My Girlfriend’s Mother’s Friend

My Girlfriend’s Mother’s FriendSo I went home for spring break with my girlfriend. The first weekend we were there, there was a small get together. It was getting wild, nothing too crazy though. My girlfriend’s mother invited some of her co-workers over who was our age. One of the females was eying me from the very beginning but I thought nothing of it. We were all playing drinking games and everyone was getting pretty wasted.My girlfriend was probably the most wasted, she had her head on the table almost passed out. Well her mom’s friend was standing next to me leaning over the table and I just started rubbing her ass, which was very nice and firm. She is about 5’6, 130lbs, great tits, very perky looking, maybe around a 36C. Her ass is very round like a bubble, awesome body, not skinny, but very well proportioned and firm all around.Anyways back to me rubbing her ass, it felt great but I was buzzing hard and güvenilir bahis şirketleri I could tell she was drunk too. My girlfriend started to lift her head so I quickly stopped and we went about our business. My girlfriend wanted to go to sleep so we went upstairs to the extra room in her mom’s house. Her mother’s friend decided to sleep on the couch.I was still thinking coherently but yet was feeling really good. So when we got upstairs I told myself if my girlfriend passes out, like she normally does when she drinks, I would go back down stairs and see if I could mess with her mom’s friend. Things went according to plan, my girlfriend passed out drunk and I slipped out of bed. I stumbled down the stairs and saw her mom’s friend pass out on the couch. She was wearing a low cut shirt that in the midst of her falling asleep on the couch it slid down to reveal her bra. As I got closer I could bets10 see part of her nipple above her bra.I was already hard from earlier and wanted to do something. I didn’t want to wake her so I figured I would just stroke my dick in front of her and when I was about to cum I would go to the restroom, bust in a tissue and go to bed.Well I got to stroking and it was feeling so good that I started to get daring, I would touch the tip of my dick to her lips and when she would move I would back away. I did that a few times then one time when she moved, she slightly opened her mouth and began to drool. Sounds nasty but at the time it was a turn on. I would rub my dick on her saliva to lube my dick up and began to stroke again. Then since her mouth was slightly open I would try to stick it in her mouth. I was getting nervous and scared so I was about to pull away and just finish up in the bathroom.Then, bets10 giriş while still asleep she reached up grabbed my dick and pulled it in her mouth and just went to work. She started off slow, just sucking the tip, while stoking my dick with one hand while rubbing my balls with the other.Then I think she started to sober up and awaken because she stopped and her eyes opened. Then she noticed what she was in the middle of and pulled her head back as if she was about to stop, then she looked up seen it was me and smiled slightly and put it back in her mouth.At this point she started sucking faster, she could deep throat a cock like a pro. My dick was dripping wet with her saliva. She started to moan and stroke harder. I was literally in heaven. I could feel myself building up to explode.Then it blew, hard and fast. It must have been too much, my cum started to seep out of the corner of her mouth and she was moaning like “help”. But I was not paying attention I was just enjoying the feeling. Then when I was done I pulled out and she swallowed. She looked up and said “goodnight, see you tomorrow”.Then I went back upstairs and slid in bed with my girlfriend.

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