Making a movie with mum

Making a movie with mumMe and my mum both have open sex relationships and both enjoy watching porn together, we share our profile on here and regularly flick through pics and watch videos. We have touched each other and watched each other but we never do full sex. One weekend mum was feeling horny and I said you should go to town and get yourself a young guy to have some fun with.The following night mum got dressed up and hit the town by herself and I went to the pub, a coupe of hours later I got a text telling me to go home and get the video camera ready, she added she would be home in 20 minutes.When she turned up I was astonished, not only had she brought a guy back but she had brought two!Mum introduced them as andy and paul and they were around 20 years old and kaçak bahis led them into the bedroom, she started by giving a cracking striptease, after teasing us for some time she told andy and paul to get their cocks out as she wanted to suck them hard. They both had their cock sucked until paul pulled away and told mum to spread her legs, he then got down and started to lick her trimmed pussy, he obviously knew what he was doing as mum was squeaking and squirming so hard she had to stop sucking andys cock.When mum had recomposed herself she told paul she wanted to feel his cock inside her and wanted a good fucking, paul had a nice size cock around 8 and a half inches and mum bent over and took every last inch, opening her legs to take the last couple of inch bets10 giriş with ease, he then started to pound away doggy style giving her hard and fast strokes, the sight of her chubby arse banging on his stomach whilst he was pounding away was a beautiful sight, andy was still getting his cock sucked at this time and was enjoying every minute.Mum said she wanted both of them at the same time, andy had the smaller cock only around 6 inches so mum said he was going for brown and paul was having pink.Paul then lied down on his back, mum then slowly lowered herself onto his rock hard b**st and leaned forward so her arse was sticking out in the air, andy then got out some lube and fingered my mums ass to get it ready for action, Mum very rarely mobilbahis does anal so it takes a while to get a cock up, around 30 seconds later his little member slipped straight up, much to the pleasure of my mum as she was sighing and groaning.The both then slowly started to fuck her up both holes, She was struggling to keep rhythm at first as she was in ecstasy but she soon managed to get into rhythm and it was very pleasurable seeing her get fucked up both holes this carried on for around 5 minutes and andy pulled out and shot his load all over mums arse cheeks, at this time she was still riding andy and he was ready to explode, within second he pulled out and shot a huge load all over mum and himself, it was the biggest load I have ever seen! They all then cleaned themselves up and the guys left, Mum has the tape and wont let anyone see it as anal isn’t something she normally does.Im looking forward to the next occasion as I wouldnt mind her taking on a big black guy with a huge cock, that would be fun.

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