Missy and her Daddy’s first time


Missy and her Daddy’s first timeSeducing her DaddyMy little girl, watching her grow up. She was Daddy’s little girl. We did everything together. Taking her to the park. Then it was taking her to soccer games. She grew up so fast. Before I knew it, she had breasts that seems to just pop out suddenly. She went thru those first bra’s like they where shrinking. Then it was prom night. When she came down the stairs, looking like an angel. Her hair flowing, her eyes sparkling, the smile on her face. I loved her, more than life itself. I often had thoughts of her coming to me, naked, as she was showing me her firm young breasts. “Daddy, see how my breasts are growing. When I play with my nipples they get so hard. Do you like them?” Of course I was having a fantasy, i’d never m***** her. Yes I wanted her, but then reason would overcome my swelling cock. Then she graduated High school. I was so proud of her. We had a graduation party for her. The BBQ going, the pool was filled with her friends. All those young bodies in their little bikini’s. The boys trying to hide their ocassional hard ons. The girls checking out the boys. Teasing them. Their tops would “Accidently” come off. Then a couple of the girls feeling the effects of the beer, and sun and hormones raging, started to pants the boys in the pool.All I could do is sit back and enjoy the show and fantasize. I had to take a break and go hide in my bedroom and stroke my cock and relieve the pain in my balls. But I was still a good Dad. I kept my fantasies to myself.Then she was off to college. She picked the local college to go to. She was home most every night. It was around that time that she it seemed like she wanted me to see her naked. Was she teasing me, or what? I didn’t know what to do. One morning as I came out of my room heading to the kitchen, Missy suddenly appeared as she came out of the bathroom. her hair wet, towel over her arm, standing there naked before me. She made no attempt to hide her naked young body. She looked into my eyes, giggled and said, “What do you think of your little girl now?”I could not help myself, as I took in her beautiful young body. She giggled, shook her young firm tits, spun around, then stood before me, smiling.I stood like a statue, staring at her pussy, the little patch of hair trimmed into an arrow above her slit. Her pussy lips swollen from her playing with her pussy. Her lips looked like the feathers of an arrow below that patch of hair. Missy then turned as she walked toward her room, making sure her ass would sway back and forth. I know I was her father, but damm I was a man too, and my cock had a mind of it’s own at times.The last few weeks I could not help but feel the sexual tension building between us. I tried to put it out of my mind. I wasn’t doing a very good job artemisbet yeni giriş of that when moments like this morning continued to happen. It was like Missy was flaunting her sex in my face, daring me to do something.She was of age now in her 20’s. Her mother had left us years ago, finding someone else and moving to the neighboring city 100 miles away. We kept in touch, still on a friendly basis. Missy would spend time with both of us. Missy lived with me as it was closer to her school. Besides the free rent, I helped her with her expenses. She was my little baby and I never could tell her no.I was working at home in my office one day, a nice summer day. Missy was out in the pool with a couple of her college friends. Looking out the window I could see they had decided to go skinny dippng. I was enjoying watching them playing naked. My hand going to my cock, I opened my pants and pulled my cock out and started to stroke it slowly as I enjoyed the sight of their young bodies. It didn’t take long before I had a raging hard on and I couldn’t stop till I got to cum. I had closed my eyes, stroking my cock, thinking of Missy bent over in front of me, spreading her cheeks. Her pretty pussy spread open in front of me, I was thinking of her fingering her slit, dipping her finger inside her. The sparkle of her wetness stuck to her finger as she pulled her finger out slowly. Imagining her feeding me her fingers covered in her cum. My cock errupted shooting it’s load of cum spurting out of my pee hole, dripping down the shaft of my cock, over my balls. When I looked up, there was Missy watching me thru the window. She smiled and giggled then walked back to the pool. It was not long after than her friends left. That left Missy and I home alone. Feeling embaresed, I stayed in my office.It was then that I heard what sounded like a banging on the wall from Missy’s room. I went exploring. When I got to Missy’s room, her door was slightly open. Looking in, I saw her laying there naked, knees up, leg’s spread her fingers in her pussy. One hand playing with her dark nipples pinching and tugging them. Her eyes where closed as I stood frozen there, watching my baby girl masterbating. My cock sprung to life and got hard faster than I every remembered. Frozen in the hall, I could not take my eyes off of her. I was helpless as I pulled out my cock and started to masterbate as well. What a pair, Daddy and his daughter, both playing with themselves as we fantasized about fucking each other.Missy was moaning louder and louder as she fingered her cunt. I could see her pussy lips, swollen and wet with her juices. The thoughts running thru my mind, how much I wanted to taste her honey. To bury my tongue into her slit. Sucking her lips as her pussy was dripping wet.Then artemisbet giriş Missy started to cum. Her body was quivering, her eyes closed, head tossed back, her hips thrusting toward me. My cock errupted too as I could not stop it from shooting my cum all over the door to her room.Whem I opened my eyes, Missy was standing there naked in front of me, She was watching her Daddy cum. She watched my cock errupt as I masterbated.She had such a big smile on her face.I was feeling so embarased.