Mr. Taylor Ch. 02


Authors note:

Thanks for the support, here’s chapter two. Let me know what you think!

This is a work of fiction and Everyone in the story is over 18

More chapters to come 😉


Dani awoke to Darcy’s whines.

“Hush.” She mumbled, but Darcy didn’t stop.

Dani huffed, “Fine” and rolled out of bed.

It was 6:30 AM and she’d been up kind of late. Remembering the night before, she put her toy away before sliding into some slippers and grabbing the leash. She threw on a long jacket and led Darcy out into the brisk morning.

Too tired to walk far, she guided Darcy to the fenced-in dog run. After watching Darcy do his business and run around for a few minutes, she turned to grab a doggy bag from the stand by the entrance.

She stopped when she saw Alex and Leela approaching the dog run.


Alex’s head was pounding. He’d gone a little overboard the night before, not really remembering much past leaving the bar. But of course Leela woke him up bright and early, licking his face.

His eyes were barely open as he walked her. If he didn’t sit down soon, Alex knew he’d puke up last night’s dinner. Remembering the bench at the fenced dog area, he headed that direction. There was already a dog in there with its owner, a woman facing away from him. When she turned toward him, a few things happened.


Immediately recalling the night before, he stopped mid-step. His stomach churned and he started to get an erection. Two things he’d never expected to feel at the same time.

He saw flashes of her beautiful naked body writhing in pleasure as he swallowed the bile in his throat. He’d watched her like a peeping tom as she… He was going to vomit.

He dropped Leela’s leash and ran for the nearest bush.

After violently emptying his stomach, he emerged to find Dani outside of the dog run. She was holding Leela’s leash and watching him with concerned eyes.

“Are you okay?” she asked walking toward him.

She was wearing a large coat and presumably small shorts, her legs exposed from slipper to mid-thigh where the jacket ended. Her hair was messy and she was without makeup, but natural suited her nicely, very raw and sensual.

Alex looked down, disgusted with himself.

“Yeah I’m okay, just drank a bit too much last night.”

Dani laughed and handed him the leash. “We’ve all been there.”

“Well you think at 25 I’d have learned my lesson.”

She laughed again, “That’s true. But if you drank at Mulligans its hardly your fault. The bartender has a bit of a heavy hand there.”

This cheered Alex up a bit. “Yeah actually, I should’ve known not to trust an Irishman with my booze on a weekday.”

When he met her eyes again, the guilt resurfaced. He’d crossed a line that he couldn’t uncross, but he wouldn’t let it happen again.

“Listen Dani, can we pretend this never happened?”

With a smirk she responded, “Sure thing Mr. Taylor, I owe you a fresh start.”

“Good, and feel free to call me Alex outside of class.”

Dani nodded happily.

“Well I better go get cleaned up. See you tomorrow, Dani.”

Alex walked Leela around for a few more minutes attempting to clear his mind before heading home.


“Loo, I had the weirdest experience with dog guy this morning.” Dani said, walking into Lauren’s room.

Lauren was sitting at her desk using her laptop, and Darcy was at her feet. She looked up at Dani, “What happened?”

“Well Darcy woke me up insanely early so I took him to the dog run. And then Alex shows up, but before he even says hello he runs to a bush and pukes loudly. Evidently he was hungover.”

Lauren laughed, “Hey, that should even the score a bit. Now you’ve both embarrassed yourselves.”

Dani smiled, “True. It’ll be harder to take his lectures seriously now though.”

Lauren rolled her eyes, “Like you pay attention to anything other than how hot he looks during class.”

“Whatever. What are you working on?” Dani asked, sitting on her sister’s bed.

“A paper for my folklore class, it’s based on a Japanese tale. It’s kind of a long story but it ends with a mean old lady receiving a basket of elves that ruin her life. Pretty funny actually.” Lauren finished her explanation with a smirk.

“Twisted. I can see why you picked it.” Dani said, leaning down to pet Darcy.

“I was thinking of having people over tomorrow night to get drunk and lament school starting back up, you in?” Lauren asked.

“Sure, who were you thinking of inviting?” Dani asked suspiciously, guessing the answer.

“The usual; JJ and Brock of course, probably Kacey too.” Lauren said with a sheepish smile.

“You’re still trying to get with Kacey? You guys need to just get it over with already.”

“We only got drunk and hooked up once, she’s terrified of commitment.” Lauren sighed.

“Good thing you’re stubborn. You know this makes me a fifth wheel now that JJ and Brock finally got together, right?” Dani asked, aggravated.

