Mother Love – Daddy the Cuckhold


Mother Love – Daddy the CuckholdJames had been tempted to join his mother in the shower but decided against it. He needed to sort out in his mind his plan for the evening, how he intended to deal with his father. He had seen a few videos of men being forced to watch their wives being fucked, the wives tormenting their husbands and ridiculing them, that sort of idea appealed to him, he was confident his mother would go along with it. He was thrilled with the way she had taken to their relationship, he had dreamt of getting to this stage with her for so long, seeing her sucking those cocks in the shop had nearly caused him to cum in his pants, he wanted to take that further, his mother seemed happy to try anything, he intended to give her a catalogue of experiences over the summer holiday.By the time Henry arrived home, Julie was dressed and preparing the evening meal.“What have you two been doing today?” Henry asked, sitting at the table.“Oh l took Mum shopping,” James replied, “pretty boring really.”“I take it you’ll be out with your mates this evening, Friday night, there’s usually something going on,” Henry said.“Oh, l quite fancy a quiet night at home, just the family,” James said, giving his mother a sly smile and a wink that caused her face to flush.“I have to go out,” Henry said, “l’m meeting someone from work, he wants to join our group.”“What group is that Dad?” James asked, flashing another look at his mother.“Oh it’s just a group of chums, we got together to organise some charity events, nothing exciting really.”“Oh l don’t know Dad,” James replied, “l might fancy joining you for the summer.”“Er…well….Er…l’ll have to talk it over with the others,” Henry flustered, “we didn’t want to get too many people involved.”“Oh…okay,” James made it sound as if he was disappointed, “l would have thought the more the merrier but whatever.”Henry hurriedly finished his meal, then said that he was going for a shower. “It was hot and stuffy in the office today,” he said by way of explanation as he scuttled off towards the stairs.Julie began clearing the table, washing off the dishes. James stepped up behind her, cupping her breasts. She leaned back against him, feeling his erection pressing against her bottom.“If Dad’s going out, we’ll have to think of something to do,” he smiled, squeezing her breasts, feeling her nipples harden.“Well l could do some knitting,” she giggled, gyrating her bottom against him, “unless you can think of something else.”“I was thinking you could practice you cock sucking technique,” he said, pinching her nipples.“Mmmmmmm,” she sighed, the warmth travelling from her nipples to her cunt, “do l need the practice, those two in the shop seemed quite satisfied.”“They were just standard blow jobs,” he said, pinching harder, Julie slumping against him, “you have to learn how to take one deep in your throat, you may well have a big black cock rammed down your throat one day, you don’t want to disappoint him do you.”“Oh god,” she sighed, feeling the surge of wetness between her legs.James pulled open the front of her dress, buttons flying off. He pulled up her bra, her tits tumbling out. “If only Dad could see you now,” he chuckled, digging his fingers into the soft flesh of her breasts. “I bet he’s up there now, putting on his bra and panties, l bet he’s a good cock sucker, do you think he gets his arsehole fucked as well?”“Oh mmmmmm,” Julie could only concentrate on the flood of heat in her cunt, her son should never be talking to her like this but his words just added to the fire in her belly.They heard Henry walking across the landing. James released her, allowing her to replace her bra then do her best to cover herself using the two buttons that still remained.“If you keep tearing my clothes off l’ll have nothing to wear,” she whispered with a smile.“That’s alright,” he laughed, “l plan on you being naked most of the time anyway.”James turned and headed for the stairs, passing his father in the hall. “Have a good meeting Dad,” he said with a smirk.