My First Office Party


It hadn’t been great moving to NYC right after we got married. Sure there was a lot to do, but not without money. Kelli hadn’t found a job yet and Daniel’s salary barely paid for the shit hole apartment they were renting.

Everyone told Kelli that you didn’t need a car here but she sure missed hers. Daniel was working 60 hour weeks trying to make an impression at his company so that left Kelli with trying to learn the public transit system by herself. She was terrified.

She stretched out the unpacking and cleaning of the apartment, but now there really wasn’t anything for her to do. Daniel had internet at the office but Kelli had nothing at the apartment, only what she could do with the sketchy cell phone connection in the apartment.

It was a little better if she stood outside on the fire escape. Kelli could manage email and a few other sites, but most websites wanted you to navigate through their application process, not just send them an email and a resume. Kelli was typing away on her phone when she became aware of someone on the sidewalk staring up at her.

He was staring, and he was rapidly thrashing a rather impressive cock poking out of his dirty sweatpants. By the time it registered on Kelli what he was doing, it had been too long. He came in a long stream of jizz that became a part of the filth that surrounded her. His cackles increased when she hit her head on the window frame in her haste to get back to the safety of the apartment.

She picked up her book but she was too rattled to enjoy it. She would just wait for Daniel to come home and she would make him take her out. She deserved some kind of treat for putting up with this shit and moving half way across the country.

Daniel was late of course. Kelli threw her arms around his neck and started a flood of conversation as soon as he opened the door. He listened for a while but finally he had to put a finger to her lips. “Babe. Babe. Can I get out of these clothes and get a drink first? I’m beat and I just need a little time to wind down.”

Kelli bit her lip and went silent. Asshole.

She waited patiently in the living room but he was taking forever. When she opened the door to the bedroom, she saw him face down on the bed, still in his clothes.

She didn’t feel bad at all about waking him up. “Dan, get up. Get up.” He woke with a snort and gave her a grumpy look.

“Let’s go get something to eat. You can change clothes when we get home.”

“Babe, I just got in. The last thing I want to do is go back out. And besides, I ate at the office.”

Of course you did. The office with it’s ton of stores and restaurants all within easy walking distance. The office with it’s load of people to talk to. The office with it’s high speed internet connection. It must be nice to have an office to go to.

Daniel saw the look on her face and he knew he had messed up. “Oh. Oh babe, I’m sorry. I didn’t even think about bringing you something because it would have been cold and I didn’t really know what you would want.” His voice trailed off a little but then her perked up.

“Hey, but I do have some good news. The company is having a Christmas party Friday night and you’ll get to meet everyone and party on their dime. They say it’s always great food and there is an open bar. It sounds like a blast, doesn’t it hun?”

Kelli wasn’t really one to push to get her way, and since he had already eaten, there was no sense in fighting this battle. She said, “That sounds wonderful. I can’t wait.”

She went in for another hug and a kiss and was surprised when he pulled back. “Babe, I’m beat.” he said laughingly.

Kelli tried not to let it upset her but her face was red when she turned to walk back into the kitchen/living room area. She unwrapped a Pop Tart and had her dinner alone.

She had her orgasm alone too She had her thoughts on an old college flame who fucked her with abandon. At the time she had wanted him to slow down and be more sensitive, but now she’d kill for one of his bone-rattling fucks. When the orgasm finally happened, she made herself think about Daniel. It nearly ruined the whole thing.

She dropped her head against the low back of the couch and let it hang while she caught her breath. Her legs remained open and the cool air tickled her wet and warm pussy.

When her breathing regulated, she delicately licked each finger. It wasn’t a lez thing, it was just handy. She pulled her pajama bottoms on and went to bed.

Daniel pulled away from her when she tried to cuddle. When she awoke the next morning, he was already gone.

Kelli checked her email and social media first thing but that only occupied an hour or so. She made a cup of tea and drank it slowly while she looked out her windows at the street traffic below. She made sure to look for her pervy peeper first. Although she’d love to see a cock, his wasn’t the one she was hoping for.

She shrugged her shoulders and thought, “Why not?” I mean, it was something that he had chosen her, wasn’t it? ataşehir escort There were a ton of women in NYC but she was the one who caught his eye.

