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More encounters and shocking numbersAfter so many recounts of having sex it becomes difficult to tell another story with the same panache and punch, and as my main aim is to make you want to wank with me, I have to embellish the encounter, just as in real life, making the guy about to fuck me, surprised and eager, so I can have a better orgasm, better than the last one, making me like the proverbial d**g addict, desperate for the never-ending bigger and better bang.Of course the experts among us will say, ‘Mariel your a sex addict, and you need help’, to which I would reply, ‘Why not keep your opinions to yourself, and just put your tongue between my legs, put it to better use’.I remember waking up very horny one morning and within minutes started touching myself. I was just getting into my stride when the gate leading to my front door clanged. I jumped, as it had surprised me, and I made my way to my bay-window and was immediately confronted by my postman.The bay-window had three sides and I had forgotten to draw the blind on the one facing my front door, and as I reached the window, I was in full view of this poor guy, who just stared with his mouth open, looking my naked form up and down, and paying attention to my vibrating dildo, which was still going strong, in my hand.We were both in shock, I was caught red-handed as they say, but as the opportunity had presented itself, I simply bakırköy escort indicated my need for his cock, which he readily accepted, resulting in the quickest fuck I ever had and a brilliant orgasm to top it off.We did in full view of the street as he took me behind the front door initially finishing-up on my landing, inside the front door, such was the ferocity of the fucking.Another bit of unexpected dirty sex, happened in public and I was certain we were being watched, as we banged away at each other.I was on a commuter train going into Edinburgh Haymarket Station, one dull winters morning.In the standing room only carriage, someone was pressing hard against my bum, which was encased in a tight-fitting dress, and as the train rocked its way across the numerous tracks, this provided ample opportunity for us to engage in bum rubbing,to the point the perpetrator got the message, I was enjoying the encounter and pressing back into him.At the station we alighted the train and I felt his hand slip into mine, I looked up at him and he nodded his head in a particular direction, and I followed him into a dark recess where my dress was lifted up and over my head, and he proceeded to fuck me while I could see nothing as my dress obscured my view.If I said 15 minutes had passed from the sensation of feeling my bum being felt to his cock penetrating beşiktaş escort me, I might be on the generous side, so quick was the need for both of us, but the end result, was a good shag and another awesome orgasm. On another occasion, at a party I walked into the kitchen and caught my drunk friend having her pussy licked. They were both very drunk and she was oblivious to my or anyone’s presence, and he licked and tongued her without a care in the world, just happy to be servicing a nice pussy.I pored myself a glass of red wine, watching him in particular, admiring his eagerness and started getting into the mood for some pussy licking myself.I knew I was a cut above my friend, in looks and figure, as she was overweight and this was something she needed, as she never got much opportunity to have her cunt licked or fucked.So I brazenly walked over to them and put my arm around her shoulder, ‘Having a nice time darling’?She jumped, embarrassed and mortified at being caught and ran out of the kitchen and looking down on the cunnilinguist, with his stiff tongue still working mid-air, I casually remarked, ‘Do you need something on the end of that’?Before he could reply I had laid my wineglass down and had undone my zipper and button, and pushed my denims down, ‘This one is less hairy and sweeter to eat’ I continued, as I pulled him beylikdüzü escort into my shaved cunt and revelled as his tongue started working its magic.After some adjustments I finished up riding his face with one leg out of my denims, holding him between my slightly buckled legs, by his hair and drinking from my glass with my other hand, in similar fashion to a cowboy riding his horse and holding the saddle horn, except in my case my ass was gliding across his chin and nose, coating his face with my vaginal slime, and after my orgasm, holding onto him a little longer to release some more fluid into his mouth and ease my bursting bladder, such was my contempt for him, after being pleasured.Of course this one way pleasuring has back-fired as I recall once falling asleep drunk of course, and waking up, the only female left in a house full of randy men.Being drunk only added to their perception I was in the mood to take them all on, and once stripped naked and held down, they mistook my lack of struggling as confirmation of acceptance and not the fact that being out of it and being held down was the main contributing factor. After they all finished I was shown the door and staggered down three flights of stairs, nude and freezing, clutching my coat and denims. I sat on the stone step on my bare ass until an old couple came in and took me into their home, in the same building on the ground floor.The heat and warmth sent me off into a deep sleep with me waking occasionally to find the old man relieving himself inside me, encouraged by his wife, keen for him to have a good time, with one so young.How many you all may ask, I do not know would be my answer, including the old couple, would 20 surprise you?

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