My Baby: The Next Morning


This occurred the morning after the events described in ‘My Baby’.


I became aware I was not alone before I completely woke up. I had not shared a bed in over seventeen years, but that morning there was a body beside me. I lay still letting my senses work, then my memory kicked in.

The night before, my Baby, my daughter, returned early and upset from her Senior Prom. As I held, cuddled, talked and tried to comfort her, we confessed we each wanted the other, as lovers, not just as a father and a daughter. During the night, I performed orally on her twice and we fucked, no, we made love three times before I fell into an exhausted sleep. I had carried her to my bed. I touched. I felt. I memorized her beautiful body with my fingers and hands. I licked. I sucked. I tasted. I drank her juices. The orgasm caused by my tongue was her first other than by her own hand. After entering my virginal Baby with surprising little pain, we had simultaneous orgasms. Returning to a sense of normalacy, my Baby wanted to know when could we do that again. I had not lost my erection. I was still hard as an iron rod, so, without withdrawing, we repeated our love making and it was just as good as the first time. We lay holding each other, cuddling, talking, sharing our love and started little pecking kisses. I moved to her breasts, then down her stomach to her sexual center. I tongued, licked, sucked and cleaned our combined fluids. I had never tasted sperm before, but the mixed juices was ambrosia. I enjoyed her fourth climax almost as much as my Baby did. Holding her as she slowly relaxed, I rose again. As my Baby felt me harden, she pulled me onto and into her for the second time. Our slow gentle thrustings went on and on, with her having almost continual mini-climaxes until I came again, for the third time.

When I looked she was still sleeping, so lovely, so nude. Her head was on my left arm which was cramping. Her left arm was across my chest while her left leg was over mine.

God, what have I done! This is my DAUGHTER! A FATHER does not do the things I did last night. How could I be so weak? How could I be so lecherous? With my shame I will never be able to look her in the eye. I slowly and carefully eased out from under her and off the bed, trying not to awaken her. Maybe, even though she is in my bed, she will think last night was a bad dream. How could I do such a thing to my Baby?

I donned my robe looking at the lovely vision. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, this beholder was beholding ninety percent of the beauty in the universe wrapped in the package laying on my bed.

I went to the bathroom, pissed, and started the water in the shower. As I reached for the belt-tie to my robe two arms encircled me; a body pressed against my back. “Good morning, Daddyluv.”, I heard. “Do you feel as good as I do? My whole body is still tingling. beşiktaş anal yapan escort I AM a little sore, but I feel sooo good. I love you.”

I turned, taking my Baby’s face in my hands, I searched it. I saw only love and tenderness in her eyes. “You sure, Baby? No regrets?”

“None! Well… maybe one.”

The world stopped. My heart quite beating. “What?”

“I wish we had done this a long time ago.” She stretched and kissed me, a very undaughter like kiss, a lover’s kiss. I swear smoke curled out of my ears from brain overload. With a little girl giggle, “Can I shower with you? I need to. I’ll wash your back.”

“And I’ll wash yours.” I laughed in relief. I have never taken a longer shower. We didn’t quite until we ran out of hot water.

Facing her away from me, I lathered my chest and stomach. I then rubbed all over her back. My hard dick got in the way as she held it in her hand. I turned her around and repeated my actions against her front. “Close your eyes.” I washed the remains of the tear streaked makeup from her beautiful trusting face. I soaped her neck, shoulders, arms, and then, before doing the large orange sized breasts, I sucked one into my mouth, teasing the nipple into erection with my tongue. I did the other, then moved back and forth as if trying to decide which tasted better. I continued downward, cleaning her ribs, stomach, and hips.

Kneeling, I skipped her womanhood and washed down her right leg to her foot then back up the other to the junction. I then began washing that pleasure giving pussey and up the ass crack in the rear. The entire cuntal mound and labia began to swell, turning a pale dusky rose color. “Oh, Daddy, that feels sooo good.” Rinsing her, I put her left leg on the rim of the tub exposing and opening her sex. Licking, sucking, nibbling and biting with my lips, scraping my teeth gently over the exposed flesh, I rimmed her opening and began fucking it with my tongue. I drank her juices which were following like the shower. As she began to quiver I sucked her clit into my mouth and began lashing it with my tongue. She screamed, “Oh My God!” Her knees buckled and she collapsed on top of me. I held her, lightly kissing all over her face as she came down from her orgasmic high.

She reciprocated my actions, washing me as I had done her. She was on her knees holding and looking at my dick when the hot water ran out. Squealing, she shut the water off. Getting out of the shower we grabbed towels and began drying each other. It took a long time for me to get her breasts and her pussy dry. She had a similar problem with my dick.

I carried her back into my bedroom and stretched out beside her on the bed. Tracing a circle around an areola I asked, “What would you like to do today? Where would you like to go? Anything your heart desires, we will do.”



“I beşiktaş bdsm escort want to stay right here! I want you to make love to me a thousand times. I want you to show me all of the ways a man and woman can have sex. I want… I want to do to you what you do with your mouth. I want to learn everything, do everything.” She crawled on top of me with her legs along and outside mine. My dick was trapped between us and her hard little nipples were almost scratching my chest. Running my hands up and down her back, from her shoulders to her ass cheeks, feeling the satiny smooth warm skin, I knew I died and gone to heaven.