“Well I’d invite Chase again ataşehir escort but you broke his poor little heart last time.”

“Excuse me for not wanting to fuck him. It’s fine, I’ll just get drunk in the corner by myself.” Dani exhaled heavily.

“Don’t be so dramatic, we’ll have fun!”

“We better or I’ll give you a basket of evil elves. Also you’re paying for the booze.”

“Fine.” Lauren agreed.

Friday morning Dani put a lot of effort into her appearance, knowing there wouldn’t be a lot of time between coding class and the party at 6. She curled her dark hair and put on makeup, including her favorite shade of red lipstick. She decided she’d have enough time to change after class, so she left the party dress hanging up and put on leggings and her favorite jacket instead.

Dani got to Alex’s class early and sat in middle of the front row. She’d started the first assignment the night before and was unable to complete it. She was determined to pay attention today.

Alex walked in put his stuff down at his desk in the front corner. He looked up and gave Dani a small smile before starting class.

He looked really good today, wearing a fitted green polo that complemented his eyes nicely. She stared for a bit before pulling herself together and desperately trying to pay attention.

Every time she found herself fantasizing about Alex, Dani made herself think about the violent gagging sound he made while puking, which only kind of worked.

“Okay class for the last 15 minutes I want you to try the assignment for this week. I’ll be walking around taking questions.” Mr. Taylor said smiling.

Dani started getting nervous as she worked, knowing he would eventually make his way over to her. She felt dumb for not fully understanding the assignment, but it seemed like a few other people were having problems too.

“Hey Dani, how’s the assignment going?” Alex asked as he approached her.

She nervously tucked her hair behind her ear.

“Well, I’m having a bit of trouble. Do you mind taking a look?”

He leaned over her shoulder to see the screen. Dani chided herself for letting his closeness affect her breathing.

“That’s good work, everything is correct. You just forgot to add ‘using namespace standard’ at the top.”

I’m an idiot. That’s the first thing he taught us.

“Of course, I should’ve known. Thank you Al… Mr. Taylor.”

Mr. Taylor smiled warmly, “It’s an easy thing to forget. Let me know if you have any other questions.”

Dani added the change and her program worked perfectly. With a sigh of relief, she packed up and met Alex’s eyes for a second before swiftly leaving.

After getting home, she took Darcy for a quick walk. He had too much energy for her to properly tire him out before she needed to head back.

Back at the apartment, Dani quickly changed into her party dress. It was a casual grey dress with a low neckline that looked quite good.

Dani was tidying the apartment when her sister got home.

“I’ve got the booze!” Lauren said raising a large brown paper bag in one hand and a case of cheap beer in the other.

“Good! What liquor did you get?” Dani asked.

“A bottle of 90 proof coconut rum and some watermelon vodka. We’ve still got mixers from last time right?” Lauren asked.

“Yup, pour me a shot of the rum.”

“You got it sis. You look good! I’m glad I invited Dylan over.” Lauren said while grabbing shot glasses.

“What? Who’s Dylan?”

“Just a guy from my ancient religions class, he’s nice! Although he has a weird man crush on Xenophanes.”

“Who?” Dani asked again, getting more annoyed.

“Oh just a Greek philosopher, but that’s not the point. I think you two could hit it off!”

“It’s only the first week of the semester, Loo. Do you even know this guy?”

“Here just take a shot with me!” Lauren handed Dani the glass.

Realizing it wasn’t worth the effort to fight, Dani took the shot glaring at her sister.

JJ and Brock arrived, hand in hand. Dani and Lauren had been friends with JJ since high school, but once she started hanging out with Brock everyone knew the two would get together.

“My favorite twins!” JJ said as she walked in, her blue hair brighter than ever.

“You know we aren’t twins, JJ” Dani replied.

“I was talking to your tits, which look phenomenal in that dress Dani.” JJ smiled and hugged her.

“I’d apologize for your girlfriend but I’m sure you’re used to it by now.” Lauren said sarcastically to Brock.

“You have no idea” Brock responded, earning him a dirty look from JJ. He smacked her ass in response.

They all got mixed drinks and Kacey arrived, wearing a tank top and tight skirt.

“Kacey!” Lauren yelled and hugged her.

“I brought some liquor, but it looks like there’s already plenty.” Kacey said, adding her bottle to the counter.

“The more, the merrier.” JJ said smirking.

The group was chatting happily when there was a knock at the door.

“That must be Dylan!” Lauren said, getting up to open kadıköy escort bayan the door.

“Hi, Dylan. Thanks for coming. Let me introduce you!”

Lauren dragged him into the room.