“Missy, I’m sorry” I said. “I could not stop myself when I looked into your room and saw you there naked playing with your pussy. I have tried to control myself around you, but girl, you have been driving your Daddy crazy”“Daddy, I have wanted to be your little love slave for so long too. I have thought often about suckng your cock. How much I want to feel your cock in my pussy. Pushing your cock into my ass. These are the things I fantasize about when masterbating too.”Missy then reached out and touched my cock. I could not stop her. I wanted her to play with it. She wrapped her hand around the shaft of my cock. “Oh Daddy, I have wanted to touch and play with your cock so many times. Pleae let me. I won’t tell anyone.“Daddy, Can I suck your cock?” Missy asked.“Oh Missy, I want that too, but you know it is wrong don’t you?” I replied. I wanted her so badly at that moment. I knew we were crossing some unseen forbidden fence. Dare we cross that line and give in to our taboo desires?“Missy, if we give in to our desires, we need to keep it a secret.” I could imagine what her mother would think about us fucking. It would really upset her if she knew we were being sexual with each other.”Missy laughed, and said “Daddy, who do you think told me what to do so I could make you want me?” “Daddy, I want to be your love toy.” I have dreamed and wanted you for as long as I can remember. I know it is wrong, but I have to watched you shower, see you play with your cock. I have peeked in to watch you pee. Thinking how much I wanted to grab your cock and play with it. My pussy gets so wet when watching you. It makes me feel so nasty and I love the way it feels. Daddy, I know you like to masterbate every day. I too have to cum at least once a day. I think I must have got that from you.Missy then took hold of my cock and dragged me to her bed. “Lay down Daddy, please let me play with your cock. I have thought of you laying her on my bed so often. Let me make you cum in my mouth. I have dreamed of you cumming a lot in my mouth”Missy took my pants, socks, shirt, and then my boxers. Like magic, we were both naked in her room.Missy straddled me, holding her firm tits, an offering, “Daddy suck my titties.” as she stuck them in my mouth. First one, then the other as she rubbed her pussy artemisbet güvenilirmi over my cock. She was so wet, that her juices where making my cock wet and slick. Missy slid down my body, rubbing her tits on me as she moved toward my cock. “Oh yes, baby, I too have dreamed of you sucking my cock”Missy grasped the shaft of my hard cock, her tongue just brushing over my little pee hole that was ozzing pre-cum. Running her tongue around the head of my cock. All I could do was lay there watching my little girl play with my cock. I know I should not be doing this, but there was no way I could stop. Missy took my cock into her mouth, sucking hard on it as she took it all in, slowly. Such sweet torture. My hips moved instictively, as I started to fuck her mouth. My fingers running thru her long hair. Her mouth felt so much better than I ever imagined. “Oh Missy, I can’t help it, you are making me feel so good. I can’t stop myself, I am going to cum soon. “Oh Daddy, please, I want your cum in my mouth.” “I have dreamed many nights of your cock in my mouth as I make you cum. I want to taste you so bad… Please Daddy, fill your little girls mouth with your cream.”My balls trembled, my whole being centered in my groin, I could feel myself ready to cum like I never before. Suddenly my cum began to shoot up the shaft.“Oh Gawd Missy, I’m going to cum Baby girl ! “Gobble up your Daddy’s cum.” I moaned as the cum from me began to flow into Missy’s hungry mouth. Over and over again I kept cumming. Time stood still, my body shaking I was cumming so hard. My cock did not have another drop of cum left, when Missy pulled my spent cock from her mouth.“Daddy, that was soo good. I can’t wait till I can get more of that.” Missy said as some of my cum dripped from the corner of her mouth.“Missy, I have dreamed of tasting your pussy too. I have seen how wet you get.”“Please Daddy, eat my pussy !”With that she hopped up on top of me, her ass in my face as she went into a 69 position. Her hands went to her ass, pulling her cheeks apart. “Do you like my pussy Daddy” asked Missy.The sight of her ass and pussy in my face was more than I could have dreamed of. She was so pretty, her pussy so pink and shinny with her juices” Her lips swollen. Her clit swelled up as it poked out from it’s hiding spot.Moving my hands to her ass, I pulled her pussy to my mouth. My tongue probed into her wet pink hole, now covered with her juices. It was better tasting than I imagined. She was so sweet, sticky and hot. Missy slowly wiggled her cunt on my face. I could hardly breath, but there was no way I was going to stop her. My hands wrapped about her, filling them, with her tits. I tugged on her hard nipples, sucked on her clit. Run my tongue up and down her slit. Missy was fucking my face with ever increasing speed.“Oh Daddy,” Missy Moaned, I am going to cum all over your face. Suck my hole Daddy, get my cum. I want you to eat me, taste me, suck me up.With that, her body trembled, as her cunt gushed her cum. How good is was. How could something so good be wrong. I had to have more.

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