Kelli had to laugh. Had things really gotten that bad where she was going to masturbate thinking about some homeless guy’s dick? No, she had another go to.

This time, she didn’t bother to switch her thoughts to Daniel at the end.

She looked at her phone. 10:17, now what? She tried to surf a few more websites but the constant “Reconnecting” was making her crazy. When she went back for another check of her email and Facebook, she was surprised to see one of the companies had responded to her.

They wanted to interview her on Friday. That would give her a couple of days to memorize the subway or bus stops she’d need. She could do this. She had graduated with a degree in English Lit so there was no reason why navigating public transit should daunt her. I mean kids, drunks, bums, they all used the trains, why couldn’t she?

She spent most of the day practicing interview questions and pouring over the online maps she found. Around 3:00, she remembered the party.

“Shit. Shit, shit, shit, shit.” She sent Daniel a quick email to get the time and location of the party. She could have waited a few hours for him to get home, but if she needed to reschedule, it would be much better to do it today than tomorrow.

She paced the apartment waiting for his reply. Whew, it looked like she would have plenty of time to get home and change before the party.


Kelli looked at her phone anxiously then back at the display that seemed to be randomly lighting and going dim. If she could decipher the buzz that intermittently sounded through the cars it would help. It sounded like they were announcing her stop but she couldn’t be sure. Finally she turned to the person next to her.

“Excuse me, did he just say Bridge Street.”

“How da fuck do I know what he said?”

He said it with no apparent anger, but it was enough to discourage Kelli from asking again. She leapt to her feet and barely made it out the door before it closed.

She made her way to the map on the wall. She traced her finger from the “You are here.” circle trying to find her exit.

“Hey lady, you need some help?” It was a young dark-skinned boy and three of his friends. Kelli subconsciously grasped her purse more tightly and shook her head, trying to ignore them. How stupid could she be to stand here at the map and announce to everyone that she was a tourist. She wasn’t exactly visiting but it was clear to everyone that she wasn’t a native.

“You look like you could use some of my help.” He looked her up and down lasciviously. His hand gripped his cock through the jeans which were ridiculously close to completely falling off and he and his buddies circled round her.

Like a pack of dogs, one would cup her ass, then when she whirled to face him, another would try to unbutton her shirt. Her heel caught in the broken subway tile and she went down to the muddy floor in a heap. Her screams were largely ineffective on the crowd around them, but finally they caught the attention of a subway cop who made them scatter.

She blubbered out her story to him. He interrupted her. “That’s your problem. You took the 52 South. Ya needed the 52 Nort.” He looked at her like an idiot for not knowing there was a 52 South and “Nort.”

She quickly called Sampson & Henderson and with a great sigh, the receptionist said she could move some of the other interviews ahead of her and buy her some time. Kelli looked down at her muddy knees and scraped palms but she resolved to do it. This city wasn’t going to beat her. She would button her coat and wear it through the interview. That should hide most of the damage.

She called Daniel, then called again when it went to his voicemail. On the fourth call, he picked up.

“Geez Kell, what is it?”

She rattled out the story in such a jumble that Daniel had to ask for the whole thing again. He was busy, so even the second time, he didn’t understand all of what she said. The two things she made sure he got from the conversation was that 1) She was running late so, 2) He would have to go to the apartment, get her black dress and meet her at the party.

She had the feeling she didn’t do well in the interview and could you blame her? She was practically raped on the way there. She made a wry expression with her mouth and thought, “And I couldn’t take my coat off to show them my tits during the interview…”

What a shitty day. She was going to get Dee-Runk tonight and let the wine wash this from her memory.

Her phone rang. Daniel’s cab was finally here and he would meet her on the side of the house with the dress.

As soon as he rounded the corner, she knew his mistake.

“Dan! Oh Dan no, no no no…” Tears rushed into her eyes as she eyed it. It wasn’t the nice, elegant, *LONG* black dress, it was the little slutty black avcılar escort dress she had worn to parties in college.

“No, no, no, no, no.” Kelli simply repeated those words over and over. Daniel looked around nervously hoping no one could hear them.

“Kell, babe. I’m so sorry. How was I supposed to know you had more than one black dress? And hey babe, I always thought you looked hot in this dress.”

