Mom’s Biggest Fan Ch. 05


Author’s Note: Hey all, sorry for the delay of this recent chapter, I recently acquired an editor who has been helping me with the story. A big shout out to her for all her help! As for the bonus chapter, we did beat the number of favorites of Lake Monster so that chapter will come later, possibly at the end of the series so people can keep submitting suggestions. This chapter is longer than the others so just keep that in mind if you’re looking for a quick read.


My goodness this girl is insatiable. Olivia thought to herself as Justine ran to get the strap-on from the bathroom. She got up from the floor, undressed fully this time and went to lie on the bed to wait for her. She really needed those orgasms, there was something about Justine that drove her absolutely wild. She couldn’t think of anything but putting her hands on her, in the restaurant, in the car… Now that her mind was clear for the moment, she could plan something for them.

Justine joined her shortly with the strap-on, jumping onto the bed excitedly. “Can I put it on you?” She said, grinning.

“Sure!” Olivia let her put it on, shutting her eyes for a moment when her daughter slipped the plug into her. She never got tired of that feeling of the plug entering her, stretching her. And even better than that was the thought of what was going to come next. Justine took the opportunity to sneak in a few kisses too. “I can’t get over how sexy you look with that.” Justine said in between kisses. She opened her eyes when the kisses stopped to see Justine kneeling on the bed next to her and watching her expectantly.

She decided not to keep her waiting. But hmmm….what to do?

“Do you know how to ride, Justine?” She asked as she stroked the black dildo indulgently. Justine bit her lip shyly and nodded. “Yes, Mom.”

“Good, we’ll have you on top this time. But first…” She took a hair tie from the side table and tossed it to Justine. “Tie your hair up.” Justine quickly put her hair in a ponytail, eager to get started.

Olivia stroked the shaft of the cock. “Look how excited Marcus is to see you again. Come say hi.”

Justine smiled and crawled over on all fours to rest on her knees in front of her. “Hi Marcus. It’s good to see you again.” She purred.

She rubbed the tip against Justine’s lips teasingly, from one side to another. Justine kissed it gently. Olivia shuffled back so she could rest against the headboard, one finger on the tip of the cock. “Ooh he likes that. Put your mouth on it.”

She watched as Justine bent down to take the tip into her mouth.

“Suck it, like how you’d please a man.” She demanded. Justine put her hands on the base of the shaft, stroking it as she continued to suck on the tip.

“More.” Olivia said, putting her hand on the back of Justine’s head and pushing her further into the dildo. Justine obliged. “Good girl.” Olivia said. She put her hand behind her head, relaxing against the headboard as she enjoyed the view. The sense of power mixed in with her own lust was enough to make her feel lightheaded. Justine was obviously experienced in giving head, she knew that already from the way she was handling the dildo. And of course, Olivia thought, from the way she had deftly forced her own mother to come twice last night.

Justine had all her attention focused on the cock, which was good. As the plug rocked inside her, Olivia could feel herself growing aroused again. She continued watching for a few more minutes. She could be making some guy very happy right now with the way she’s sucking this cock. But she’s all mine, she thought with a fierce amount of pride and possessiveness. She grabbed the back of Justine’s head and forced her to take in more of the cock again. Justine let out a muffled, happy moan as she continued sucking.

There was something about wearing the strap-on that made her feel so good, so in control. She shifted positions so the shape of the cock could bulge from the side of Justine’s cheek. “You’re so good at this.” She said matter-of-factly as she watched her daughter orally pleasure the fake cock. “You’re Mom’s little slut, aren’t you?” Justine looked up at her with surprise, cheeks reddening.

“Do you like when I call you that?”

More redness. And then a nod.

Olivia chuckled.

“Alright, that’s enough, my little slut.”

Justine sat back obediently and wiped her lip.

“Now here’s something you might like.” She opened the bottom dresser and pulled out her nipple clamps, which were underneath one of her books. Justine did a double take. Hah, guess they didn’t find everything in her bedroom. “Have you worn these before?”

Justine shook her head.

“Well!” Olivia moved over to her, all the while adjusting the small screws on the clamps. “Let’s not make them too tight then. She clamped them over Justine’s small nipples. “How’s that?”

“Mmm…good actually.” Justine said, looking down at them. “How do I look?” The small black clamps held her nipples in their grasp, and they were attached to each other by a shiny aksaray escort silver chain.

“Very fucking hot.” Olivia growled. She tugged at the chain holding the clamps together and Justine gasped. That got her attention alright.

