My mom’s new daughter part 3

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My mom’s new daughter part 3Starting of where i left of from before.With me and my sister in the weekend and my mom catching me and my sister sleeping together in her bed with me wearing her clothes.And my dad seeing me and not knowing who i was.So now the weekend is over and now im ready to see what she had in mind for me to keep our secert quite.I wake up early in the morning and come down stairs to the kitchen were my mom is putting breakfast on the table and she tells me that i need to be ready to go after we eat breakfast and my dad comes down and tells my mom he is running late for work and has to past on breakfast and he kissed her and left.My mom turned to me and told me to go up and get my sister and tell her to come down and for me to take a bath and she would be up to pick out my clothes.I’m up stairs getting ready to take a bath and my sister walks in telling me that i need to put some kind of oil in my bath and to use her soap and shampoo so i would smell like a sister was wearing some kind of little shorts were her ass cheeks was hanging out and she seen me looking at them and she said that it was ok for me to look and if i wanted i could wear them later and she left and i heard my mom talking to my sister telling her to get ready and dress sexy.My mom came into the bathroom as i was taking a bath and she told me she was going to give me a batha .And then she grabbed the soap and started rubbing my body and it felt so good to little dick started getting hard and she told me that was’nt nice and she grabbed it anf=d squeezed it and put soap all over it and stroked for a few minutes and that was the first time i had ever cum and she was amazed how much came out and then she told me to finish and then come into her room and my sister and mom was going to dress me for the day.My mom told me to remeber that from now on my name is to be rachel and that was all they would call me.So,I finished and got out of the bathtub and dired off and went into her bedroom and they was in there pulling out all kinds of clothes and shoes and things they told me to sit down in the chair and be still.My mom told my sister to start with my makeup and she started working on my face and lips.And then my eyes and cheeks.Then my sister put some small clipon earrings on my ears and then she asked my mom for a wig and my mom went into her closet and brung out a blonde wig and it had long blonde hiar and real striaght.My sister up it on me and started brushing it tuzla escort out.and my mom walked up to my back and asked me to put on this sheer black bra and black thong panties.and she told me that i was going to wear a garter and hoses.and then she picked out some black hose and told me she was going to help me put them on and hook me up and i sit there watching her as she slide them up my legs and i could feel my little dick getting hard and she told me to quit and pay attention.My sister went into her room and came back with this white silk shirt and help me put it on and you could see right threw it and see everything.Then she went back and came back witha pink mini skirt that wa real short you could almost see my ass cheeks and i put it on and she told me i look so cute with all of hers and my moms clothes on i looked just like one of her friends from school.So,We was all dressed and they had on almost the same kind of clothes and they was hot my sister had on a white lace bra and a black silk shirt with her breast sticking out andf i looked at my mom and she told me she had something to make mine look that why and went into the closet and came out with these boobs and told me to put them in my bra and they did stick out just like my sister put on and black miniskirt and it was short to.She look so sexy and hot and them i watched my mom change and she took off everything and started getting dressed and her breast was sticking out and her nipples was so hard and could see that she was turned on she put on a black low cut bra and then a black silk shirt with plenty of clevage.and then she put a skirt on that was’nt quite as sort but you could see a lot of legs and then we all put on high heels and went down stairs to get ready to go.We was all in the car going downtown to get my mom some material to make my sisters cheerleading unforms and my mom told me i was going to be the model for the unforms and we talked about what was going to take place when my mom pulled up to this store and we got out and went in to the store and a woman walked up to us and asked us if we needed any help and my mom told her what we needed and pointed to were we needed to go.Me and my sistert was walking threw the store when some of her friends came in and walked up to use and its was some of the guy’s frm the football team and my sister told the guy’s i was her cousin and that i would be in town for a couple of weeks and they was looking at me and my sister telling us how hot tuzla escort bayan we was and one of the guy’s kept looking at me and smiling and trying to come on to me and the othwer guy was coming on to my sister and then my mom called us to come over to her .and so we told the guy’s we had to go and then one of my dad’s friends came in and was talking to my mom and gave her a huge and me and my sister watched as he was grabbing her on her ass cheeks and we walked up and my mom told us this was one of dads friends and he told us that we looked real sexy and hoty and we just smiled and thanked him.and he hugged us both the same way he did our mom.and i could feel his hands on my ass and i just stood there and moved a litytle closer to him and my mom told the guy that i was her sisters daughter and then he hugged my sister and did the samething to her she sort of stood there wiggling and my mom started talking again about the material and he asked if he could come by later and talk to my da and she told him anytime just come on over and he left.and we looked at the material and found what we was looking for and started to the cashier.I have never felt the way i did when i was in the store and the guy had my ass cheeks in his was awesome to have a mans hands on my body and him not knowing who i was.My mom took us back out to the car and we went down the road to go home when my mom seen my dad coming out of a parts store and she pulled in and was talking to him when he asked.What we was doing and my mom told him that we was going to be making cheerleading unforms for my sister and my dad asked who i was and my sister told him i was from her school.He told me i was very cute and told my mom that he would be late coming home to night and not to wait up for him and they kissed and we left.We finally made it back to the house and my mom told me that i needed to get out of my shirt and dress and pose for her.She also told my sister to get out of hers to.So we stood ther in our bikini’s and bra and my mom was looking at us and she went to get her tap and pins to make the cheer leading unforms.She came back and told me to put my clothes back on and go next door to get her sewing stuff from out neighbor.So,I put my clothes back on and went next door and rung the doorbell and her husband answered and he was wearing some jogging shorts and it looked like he did’nt have anything else on under them.He was standing there with his big hairy chest and just shorts on and escort tuzla he told me to come in and asked me what i needed. I told him who i was and he told me his wife was’nt here at the time but he would go and see if he could find the stuff and he took off.He came back and i could tell that he did’nt have anything on under neath now because his dick was hanging down now and i sort of just walked up to him and asked if he found it and he looked at me and told me no.But he did find something else.and looked down at his shorts.and i told him he sure did.i sort of smile at him and i did’nt know what to do.So he moved over close to me and took my hand and put it on his dick and i just stood ther for a minute and then i started rubbing him and it got bigger.He looked at me and then dropped his shorts and it poped striaght out.i grabbed it with borth hands and started stroking it and he aske if i wanted to suck it and i took it in my mouth and he was trying to push it down my little mouth and i could tell he was fixing to cum so i just kept sucking and i felt him cumming in my mouth as i swallowed all of him.and i stood up and went out the door.I went back to the house and my mom asked what took so long and i told her that she was’nt there and her husband was looking for it and would call when he found the stuff.So my mom told me and my sister to go watch tv and and get something for lunch and she called me back and told me to wipe my chin because i had left something on it and she asked me if he was good and all i did was smile.and about that time the phone rang and my mom answered and said ok and hung up.She called my sister and told her she needed to go next door and get the sewing stuff and to hurry.So, She got dressed and went nextr door and the man answerwed and was suprised to see my sister and he told her to come in and he would get it.When he came back with the kit my sister seen what i seen his huge dick was hard as a rock and he looked at her and then down at his dick and smiled at her.he asked if she wanted ti and she grabbed it and started playing with it and he started rubbing on her breast and her ass cheeks.He started working her thong of and her little pussy was so wet and he fingered her and put his finger in her mouth and she started moaning and he told her to bend over the couchand he slide into her as she pushed back on him.He started going faster and faster and all at once he shot his load deep in her little pussy.She stood up and grabbed the seewing stuff and told him bye.and left.My sister came walking smiling and mom asked her if she had got everything and she said yes everything.So my mom went back to putting everything together to make the unforms.

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