Mother Fuckers


Note this is NOT a true story. Sorry to disappoint some of you but this story was requested by someone on Literotica. The person suggested I write a mother/son story with a black man involved. It might not be real, but the idea behind it is rather enticing and exciting. Enjoy!

One day I was walking home from college and I was bored out of my mind with nothing to do. I guess life has not been the same since my father passed away. My mother was sad all the time and it seems as though nothing I could do would help to cheer her up. It was bumming me out big time. I love my mother dearly and always found myself trying to cheer her up.

Let me tell you about my mother. She is 41 but has the body of a woman half her age, or at least of a woman in her early 30’s. She still works out to keep herself busy, even though she has not dated since my father’s death 8 years ago. She has long brown hair, pouty lips, nice breasts, perky nipples and a perfect ass. When we go out in public she has to hold me back when men make sexual comments about her, or when they whistle or say something about wanting to fuck her.

I guess you can call me a “momma’s boy.” My mom and I have always been close. I remember times when my father got jealous of the relationship I have with my mother. Nothing sexual ever happened between us but there was always a sort of tension caused by the potential for sex. The great thing about my mother is that she always remains a lady of respect. She never curses, acts slutty, or uses her feminine power to seduce men for money as some women do.

Anyways, as I neared home I saw a strange-looking car parked in the driveway. I became worried, thinking something was wrong with mom. I burst in the front door, which I noticed was unlocked. That was uncommon because my mother was always a safety freak. She watched too many forensic shows to know better then to keep the door unlocked. Even though my mother is a strong woman, she is old-fashioned. She believes the man of the house should take care of the women. Since my father died, I became the man of the house. In a way, I took my father’s place, except in bed with my mother.

I roamed downstairs but kept silent for fear of setting off a robber if he has my mother held prisoner. No sign of her on the downstairs floor, I worry that much more. I approach the stairs with dread. I can hear a faint moaning sound coming from my mother’s room. Oh God, I hope I am not too late! I reach her room, draw in a deep breath, and grabbed the doorknob. I paused for a second before opening the door silently.

What I saw was shocking. Imagine coming home and seeing your mom being fucked by a black guy. Now imagine that person is or WAS your friend. That is the situation I faced that day. I felt anger, jealousy, desire, love, and all sorts of emotions at that time. What I did not expect to feel was arousal. I was turned on seeing my black friend on top of my mom, fucking her like there was no tomorrow. I guess the taboo nature of seeing your mom have sex was one of my turn-on. Also having that person fucking your mom be one of your closest friend’s makes it even more taboo.

I looked down at my crotch and was surprised to see a throbbing erection. I had tried to avoid an incest relationship with my mother more out of fear of rejection and what other people would think then lack of attraction towards my mother. Any man would love her. I did..

As I stood there watching my best friend fucked my mother. I came to a crossroads. Whatever move I made would be a defining moment in my life. If I stopped him then I would have to cross the line and take my father’s place. If I didn’t stop him, I would have to sit back and watch as my mother dated other men. That was something I couldn’t bare to live with.

My mother lay there moaning and had her legs wrapped around Tony. My hands curled into fists and I walked towards them. I grabbed Tony and threw him off my mother.

“You motherfucker!” I yelled.

Tony looked first shocked, then angry. He came at me with fists but I hit him with a nice combo to the jaw and temple and he was out for the count. I then looked at my mom and displayed my anger for her to see. She started crying and wrapped a sheet around herself that was both lady-like and slutty at the same time.

I glared at my mother and said “I’ll be back for you later!”

My mom continued to sob as I dragged Tony to the stairs. I was tempted to throw or push him down the stairs but even as angry as I was I wouldn’t go that low with someone I once considered a friend. I half carried/half dragged Tony’s limp body down the stairs, propped him up against the wall and opened the front door. I dropped Tony off on the front step without his clothes. That will teach the fucker!

I then marched back up the stairs, intent on confronting my mother. I slammed open her door, which must have shut on its own from the wind and saw my mom sitting on her bed with her hands over her face still crying. I softened as I saw this but I was still angry. How could she? I felt like she cheated on me. In a way, she did.

I approached bizimkent escort the bed silently. My mother took her hands away from her face and looked up at me innocently.