Olivia looked down to check on the dildo.

“Hmm you got that nice and wet. It’s ready for you.” She said. “Get on top.”

Justine sat up, spreading her legs so she could straddle the cock. Olivia got a good look at her pussy again, at the smooth outer lips, so suckable. She was really starting to appreciate the shaved look. She reached over and ran her hand over the smooth skin. Justine was wet already, and her fingers slid over the inner folds easily. Olivia held the cock steady as Justine guided it to her entrance. Olivia watched as the dildo started to slowly disappear into her daughter. Too slowly. She grabbed Justine’s hips and thrust into her. Justine let out a loud moan, her mouth opened in a perfect O. “FUCK!” She grabbed Olivia’s arms, bracing herself.

“Sorry, honey, you were taking too long.” She said to a panting Justine.

“You could’ve warned-ughhh.” Justine moaned as Olivia started thrusting with her hips.

“Are you saying my little slut wasn’t ready for that?” Olivia teased. Justine was still looking down and she cupped her chin, forcing her to look up.

“No….I was…” Justine said breathlessly, now moving her hips to meet Olivia’s rhythm. “I’ve been waiting all day for this, of course I was ready.”

Ah this was much better. Olivia sat back and relaxed as Justine rode the strap-on. The vibrations from the up and down movement sent waves of pleasure through her clit. The view was quite amazing from this position too. Olivia watched Justine’s breasts bounce up and down. She cupped them in her hands, rubbing the tips of her nipples between her fingers. “That feels good.” Justine said, eyes still closed. Olivia ran her hands down Justine’s body, feeling her hard stomach, her smooth thighs.

“My beautiful girl.” She said. Justine let out a small, embarrassed laugh and opened her eyes. “Thank you.” She leaned down to kiss her. Olivia let their tongues wrestle as she slipped her hand between Justine’s legs to rub her clit. Justine broke away from the kiss to gasp. “Oh my god I’m going to come.” She tensed for a moment, gripping her own thigh as an orgasm swept over her, the other hand grabbed Olivia’s arm, as if afraid Olivia would pull away and stop. When it ended, she let out a breath, her chest heaving. She opened her eyes.

“Mom hasn’t come yet.” Olivia smacked Justine’s thigh playfully after Justine had a few seconds to catch her breath.

“Sorry.” Justine said sheepishly. Her cheeks were flushed. “What should I do for you?”

” Keep riding, I like it.”

“Okay.” Justine took a breath and continued the motions. Olivia watched her bite her lip. She was more sensitive now, from the orgasm. She could tell from the way she blew air from between her lips, and the way her legs were tight against her waist. She smirked inside, sadistically. That’ll teach her to want to go again. The dildo made wet sounds as it slipped into Justine’s pussy over and over again.

“Are you close, Mom?” Justine asked after a few minutes, clearly close to orgasming again.

“Hm not quite, honey.” The plug rubbed against her g-spot, and she could come, but she was having too much fun watching her.


She almost laughed at the desperation in Justine’s voice.

“Almost…” Justine started reaching for her own clit. She grabbed her wrist.

“Don’t be rude, honey.”

Justine looked at her, filled with excruciating pleasure. Olivia grabbed her wrists and kept them to her hips, keeping them hostage. Justine was so aroused now, that she was taking the entire length of Marcus inside of her. A stream of her excitement was starting to drip from the dildo out onto Olivia’s hips as she desperately rode the cock. The filthy wet sex noises that came from between them was enough to make anyone horny.

“Beg.” Olivia demanded. Justine had her eyes closed again and didn’t hear her, too wrapped up in her own sex craze. She grabbed the chain of the nipple clamps, pulling it sharply. “Beg your mommy.”

“Please, mommy!” Justine cried out.

She hadn’t expected to hear that, but it worked. She reached down between the two of them. She closed her eyes, covering them with one hand as she arched her back, coming in short gasps, her other hand furiously rubbing her clit. She opened her eyes as Justine continued to ride her, more desperately now. She licked her fingers and gently slid them up and down the sides of Justine’s clit until the younger woman came again. Justine arched her back. “I’m coming!” She screamed. They both came, Olivia pleasuring the both of them. After a while Olivia stopped playing with her own clit but continued to gently stroke Justine’s. Her daughter continued to climax in waves. “Fuck, fuck!” Justine clenched Olivia’s hips hard, riding every orgasm until finally she pushed anal yapan escort her hand away. She was even more gorgeous now; her body was drenched with sweat and several strands of her hair had escaped the ponytail to frame her face. She let out little moans as Olivia removed the clamps. Justine got off the dildo and fell onto the bed next to her.

