Mrs. Britt Jensen “Big Tittie Fucker.” p

Mrs. Britt Jensen “Big Tittie Fucker.” pMrs. Jensen enjoyed being manhandled, so much in fact that his rough treatment brought her close to climax.She rubbed herself faster, feeling his young prick slid in and out of her mouth, until finally she was rewarded.”Mmmmm mmfuckkkmphh!” she moaned with a mouthful of cock.Her orgasm ripped through her with great force, and Dirk had to tighten his grip on her hair to keep her in place as she writhed on the floor.”Uhhhh fuck I’m gonna cum.” the young man announced quietly.Her eyes lit up as he stopped his assault, his head in her mouth as he stroked his shaft furiously.Feeling his first rope of cum splash her mouth Mrs. Jensen slapped the boy’s hand away from his pole, replacing it with hers.She jerked it hard and fast, gagging herself with the next thick rope of cum. Pulling the spasming member from her mouth, the married woman continued to stroke and helped him deliver kırşehir escort another strong shot across her face, streaking across her glasses.She just gasped as she pumped another rope across her face and hair, then another, and another, until he dripped onto her tits.She kneeled, out of breathe, looking up at the young man, covered in his hot young load.They stayed in that position for what felt like an hour, when suddenly her phone rang. Still on her knees she reached onto her desk for her phone.”Hello?” she answered, still looking up at Dirk through cum covered glasses.”Oh hon! What’s up?” she said to her husband.”Oh right, I totally forgot. No, no its fine.” she said waving at the boy to put his cock away.”Yeah, no, see ya in a minute.” she said reaching for the nearest thing to clean up with.”Ok, bye” she said tossing Dirk the phone, who hung up immediately.She grabbed her torn panties from the escort kırşehir floor.”My husband is on his way up, I forgot we are having lunch.” she said in a hurry, scrambling to get decent.”Shit.” Dirk said, straightening himself up as Mrs. Jensen used her torn panties to wipe the boy’s cum from her face and chest.Dirk cleaned himself up, stuffed his cock back in his pants and began to reorganize Mrs. Jensen’s desk.She finally wiped herself clean, tossing her used panties in the trash; Dirk helped her to her feet. She looked down at Dirk’s cock which was still semi hard and showing against his pants.”Sit sit.” she said, stuffing her tits back in her blouse, buttoning up.Dirk sat and pretended to be busy on her computer as she raced to the door, opened it. Sticking her head out the door she peeked around. She turned back to the office, giving it a once over and making sure it looked ok. She looked kırşehir escort bayan down at herself and noticed a pearl of cum on her chest.Wiping it off; she then cleaned her finger with her mouth, savoring the taste. She was hurriedly buttoning another button on her blouse when she heard.”Hey hon.” her husband said from behind her.Turning to him she greeted him with a hug.”Who’s this?” he asked her, looking toward Dirk.”Oh, this is Dirk, Dirk this is my husband.” she said, introducing the two.They shook hands as Mrs. Jensen watched nervously.”Dirk was just helping me with my computer, the damn IT guy is out again.” she said, only half lying.”Oh, well, nice to meet you.” Mr. Jensen said as he turned to head out.”You too.” Dirk called out.”Ok, thanks again Dirk and I will talk to you later.” she said, ushering her husband out.”Bye.” the young man said as he watched the married woman walk out with her husband.She looked back at him just before she exited, looking over her glasses and giving him a smirk that made his cock twitch.When they finally left Dirk fell back in her chair, not believing what had just transpired, but hoping desperately it might happen again.

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