Subject: Middle School Awakening Pt2 Please excuse any typos. Please donate to Nifty. If you enjoy the stories here, please consider making a donation to the site. Middle School Awakening Pt 2. Chad gingerly held his mother’s hand as they walked down the hall from the bathroom back to her bedroom. His heart was racing and he had begun to perspire. His mouth was dry and he had a million questions he wanted to ask his mother and Mark. Sensing his trepidation his mother stopped just outside the door to her bedroom. Chad could see Mark’s legs on the lower half of the bed that was visible through the slightly ajar door. Chad leaned in slightly and could see Mark’s glistening black cock as the moonlight streamed into the room. Mark was slowly stroking it with his left hand. Chad suddenly felt giddy and light headed. His mother had stopped them just outside the door and Chad knew, instinctively, that this was his last chance to turn back. Almost as if she could read his mind, Chad’s mother looked down and caressed her son’s face and spoke. “Honey, you don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with…” she let her words linger as her piercing blue eyes stared into his soul. konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort “I…I, want to. I think” was all that came out at first. His mother didn’t speak, just continued to hold his face and look into his eyes. Chad returned her stare for what felt like an eternity then he spoke again. “I want it…. I’m just not sure I can.” He looked down at the floor and felt a wave of fear roll over him. “Honey, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. You can go back to bed and forget about this altogether. This is an opportunity for you if you want it but there’s no pressure. We want you to be happy.” Now Chad’s mind was racing. “We”? He thought. Had his mother and Mark discussed this before that night? He wanted to ask but he felt like asking might ruin the mood and stop his chances to explore his sexuality completely. “If I don’t do this tonight…I mean…is this my only chance? What happens?” Chad kind of blurted out. His mother smiled down at him. Her reassuring smile always made him feel safe. “Honey, Mark is already hard. He’s excited about getting a bj and he usually cums konyaaltı otele gelen escort several times in a night when we’re together. So, if you want to go back to bed, that’s fine. We can do this another time, when you’re ready…” Her words trailed off and this caused Chad to lift his head up. As he raised his eyes he noticed that his mother’s right hand was now inside her panties and she seemed to be rubbing herself. As Chad continued up he saw her eyes were locked on Mark’s cock as he slowly stroked it on the bed. “Mom, what are you doing?” “Oh, honey. Mommy’s sorry but black cock always gets me wet. Mommy is rubbing her pussy, baby.” “Wet?” Chad asked with a puzzled look. At this his mother smiled and seemed to stifle a laugh. “Yeah baby. Mommy’s pussy gets wet anytime I see black cock. It’s an automatic response. When I get wet it feels good to rub my pussy.” “Like pee?” He asked. This time she did laugh. She stopped playing with herself and pulled her hand out of her panties. She then grabbed the fabric in front of her cunt and pulled it to the side. “Take a look, baby. It’s not piss, although that konyaaltı rus escort can be a lot of fun too. No, this is…well, why don’t you touch it? Hmm? Rub my pussy lips with your fingers. See how it feels.” Chad hesitantly reached out with his index finger and ran it down his mother’s cunt. “Wow! It is wet. What is it?” She laughed again. “Well, it’s not piss. How does it feel? “It’s slippery, kinda.” Now she stepped between Chad and the door. She dropped her panties on the floor and leaned back against the door frame, slightly spreading her legs. “Okay baby, now touch it again but use your whole hand. Start at the top and slide down until you find the hole, then slip a few fingers in and play with it. Have some fun and stretch it out a little.” She instructed him. Chad did as he was told. Her hole was wet and tight and…warm. Chad eventually had four fingers inside his mother’s cunt and it must have felt good to her because she began to make a low moaning sound. She seemed to get wetter the more he played with her hole. After a few minutes he pulled his hand out and brought it to his face to see how wet it was. He inadvertently got a whiff of her aroma and his little cock began to leak as well. “Baby, most guys smell it before they taste it.” Chad looked at her for approval and she just nodded. With that, he pulled his fingers to his mouth and tasted her for the first time. “How does mommy taste?” “Amazing!” He almost yelled out. “Mark’s cum tastes even better, baby!” And with that she turned and walked into the bedroom… To be continued.

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