Mountain Getaway, Part 2: Midnight Visitor


The restaurant at the resort was romantic and rustic, providing a picturesque view of the mountain. Matt and Lucy were seated at a table bordered on one side by floor-to-ceiling windows with a view of the snow-covered mountain, trees lining the slopes, framed by a full moon and starlit night sky. On the other side of the table was a fireplace full of logs warming the restaurant balcony.Dinner was intimate. Lucy had sea bass accompanied by asparagus and a bed of orzo, while Matt had a venison filet accompanied by potatoes and green beans with almonds. They shared a bottle of wine. Matt and Lucy smiled, talked, and enjoyed good food, good drink and one another’s company. It was so relaxing and refreshing to get away with one another. Suffice to say they were entranced with one another’s company.When the waiter came to ask whether they wanted dessert, Matt and Lucy hesitated for a moment, unsure whether to enjoy this atmosphere a bit longer or to return to the villa for an intimate dessert in front of the fireplace. The waiter left a dessert menu for them to mull over, and as they did so, Lucy spied Paul dining at the bar. As if feeling her glance, Paul looked up, and they smiled at one another and waved. Matt noticed the shared greeting and looked over at Paul and nodded. “He seems like a nice guy,” Matt said.Still looking over toward Paul, Lucy nodded. “I feel bad for him,” she replied. “It must have been hard to come alone after his girlfriend left. It’s hard for me to understand why she would have left such a good guy.”“Maybe he has a small penis,” Matt joked.Lucy slipped her slender foot out of her boot under the table, and pressed her sole along Matt’s thigh, into his lap, and then pressed her toes against him. “Unlike you,” she said, grinning mischievously, feeling Matt swell against her touch.”Let’s send him a drink,” Matt suggested.“Great idea,” Lucy replied. When the waiter came, they decided to share a salted caramel creme brûlée, and Lucy ordered Paul the restaurant’s finest bourbon. “If nothing else,” Lucy told Matt, “that will warm him on this cold winter night.”“Not exactly how you’ll warm me,” Matt answered, “but it’s a nice gesture.”As the waiter delivered their dessert order, esat escort bayan the bartender across the room handed Paul the bourbon and told him the drink was from the lady on the balcony. Paul looked up, and they smiled at one another, Paul offering a nod of thanks.Lucy continued to rub Matt’s now-swollen cock beneath the table with her foot as they finished the bottle of wine and enjoyed the decadently delicious dessert. Soon after, Matt paid their bill, stood and re-arranged himself, took Lucy’s hand, and said, “Now for some real dessert.”As they strolled out of the restaurant, Paul was also finishing his dinner. As Matt and Lucy passed by, Paul thanked them for the drink, shook Matt’s hand and took Lucy’s hand in his, thanking her as well. “Perhaps tomorrow I can return the favor.”“We’d like that,” Matt replied. “That’s very neighborly of you, neighbor,” Lucy added, reluctantly withdrawing her hand from Paul’s. His hands were strong, but soft. She felt herself shivering at his touch and hoping, for his sake, that he did not have the small penis Matt had playfully suggested. They left the restaurant together, Paul bidding them goodnight at the door to his villa, just steps from theirs. When they entered their own villa, Matt and Lucy paused inside the door to embrace, their lips pressed together and tongues briefly greeting before stepping out of their boots and hanging their coats. Lucy retreated to the bedroom to change out of her dress while Matt tended to the fire. Matt sat at the couch and poured them each a drink, and was enjoying the way the fire warmed the room when Lucy emerged from the bedroom. She looked gorgeous in a short, sheer, satin and lace teddy that rested just along the curve of her hips and barely covered the rounded curves of her buttocks. The shape of her breasts was apparent and enticing. “Wow,” was all Matt could muster, and Lucy glowed at his reaction.“Should I close the blinds?” he asked.Typically shy, Lucy nearly said yes before, feeling sexy and emboldened, she said, “That’s up to you, Matt.”“The only person who could possibly see is Paul,” Matt responded. “And for some reason, I think you might like that.”“Maybe,” Lucy Escort etimesgut answered, “but I think Paul is already in bed and dreaming.”“Probably about you,” Matt teased.