Subject: Love and Friendship Chapter Two DISCLAIMER: This story will include scenes involving sex between young men and adult language. If you do not like or are offended by such things or are under age wherever you are reading this then please leave now. This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased, and any resemblance as such is purely coincidental. I would like to thank Big D for his inspiration in these stories, the characters were loosely based on his creations, and I hope you enjoy the continuation on this tale. If you would like to read more of the Big D’s work please go to: http://www.//gay/highschool/evan If you want to contact the author with any comments please do so ail You can also show your appreciation by making a donation to the Nifty archive. Go to fty/donate.html XXXXXXXX DAY 3 It was morning, and his mind was hazy. Where was he? Hunter Ellison couldn’t remember last night at all. All he knew: his head hurt, and he was moving in their car. Taking it slowly, the football player opened his eyes. Staring right in front of him was the star baseball player, Harrison. “Morning, sunshine,” he said with the biggest grin on his face. “Harrison. What the fuck?” He jumped up, realizing he was in Harry’s lap in the backseat. The action caused him to bump his head with the roof of the car. He moved to the right of the window, rubbing his bruised noggin. “Harry, what did you do to me last night?” Licking his lips, loving Hunter’s vulnerability, “Nothing you wouldn’t approve of.” Turning to Justin, who was driving in the front seat, “J, you are right; he does have a tight ass that I had to work on to get in there.” Justin, obviously enjoying every minute of this, replied without missing a beat, “Yeah, I have to use a lot of lube, or else there’s no way. But the screams are worth it.” “No doubt,” Harry laughed. Hunter looked at Harry, considering this. “My head hurts; tell me you’re joking.” “Of course, bro. I wouldn’t take advantage of you in such a state.” “Thanks, I guess. Now can someone tell me what the fuck happened last night?” Justin stared at him through the rear-view mirror, “Hunter, do you remember anything?” Hunter was more taken aback by Justin’s tone, a hint of anger. What did he do…? The football player racked his brain, trying to figure out what it was. That just made his head hurt more. Harry finally took pity on his friend, “Last night, we had a drinking competition, and you soooo lost. it was funny.” Justin turned to Hunter and Harrison, with eyes that could kill, saying. “No, it wasn’t.” “I could normally hold my liquor. J, you remember the first week of college.” “Hunter Jacob Ellison, those were lightweights. Not Harry.” The football player gulped; he really did it now. Justin would only use his full name when he was really cross. It had only happened two or three times. “I’m sorry, J.” Justin didn’t even look at his boyfriend, “You don’t even know what you are apologizing for. What you should be doing is thanking Parker over and over.” “Parker?” “It’s my last name, dingus. Last night, you were fucked up really bad, so I carried you back to the room. Justin here wouldn’t even look at you as he helped me. I stayed awake all night making sure you were OK.” Justin turned the car so suddenly that Hunter thought he would lose his lunch. His boyfriend hit the breaks hard, and Hunter had to hold on. “What the fuck?” Justin opened the front door and nearly pulled Hunter’s door off. He threw the football player to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Justin screamed, “HUNTER. That man in that car held your fucking hair while you are vomiting in the toilet. I stayed up all night worrying about you. HARRY DIDN’T. HARRY looked after you AND ME!!” “I’m…” “SHUT UP!! SHUT UP!! SHUT UP!! Come with me now.” Justin pulled his best friend up by his arms like he weighed nothing. Hunter had never seen Justin this upset. How can a few drinks cause such a reaction? He and been drunk before? Reading his mind, J responded. “5 tequila shots and 7 shots of whiskey.” Justin pulled Hunter to a nearby tree. Justin pushed his fists into a ball and let the emotion take over. He pulled his arm back, ready to punch, then couldn’t. “Hunter, this shit with Harry has to end. Do you know what that much alcohol does to the body? Had the bartender not stopped you, you could have died or worse.” Justin hugged Hunter, “You’re young, strong but not fucking invincible. I could have lost the love of my life.” “J, J.,” Hunter held his boyfriend, “It was a stupid mistake, yes.” Gaining his composure again, Justin gaziantep travesti continued. “Yes, there is no fucking reason you and Harry have to compete