“Er…yes…Er…thanks,” Henry replied.James thought he detected some nervousness in his father’s voice, he wondered if his father was excited about where he was going. He smiled to himself as he climbed the stairs, hoping things would turn out the way he planned later.In his room, James sat viewing his iPad, trailing through the selection of porn sites he regularly used. He thought of all those hours he’d sat in his room at University, searching for mother and son porn. The nemesis for him had been when he’d discovered that old, well thumbed book in the second hand shop. The outer cover had been dirty, there was no writing on the front, he had almost discarded it when he had opened it to the flyleaf. There was a pencil drawing of a middle aged woman in a tight corset, her huge breasts hanging free, she was tied, spread eagle, to a wooden frame. Behind her stood a young boy, naked, an impossibly large erection standing out of his slight frame. He was holding a whip. The title read “Training Mother.”James had taken the book back to his room. It was very crudely written with numerous spelling mistakes. There were a number of pencil drawn illustrations, all showing the same woman being abused in a variety of ways, each illustration accompanied by a written text describing different ways to abuse your mother. As he progressed through the book, the descriptions became more and more perverse. James remembered the countless times he had engrossed himself in that book, masturbating, imagining himself and his mother in each scenario. He had never expected to be in that situation with his own mother, it was purely fantasy.When he had gathered the courage to walk in on her naked that first time, he had thought his brain would burst with excitement. Then, despite her protests, he had detected a reaction which had festered in his mind throughout the term. It had taken all his nerve to put on the appearance of confidence, uncertain of how his mother had reacted, he was sure that her discovery of his father’s secret life had been a major factor, but when she had reacted to him, allowing herself to be the woman he had dreamt about, his world had suddenly turned.He flicked through various video clips, each showing middle aged women being abused. There was a knock on his door.“Your father has gone,” Julie called through the door, “can l come in?”“No,” he replied, trying hard to keep a strong tone, “go downstairs, get naked and sit in the armchair with your legs spread, you can finger yourself until l come down.”James decided to keep her waiting for a while, when he did finally descend the stairs, he was naked. Entering the lounge he was pleased to see that his mother had obeyed him. She was seated in the armchair, her legs thrown wide open, her fingers busy playing with her cunt.“Are you going to fuck me now?” She asked.“Here,” he replied, handing her one of the dildos they had bought earlier, it was fifteen inches long, black, curved with a bulbous head and fake balls at the base. “Fuck yourself with that while l watch you.”“I was hoping you were going to fuck me,” she said disappointedly.“You’re my slut now so you do as you’re told,” he replied, sitting in the chair opposite her. “Now fuck yourself.”James could see the effect his words were having on her, he could see the fire in her eyes as she stared at him, slowly pushing the dildo into her cunt.“How does that feel Mum?” He said, “sitting in front of your son, fucking yourself like a common slut, shove it right in.”“I….Oh l….oh my god…l want you James,” was all she could say.“Well you have to do as you’re told,” he smirked, “you were good in the shop today, but that is only the start, you enjoyed sucking those cocks didn’t you.”“Yes,” she replied, fucking herself slowly, the dildo filling her cunt, the ribs on it teasing her clit as she worked it in and out.“That’s just the start Mum,” canlı bahis he said, “l’m going to make you my slut, l’m going to use you, is that what you want.”“You make it sound so exciting,” she replied, “you will look after me though won’t you, you won’t let anyone really hurt me.”“You will have to learn to accept some pain,” he said, “a good spanking won’t hurt you, then we can progress, l’ve watched loads of videos, l’ll show them to you, you can see what l want to do to you.”“God, l’m nearly cumming baby,” she sighed, “are you going to fuck me?”“Not until Dad gets home,” he smiled, “l want to show him how to fuck you properly.”“God….are you serious…’re going to fuck me in front of him?”“That’s my plan,” James smirked, “l’m going to take you from him Mum, don’t stop, l like watching you fuck yourself.”James was tempted to stroke his throbbing erection but he was having difficulty maintaining his air of authority, he was sorely tempted the rush over and plunge his cock into her cunt. He knew that once he started stroking himself he would either have to fuck her or waste his spunk.Julie resumed sliding the dildo in and out of her cunt, she was thrilled by the way her son was taking charge of her but she also knew the effect she was having on him. Slowly she withdrew the dildo, holding it up so that he could see it covered with her juices. She licked the full length of it before taking it into her mouth. Only a couple of days before there was no way she could ever have imagined this scene, but now, she just wanted to be as filthy as possible, wanted her son to dominate her completely.They both heard the front door opening at the same time.