“I guess you hate me now. I don’t blame you I deserve it.” She said and started sobbing again.

I sat down next to her and put my arm around her.

“I don’t hate you mom. I just feel hurt and betrayed. How could you do it with Tony?” I asked.

“He stopped by the house looking for you. I asked him to help me move some heavy boxes up to the attic because I was doing my regular spring-cleaning. I was wearing my robe and I dropped a box and almost fell. Tony caught me, my robe slipped open, and I was naked underneath. Next thing I knew he was kissing me and I could not resist. It has been so long baby. I feel unloved Michael. I miss your father so much!” She said and started sobbing again.

I felt bad, like a man who kicked a kitten out of anger. I draped an arm around my mother and pulled her close to me. I was very aware of her body. The sheet slid down her chest some when I put my arm around her leaving her breasts partially exposed. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. My mom didn’t seem to be aware, or care if she knew; she was almost completely baring her breasts to me. I snuggled closer to her and put my head next to her neck.

I inhaled her perfume and realized that my mom was the reason why I never found the right woman in college. She was the right woman for me!

“I’m so sorry Michael. What can I do to make it up to you?” She asked.

“Well for one don’t fuck any of my friends anymore.” I said joking.

We both laughed a little. My mom held me tight and started kissing my forehead. I wondered then if she sucked Tony’s dick. Her breath smelled a little musky, like a man. I began wondering how long they were fucking and I imagined the whole part that I missed.

“Mom, did you suck his dick?” I asked as she cradled me to her breasts as if I were a child instead of a grown man.

My mom hesitated before answering. “Yeah I did baby. That doesn’t matter now. I am sorry for doing that. You know I love you and you know how much I loved your father.” She said holding me tight.

I kissed her chest and I felt her shudder involuntarily. The sheet had now slipped down further to the point where her breasts were completely exposed and the only part of her that remained covered was her lower half. Even then, I could see dark brown hair between her legs. My erection returned vigorously. I wrapped my arms around my mother’s back and my hands stroked the soft skin.

We both lay back on the bed cuddling each other. Nature took its course and we kissed. I have always had an attraction for my mother but never more so then right at that moment. I used to masturbate, especially after catching her naked or partially nude, which I did many times after dad died.

“I love you mom!” I said between kisses.

“Awwww, sweetie. I love you too. You are my man. Do not forget that. I guess I slept with Tony partially out of loneliness and being horny but also to make you jealous.” She said.

I sat upright. I was surprised. My mother wanted me too? My mom sat up and rubbed my back. She pulled my shirt off and started kissing my bare skin. Mom moved down my chest and kissed my nipples moving further down. Her hands reached out and caressed my throbbing cock through my jeans. She unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out of my underwear. She gasped when she saw it.

“Oh. You are so much like your father in every way. Handsome, smart, athletic, sexy and you have such a beautiful penis. I want to kiss it and suck it. I want it inside of me. You are the man of the house now Michael. Make me your woman!” My mom said.

I grabbed her head in response and lowered it to my penis until I felt her tongue reach out and touch it. I felt an electric shock. Then mother engulfed my cock in her warm, wet, mouth. I died and went to heaven; I looked down to watch as my mother began sucking my cock. I always wanted this but I never thought it would come true. She maneuvered her body so that she was kneeling on the floor in front of me, never taking her mouth off my cock while doing so.

My mom starts sucking me fast. She rubs my balls and shaft as her head glides up and down my hard prick. She was great at giving head. I wondered where she learned this. She was far better then any girl in college at giving head. I knew my mom was a virgin when her and dad got married so I figure she must have become an expert at giving blowjobs. Her experience was paying off as her mouth and tongue were driving me wild.

She looks up at me while she sucks my dick, almost causing me to lose control and flood her mouth with my cum. Her eyes lock on mine and she begins slurping my cock as if it was ice cream on a stick. Most women are quiet when giving head, at least they are in my experience, but mom was turning me on with her mouth, her eyes watching me as she sucks me, and the sound of her mouth sucking my hard cock.

I reach down and start fondling bostancı escort her, nice sized, breasts. They aren’t too big and are definitely not small. Her nipples are the size of half dollars and they look so sexy when they are hard. I tug on them and my mom moans around my cock. I take in a deep breath and try with all my might not to cum in her mouth. I want to enjoy feeling her mouth on my dick, while it lasts.