anymore. You are the strongest champion in most things; he excels at others. But this whole night was about showing him up.” Hunter’s mind finally started working, and he remembered some of the night before. “The gay bar.” The guys had just finished dinner, and Harry wanted to take some time alone to try and get with a girl. Hunter said they would go together and that he knew the right place for him to hook up. “I could have let it go if it was just that stupid joke, but then you guys threw back a few beers and decided to play darts. You rubbed the win in his fucking face. So, he suggested a drinking contest. You wouldn’t listen to me. I knew Harry; I knew he could wipe the floor with you. But your macho shit wouldn’t let you take the loss.” Hunter started to speak but stopped himself. Justin was right, and he needed to get this out. He nodded to show he was still listening. “After those many shots, you stood and suggested, to ride the mechanical bull they had. Harry was concerned and said no, you chickened him into it.” “The bartender put an end to it and kicked us out,” Hunter added soberly. “YES! Forget the alcohol shit; if you got on that bull in your condition, you could have suffered gravely.” Hunter decided to defend himself, stood up to speak, but Justin wouldn’t let him. “FUCKER. Listen…That’s not the nightmare scenario. The nightmare scenario is someday done the line, you and Harrison get into competition while drunk, like those stupid car races or fuck I don’t know. Then, I get a call to come to the hospital, and the doctor tells me you’re in a coma from head trauma or some stupid shit. I turned to Harry for comfort, and the doctor tells me he was in the same accident. Now, I am fucking beside myself in the waiting room to see if my best friend and my lover will fucking survive the night, only to learn I lost both of you. FUCK, do you get it!! Do you get what you put me through!!! I couldn’t lose you are Harry.” Hunter hugged Justin, “Justin, seriously. I didn’t want to put you through all this. I was stupid, and I fucked up. I am so sorry. I don’t know why I do it.” “You do it because, like Harry, you think you have to be the best. This isn’t high school anymore. There is no best; there is what is. It wasn’t enough that you were the star athlete, getting the awards and the attention, but then when you ended up getting me too. I know it’s not the same.” Hunter thought about it as he held Justin, “You are right. This shit has to end; I think I know how to do it too.” The football player pulled Justin up and put his arm around his shoulder, then turned him and pulled him into the most passionate kiss. “Justin, do you still trust me.” “Yes, I do.” They walked back to the car, hand in hand. Harry turned to Justin, “You guys OK?” Justin nodded. “Yep. What’s your plan, Hunter?” “One final competition to end this rivalry between Harrison and me. We are going to go back into the empty field and wrestle.” “Hunter, we wrestled before. And it pains me to admit it, you are better than me.” “Trust me, we will be on an equal playing field.” The three locked the car and headed to the abandoned field. There was nobody for miles. Hunter sat his boyfriend on a nearby rock, gave him one last kiss and a wicked smirk. “What are you planning?” “Hunter…” “Harry, listen to me for a second. I want to say something. Justin told me what you did for me last night. I mean this. Thank you… Justin was so right about you. You are someone I can count on. More than that, you are a brother and a best friend. I trust you with my life.” “I…I don’t know what to say.” “Nothing…say nothing.” Hunter pulled his head close to him and kissed him quickly on the lips. Just to show his appreciation. Harry pulled him into a hug. Justin had watched the scene, yelled. “Hey, hurry it up. I am getting hard over here watching you guys make out.” Harrison, amused, said, “Oh, keep your pants on.” Hunter laughed, “or don’t; either way, we will be happy.” Turning to Harry, they got into a huddle, and he explained what he had planned. They agreed. The two friends walked to Justin. “We talked about it. J, we both promise that this will be our last serious competition to finally put to a bed which is the best.” “Bro, we are not going to bed.” “Harry, it’s a figure of speech.” He turned back to Justin. “It’s pretty simple. Instead of a simple wrestling match where the goal is to tap out each other.” “Or break bones,” Harry added. “Anyways, this is strip gaziantep masaj salonları wrestling. The goal will be to see who gets the person naked first.” Justin smiled broadly. “I like this. Especially how you guys are still uncomfortable about being around each others’ dicks,” Harrison thought back, “Nah, we are OK with that after what happened in the showers when Coach made us help out at the dunk tank.” Hunter remembered and smiled. “That was a learning experience. J, we are doing this for you as much as it is about us.” Harry stroked Justin’s hard cock to prove his point. Pushing his hand off the merchandise, Justin asked, “What are the steaks? “They are meat you put on a grill. I can actually go for a few right now.” “No, idiot,” Hunter laughed. “OK, Justin, you make the stakes, and we will agree to them.” Justin thought about it. He could get his best friends to do anything. The orgy in his mind finally drifted to a close, and he came up with the perfect bet. “OK, guys. The loser of the match has to say three nice things, meaningful things to the winner. And I don’t mean. I like your shirt, type shit.” Harrison and Hunter nodded. “The winner?” “Oh, I will suck the winner to completion and swallow every morsel that he drips.” Both nodded this time, and Hunter smiled, knowing how good Justin was at those. “You’re going down, sucker.” “In your dreams, cocksucker.” Hunter laughed, “I am, and damned proud of it.” Justin turned severe, “OK, but I want you to promise this will finally end your stupid rivalry. I want to make it clear, regardless of who wins. I love you both.” They nodded when Harry added, “But you are rooting for someone to win.” “Yep,” he smiled, not revealing anything else. “Guys, go into a corner strip to your shirt and boxers and come out fighting when I count to three. And Harry, I do mean three this time, not seven.” Hunter looked at the two of them, but Harry and Justin laughed at their joke. Hunter stripped off his layers; he wore black boxer briefs that showed off his package perfectly and a black t-shirt. Harry wore a blue shirt. “Are those red hearts.” “It was a present from Emma. She thought they were hot. We can’t all wear red, white, and blue ones.” “Point taken.” Justin stood. “On the count of three. One. Two. Three.” Hunter and Harrison twirled like two gunslingers at the OK Corral. Hunter considered letting Harry win. It would be a pleasant thing to do. However, in the end, it would be a hollow victory, and Harry wouldn’t want that. Justin getting impatient, “Fuck, if someone doesn’t touch someone soon. The winner will have to suck the loser’s cock.” Harry got that picture out of his mind and made the first move. Within minutes both guys had lost their shirts. Hunter saw an opening to grab for the boxers and push them down. He placed his hands on Harry’s knee, faking to the left, and grabbed the fabric. Out of nowhere, Harry used his hands, pushed him to the ground. He placed him on his neck in a light hold, pulling at Hunter’s boxers. Hunter flipped him over and somersaulted out of the hold. When he looked down. His semi-hard penis was on display. Harry held the garment in his hand. “We have a winner.” Justin cheered. Hunter hugged Harry and congratulated him, “How did you do it.” “I’ll tell you over a beer sometime. However, there was some luck involved.” “Yeah, I guess. Can I get my boxers back? I feel exposed?” Justin came up behind them and grinned. “You look fine to me.” After the guys high five and fist pumped, they made their way back to the car. Justin got back in the front seat; the two friends headed in the back. As they made their way to their next stop, which was still several hours away, Hunter and Harry chatted, mainly talking about the secret of their wins in sports contests and Harry talking about some of his victories on the football team. After a quick lunch break, Hunter got in front of the wheel with Harry in the front seat. They let Justin nap in the back. They sat in silence for an hour. “Bro, you OK,” Harry asked. “Yeah, I was just thinking about how stupid I was the other night.” “Don’t worry about it. You made a mistake.” “Did you get Justin’s wrath, too?” “Nope,” he smiled gleefully. “Playing nursemaid to your sorry ass saved me from that.” “Thanks again for that.” “Aw, fuck don’t mention it. I am sure I will get in shit, where you can return the favor.” Hunter nodded, and the two fell into a comfortable silence again. He was fortunate. Hunter looked in the rear-view mirror of his boyfriend sleeping so peacefully. Then he looked at Harry, who had put on some music. He thought life couldn’t gaziantep escort bayan get anymore better. The guys made it to the motel outside the county fair that was opening the next day. Hunter loved them as a kid. They had dinner at the burger joint, nearby. Justin smiled as both Hunter and Harry order sodas and not a beer. To show they learned their lesson. Justin grinned proudly as he