Mary’s story Part 18


Mary’s story Part 18Tuesday morning came round again and both Mary and Sue were up early. They had been sleeping together since last Tuesday night, at first for support, and then as the pain and the swelling subsided, taking delight in a close inspection of one another’s tattoos, as they healed. They both healed fast, although the sheets had some ink on them the first night. It was difficult not to scratch, and they both had thin scabs, which itched all the time. Bob was due at nine o’clock, and they got dressed, and did their makeup. Mary did not have much to do, of course. Her face looked much more natural now that the colour had started to settle, although the colour on her nipples was still very obvious. Mary went downstairs to look in the hall mirror. As instructed, they were both dressed in the dresses that Wendy had given them last week, with black hold-up stockings and five inch heels. As Sue came down the stairs, Mary could not resist looking up, and saw her two colourful pussies between her legs as the hem of the dress lifted. She smiled.The front doorbell rang, and Mary rushed to open it. Bob was early. She was shocked. On the doorstep stood a Japanese woman dressed in a kimono. “Hello,” said Mary. “Hello,” said the woman in perfect English, though with a strange accent.Mary remembered her husband’s phone call last week. She had forgotten about somebody coming from Japan. She panicked. “Err, come in.” buca escort was all she could manage to say. Sue had run into the dining room and had closed the door behind her. “Thanks mate,” thought Mary.The woman was speaking again. “My name is Mitsumi, I work in the Tokyo office. Your husband has sent you a letter,” and she produced an envelope. Mary opened it. The letter told her that she was to look after Mitsumi, and put her up whilst she was in the UK. Silently, Mary thought thank you husband, little do you know that it is not really convenient at the moment!“Right, right,” Mary said. “Make yourself at home. Have you any luggage?” “It’s in the taxi outside; I’ll go and get it.” Mary looked out and there was a taxi waiting at the gate. As soon as Mitsumi left the door, Mary raced upstairs and grabbed two skirts. Coming back down, she put one on and threw one to Sue. “You don’t deserve this,” she said.Mary was calmer now she was more covered up. The dress looked like a top over the skirt. Mitsumi was coming up the path, trailing a large suitcase on wheels. Mary opened the door and helped her inside with it. Sue had emerged from the dining room now.“Mitsumi, this is my friend Sue. I’m sorry but we are just getting ready to go out. We both have appointments this morning. My husband rang me to say that someone would be coming, but he did not say when. It’s not a problem, though, the spare room escort buca is ready, and I expect that you are tired from the journey. Would you like something to eat? I’m afraid I don’t know anything about Japanese food.”“Thank you. I stayed two nights in London to get over the jet lag, so I am not too tired. I could find what I need if you show me the kitchen, but I would really like to come out with you and I can look round the shops while you keep your appointments. I really want to make the most of my time here, learn about the English culture, and see as much as I can.”Before Mary could answer, the doorbell rang again. It was Bob, and she could feel him looking at her skirt. He did not seem pleased. Mary quickly explained about Mitsumi. “No problem,” said Bob. Turning to Mitsumi, “I am a friend of Sue’s husband and I am giving them both a lift into town. If you would like to come with us, we will drop the girls off, and I will show you the sights and the shops. We can pick the girls up when their appointments are finished.Soon, they were all in Bob’s car and heading towards town. Mary wondered what state she would be in after the appointment. She had had a dramatic change last week, but she could still cover it up. What if there was something more visible?Bob dropped them at the usual place, and they went through the back door into Linda’s shop. They both removed their skirts and dresses buca escort bayan in the back room. “Come on through”, Linda called, and they walked down the passage to the front of the shop. There were no customers this time, and Linda was talking to someone on the telephone.She heard Linda say, “Yes, everything is arranged for this afternoon. Wendy will be here to look after them both.” Finishing the call she turned to face the two of them. “I see you still cannot do as you are told. What was the meaning of the skirts?” “How did you know?” said Sue. “That was Bob on the telephone. He is not pleased, and you will have to be punished. You were only going to have your nipples and labia pierced today, but now there is some additional work to be done.” Mary was excited, she wanted her nipples and labia pierced like Wendy, but she was not sure what else she would have as a punishment. Sue spoke, “It was my fault,” she said, “so I am the one to be punished, not Mary.” “Very well, you will take the punishment for both of you.” The shop door opened and Wendy came in, followed by Sarah and Ann. Sarah came over and looked closely at Mary’s pussy. “Pull your hood back.” Mary obeyed, and the red of her clitoris came into view. “Magnificent,” said Sarah, “I will have Ann done the same, but in black I think. Can Paul do it today?” Linda said that Paul was already booked to do some work for one of her clients, but she was sure that he could fit it in when he had finished. “Let’s go and see him now. You two needn’t get dressed. He will want to see how his handiwork is progressing, so we can all go round there to see him.” They all went through the connecting door to where Paul was working.

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