the perv legion and consistently they want to see Little Peter get tickle tortured. So we give them what they want. The kid is ticklish. He is on the bed in a pair of jogging shorts and no shirt. He is still a boy god, lean and bony, tanned, fresh faced, spiky hair and bright blue eyes. He laughs as I get everything set up. He likes making these videos and would do more but I think leaving them wanting more is best. He is tugging at his cock, his hand inside his shorts. I have 4 cameras going and I will edit it together later. One is at the foot of the bed on a tripod and one mounted to the wall at the head of the bed. One is on the dresser and focused on where Caleb is laying and the pursaklar escort last on a tripod at a high angle right next to us. I have coverage. Our last vid, Little Peter’s Bathtub BJ was an amateur production in comparison, although it brought in the bitcoins. “You ready?” I ask He gives me a shy Lolita smile and nods. I stroke the bottom of his feet and jerks them away as I do. I tell him not to squirm or resist or it will get worse but, of course, he will. He has to. I wiggle my finger up his bare golden legs and he shifts a little but not much. That’s not where he is ticklish at. Then I rub just a little bit in his crotch. He is all ready hard. “You ticklish there?” “Not there” I look at him hard and he smiles. “But keep doing it” I shake my head. I go for the gold, both sides of his torso, tickling him. He erupts with peels of laughter, his body writhng and turning away. I keep going and he scoots up trying to get away. I let him off for a second, to recover. :”:Are you going to be a good boy?” ‘No, I’m a bad boy” “Bad boys get tickled” He is laughing even before I start. But as I feather my fingers all over his torso, he bucks up and squiggles and laughs and tries to slap my hands away. But I come back. He is convulsed with laughter. Then starts scooting up and out frame for the side cameras and so I stop and pull him back down. “Are you bad boy?” “No, I’m a good boy” he answers “Good boys get tickled” He tries to shift into the fetal posiotion but I get after his flank and tickle him as he fairly bouces in the bed. He is laughing heartily and I wonder whether it is fun for him or not despite the laughter. I reach down to his crotch and he is still hard, so that’s reassuring. He still sees this is a sex thing and he loves sex things. In fact, he loves sex things way more than I would have ever thought and I wonder what sort of lusty little pig he will be when puberty comes in earnest, which is not far off. In the meantime, I will enjoy the beauty of him hairless and small as I tickle torture him. Them I give him another break. He settles on his back and I am pinning him down, my butt on his crotch. I can feel his small hard on. “Let rize escort me up” he says, smiling “No. Simon says” “Simon says let me up” “No” He sits up and tries to tickle me but I am not ticklish. He looks disappointed with that knowledge. To make it up I give him a wet sloppy open mouth kiss. He’s gotten to be a pretty good kisser. But then I tickle him again. He flngs himself back nn the bed squalling wtih laughter, twisting away from me. I keep it up, no let up, I do it as he tries to get away, pushing and pulling to escape, twisting and writing to make it stop. I do it until he laughs so hard he cries. “My beautiful boy, my beautiful sweet boy. My sexy boy, my litttle lover” I purr at him, now gently rubbing my hands on his sensitive skin ‘It’s not fair. It’s because I’m little and you’re big”. He is whining a bit “But you are beautiful and you are sexy and you are perfect in evey way” He smiles and relazes back. I kiss him on his torso, up the center. He has skinny pack abs when he flexes to sit up. I kiss his nipples and flick them with my tongue, a gentle little suck. “I don’t have titties, DJ. I’m not a girl” “No, you are all boy” I say, cupping his crotch “Do it again” So I play with his flat boy titties, tognue and lips. He sighs a little. Then, just to goose him, I reach down and tickle him one more time. He luughs uproariously. Then I snake my hand inside his shorts. “Can I tickle you down here?” “Mmm Hmm” he answers He lifts up his ass and I pull off his shorts to expose his alabaster crotch, with his hard pole sticking up toward his chin. I feather my fingers across his pubis but he doesn’t respond except with a satisfied moan. Then I lightly tease his erection and he stifles a laugh Young cock is the best. Boy cock. His is fine. I can’t stop myself. I am naked too and hard. I lean down and lick up the hard shaft with my rough tongue. “You want me to tickle you that way?” “Mmm Hmm” he says. I lick him again, tongue out and up the shaft. He shivers a little. He felt that. Then lick up from this ass to his balls and I fancy I smell the beginnings of the funky sweat that men have and boys don’t. My boy lover is growing. But I lick it up ankara rus escort and he shivers again. I take his balls in my mouth, well just one ball as they are bigger than they used to be, now beginning to get plumped up with cum and testosterone. I suck on and he shifts again, again feeling it. I take him down, all the way, down to the root, his prick in my mouth My tongue swirls around his stiffness as I use it to massage his cock head, flicking at the piss slit, driving him mad with pleasure. Bobbing up and down, using my lips for the friction he needs to send the paroxsysms of pleasre to his brain. When I come off and go for his balls again, Caleb grabs hold of his boyhood and flogs it hard. I just stop and watch him masturbate. It is a beautiful sight. I have to stroke myself too. My own horniness is building. I rub my hands all up his torso and he takes his hand off his dick as I give him another little tickle before taking over, stroking him myself, slowly and sensually.I massage his cock, trying to draw out the pleasure from it. He moans as I do and I know that I need to suck him some more. When I do, he;s greedy for it, driving himself in and face fucking me. He’s close. He is. He is a greedy little shit, wanting every ounce of his pleasure, his body screaming out for release. He so despearately needs to explode. to fure his jizz in my mouth but he is still dry and that leads his brain to be desperate for the release. Every orgasm is so fucking intense for him, a whole body experience sinee he is deprived of the sastifying pop but he loves it and he wants it and he is going to fucking have. His whole body is tense and he is whimpeing. Later,w hen I edit it, I see that his eyes are closed tight and his face screwed up with a look of pain as he piston fucks my mouth. Then sweet, sweet, sweet fucking relief. He falls back on the bed, relieved, finally breathing again, smiling. I look at him and he giggles again. I reach up and tickle him one more time and he is like a whirling dervish getting away from me. I am so hard and horny from him having orgasmed that I need relief and so I kneel over him, jacking off. Soon, I feel my own orgasm grow and grow, the pressure buidling until I have no choice. I have to cum. I flog it, desperate to have it fly, my head back, moaning, little sighs of breath and then it happens My cum flies out and trails down his flat belly down to his hairless cock. I open my eyes and Caleb is grinning. He loves to see me cum.

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