said, “Hunter, I think you have a few things to say to Harrison.” “Seriously?” Justin nodded and squeezed Hunter’s hand. “Actually, I thought about this a lot while we drove here. I want to commend you for your loyalty. You are fierce and a loyal friend, not just to me and J, but to Eli and all your friends on the football team. Hunter looked into Harry’s eyes as he continued, “Secondly, I really admire your bravery and ability to not let your life get you down. The horrific episode with Michael would have scared me half to death, and I had a support group. I don’t know if I could have been brave enough to come back to school if he caught me with my pants down.” Justin nodded, “I would add, that time in the bathroom with you having my dick out and stood up to me. In a new light, you weren’t a bully; after all, you were showing to yourself that you go after what you want. The consequences be damned.” Hunter looked to Justin, “When did this happen?” Off Justin’s look, he continued, “He’s right, you were your own man and how you handled yourself in college. That shows you can be yourself and be the best you that you can be. Something I struggled with for a long while.’ Harry thanked Hunter, “That means a lot coming from you.” Hunter smiled, “I am not done. I owe three. I have to commend you on your ability to take defeat. Coach told me how you got your scholarship. It wasn’t about the games you one as the star player; how you talked to the reporter after the defeat, taking responsibility for the loss, and owning to your mistakes as the team’s leader. You had a whole team behind you and championed your players and accepted their mistakes as your own.” Harry gushed a little, and Justin patted him on the shoulder, “Hunter’s right.” Hunter continued, “But, it’s more than that, your tiff with me, trying to be better than me. I continued to beat you at everything. Add to that the fights we had and you walking into school with Justin’s shiner on your face. That takes courage.” Harry stood up and hugged Hunter, “Seriously, thank you. Even Eli and J never said such kind words to me.” “Anytime, bro,” Hunter smiled and kissed him quickly on the lips. “OK, OK, enough of this mushy stuff, let’s dig in.” The three chatted about shit and college and everything under the sun. Harry talked about his sex life a little. Justin was happy that he was able to enjoy himself. Hunter decided to be honest with Harry, and with Justin’s permission, confided to him the struggles they had living together in college. After dinner, the guys grabbed some ice cream and walked along the boardwalk, when Hunter couldn’t resist. He whispered into Harry’s ear. “When Justin fucked me last week, he slid his cock into me, hitting that spot that made me scream. Remember when he did that with you.” Hunter laughed as Harry nearly dropped his cone. But he whispered back, “Yeah, I do. He loves it when I massage his balls and suck his nipples at the same time.” This time Hunter got red. Justin got the last word; he grabbed their cones and stuck them on their noses. “Finally, you look like the clowns the two of you are.” Harry and Hunter nodded, like they were of one mind, “J, clowns are we? I think we know how to make you laugh.” Harry’s wicked smile appeared, “You should run while you still can.” Justin gulped and took off. The guys chased him and jumped on Justin and Hunter’s bed when they enter their motel room. Justin looked at Hunter, who agreed. Harry was on his back laughing with joy. Justin’s manipulated the most ticklish spots on his chest, and Hunter did the same with his feet. Harry tried to fight back, but Hunter wouldn’t have it. “J, I think it’s time to give the winner his reward.” Hunter pulled off Harry’s pants and took his cock into his mouth, and Justin licked his balls. Hunter masterfully handled his tool, and just when he was going to explode, Justin took control of the hardened cock, and licked Harry’s stomach. To his promise, Justin swallowed every drop from Harry’s member. Exhausted, the guys fell asleep. Two hours later, a cell phone rang, it was Hunter’s, but he was in the middle of a Harry and Justin sandwich to answer it. He masterfully removed himself from his friends when he realized he was still dressed. He heard the message, “Hi Hunter. Sorry to call you so late. Nate and I just got in. We are all set for tomorrow.” Hunter went into the bathroom and called Emma, “Hunter?” “Yeah, sorry, I was sleeping with Harry and Justin and couldn’t get free.” “AWWW!!!!” “Honey, you coming to bed,” Hunter heard Nathan say. “Justin has no idea….?” “Nope,” “Let’s keep it that way.” TO BE CONTINUED….

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