“Had enough?” Olivia said as she slid her fingers over the extremely soaked dildo, covering them in Justine’s wetness.

Olivia put her fingers in Justine’s mouth and watched as the young woman sucked on them.

“Yes…” Justine said weakly, flopped on the bed. Olivia ran her hand from Justine’s shoulder, down that sleek back to the sensual curve of her butt. Incredible. She wanted to sneak a peek. She parted Justine’s butt cheek and almost moaned out loud. The perfect little brown star was enough to make her want to fuck again. “Mom, what are you doing?” Justine pushed her hand away with a laugh, acting like she had done something silly.

“Just…looking.” Olivia said. She moved closer, running her hand over Justine’s butt again. Justine’s grin faded and she looked a little worried.

“Have you ever taken anything in your ass before?”

Her daughter looked like she had never even thought of it. “No…”

A virgin! Olivia wanted to moan in excitement. Her mouth was starting to water already. She would be the one to take Justine’s anal virginity, she knew it.

Olivia tickled her butt with one hand until Justine was squirming away, giggling. “Mom! Stop!” Olivia nibbled on the soft flesh playfully before moving away. Then she pressed her lips against Justine’s sensually, all the while caressing Justine’s backside. Justine leaned into her touch then. Okay good, she seems receptive to it at least. It would take some time to get Justine comfortable with the idea, but Olivia would be patient.

“Ok ok. I’m going to take a shower and get ready for bed.” She said, rubbing Justine’s shoulder fondly as she got off the bed.

Justine turned over and glanced at the clock on the bedside table. “What? It’s only nine!”

“Oh Justine, I’ve been up since six!” Olivia said in exasperation, running her hand through her hair. “I have to do my night time facial routine anyways. Just come take a shower with me and then you can find us a show to watch, how’s that?”

Justine allowed herself to be led into the shower. She sat down on the bench as her mom turned on the water. The warm water felt so good against her hot skin. She watched hazily as the water flow off of Mom’s sexy breasts and smooth stomach. Olivia was washing her hair but then noticed her watching. “Not doing anything?”

“Nope.” Justine said with a grin.

“Hm…well make yourself useful then.” She said, grabbing the back off Justine’s head shoved her between her legs. Justine lapped at her pussy eagerly, running her tongue over the outer lips until Mom spread her legs, and then she licked at the small bud. This time Mom didn’t complain that she went too fast. She wrapped her arms around Olivia’s legs and sucked eagerly at her clit until Mom had to grab the handle in the shower to steady herself. “Oh…fuck.” She gasped. “Oh that’s it baby, suck on mommy’s clit.” She had to turn down the shower as she really got into it. Justine thrust her fingers into her wet pussy. Mom grabbed her hair roughly. “Oh that’s fucking perfect.” She growled. She came hard, in short gasps. She let go of Justine’s hair when it was over.

“Whew!” She said. Justine closed her eyes happily as her mom caressed her cheek. “Sit on the bench, I’ll wash your hair.” Olivia said, still slightly breathless.

Justine got out of the shower earlier and she flipped on the tv and turned on Netflix. She took the time to change the bedsheets, remembering how mad Mom was that first day when she thought about them on her bed. She flopped back onto the bed, lazy now from all the sex and the work. What did Mom even like watching anyways? She scrolled through a few shows and still had no idea. She watched a cooking show for a while until Mom came out of the bathroom, looking very clean with her body wrapped up in a white fluffy towel and her hair in another.

She took a seat at the dresser and turned on the mirror light. Justine went to join her curiously. Her mom was using some sort of cleanser. She dabbed at Justine’s noise playfully with the wet dip of the brush, laughing as Justine jerked back in surprise. “I’m jealous, I would kill to have skin like yours again.” She said, gently stroking Justine’s cheek before turning back to the mirror.

“I think you look amazing, Mom. And so does any of my friends who’ve met you.” Justine said honestly. She straddled the back of the vanity stool. Olivia scoffed at the statement but leaned back as Justine wrapped her arms around her shoulders. Justine cuddled her, full of post-coital bliss and just happy to have body contact. “You are such a sweetheart.” Olivia murmured as she continued with her beauty routine. She took Justine’s hand atakent escort and kissed it gently.

When Olivia was done they made their way back to the bed. Justine lay down on the side of the bed closer to the tv on the side wall.