“Come over here and suck my cock,” he told her.“You’re such a bastard,” she smiled, crawling across the room.“And you’re a slut Mum,” he laughed, “not too enthusiastic, l don’t want to cum yet.”Julie reached him, immediately taking his cock into her mouth, just as the lounge door opened.“What the……!” Henry blurted out, totally shocked by the scene of his naked wife on her knees sucking her son’s cock.“Oh hi Dad,” James replied, “Mum found your photos in your secret box, she could see how much you enjoy sucking cocks so she said she wanted to try it.”“What…..l…….l……wh….” Henry tried to speak but was struck dumb as his world fell apart.“Why don’t you show us what you look like in your sexy undies Dad,” James mocked him, “have you been sucking cocks tonight.”Henry was unable to reply, he wanted to run away but his eyes were fixed on his wife as she unashamedly carried on sucking her son’s cock. She removed her mouth from James’s cock, looking over at Henry.“He has a lovely cock Henry,” she smiled, “much bigger than that pathetic peanut you have between your legs, look how big and tasty it is, l bet you’d like it in your mouth, you dirty pervert.”“Stop it!…stop it this minute,” he finally found his voice.“You don’t get to tell me what to do,” Julie goaded him, “it takes a proper man to tell me what to do, a man with a beautiful cock like this,” she said, giving James’s cock a shake, “would you like to see him fuck me Henry, he really fucks me like a man, not like a cissy like you, you could never satisfy me with that pathetic prick of yours.”“Stop it!” Henry yelled, “stop this madness at once.”“Listen to him Janes,” she said, “trying to be all masterful while he’s stood there wearing a bra and panties like a nancy boy.”“That’s an idea Mum,” James laughed, “shall we call him Nancy.”“Ooooh yes,” she laughed, she stood up and walked over to Henry. “That’s what we’ll call you,” she said, standing just inches in front of him, “now take your things off and let us see you in your sexy undies, then, if you’re a good boy you can watch James fuck me.”“Stop it….stop it please,” he begged, he wanted to crawl away in embarrassment, he wanted to suddenly wake up from this bad dream. Henry knew he was crying, crying with fear at being discovered, but there was something else as well. Closing his eyes for a second, he could still see that scene of his wife with her mouth impaled on her son’s cock. Involuntarily his eyes went to his son, he was sat grinning at his father, slowly stroking his cock. Henry looked at James’s cock, a tremor rippling through his body as he looked at the bulbous head, still glistening with his wife’s saliva.“I think Nancy wants to suck your cock James,” Julie chuckled, she was thoroughly enjoying herself now, she knew she had Henry completely under control. “Is that right Nancy, do you want to suck James’s cock?”“Stop it please,” he whispered, his brain in a complete fuzz, how could his world fall apart so suddenly, how cruel for it to happen after the wonderful evening he’d had. The memory of the evening flashed before his eyes, seeing himself on his knees, three gorgeous cocks in front of him, each taking turns to fuck his mouth, each taking turns to cover his face with cum then leaving him on that grass verge, masturbating as he scooped the cum into his mouth, it had been his best session ever and then he had walked into this nightmare.“You do want it don’t you?” She taunted him, “you dirty little pervert, all these years l’ve been a faithful wife, putting up with your pathetic attempts to fuck me, when you’re running around in a bra and panties letting complete strangers use you like a whore, you disgust me.”Henry’s head was spinning. He had walked in and discovered his wife with her son’s cock in her mouth yet he was the one who was being tormented. Julie circled him like a lioness with a wounded a****l.Henry cowered from her abuse, she was the one who was naked, she was the one who was sucking herself son’s cock. She should be the one who was cowering not him. Then there was his son, sitting in the chair smirking while his mother tormented his father. Sitting there, stroking his cock…..stroking his beautiful cock. Henry felt a surge in his lower belly as he focused on James’s cock, Julie’s voice faded to a hum as he stared at that beautiful organ.James squeezed his cock, a bead of pre cum oozing from the eye, he lifted it with the tip of his finger, transferring it to his mouth as he stared at his father. He heard his father give a whimpering cry as he sucked the pre cum from his finger.