“Everyone this is Dylan.” She said smiling, and then pointed us all out by name.

“Grab a drink and make yourself at home.” Dani said.

“Okay, thanks.” Dylan said shyly.

He was handsome in a nerdy way, and seemed a little soft spoken. Dani almost felt bad for him, getting shoved into a room full of loud personalities.

“Let’s play a drinking game!” JJ said.

“I just saw one on Game of Thrones the other day.” Kacey said.

“Let’s hear it.” Lauren responded with a seductive smile.

“Well, whoever’s turn it is picks someone and then says a statement about them. Like I could say to Dani, ‘Your favorite color is blue.’ If my statement is right, then Dani takes a drink. If my statement is wrong, then I do. You can make a statement about anything but don’t ask any questions.”

“Ooo that could get interesting.” JJ said and Brock added, “For the first drink, everyone should take a shot though.”

JJ smiled at him, “That’s why you’re perfect for me.”

When everyone agreed and had a shot in their hand, Lauren started off the game.

Looking at Brock she said, “You’ve wanted to fuck JJ since the first time you saw her. Botched hair dye job and all.”

“Rude.” JJ snipped at Lauren before Brock said, “Definitely.” And took his shot.

“We’ll go counter clockwise,” Lauren said, “Dani, it’s your turn.”

“Okay. Kacey, you prefer chicks but you’ve been with a guy before.” Dani said, smiling at Lauren.

“Nope, never.” Kacey smiled, “You drink.”

Dani took her shot and noticed Lauren’s grin.

It was Dylan’s turn. Dani was worried this would be uncomfortable for him but he quickly said to her, “You’re single.”

“Is it that obvious?” Dani responded with a chuckle and took a swig of her mixed drink.

JJ was next, and Dani was a little worried when she saw her eyeing Dylan mischievously.

“You want to hook up with Dani.”


Dani’s red face wasn’t just because of the booze.

“Actually,” Dylan said nervously, “She’s missing a key appendage for her to be my type.”

JJ smiled and took her shot before saying, “Gotcha, we’re obviously supportive of LGBT stuff if you haven’t noticed the Lesbians making goo goo eyes in the corner.”

“They’re hard to miss.” Dylan said laughing.

In typical college style, the questions were mostly about sex as the game continued.

It was Lauren’s turn when she turned evilly to Dani and said, “You want to fuck dog guy.”

“Who’s dog guy?” JJ interjected.

“Dani’s coding teacher. He lives in the complex and their dogs have play dates.” Lauren said giggling.

Dani took a sip of her drink before grumpily saying, “Our dogs don’t have play dates, and his name is Alex.” Making everyone laugh loudly.

The game, deemed the Tyrion Game, continued for about an hour before Brock and JJ stood to go outside and smoke. Darcy had been wandering around making people pet him, but the minute the door opened he bolted out.

“Shit!” JJ yelled.

“Dammit.” Dani ran out after him. “DARCY!”

He ran out of her sight and she followed him, trying not to trip over her own feet. Lauren and JJ were running a few feet behind Dani.

Dani turned the corner and saw Alex holding Darcy by the collar.

He smiled when he saw her approach, “Missing something?”


Dani had looked so pretty in class today; Alex couldn’t make himself stop thinking about her. After class he went home and walked Leela before going to dinner and drinks with his colleagues again. This time he only allowed himself to get a bit drunk.

He was still thinking about her red lips around him when he arrived at the apartment complex. As he walked to his apartment a streak of grey and white ran up to him and started licking his hand.

“Hi Darcy, where’s your lovely owner?”


He saw Dani streak around the corner, coming to a complete stop when she saw him. She looked incredible, in a fitted grey dress. He could see every line of her perfectly curved body.

Alex collected himself and said, “Missing something?”

Two girls followed her around the corner and all three approached him.

“Alex.” She said, breasts heaving.

The two other girls looked at each other after hearing his name.

Has Dani mentioned me?

“Dani.” he smiled.

“Thank you, he just… just ran out of my apartment.” She said, words slurring a bit.

She’s drunk.

Alex smiled warmly, “No problem, I’m sure you’d do the same with Leela.”

Dani leaned over to grab Darcy’s collar from him. Alex, unable to stop himself, stared at her very exposed chest as she took her dog back.

His eyes snapped back up to hers when she said, “Thanks again, I’ll take him back inside.”

“No problem.”

At this, the girl with blue hair interjected, “We’re having a party, you escort maltepe should come over.”

Alex noticed Dani shoot her a dirty look. He was buzzed and really wanted to see more of Dani but he shouldn’t accept.

