My Dreams Do Come True Ch. 2


If you want to be able to know the first part of this story, go back to “My Dreams Do Come True – Chapter 1.” If you just want the idea of it, here it is…I was growing up, and since the first time I saw my sister’s breasts in our cousin’s pool, I’ve always wanted to fuck her. I tried to always see how much of her I could see, and jerk off to the image of Michelle in my mind.

* * * * *

THE DAY. It was just like any other day, and I was sitting at my computer, looking at pictures of my “so-called girlfriend” pulling her shirt down, showing off her 36C cleavage. I had my cock out, just slowly masturbating at seeing her tan cleavage, and I had music playing really loudly so I didn’t hear my sister come in. I was so into it that I hadn’t noticed her come all the way up to me until she was standing right behind me, and then…

She put her hands on my shoulders. My hand stopped on my cock, and I turned and saw her face. She was staring at my hand on my dick. Just seeing her with her mouth open like that, I got even more turned on, so my dick twitched. She cocked her eyes towards mine, and when our eyes met, we couldn’t take our eyes away. We knew what we both wanted, and we both wanted it right ten and there. She was the first to make a move. She kissed me, and I kissed her back. We both opened our mouths to let each other’s tongues explore our mouths.

As my hands went onto her hips, her right hand slid down my chest and grabbed onto my dick. She slowly stroked me up and down. My hands went, and took off her shirt, exposing great B breasts encased in a push up bra. Soon, I was starting to have some precum ooze out. When she felt that, she finally broke our kiss and went and sat on the couch. I got up away from the computer, and followed her with my 6-1/2 inch dick bouncing between my legs. I took my shirt off and took off the pants and boxers that were now around my ankles while getting to the couch. She pulled off her pants innovia escort before I got over then, and she told me to sit down.

I sat down, and my ass was barely on the couch for a second before she bent over my lap and licked the head of my dick and tasted my salty precum. I was absolutely in heaven. She licked my dickhead so incredibly. After giving my head a treat, she sucked on my hairy balls. She took one in at a time and sucked on each one, and licked them while they were in her mouth. While doing so, she started to slowly jerk me off again. Then, my stuck her tongue out and licked my dick from my base to my head, and then took all of it in her mouth. My first blowjob, and it was INCREDIBLE! My sister was bobbing up and down like a bitch in heat; she just had all of my cock in her mouth and throat, and just used her tongue to lick around it and played with my balls. After 5 minutes of her “tongue lashing”, she then started to slowly go up and down on my dick. I told her I was gonna cum, and she didn’t budge. I shot 5 streams of my hot cum down her throat, and she swallowed everything. She continued to suck me dry and flaccid.

While we were taking our little break, I told her, “I had dreamed of this for a very long time, and that I would do anything to be able to suck on your big magnificent tits Michelle.” She just smiled cutely, and was gonna unhook her bra, but I put my arms around her back and unhooked it for her. I said, “I love this bra Michelle, and that thong you have on. I’ve cum so many times with both of those around my dick.” I pulled her bra off and saw two perfect tits, capped with two pink half-dollar sized areolas. I put my hands up, and for once, I touched her breasts without being slapped. I was in two separate heavens now. I bent over and sucked in one of her tits and suckled on it like I was a baby on the verge of dying if I didn’t get breast milk soon. I switched between her two istanbul escort tits, sucking on one, and playing with the other and vice-versa.

She broke the breast sucking noise, and said, “Enough of that Brian. Time for you to learn how to really love a woman. But be careful, I am a virgin too. I’m attracted to you, so that’s why I walked out on you before. So, just be easy, ok.” All the while, I was kissing my way down her little chubby stomach and kissed her thong-covered pussy. I told her to roll over and get on all fours.

There it was, her huge fucken ass. The one thing I wanted more than anything else. I kissed each huge ass cheek. I then kissed the small of her back, pulled down her thong and followed behind with a kiss down her ass crack. She was moaning while I was doing this. Once I got it off of her completely, and saw her naked ass in the air, I knew I had no turning back. I pulled those cheeks apart, stuck my tongue out, and licked at her unclean asshole. The smell and taste of shit made my dick rise to attention in a second. I lapped at her asshole while I played with her pussy. She saw my hard on, so she reached down and started to jerk me off.

Not like before though, she wanted me to cum badly. I somehow managed to get my dick out of her grasp, and told her to suck it for lubrication. She sucked on it, and lucky I got my dick out of her mouth before I came, because I wanted to cum in that ass of hers. So, I went behind her again, and put my dick to her asshole. She squirmed when I got my head in her virgin ass. I slowly pushed and pushed my dick into her ass. I didn’t care about her pain, or mine. Her ass was extremely tight. My dick was hurting from it. I didn’t care though.

After she got used to the size, I started to just fuck the shit out of her ass (no pun intended). I grabbed onto her breasts while fucking her ass. I screamed out I was gonna cum, and did I ever. For just kadıköy escort cumming a few minutes ago, I came long and hard again. I kept spurting even after I started going soft. I slipped her dick out of her ass, and my sister greedily sucked my dick covered in her shit into her mouth. She didn’t seem to mind, and just kept sucking and sucking until I was hard again, and I wasn’t gonna upset her. She rolled onto her back, spread her legs and pulled my head into her pussy. I lapped at her slit, clit, anything I really could. She seemed to be enjoying it, but she pushed me away and got up and told me to follow her. I ran after her, having my dick and balls bounce back and forth. She went into the bathroom and I followed her. She told me to sit in the tub, which I did. She put her ass to my face, and farted in my face.

The hot stench made my dick, yet, even harder. She then started to take a shit, right in front of me! She at least made sure that it didn’t land on me, or her piss. Then, she told me to clean her up, which I happily did. I licked her asshole and pussy clean of shit and piss. After taking a shower with each other, and having her blow me again, washing each other’s bodies, we dried off and I laid her on her back, and without much warning, I just slammed my still hard dick through her hymen and hit her womb. I fucked my sister long and hard. I just came three times within an hour, so I just fucked her fast and hard. She was moaning “BRIAN! HOLY SHIT! KEEP FUCKING YOUR VIRGIN SISTER’S PUSSY! UGG!!!!! I’M GONNA CUM!!” And did she cum. My dick was already wet with her pussy lubrication, but now, it felt like a flood on my dick. She kept cumming and cumming and cumming. Once the first one seemed to subside, she orgasmed again, this time I pulled out and sucked on her pussy, getting her lovely pussy juices into my mouth.

After we both lay down together for about 10 minutes, we decided that we should get dressed. Before she left, we kissed and said thanks to each other.

Well, I don’t know if I’ll continue the story. Maybe I will. Maybe I’ll tell you guys and girls about the threesome me, my sister and my girlfriend (who I jerked off to in Chapter 1). Well, e-mails and other things would be greatly appreciated. Bye.

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