“You disgust me,” Julie said, seeing Henry’s reaction to what her son was doing, “take off your clothes,” she demanded, “take them off, l want to see how pathetic you look in your bra and panties.”Henry knew he was lost, he was no longer in control of his actions. The sight of his naked wife, the sight of his naked son, that beautiful….beautiful cock, he wanted it, that was all he could think as he removed his shirt.“Look at his man boobs James,” Julie laughed, “no wonder he needs a bra. But their not proper tits are they, these are proper tits,” she said, standing in front of her husband, holding her tits. “Which tits would you prefer James?” She said.“Yours Mum,” James replied, “but he does look sexy in that red bra.”“Now the rest,” she ordered, “l want to see you in those panties.”Henry slipped off his shoes, then removed his trousers, finally standing there in his complete outfit, just as he had been in the photographs. Bright red bra, matching silk panties, garter belt and red fishnet stockings.“God you look ridiculous,” Julie laughed.“Oh l don’t know Mum,” James laughed, “he must be feeling sexy, look…he’s got a hard on.”Julie grabbed Henry’s crotch, squeezing it hard. “Call this a hard on,” she mocked, dragging him by his balls across the room, standing him in front of his son while she reached out with her other hand, taking hold of James’s cock, “this is what a real cock looks like,” she said, “this is a cock that knows how to fuck me, not your pathetic little worm. Feel it….hold it….feel what a proper cock feels like, like those ones you’ve been sucking….hold it.”Tentatively, Henry reached out, his fingers making contact bahis siteleri with his son’s cock. He wrapped his fingers around it, feeling the power as it throbbed in his hand.“Get on your knees,” Julie commanded him, “l want to see you sucking it.”Henry had no resistance in him, he wanted that cock in his mouth. He dropped to his knees, bending forward, taking the head of his son’s cock into his mouth.“Take it all you pervert,” Julie shouted, pushing his head down so that her son’s cock was forced deep into her husband’s throat. “Now suck it, you pathetic pervert.” She grabbed him by his hair, forcing him up and down, each time slamming him down hard, forcing every inch of her son’s cock into his mouth.James knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. “I want to fuck you Mum,” he cried out.Roughly, Julie pulled Henry away, pushing him aside. “Get out of the way,” she yelled, “my son wants my cunt not your mouth.”She quickly climbed astride him, sinking herself fully onto his cock, holding her tits as she pushed them into her son’s face. “Bite me….hurt me,” she cried as she moved her cunt up and down his cock. “God….yes….hurt me,” she felt her son’s teeth biting into her nipple, the pain finally taking her over the edge, as the heat of her orgasm flowed through her. At the same time she felt his cock explode inside her, the burning heat of his spunk filling her, she held him tightly as her body convulsed again.James bit down on her tit as his orgasm ripped through him, he felt his cock pumping jet after jet of hot spunk into her, felt her cunt contracting as if wanting more.Eventually they both calmed, Julie collapsing on him, his cock still buried deep inside her. She turned to look at Henry, he was kneeling on the floor, his hand inside his panties, a dark stain on the front betraying what he had been doing.“You filthy pervert,” she said, “you’ve been wanking…wanking while you watched me being fucked by a real man, a real man with a proper cock. Look at him James, your father has cum in his panties, isn’t he pathetic.”“Get off me Mum,” James replied, lifting his mother off him then extricating himself from under her. Standing in front of his father, holding his semi rigid cock. “Suck it now,” he ordered, “ taste my spunk and Mum’s cunt juice on my cock.”Henry didn’t hesitate, crawling the few feet towards his son he hungrily took his cock into his mouth, relishing the taste of the mixture. He buried his face in his son’s crotch, drawing his cock in deeper.