“Dan, you fucktard, I’m not supposed to look hot tonight.” Her angry words caught him by surprise. Kelli was sweet. She never talked to anyone like that.

She realized there wasn’t a choice. She couldn’t leave, she couldn’t wear her coat all night, and she couldn’t take it off and show the dirty subway-water stains on her wrinkled dress. She said, “Give me the fucking dress.” and Daniel meekly complied. It wouldn’t do for anyone to hear her talking like that.

Well, someone did hear her talking like that. Inside the house, Mr. Garrison decided that someone WAS talking outside the house. He parted the curtains and was delighted to see a man and woman in the bushes outside the window. The woman was in panties and a bra but she was slithering into a black dress that looked like it was painted on her. She ran her hands over the fabric twice and shook her head. Then she lifted the hem of the dress and removed her panties. Her bra followed. She threw them both behind the hedge.

Daniel was watching as well. “What…?”

“Shut the fuck up Dan. This dress will show if I wear a bra or panties. Normally I’d wear a thong but tonight it’s going to be me and this fucking dress.” Dan didn’t say anything after that and soon they made their way around the corner to the front door.

Mr. Garrison smiled and shook his head. Ah, to be young again. Clearly this was one of his go-getters who had hired an escort for the night and he had decided to sample the wares before the party. It was a shame he hadn’t opened the blinds in time to see them fucking.

Or maybe she just gave him a blow job? No, she was putting her clothes back on. He definitely fucked her.

The doorbell rang and he rushed to answer it. His wife saw him cut her off and she wondered why. He hadn’t bothered to help with anything else all night.

He threw the door open wide and watched that little geek come in. A few eyes turned their way but no one took notice of Daniel. He was just another faceless newb they would work to death for a year or two until they finally figured out they were never going to get promoted or get a raise. Some people just weren’t cut out to be futures traders.

Yes, Daniel was very forgettable, but that would never be said of Kelli tonight. When she stepped through the door, the quick wave of silence was stunning.

Kelli’s blonde hair was wild and tousled. Her green eyes were electric. Her lips were a scarlet dream. Her skin flawless.

Modest B cup breasts were amplified to C+ magnificence by the tight squeeze the lycra dress was giving them. Her nips were clearly poking out and they looked like they might be all that held up the top of her dress. She didn’t dare pull it up or her ass would show. Long shapely and tanned legs poured down into some ridiculous black stilettos.

She was instantly hated by every woman there. Even the ones that wanted to fuck her.

The same couldn’t be said for the men. They openly stared at her-openly lusted after her. Like an idiot, Daniel glowed in the attention. He was so excited to be noticed.

Kelli put on her game face and tried to be the nice sweet girl everyone knew she was. But these people weren’t her cousins or nice boys from her old church, these were strangers who were getting their first impression of her tonight.

Mr. Garrison pulled her tightly to him in a hug. His wife noticed the intensity and duration of the hug very clearly. One by one the men all filed by for a hug. None of the women made the slightest concession to politeness. They rolled their eyes and re-filled their drinks.

Daniel was thrilled. It was great to have all the guys hanging around them. They were laughing and joking around like they never did at work. You just have to get to know these guys outside of work and then they’re ok. This was awesome. He was a company man now, not “the new guy.”

Man, Kelli did look like a knockout. He smiled over at her. She was across the room from him surrounded by the guys. A few of the other guys were with him and they were teaching him a drinking game. He wasn’t very good at it, but they said that’s the way it is for everyone their first time.

Kelli wasn’t playing a drinking game. She didn’t have to. As soon as her drink was halfway empty, a full one was put in her hand. The guys were so funny and charming. She mouthed at Daniel, “Come save me.” but he shook his head and mouthed back, “Stay, get to know people.”

She had stopped being nervous about her dress after about the 3rd glass of punch. Now she was on auto-pilot, reverting back avrupa yakası escort to her college reflexes, and college Kelli had known how to get attention.

When she laughed, she touched them on their arms. When they told an off-color joke, she poked them in the chest with one small finger.