“Uh not this time, but you girls have fun.”

“Oh c’mon, Alex. You should know better to deny a group of drunk girls. It’ll be fun.” The other girl behind Dani said.

She looks like Dani, a sister maybe?

“I really shouldn’t” Alex sighed.

He looked at Dani, trying very hard keep his eyes on hers.

She met his gaze and said, “You can if you’d like to, but don’t feel obligated.”

He felt his willpower fading.

“Uh… okay I guess I can stop by for a bit.” He finally said, scratching his head.

Dani looked surprised, but grinned up at him.

The four and Darcy walked back to the apartment. After being escorted in, Alex was relieved to see he wasn’t the only guy, but he jealously wondered if either of them were dating Dani.


“This is Alex.” Dani said sheepishly.

Dylan almost started drooling and Brock asked, “The dog guy?”

JJ, who was already at his side, punched him in the shoulder. “Let’s go smoke now.”

Dani, embarrassed, went to lock Darcy in her room.

When she returned Alex had a mixed drink, and was talking to Lauren.

“Aren’t you a little young to teach?”

“I’m not a professor,” Alex said, “I’m a Masters student but the head of my program recommended me to the department head at VCC, getting me a job teaching a few base level classes.”

“Okay,” Lauren beamed, “So you’re what; 24, 25 maybe?”

“25” Alex answered.

I need to get Lauren off his back, she’ll end up trying get us together. And just look at him, he’s way out of my league… and my teacher for Christs sake.

But Dani remembered him staring at her chest earlier and blushed happily.

“Let’s play kings” Dani suggested, as JJ and brock came back.

“You know we’re in.” Brock said, sitting on the floor and pulling JJ messily into his lap.

Dani grabbed a deck of cards and the beers.

Lauren went over the basic rules as the everyone sat in a crowded circle on the floor. Of course she orchestrated it so that Dani was practically on Alex’s lap, but he didn’t seem to mind. Lauren put a beer in the middle and spread cards in a circle around it.


Alex knew he was in over his head. Already quite drunk, he was still getting used to the game and ended up drinking a lot as a result. It didn’t help that Dani was so close. She smelled like vanilla and he had to be touching her at all times, according to the rule.

Last turn JJ drew a king, meaning she could set a rule. She declared that everyone had to be touching at least one other player no matter what. If anyone broke the rule they had to drink. So Dani had pressed her knee up against his.

Finding that hard to maintain, he gave up and put his left hand on her lower thigh. The smile she gave him was breathtaking and erection causing. Alex was thankful he wore thick jeans.

“Never have I ever.” Kacey held up the jack in her hands.

Alex followed everyone else and held up three fingers.

“Never have I ever kissed a man.” Kacey said, smiling at Lauren whose hand was on her knee.

Only himself, Kacey, and Brock left all three fingers up, and he looked at Dylan curiously.

Dylan winked in response and Alex chuckled.

“Never have I ever fucked in a bathroom.” Lauren said smirking back at Kacey, who put a finger down.


Alex was hoping no one would notice him put down a finger too, but Dani looked up at him curiously. He decided to take Dylan’s move and wink at her. She giggled and he noticed her breasts bounce deliciously.

When the game ended, Alex was pretty wasted along with everyone else. He’d lost all inhibitions and his hand was now tracing circles on Dani’s smooth upper thigh, as she leaned against him. Everyone hung out and talked for a while. Eventually, Brock and JJ called a cab and Dylan caught a ride home with a friend.

The four who remained moved to the large couch and turned on a movie to sober up.


Dani was overly pleased when Alex sat next to her on the couch. Lauren turned off the light and Alex grabbed a blanket. When he wasn’t looking, Dani pulled down her dress, exposing a little of her black lace bra shamelessly. She was more drunk than she should be.

Alex turned and his eyes went wide when he saw the exposure. He drunkenly stared for almost a full minute before putting the blanket over his lap.

Without asking, Dani stole half the blanket from him as the movie started. His hand immediately resumed the circles on her upper thigh under the blanket. Her heart raced.

About half an hour into the movie, Lauren gave up on staying awake and dragged Kacey to her room. Lauren winked at Dani as she walked by.

“Do you want to finish” Alex asked in a low voice.

Yes please.

After staring hopefully for a second, Dani realized he meant the movie.

“Yeah, let’s keep watching” she said, “I’m still a little too drunk for bed.”

“Mhmm.” He hummed in agreement.

The circles Alex was tracing slowly moved up her thigh until he reached the edge of the panties. Dani knew he could hear her erratic breathing but she didn’t care.

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