“He’s a good cock sucker Mum,” James laughed, “l bet he’s had loads of spunk already tonight. Open your legs Mum,” he ordered.Julie sat down in the chair, spreading her legs wide.James pushed his father away. ‘Now lick my spunk out of Mum’s cunt,” he ordered.Henry crawled over to the chair, his eyes fixed on the trickle of cum oozing from his wife’s cunt.“That’s right Nancy,” Julie chuckled, opening the lips of her cunt, “come and clean out your son’s spunk from my cunt.”Henry was powerless, he was taken over by those same demons that controlled him when he was being used by those men. He could smell his wife’s cunt, the smell intoxicating him, her voice mocking him just added to his excitement. James’s spunk was oozing out of her, running down over her anus.“Quickly,” she commanded, “clean up every drop, James gives me loads of spunk, his beautiful cock plants it much deeper in my cunt than you could ever do with your tiny cock.”Henry buried his face between her thighs, licking up the spunk around her arsehole.“Make sure there’s none inside,” she ordered, “put your tongue in my bum hole.”Henry did as she commanded, forcing his tongue into her anus, he heard her gasp as he entered her, he pressed his face against her, searching inside her anus with his tongue, just like he had been forced to do earlier when the man with the big hairy arsehole had ordered him to do it. He slid his hand inside his soaked panties.“Don’t go playing with yourself,” James stopped him, “you only get to cum when we allow it, just concentrate on cleaning up my spunk.”Henry did as he was told, transferring his attention to his wife’s cunt, delving deep inside her, lapping up the mixture of spunk and cunt juice.“That’s good,” Julie said, pressing his head hard against her, feeling his tongue wriggling inside her, “this is going to be wonderful, now l have a proper man to fuck me and my cissy husband to clean me out.”Henry gave a whimper as he continued to delve inside her. He had seen men acting out this scene on porn sites, often fantasising himself into those situations, but he had never dreamt that it would actually happen. Those scenes he had seen had been portraying husbands being cuckholded by other men, this was another level, here was his wife ridiculing him, flaunting the fact that it was his son who was cuckholding him. He had always been self conscious about the size of his penis, ever since his schooldays when in the showers after sports, the other boys had laughed at him, telling him that no girl was ever going the let him put that measly little lump of gristle inside her. He had bluffed it out for years with Julie, she had been a virgin and had nothing to compare it with. The first time he had detected any recognition that she had been short changed in that department was when they had been at the cinema, there had been a scene where the male lead was seen fully naked, his flaccid cock was still more than twice Henry’s size. Ever since then he had detected a change in Julie, nothing was ever said but he knew that in her eyes he was inadequate.Julie leaned back, enjoying her husband’s attention although disappointed that he seemed to have little knowledge of how to stimulate her. Eventually she pushed him away.“You’re not even very good at that are you?” She said viciously.“S…s….sorry,” Henry stuttered.“You’re pathetic,” she continued, “how long have you been dressing up like that and going out sucking cocks?”“I started dressing up about six months ago,” he replied, “l found a pair of your panties and a bra in the bathroom one day and put them on to see how they felt.”“I hope you didn’t cum in my panties did you?”Henry went bright red but did not answer.“You did didn’t you, you dirty bastard,” she said, “just like you’ve cum in those, so when did you start sucking cocks then?”“Only a month ago,” he whispered, “l was driving by the park one evening and l needed to pee, l went into the public toilets, a man came in and stood at the stall next to me, l noticed he was stroking his erection, l was fascinated by it, he saw me staring and asked if l wanted to suck it, l don’t know what came over me, l had never done anything like that before, but all of a sudden, before l realised what l was doing l was on my knees sucking his cock.”“Did he cum in your mouth?” Julie said, her own fingers playing with her clitoris.