I keep pinching her nipples and I start thrusting in and out of her mouth. She looks down at my cock and looks back into my eyes. She begins sucking faster. The noises she makes while doing this have me on the edge of cumming in her mouth. She moans slurps, gags, and never stops sucking me while doing this. She rubs her tits, reaches under her, and begins fingering her pussy. The site of this pushes me over the edge.

“I’m cummmming Mom!” I scream.

Mom keeps her mouth over my cock and I begin flooding her mouth with my hot cum. I seem to cum forever, No other woman let me cum in her mouth before now and it excites me that mom was the first to let me do this. She watches, smiles at me with my cock still in her mouth, as she sees how excited I am at flooding her sexy mouth with my sperm. She starts moaning as she picks up the pace of fingering herself and moans loudly around my cock.

She opens her mouth and gasps for air and I watch as some of my cum dribbles out of her mouth, down her lips and chin and lands on her tits, as she sits up. She looks me in the eye and she swallows a gulp of my cum and swallows again.

“Oh baby that was so damn hot! I never swallowed before but once I tasted it I realized it isn’t as bad as some women say it is. Your dad tried to get me to swallow many times but I didn’t like the taste when he had pre-cum so I wouldn’t do it. Other guys before your dad tried to get me to swallow but after the first time when a man started cumming and a few drops landed on my tongue it tasted nasty and turned me off to swallowing, until now. I absolutely love the taste of your come!” She says smiling.

She sits back on her legs and I admire her with lust. I lay there exhausted but find myself getting hard again, as I watch her sexy body covered with sweat. She stands up and climbs back into bed with me. She lies down next to me and cuddles up to my naked body. She puts her head on my chest and kisses it softly. I run my hands through her hair and mess it up.

I feel my erection harden even more as I breathe in her perfume, her shampoo, and her natural scent that always drove me wild for as long as I could remember. She continues kissing my chest and begins running her tongue around my nipples. I roll her over so that I am on top. I pin her arms behind her head.

“I’m the man here woman! I am going to lick your nipples but first you have to beg me!” I say in a commanding voice.

My mom looks at me with wide eyes and gives me a partial smile. She looked a little worried but seemed turned on as well.

“Please suck my nipples.” My mom says.

I shake my head “No.” and say “Not good enough. You don’t sound convincing. I guess you don’t want me to suck your nipples.”

Mom begins squirming her body underneath mine and I feel the velvety smoothness of her pussy trying to engulf my cock. I pull back my cock. My mom struggles to free her arms to no avail.

“Please baby! Suck my nipples.” My mom says.

I shake my head again.

“Still not good enough.” I respond.

“Please baby! I will do anything you want. Anything baby!” My mom pleaded.

I looked her in the eyes as I leaned down and circled her left tit, with my tongue only. I carefully avoided the nipple. Mom continued squirming and thrusting her pussy up towards my cock. It was getting harder to avoid her pussy while I was teasing her. Just when I got down to circling right around her left nipple, I moved to her right tit and began the process again.

When I got to licking just around her right nipple, I stopped and looked at her face. A few tears came out of her eyes. I could see that I had tortured her enough and lowered my head before she would notice. I took her right nipple in my mouth and sucked on it greedily. I pinched her left nipple while doing this. She moaned aloud.

“Oh yes! That is it baby suck my nipple. Keep it in your mouth. Pinch my other nipple harder. Oh yeah. You are driving me fucking wild baby!” My mom said.

Her body seemed to wiggle even beyond my control. She began thrusting her pussy toward my cock even harder and a few times the two met and caused us both to moan.

I stopped licking her nipples after a few minutes and sat back up. My cock rested on her stomach just below her tits. My arms still pinned her arms down. She looked up at me, begging me with her eyes to fuck her. Tears still flowing from her beautiful, sexy eyes like a smooth stream.

I felt bad torturing my mom. I wanted to give her what she wanted as much as she wanted me to do it but I needed to take my time and make sure that we both remember our first time fondly. Mom kept lifting her head büyükçekmece escort as my cock slid a little bit up between her breasts. She could almost reach it with her mouth but not quite. She gave up trying and lay there motionless.