“Would that bother you?” Lucy asked.“Not at all,” Matt answered. “You are a sexy woman. Why shouldn’t he? Does it bother you?”Strangely, Lucy thought to herself, it did not.As they sat and enjoyed the fire, their drinks, and the coziness of the villa amongst the landscape outside blanketed with snow, Lucy asked, “Did you like what I was doing to you at the restaurant?”“With your feet?” Matt asked.“Yes,” Lucy answered.“That was extremely sexy,” Matt replied.“I want to do it some more,” Lucy said.“Stroke me with your feet?” Matt queried.“Yes,” Lucy answered, and she crawled over to him, unfastened his jeans, and pulled them off his hips, along with his boxer-briefs, and left Matt naked from the waist down.Lucy sat sideways on the couch, and slowly slid her toes along Matt’s penis, from his balls up, and he began to swell. Matt watched Lucy’s feet, and then her eyes, as her arches formed a pocket around his shaft and began to stroke.Matt was quickly fully rigid, and Lucy’s toes and feet began a sensual and erotic dance over and around his cock, Matt’s hips instinctively responding. “Take off your teddy, baby,” Matt said. “I want you completely bare before my eyes.”It felt strangely erotic to hear those words, almost a command. Lucy’s fingers went to the bottom of the teddy, and pulled it over her head, tossing it to the floor, her breasts silhouetted in the firelight. She reached with her fingers to replace her feet, wanting — no, needing — to feel Matt’s heat at her fingertips. As she began to slowly stroke Matt’s shaft, Lucy caught movement in her peripheral vision.She glanced out the window and saw, reflected in dim backlight from the kitchen of his villa, Paul standing near his window. The full moon upside reflected off Paul’s front. Lucy’s fingers froze for a moment on Matt’s shaft as she strained her eyes to see if Paul’s gaze was returning hers. Instinctively, Lucy placed her arm over her breasts, as if to cover up, when she made eye contact with Paul.For a lingering moment, time etlik escort stopped. Still looking toward the window, Lucy gasped to Matt, “He doesn’t.”Matt opened his eyes, having closed them as Lucy was stroking his penis, and asked, “Who doesn’t? Doesn’t what?”“Paul,” Lucy answered. “Doesn’t have a small penis.”As their eyes adjusted to the lighting conditions, the silhouette of Paul’s cock was clear through the window. Although Matt’s cock, about seven inches in length, was good-sized and above average, Paul’s looked clearly larger. Lucy gasped, and then blushed. All three of them froze, as if embarrassed and unsure of what to do.“Should we stop?” Lucy asked, still frozen, still looking out the window.“I don’t really want to,” Matt answered. “Do you?”“No,” Lucy answered. “I can’t believe it, but I don’t.”“Looks like he’s very hard for you,” Matt continued.“Yes …” Lucy trailed off, reaching back to Matt’s cock and stroking again, all the while looking directly at Paul.As if encouraged, and maybe even granted permission, by Lucy’s response, Paul resumed slowly stroking his cock, the moonlight reflecting on his body after a cloud passed. He was an impressive specimen, standing in a robe that opened to reveal his chest, taut stomach muscles, and impressive cock.Slowly Lucy stroked Matt, and Paul stroked in unison. “Do you want to show him what you can do with your mouth?” Matt asked, surprising both of them at the suggestion. This was new, bold territory, but in the anonymous auspices of their mountain getaway, it seemed safe.“Yes,” Lucy answered, knowing that as she turned, Paul would have a view of her ass and her hanging breasts. She looked sideways at Paul as she slid her tongue along Matt’s shaft and moved her lips over the glistening head of his straining cock. Paul’s hand seemed to move faster as his eyes devoured the profile of Lucy’s naked body.Lucy gasped, as if she could feel Paul fucking her with his eyes, and it made her feel sexy and react hungrily. She closed her eyes and took Matt into her mouth, caressing his balls with her fingertips as her lips encircled his shaft and stroked him. She moaned when she suctioned back upward on Matt’s dick, turned her eyes to see Paul’s reaction, and he was gone.She felt somehow slightly disappointed but hoped that he had either cum or was cumming now to thoughts of her naked flesh. “He’s gone,” she said in a whisper, stroking Matt again as she peeled off his sweater, kissed her way up his chest, and their mouths locked tight.

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