“I tried to move away but he was too strong, he made me take it then forced me to swallow it,” he replied, then he took my wallet and made a note of my name and address, he said l had to meet him there two days later or he would tell my family what l had done, he made me take his cock back in my mouth and photographed me on his phone.”“But you must have enjoyed it Dad,” James said, “you even went dressed up in a bra and panties.”That wasn’t the next time,” Henry replied, “when l went back, he had brought two friends with him, they made me suck off all of them, l know l shouldn’t have but your mother was never interested in sex and all of a sudden it felt exciting.”“Don’t you blame me you pervert,” Julie cried, “you were never any good in bed, whenever you did manage to get inside me you always came in seconds, it wasn’t until James started fucking me l found out what it was like to be fucked by a real man.” As she spoke she moved over next to James on the sofa, snuggling up to him, resting her head on his tummy, she took hold of his bahis şirketleri cock and kissed it. “This is a real cock,” she said, kissing it again, “so you started dressing up for them?”“They told me to,” Henry said, watching as his wife took her son’s cock into her mouth. Instinctively his had went down the front of his panties.Julie lifted her mouth from James’s cock. “Take those panties off and wank for me,” she ordered.Henry removed his panties, then began wanking as he watched his wife sucking her son’s cock.“I bet you wish it was your mouth on my cock,” James smirked, “you do look pathetic Dad, with that stupid bra on and wanking that tiny cock, it’s not even big enough to get your hand round, l’ve never seen a grown man wanking with just his finger and thumb, go on, make yourself cum, cum in your hand and eat your own spunk.”Henry gave a whimper as he felt his orgasm approaching, he felt totally humiliated but that just added to his excitement. He watched as James pushed his mother’s mouth down hard on his cock, hearing her gag as her son’s cock rammed into her throat, he remembered how that had felt earlier when those men had done it to him. His knees almost buckled as he came, catching his spunk in his other hand.James pulled his mother off his cock by her hair. “Look at him Mum,” he said, “isn’t he pathetic?”“He’s a pervert,” she replied, “go on Henry, eat it, eat your own spunk, that’s what perverts do.”Henry raised his hand to his mouth, licking all the cum from it.“Oh James my darling,” she said, watching her husband licking his spunk from his hand, “Oh fuck me please sweetheart, l really need to feel you inside me, please fuck me.”“You’ll have to wait,” he said, “l’ll fuck you later in bed, there’s something else l want to do with Dad before that.”“Oh what?” She said excitedly, “what are you going to do with him now, oh this is so much fun.”“Upstairs,” he ordered his father, “take that stupid bra off and get in the shower.”Henry led the way upstairs, James and Julie following hand in hand.“What are you going to do James?” She asked, barely able to contain her excitement.They entered the bathroom, Henry stepped into the shower.“Kneel,” James commanded.Henry complied, obviously thinking that his son was about to make him suck his cock.James stood in front of his father, holding his cock. “Open your mouth,” he ordered.Henry did as he was told, but instead of feeling his son’s cock sliding into his mouth, he felt the jet of warm piss hitting his mouth.Henry coughed and spluttered, trying to move away but he was confined in the space and even as he moved James followed him, directing his stream of piss at his father’s face.James gave his father a sharp slap across his face. “Open your fucking mouth and take it,” he ordered.“Oh god James,” Julie squealed, leaning back against the wall as she frantically frigged her cunt. “Oh yes, make him drink it.”James grabbed his father by his hair, holding him still while he directed his stream of piss at his face. “Take it,” he said.Henry continued to cough and splutter but he couldn’t stop his mouth filling with James’s piss.“Drink it,” James said, forcing his cock into his father’s mouth, giving him no option other than to swallow what he could.“Oh god….oh yes!” Julie cried as she sank to the floor, her own orgasm vibrating through her body.Finally, Henry’s ordeal came to an end. James released him.