She turned her head to the side and looked away from me. I released her left arm and used my left hand to softly stroke her face and turn it around so that she was looking at me. She had tears flowing in her eyes. I could see that she was thinking I did not want her or that I only used her for a blowjob.

I lower my face to hers. Just an inch above her face, I could feel her breath, almost taste it. I lower my head completely and kiss her soft lips with tender loving care. I pull back and look her in the eyes.

“I love you mom! I have loved you for so long. I can’t tell you how many times I fantasized about this moment. I never thought it would come true but now that it has I want it to be special for you, for me. I want us to always remember what we are doing now. I don’t ever want you to doubt my love for you. I’m your man now! Is that understood?” I asked.

She nodded her head slowly. Her doubt slowly began to turn to happiness.

“Before I continue making love to you I want to get a few things straightened out. One, you are never to speak to Tony again. If he calls here or shows up here, hang up on him or shut the door in his face, without saying a word. Is that understood?” I asked.

“Yes, baby. I won’t ever talk to Tony, or see him again.” Mom said smiling.

“Number two, if I ever catch you with another man I will never speak to you again. You are MINE from now on. Consider us married right now. You are my beautiful bride and I will take you whenever, wherever, and how often I want to. Is that understood?” I asked.

My mom nodded her head eagerly and seemed to be laughing with joy and her tears halted at the same time.

“Baby I love you! I have since after your father died when you chose to go to college here and not move away to another city I knew you would never leave me. I began loving you as more then a son long before that. I was just too afraid to show it before now. I am not afraid anymore. You are my man! I love you with all my heart” My mom said.

I was filled with love for my mom, at that moment, that I would have married her on the spot. I leaned in and we kissed with passion. I released her arms and my hands ran through her hair, down her face, over her breasts and all over her body. Our tongues met and our bodies molded together, Mom wrapped her legs around her back and thrust her pussy up towards my cock. Her hands free now, my mom ran her hands through my short hair. She sucked on my tongue like a drowning woman trying to cling to life.

Our kiss ended and we both stopped to catch our breaths.

“Make love to me baby!” My mother said with a fierceness I have not seen in her before.

I shook my head “No” again with a teasing smile. My mom whimpered with need. I started moving down her body slowly. Kissing and licking different spots like her ears, earlobes, neck, chin, breasts, stomach, bellybutton and just above the soft, dark hair that protected her womanhood.

She looked down at me with anticipation in her eyes. I blew lightly on the hair and she moaned. I kissed her right above the hair and lightly brushed the hair with a hand. I wanted her so bad right then that I could not fulfill my need for her if I tried. I wanted to lick her, make love to her, and make her mine at that moment. I just wanted to tease her so bad that she would be overwhelmed with desire for me. It seemed to be working.

She slowly put her hands on my head and tried pushing my head down toward her pussy. I shook my head again and began kissing down her legs. I moved from one to the other kissing and licking my way down on the top and inside of her legs. She moaned. I reached her soft, manicured feet. I admired the dark red toenails that were perfect. Her feet and body smelled of a mixture of different fruits, flowers, and her natural scent. I guessed it was a wild combination of her body soap, body lotion, and perfume. It was just her natural sexy feminity that always seemed fit my mother. She is a true lady in every sense of the word. I never wanted her so bad in my live as I did right then.

I massaged both her feet as I held them in each hand. Her legs were lifted a few feet. I admired the beauty of my mom being as wide open to me as humanly possibly. My eyes looked at her pussy with a fierceness I cannot describe. I allowed her right leg to drop and began massaging her left foot. I kissed it lightly and looked at her as I took her big toe between my lips. She moaned as she watched this. She was rubbing her tits and was reaching down her body, with a hand, about to touch her pussy. I waved one finger stopping her in her tracks.

I began a slow process of kissing down her left leg, alternating between kissing and licking the inside and top of the smooth leg. As I neared her knee, she spread her legs further allowing me access. I put my tongue out and licked inside her leg from her knee toward the innermost portion of her thigh. Her pussy was about an inch away. My face hovered right in front of it and I looked up at my mother, smiling at her. I breathed on her pussy, she moaned, and her pussy convulsed. I lightly blew on it and she shut her eyes and her head dropped back to the bed.

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