My night as a woman


My night as a womanMy name is Samuel Adams. Not the famous one, just a regular one. When I woke up today, it was like any day. It was Saturday so I didn’t have work, and I slept till god knows when. I felt funny though. My head was fuzzy and my stomach kind of felt weird. I felt hungover but I honestly didn’t drink the night before. My chest was really tight too. Like something was hanging off my shoulders.I was walking around my home for evidence of my roommates. They were no where to be seen. The house just felt empty like things were missing. Like they moved out the night before. There was furniture in their room, but nothing else. No clothes. No personal effects. There cars were gone too. All that was there than wasn’t furniture or mine was a package in the middle of the living room. It read “Sam: Be ready for 5.” It was already 4:30. The day was almost over. I couldn’t believe it WAS SO LATE.I ran to the bathroom to jump in the shower, but first I had to take a piss. I stepped up to the toiler and reached in to find my dick. I couldn’t find it. It’s nothing special, but it ain’t that small. I looked down, finally opening my drowsy eyes, only to see nothing but lumps under my t-shirt. WTF!I looked in the mirror. The face looking back at me. Not my own. Instead of the frumpy disshelved man that I am, I was looking at the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. Long bouncy brown hair. Green eyes. Pouty lips. I ripped off my clothes to see everything else. Not one hair on my whole body. Long sexy smooth legs. A nice curvy ass and the best pair of tits I have ever seen. Not too big. Not too small. Nipple size, shape, placement, all perfect. Than I remembered the package. I ran out, butt naked, and ripped open the box. Inside was women’s clothes. My clothes. I picked up a pair of panties. Baby blue, lacy g-string. I always thought they were sexy on women but now that I am looking at it, it simply looks uncomfortable. I jumped in the shower so I can be ready for 5. I lathered up and couldn’t stop touching my body. It was just so sexy. The soap had been washed away but I was still running my hands and fingers over every inch. Then there was a knock. I jumped out and wrapped myself in a towel. The clock said 5:01. Shit! I’m late. I ran to the front door in nothing but my towel. There was an Eastern European woman standing there. I opened the door to let her in.”Samantha?””I guess”She sighed, “You’re still not ready.”She walked in carrying a suitcase. She sat me down on the couch. Inside her bag was a kit for make up and hair. She started türbanlı zonguldak escort teasing and painting and doing all these weird things. She put a mirror in front of my face. I was even more beautiful than before. “Now, get dressed,” she said, “I’m giving you a ride.”She threw those panties at me again, and I reluctantly put them on. Kinda felt like a wedgie but there was a certain shiver up my spine when the lace hit my skin. I put on the matching bra. Not as comfortable as the panties to be honest. I wore this tight short black dress. It was very weird and freeing. Like I was wearing no bottoms. I think slipped by feet into some very sexy heels. Stiletto if I’m not mistake. They were a little uncomfortable like they didn’t quite fit, than I stood up. I felt tall and kind of powerful. My butt and chest felt stuck out. Felt the air between my legs and up my skirt. It was pretty awesome. A bracelet, earrings, and a necklace to finish off the look.The old lady, who’s name I never did get, drove me to a bar. A local bar. One I have been too many times. Enough times that they knew my name. The old lady gave me a small purse. I looked inside: ID, credit cards, money, my house keys, even a tampon. Interesting? I walked in. The hot bartender I have always had a crush on was serving drinks. I wondered what the chance was she would go lez with me. I ordered a girly drink. The kind I always thought were tasty but felt too weird ordering. Their were a few people in the bar. The sun was already down. It was impossibly late. Time wasn’t quite moving the way it should. Maybe I am just still confused. Just than my friend Tony walked in. I was always a little jealous of Tony. He was taller and thinner than me. He always had more girls than me. I tried not to stare. I felt like he would recognize me. Like I was jut in drag instead of completely different. Only, I couldn’t stop staring. I never notice how cute his smile was or sexy his eyes were. I kept trying to get a good look at his arms and chest. And his but. And I’m embarassed to say, I even tried to see if I could make out the size of his dick in those jeans he was wearing the hell out of. WHAT WAS I THINKING!He sat sort of next to me at the corner of the bar. He ordered a beer, and than he asked if he could buy me a drink. I was empty so I said sure. It was tasty. Why not use this new bod to get some drinks? We started talking and I was making up a bunch of stuff about my life. Where I worked. Where I went to school. türbanlı zonguldak escort bayan What city I’m from. Why I’m here. He started making some stupid jokes. I laughed anyway, and then I did what I thought I wouldn’t do. I