Mr. Garrison looked at her hands and imagined it wrapped around his cock. Shit, it had been too long since he’d let a college girl milk him. Hah, college. Like this one had a brain in her head. It was clear she made her living on her back. His fucking wife had flipped him off earlier as he hugged Kelli. It was going to cost him a ring or something but he’d fix that shit up later.

“I’d like to do what you were doing outside the house earlier.” he whispered to Kelli.

Kelli was clearly tipsy so she couldn’t quite make sense of the words he whispered in her ear. It sounded like he was saying he wanted to change his clothes. That’s what she had done outside his house. Maybe he’s worried about being a bad host if he is missed or something?

“Sure, go ahead. You can do what you want.” She shrugged. It’s his house.

Mr. Garrison leaned in to ask her how much anal would cost, then he thought better of it. It didn’t matter what it cost, he was going to pay it. Instead, his lips touched her just below her ear. She giggled. What a naughty old man!

“Boys, make sure her glass stays full. I’m about to negotiate a business deal with her and I want the best deal possible.”

“Oh, we’ve all got that in mind.” They all laughed.

Kelli laughed too. He was so silly to act like she would have any kind of business with a powerful man like him. She stumbled a little bit but hands instantly buoyed her. They all laughed again.

“Guys, I hink I should call it quips. I’m not, I don’t think I’m going to get any better at thish.” Daniel was leaning to the side and slurring his words.

“Nonsense Danny boy, you nearly did it that last time.” They all clapped him about the shoulders and he grinned weakly at them. These guys were ok. He didn’t object when they refilled his glass.

“Stop…” Kelli weakly brushed his hand away from her breast, but it didn’t discourage him for long. He put his finger on her chest and traced it downward again. This time Kelli let it go. It was just too much trouble to keep fighting them. Besides, it felt good to have them all be nice to her.

The others looked on while Jim played with the little knob their eyes had been glued to all night. He absent-mindedly toyed with her nipple while he looked into her eyes and talked. He wasn’t sure if she was so drunk she couldn’t feel it or if she was going along with it. It didn’t really matter.

The light kick Rob gave him didn’t rouse Daniel. It was hard to believe that little liquor had made him pass out, but he must be a lightweight.

Rob pushed him over and left him. They better let him fuck her right away. The hell if he was going to be at the end of the line for being the one assigned to getting the nerd trashed. If he had to listen to one more geeky story he would have screamed.

Ken pulled her face toward him and kissed her. She was only standing because Jim was right behind her with both arms wrapped around her freely squeezing her breasts. She leaned against him heavily, her head lolling from side to side. She sloppily kissed Ken back.

Jim took her hand and placed it on his raging boner. He whispered in her ear, “You ready to go see Mr. Morrison?” Earlier Mr. M made it clear he was going first.

“Oh, that would be nice. Let’s go see if he changed his clothes.” Kelli knocked a glass off the table and it shattered on the marble floor. All the guys grinned. This was a good sign.

They banged at his office door. “Damnit guys, I still have to live in this house. You don’t have to make it so obvious.” He took Kelli’s hand to lead her inside, but realized she needed to lean on him. He led her to the couch, and let her fall across the back of it.

With one finger he lifted the hem of her dress and it rolled up her ass like a spring-loaded window blind. He went to a drawer and returned with a small container of something.

He dipped his finger in it and then transferred it to Kelli’s ass. He’d imagined kissing and groping those perky little titties, maybe getting a blow job first, but the guys had done their job too well. This bitch was out.

When his finger entered her ass, Kelli dutifully spread her legs. Mr. Garrison put a little dab on his cock and put his cock at her beautiful young rose. A long sigh was the only sound from Kelli as his hard dick invaded her.

He gripped her hips and fucked her tight ass like it deserved. He was slapping his loins against her ass so hard they could hear it in the hall. The 4 guys were openly rubbing their hard cocks waiting for their turn. When the tempo of his grunts slowed to a stop, they opened the door and all went in.

“I’ve got to get back to the Missus. You boys enjoy yourself.” He peeled off a couple of hundreds and dropped them on the desk.

Pants hit the floor and the boys went at her. First they pulled down her top so they could ravage those perfect tits, then they removed the dress altogether. A cock, then another, were shoved at her face. She opened her mouth but managing a blow job was more than she could do in her state.

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