I told her, “I think I told you a lie last night.”

She straightened her arms, raising her head and breaking contact with my chest with those firm sharp pointed titties, but mashing harder with her pubic mound against my dick. With a hint of a smile on her lucious lips, “What lie?”

Gripping her breasts with my hands, “When we were in the recliner? When I told you I could not love you more than I did then? Well, I lied.” I shifted and moved, she shifted and moved; I was poised at the entrance to her love tunnel. “No,” I said, “you’re sore. It’ll wait.”

With a face splitting grin, “I’m not THAT sore!” She settled backward slipping me into her enterance. I pushed up with my hands on her breasts. She wiggled and squirmed until she was sitting upright and I was completely buried. “Oh, Daddy. You feel so good. I wish I could keep you in me like this forever.”

“Forever? Well, I guess we could eat like this. I could feed you and you could feed me, but it would be hard to cook. I don’t think your teachers would be too thrilled with us showing up for class like this though, even for a couple of weeks.”

“NO. They’d probably want to see why I’m so happy, and want some for themselves. I’d get jealous.”

“Baby,” I flexed my cock and got an answering squeeze, “That belongs to you. I give it to you. It’s yours to do with what you want. I only ask one thing.”


“Please don’t cut it off so you can carry it around in your purse!”

A giggle, “Daddy, I love you.” She squeezed. “What am I supposed to do now? This?”, she raised her hips a little and settled back down. “Oh, yes!” She did it again. “Yes.” Suddenly she was bouncing up and down on my dick, rubbing her nipples on the palms of my hands, “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

With my hands on her hips, I slowed the bouncing. Pushing and pulling, I soon had her sliding her pubic mound on mine while her clit rubbed. Alternating up and down, rocking back and forth, she was chanting with each movement, “Yes yes yes yes. Oh Daddy, it’s so good. I like this. It’s wonderful. I liked last night. Oh, it’s all good. I’m… I’m cumming!” she collapsed on me, convulsing and jerking. I held her, running my hands beşiktaş elit escort lightly over her, as she came down. “Oh Daddy. Is it this good for everybody? No, I know it’s not. I’m just so glad. I love you so much!”

I whispered, “No, Baby. Sex, good sex, making love, what you wanted to do last night, fucking because you love someone and you want to share that love, I think requires an emotional committent. A one night stand, masturbation, can be enjoyable. But, an emotional committent, love, a wanting to please your partner and getting your pleasure when you do, makes a world of difference. Sharing our hearts, as well as our bodies, just makes it better.”

A whisper back, “But I didn’t please you this time.”

“Oh God, Baby, you did. You did.”

“But your still hard. You didn’t come.”

“No, Baby, I was concentrating on you. I wanted to set you off and I think I succeeded. Besides, I’m 40 years old. I’ve cum three times”, I looked at the clock, “in ten hours. It takes me longer to recuperate than my nymphomaniac Baby.” I giggled with my Baby.

“O.K. then. I want to… give you a blow job! You’ll give me lots of time to practice. Just tell me what to do.”

“Let me go wash off.”

“No! I’ve tasted myself. I’ve stuck my finger in and licked it. I didn’t really like it, but I didn’t dislike it. You say you love the way I taste. I want to taste me on you.” She dismounted and moved to where she could examine my dick. I tried to pull her over me in the classic sixty-nine position. She resisted, “No, Daddy. I want to concentrate on you.” She took my dick in her hand. “So hard and so soft. I like it. It’s cute.” I had never had it called that before. Turning, twisting, she moved it in all of its range of motion. Bending it away from me she released it so it popped against my stomach, causing a giggle. “This is mine. You gave it to me. Right?”

“Yes, Baby.”

The child of the woman-child was appearant. “I am going to have sooo much fun.” She began moving the foreskin up and down, “Is this how… you masturbate? Jerk off? Jack off?”

“Yes.”, I said with clinched teeth. The feel of her hand was exquisite. She was about to drive me up the wall.

“I want to see it shoot!” She continued her up and down movements. “No. Later.” She tentativly kissed the head. I groaned. “Daddy! Did I hurt you?”

“No, Baby. It felt wonderful.”

She kissed it again, then tentativly licked it, and did it again. “O.K. So smooth. So slick.” She slipped her lips over the head forming a seal around the sensitive bottom of the crown. I shivered. She jerked away, “Daddy?”

“Oh, Baby, don’t stop! I love it.”

“I suck, not blow, right?”

“Yes, Baby. And use your tongue. You’re doing good.”

She moved between my legs so she could look up at me. “You watched me last night. When you did something I liked, you knew it, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Baby.”

“That’s why it was so good. YOU were TRYING to please ME. You didn’t worry about yourself. You worried about ME.”

“Yes, Baby.”

“Get ready, Daddy!” She giggled as she realized what she was saying, “Cause I’m going to blow your mind.”

She did and still does.


Should I continue?

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