my gf first time feet fetish


my gf first time feet fetishShe discovers my foot feish with her sexy red painI’m dating this gorgeous 21 yr old, we’ll call her Sarah, who has really indulged my foot fetish. Particularly, she loves it when I cum on her feet after fucking. I thought I would Commit to writing the story of how she discovered my fetish and how well it turned out for me.It was just a few weeks from when we began dating. We had been out drinking and dancing and came back to my place, late at 2am. As we were through the front door we were kissing passionately. My hands would roam up her legs and squeeze her firm bum while our tongues wrestled.We could barely contain ourselves before getting to my room. As the door closed she pressed me against it and dropped to her knees. She loves being “naughty” and to her, a girl on her knees blowing hard cock is the epitome of being naughty. She’s getting really into the blowjob, moaning while bobbing up and down on my head. I can’t take any more of it, I pulled her up and ran my fingers down her back, past her bum and was delighted to find her dripping.We moved to my desk, where she can comfortably lean over while standing and I can enter her from behind. I’m quite big, about 20cm, so we almost always take it slow the first time I enter her in a fuck session, but I was too turned on and impatient. marsbahis güvenilirmi I rammed into her and she gasped out a sound somewhere between surprise, pleasure and a little pain.We fucked like this till her legs ached, and moved to the bed for a different position. She lay on her back and rested her ankles on my shoulders to “rest her legs” while I would slowly rock in and out of her. It should be mentioned that at this stage in our relationship she had no idea of my foot fetish. For me this position was the ultimate in arousing my fetish desires. Her sexy size 6.5 feet were so close to my lips all I wanted to do was pop her big toe in my mouth and pound my cock in her pussy. We fucked like this for a 10 minutes or so, until she pulled me on top of her so she could kiss me while we fucked.Our pace increased, she started to breathe deeper and moan louder. I nibbled on her ear and whispered, “Cum for me, baby”. She climaxed. Loudly. I continued to grind my body slowly, giving her that slow steady pressure on her clit while she came down from the orgasm high.She realized that I hadn’t cum yet, and in that cute new girlfriend kind of way asked me, “Mmmmm that was SOOOOO good, baby, what can I do to return the favour?”. Always a great thing to hear from a beautiful woman. I marsbahis yeni giriş didn’t have the courage to confess my bursting desire to cum on her sexy red painted toes. I simply told her that I wanted to carry on fucking with her feet on my shoulders.She gave me a quizzical look, like she was trying to piece something out or like maybe she was working something out. I got a little nervous. Maybe I should have asked for a titjob or something. Before I could dwell on it, the moment passed and she was excited that I was fucking her again. She was grabbing my thighs and encouraging me, “That’s it baby, fuck me. Fuck me good. MMmmmmmm your cock feels so good in me.” She knew how much dirty talk turns me on and was milking it for all it was worth.I was getting into it, getting close to cumming, and moving pretty fast in and out of her hot pussy. Her right foot slipped from my shoulder and those heavenly toes brushed against my jaw. I instantly moaned at the pleasure of her sexy foot coming so close to my lips. I had to slow down to prolong the pleasure.She picked up on it right away, with one orgasm ahead of me she was thinking clearly, putting together little moments from our whole dating history. Stares that lasted a little too long. Complements that were too perceptive to a pedicure marsbahis giriş or new shoe. Her eyes sparkled and she moaned, “Yesss, baby that’s it , fuck me.” She took her foot and deliberately ran it down my shoulder onto my chest. My reaction was immediate. I started to shake and moan. She took her big toe and started to trace it along my chest and up on to my face.She was loving it. She was overcome with how she was controlling my body. Her eyes where on fire as she slipped her big toe into my mouth and moaned out, “Suck on my toes, baby. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yeah that feels good.”I nearly died. Years of repressing my urges slid away as I fucked this gorgeous minx and passionately licked, sucked and kissed her foot. She was moaning loudly now, spurring me on, “Mmmmm baby, I never knew how kinky you were…This feels so goooood. I love that you’re sucking my toes. That’s it baby, fuck me harder. Mmmmmm harder baby.”I was approaching a powerful orgasm and she could feel it. As I was cresting the orgasm she looked me dead in the eyes, started biting her lip and with her sexiest voice said, “Don’t cum yet baby, I want you to cover my feet with your cum.”That did it. I pulled out instantly feeling my orgasm rising up in me. In one motion, I fell back on my knees and she brought down those sexy feet with red toes right underneath my throbbing cock. The moment it made contact with my swelling head, I exploded. My cum was shooting out, arc after arc, covering those gorgeous feet with white hot cum. She squealed in satisfaction, “Baby this is so much cum! I love how it feels baby, it’s so hot.”

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