extended my foot and rubbed his leg.”Want to get out of here?” he asked.”Yes” I said. I didn’t even think about it. We walked outside, and he held my hand. forceful but gentle. I was so turned on. So horny it hurt. We made it to his car. He ran his hand over my ear pushing back my hair. He leaned in for a kiss. It was electric. His stubble rubbed against my soft skin. It hurt but I loved it. His hand slid down my back and gripped my ass. I perked up even higher my heels. I wrapped my arms over his shoulders. I could feel the bulge stick me in the stomach. I knew right then: this is going to happen whether I want it to or not. Pretty sure I wanted it anyway. We jumped in the car and flew to his house. We continued making out while he tried to open the door pawing at each other. As soon as we were in I jumped up wrapping my legs around his hips. His two strong hands cradled my booty. I continued to stick my tongue down his through or in his ear while he made it to the bed room. He threw me on the bed. Each forceful move made me hornier and hornier. I kicked off my shoes. I took off my jewlery in the car (something my girlfriend always did when we raced home to have sex). He unzipped me and I snaked out of my dress. He pulled off his shirt. I never noticed his six pack before. I was jut about drooling. I was taking off my underwear and he was talking off his boots and socks. He started tugging at his belt. I yelled at him to stop. I wanted to do it.I unzipped his pants. They dropped to the floor and he stepped out. He was wearing boxer briefs. His cock was huge and calling to me. I put my fingers in the waist band and pulled down. As soon as I cleared his cock head, it bounced up and slapped me in the face. That made me smile. I looked up at his face into those deep eyes. I gently kissed the tip of his head. Over and over. I started licking the little rig at the tip on the underside of his cock. I know from my own cock that this is he most sensitive part. My fingers cradled his balls as I let his cock enter my mouth. Just a little bit at a time. I got deeper and deeper with each breath. I almost got my nose to touch his pubes. I think licked under his cock to his balls letting his saliva-soaked cock rub on my face. I stuck out my tongue and shoveled türbanlı escort zonguldak his balls into my mouth. And let out a moan. Thank god he is enjoying it was much as I am. I starting sucking his cock again nice and slow. Long and wet. His hands reached down to squeeze my tits. At this point, my nipples felt like they were going to shoot off my tits like rockets. He squeezed and pull them. The pain excited me. He lifted me by my armpits and threw me on the bed. He leaned in and we started making out again. The weight of his body was surprisingly comfortable under my small frame. I could feel his big hard moist cock press against my pussy lips and my thighs and my stomach as we made out.He whispered, “put it in.”I grabbed his cock and inserted inside myself. It felt strange. It was like I didn’t know what I was missing until it was gone. Like there had always been this open hole in my body (kind of what it is) but also my psyche and he was filling them all at the same time. Leaving and entering leaving and entering. It was sort of stressful when it was in, but the relief was orgasmic when he pulled out. Over and over. He started pushing deeper and deeper. It was like that feeling in your arms when you life weights. Strain but a good strain. I was rubbing my legs against the side of his body. He grabbed my ankles and pulled them to the front so my legs were straight up and my feet by his face. That’s when he hit the button. LOL. I felt tingling all over. It was like fireworks. It shot in a straight line up my spine, exploded in my brain, and the sparks spread out and fall back down my whole body. I was moaning and yelling. My hands were squeezing the sheets.I saw it on his face. He was about to cum. I huffed and puffed, “You. Ready?”He nodded. He pulled out and stood up. He was jerking it furiously. I sat up on the edge of the bed and stuck his warm, moist, sticky cock in my mouth tasting myself. He let out a moan. His cock jumped in my mouth with each shot. My mouth filled up with his white hot cum. It was salty and kind of boogery LOL but I didn’t mind. I was so lost in the moment. He looked down and I showed it to him sitting on my tongue.”Swallow for daddy” he said.I swallowed as hard as I could. It slid down my through slowly. I thought it was going to come back up. But I smiled and showed him my empty mouth. We laid there for awhile, naked and sweaty. He was on his back and I was sleeping on top of him. I loved he feeling of his big chest going up and down as he breathe with me on top of him. If this was the way my life was going to be from now on, I wouldn’t mind. Then I woke up back in my bed. With my stupid gut and my stupid hairy legs and my itchy beard. I walked out into the living room. My roommates were there taking up space stinking up the joint. I guess it was just a dream. I got a text on my cell phone. It was Tony. It said “Dude, hottest chick eva last nite. Tell ya about it”

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