“What did you pick?”

“It’s a show about a teenage vampire girl and her friends…” Justine looked over at Olivia who cocked an eyebrow. “Alright, let’s watch it.” She blew an air kiss at Justine with her lips.

“Okay.” Justine said. She felt her mom stroke her hair as they watched the show. She couldn’t remember the last time they had been like this, watching tv in bed together. It was so soothing.

She felt tears coming and forced them away. You’re going to freak her out. she thought to herself scoldingly. Mom could not know how deeply she felt about her. To her it had just been two days of sex.

“Any plans tomorrow?” Olivia asked.

“Nope.” She said.

“Want to go to the beach?”

“Sure!” She turned around to give Mom a gentle kiss. “It would be so nice to wake up next to you.” She muttered. She had been waking up alone ever since they started. Mom seemed to realize this and frowned. “Well it’s a little hard when you wake up so late, honey.” She said as Justine snuggled up to her chest. “But I’ll come back in the morning, wake you up, ok?”

Justine breathed in her scent and closed her eyes. “Sounds good.” she said sleepily.

“And what do you want for breakfast, waffles?”

Justine’s eyes shot open and she looked up. “Yes!”

Olivia chuckled good naturedly and rolled her over to continue watching the show. “Okay so it’s decided. Waffles and the beach tomorrow.”

They weren’t even halfway through the first episode when they both fell fast asleep.


Olivia woke early in the morning as usual. She looked over fondly at the still sleeping Justine, who was curled up in the blankets beside her. She couldn’t wait for them to have a whole day together. Last night had been a great way to get rid of all the sexual tension that had built up between them, but she wanted to spend some quality time with her daughter too. As tempting as it was to stay in the house all day and fuck, getting out of the house for an extended amount of time would do them both some good. Anyways, they couldn’t do that even if they wanted to, the maid and the gardener were coming in today.

She had just finished with her workout when the doorbell rang. She went to go answer it. Imagine her confusion when it was Carl at the front door again!

“Hey Mrs.A.” Carl said sheepishly. “Justine didn’t get back to me yesterday, is it ok if I come in and see her?”

“Why don’t you wait in the kitchen? I’ll go get her.”

“Justine!” She shook her daughter awake.

“Mmph….Mom. What?” Justine said groggily. Olivia tried very hard not to snap at her. “Carl is downstairs. Why is he still acting like you’re together?” She already knew the answer but part of her was angry enough that she wanted Justine to answer the question anyways.

She spoke calmly and firmly, “I told you I was monogamous, if we were going to be together, you weren’t going to be seeing-”

“I know, I know, Mom! I’m sorry!” Justine said, kissing her on the mouth and startling her. “I was working yesterday, and then I came home to you, and we ate dinner…and then…I got distracted from all the sex and stuff.” The back of her ears were getting red from embarrassment, and upon seeing the endearing trait, Olivia felt her anger start to ebb away.

“I didn’t want to do it over the phone, I’ll talk to him now, ok? Just keep him downstairs while I get dressed, please.”

Well at least she had the sense not to break up with him over text.

“Fine…” Olivia sighed, rolling her eyes.

Downstairs, Carl was sitting on a kitchen stool, engrossed in his phone. He looked up expectantly when Olivia came in, and then disappointment showed on his features. “Where’s Justine?”

“She’s just getting ready. Want an espresso?” Hell, she wasn’t going to be the one to tell him the bad news.

“Oh sure, thanks.” He said.

She felt bad for Carl. He seemed like a sweet boy. She remembered that he used to bring Justine her favorite chicken soup from Ralph’s Deli when she was sick. She looked at his curly hair and baggy clothes as he continued scrolling something on his phone. Justine had always been quite fond of him, she thought as she walked over to the espresso machine.

But Justine was hers now. She felt a sudden urge of possessiveness come over her. She wasn’t prone to feelings of jealousy, but with Justine it was a completely different story. Justine was hers, in more ways than one. And she knew Justine wanted to be with her too, the way she grabbed at her body, the way she kissed her… not to mention the looks her daughter gave her when she thought she wasn’t looking, a look of adoration bordering on idolization… Justine was crazy about her. And Olivia was starting to feel the same way.

She was getting aroused again, and quickly snapped out of her thoughts. Thankfully she had her back to Carl so he hadn’t seen the expression on her face. Carl had been attempting to make small talk, as Olivia calmed down, she started to hear his words. “…flowers in the garden. They really look great with the blue of the swimming pool.” He said.

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