More Exciting Way to Travel


More Exciting Way to TravelI knew he didn’t want to be on the train. Could hear him, in my head, silently thinking that these open mic nights already take up too much of his time, and that the train ride was just going to add to it. I was excited to see his set, and had proposed this mode of transportation. Despite the time, he’d agreed, and I intended to make him very happy that he did. I intentionally selected the last seat in the car, glancing around at the other passengers as we sat down. It was an odd time of day, so the car had other passengers, but wasn’t full. I quickly slipped our tickets into the holder so that we wouldn’t be interrupted by the conductor. “I like this.” You say quietly, toying with the hem of my dress and sliding your finger underneath to touch my knee. “Thank you.” I whisper back, kissing your cheek. “I wore it for a reason.””And what’s that?” You laugh, knowing I’m up to something. I glance around again, seeing no one looking my way, and pull the skirt up to reveal the crotchless panties I wear underneath. From the way you shift slightly on the seat, I can tell you’ve gotten hard, though I suspect you were already at half mast, so I can’t take all the credit.”I want your cum dripping out of my pussy while I watch you tonight.” I tell you, and your hand instinctively moves toward the junction of my thighs. I flip the skirt back down, though, as a passenger from the forward car had climbed güvenilir bahis the stairs to sit on the upper level of our car.”Bathroom?” You ask me, eyeing the one positioned on the other end of the car. I can tell you’re excited, that this sounds like a great idea and you can’t wait to bury your cock deep inside me.”No.” I reply, pulling my jacket off. “It’s kind of cold out today, don’t you think?” I ask as the conductor enters the car.”Not really.” You smile, shifting again so that the conductor won’t see your cock straining against your pants. I d**** the jacket over our laps and snuggle up next to you, feigning sleepiness as the conductor punches our tickets. Unbeknownst to him, though, I’m ever so subtly undoing your pants beneath the jacket, and your fingers are slowly hiking up my skirt.When the conductor moves to the next car, your fingers are sliding up and down my drenched lips, stopping briefly to swirl around my clit. My hand reaches inside your pants and sets your rock hard cock free. As I start to rub the head of your cock the way you showed me you like, I feel two fingers slide into me, and let out a low breath.”Tell me when.” I smile at you. You raise an eyebrow, still not quite sure how I’m going to make this happen. You can’t help it, though, feeling the rush of being in public, of having other people nearby as we pleasure each other. I go to work on your cock and guide your face to mine, türkçe bahis beginning to make out with you as I get you ready. You’re so turned on, it doesn’t take long before you want me, and I swiftly move to straddle your lap. I continue kissing you as I innocently slide my wet pussy against your cock, the skirt of my dress hiding what’s really going on below. To everyone else, it just looks like two young people who aren’t afraid of a hot and heavy pda, but we both know the moment I reach down and guide your rock hard cock into my wet little box.I can tell it’s not going to take much to get you to cum by the way you hold my hips in place, wanting to stop me so you can savor this moment. I give you your moment, but continue to kiss you before beginning to let the motion of the train do the work for us. We rock gently as we make out, keeping all the satisfying sounds of our mutual pleasure silent. You pull back and begin to kiss my neck, and I glance around the train car. I am startled momentarily when I glance up and see the passenger who came in as we got settled. He’s staring directly at us, and when he doesn’t look away, I know he knows. I look back at him, watching his hand shift slightly in his lap, and know he’s hard, watching us. He’s young, can’t be more than 24 or 25. And his eyes are glued to the fun we’re having. I smile at him, and he smiles back.”Someone’s watching us.” I whisper quietly to you. güvenilir bahis siteleri I feel you grow somehow even harder inside me, and I flick my eyes towards the passenger. I see you look up at him, then feel a draft as you pull the back of my skirt up and let him see my ass. You then drop my skirt, and slip your hand under the front of my dress to massage my clit. Within seconds, I can’t help but cum, and I press my mouth against your shoulder to keep from crying out in pleasure. The force of my orgasm, combined with your pleasure at being watched, takes you there, too, and as my pussy starts to release it’s tight grip on your cock, you fill it even more wonderfully with your cum. I feel the warm release of it inside me, and love it when you tease one nipple through my dress as my orgasm subsides.After a moment, I slip off of you, grateful that I moved before we left any stains on your pants.I’m about to cross my legs, snuggle up to you again, and pretend none of that happened, when you reach over and pull my skirt up once more. Surprised, I see that you’re again looking at the passenger upstairs. Your hand moves to my pussy, and you use your fingers to wipe up some of the juices leaking from my swollen, wet little slit. You bring your hand to my mouth and I lick it clean, all while you stare at the man upstairs. I realize that you are showing me off to him, letting him know that I’m yours and that he can only dream of having a woman who will do something like that. I smile slowly as I lick the last of us off your fingers, then wave cheekily at the man.”Did I leave enough for your little fantasy?” You ask, kissing me.”Yes, sir.” I smile.

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