“Get yourself cleaned up,” he said, “you’ll be sleeping in my room from now on, l’m going to be sleeping with Mum.”James stepped out of the shower, taking his mother’s hand, he helped her up. “Come on,” he said, “we’ll use the other shower, then, if you’re good l’ll fuck you.” He led the way out of the bathroom.James resisted the temptation to fuck his mother in the shower, despite her making it patently obvious that she was desperate to get him inside her. They had dried off and were cuddling up in bed when they heard Henry coming out of the bathroom.“Come here a minute Dad,” James called.Henry cowered into the bedroom, wondering what new humiliation his son had in store for him.“Here,” James said, tossing his mother’s nightdress that he had taken from under the pillow. “Put that on.”Henry caught the nightdress. He looked at the vision of his wife naked in bed, holding her son’s cock while James was kneading her breast roughly. Slowly he unfolded the nightdress, then slipped it over his head, he couldn’t resist the thrill he felt as the cool silk encased his body.“From now on you are Nancy in this house,” his son told him, “do you hear?”“Yes,” Henry whispered.“From now on Mum’s cunt belongs to me,” James told him, “you are not allowed to fuck her without my permission, do you hear?”“Yes,” Henry replied meekly.“When we are in the house, you will either be naked or we may dress you like a girl, you like that don’t you?”“Yes,” Henry whispered, his hand going to his tiny erection which was just visible pushing against the nightdress.“Take your hand away!” James ordered him, pleased to see his father comply immediately. “You are not allowed to wank off without permission, and if we see any signs in your bed that you have been wanking you will be punished, understand?”“Yes,” Henry replied.“Right, now you can fuck off to your new bedroom, we won’t be requiring you again tonight, l’m going to fuck Mum.”Henry turned, shuffling out of the room dejectedly.“Oh my god that was so sexy,” Julie said, bending down and kissing her son’s cock, “where did you get the idea to do that to him, he was totally humiliated but seemed to be enjoying it.”I’ve been watching videos and reading about situations like this,” James replied, giving her tits a squeeze. “Those situations have been where a second man takes charge of the wife and humiliates her husband, l know this is different with me being your son.”“Oh that just makes it even sexier,” she giggled, “l could feel my cunt creaming when you were giving him instructions, l love it when you talk like that, talking about me like that, it makes me feel so sexy.”“This is just the start Mum,” he laughed, “we have all the summer holiday.”“Oh, what are we going to do?” She said barely able to contain her excitement.“Oh l’ve good loads of ideas,” he replied, “for certain your cunt is going to get plenty of use.”“Mmmmmmmm,” she purred, “tell me…tell me what your going to do to me.”“Not just me,” he replied, “that little episode in the shop will not be the last, Only next time l may well let them fuck you.”“Oh my god James, do you mean that?” She gasped.“You had better believe it,” he said, “when l told Dad your cunt belongs to me l meant it, and if l tell you to open your legs and let someone fuck you l expect you to obey me.”“Mmmmmm, Oh my god!” She sighed, pressing her hand between her legs, “l’m nearly cumming James, can you fuck me please.”“Turn over,” he commanded, “get on all fours, l’ll fuck you doggy style and l want to see your tits swinging.Julie eagerly complied, getting on all fours, her legs parted and her bottom raised to offer him her cunt.This was ideal for James, he didn’t want his mother to see how much he wanted her, he liked the idea of keeping calm and ordering her to pleasure him. He gripped her waist, nudging the tip of his erection against her cunt, the with one lunge he pulled her back onto him as he rammed his cock deep into her cunt.“Oh my god!” She cried out, easily loud enough for Henry to hear in the next door bedroom.James withdrew and rammed it in again, the full weight of his body behind the thrust.“Oh sweet Jesus!” She cried out again, her orgasm tearing her stomach apart, juices spurting from her cunt as he did it again, this time holding deep inside her as he came. “Oh yes baby, fill me with spunk baby, fill Mummy’s cunt with your hot spunk.”James rolled off her in exhaustion, lying on his back. Julie immediately cuddled up to him, resting her head on his chest, listening to the heavy beat of his heart.“Oh thank you baby,” she whispered, lowering her mouth to his cock, cleaning the mixture of their passion from him.“You’re my slut now Mum,” he whispered, “this is going to be the best summer ever.”

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