My sex adventure part 1

My sex adventure part 1″This story is a thing of fiction”My name is Ashley i am a small white woman of 18 years old i have an a cup and a fairly nice ass. I have always been self conscious of my small chest, it makes me feel like a fucking little boy :(. Im a senior in high school and i have never been laid ever, its the price of competing with big tiited sluts. But one day i got lucky i was in the principles office because i needed to talk to my counselor, her name was Mrs Brown but she wanted me to call her Shelia. She was a older woman of 52 with large fake tits and a nice ass. She looked good for her age, hell i was even jealous of her and her fake boobs sad i know.Well i went into her office and she could tell i was down, so she asked me what was up. I told her “actually Shelia i have been feeling depressed lately.” “Why is that” she asked me. I told her it was because of my small boobs, you could hardly tell i had any at all. Oddly enough she smiled at me and stood up. She said “Ashley i want bahis firmaları you to meet me at my house after school today.” I was so down i agreed without asking any questions at the time. After school though i started to wonder what in the world she wanted me to stop by her house for. I arrived and knocked on her front door, and she didnt answer. I knocked again and still no answer, puzzled i decided to open the damn door and see if she was even home. I went in and called her name, “Shelia” and i heard her voice. “Up stairs Ashley,” i went upstairs. “In my room dear” she called, but when i opened her door i was shocked at what i found. There was Shelia standing in a bra and thong, “im sorry i didnt know you were not dressed” i said. “Please come back in” she said to me. I came back in the room, “Ashley have you ever been with a woman before?” No i said feeling slightly uncomfortable seeing her in her underwear. She grabbed me and brought me close and whispered in my ear “would you kaçak iddaa want to?” I started to say no but i stopped myself thinking “she wants me”. Then Shelia became more aggressive and told me to take my clothes off. I stripped down to my underwear and stopped, Shelia said “all of it off dear”. I took off my bra revealing my small tits then my panties came off. Shelia stared at my shaved pussy and smiled even more, saying “God i love teen pussy”.Shelia told me to kneel so i did, i was getting nervous. I never have been strong physically or emotionally either. She stuck her right foot out and said “suck my toes”, i just sat there on my knees hoping she was k**ding. Then she quickly stood up and grabbed my hair saying “when i tell you to do something baby you DO it understand”. I panicked and said “yes yes i will do it”. She let go of my hair and sat back down. I grabbed her feet and began sucking her toes. She smiled and said good little slave. After sucking her toes for a few minutes she kaçak bahis said stop, and i stopped right then. Now she said “stand up and take my bra off for me”, i quickly took off her bra. When i did her huge implants popped out, i just stared and marveled at the size of them. She said “enjoying the view slave” i nodded not taking my eyes of those huge knockers. “Well then bitch start sucking them” she said smacking my ass. I grabbed one and began sucking her nipple, fake or not they were huge and i was so jealous of them. I didnt get far with sucking her huge boobs before she grabbed me and threw me on her bed. She put me face down ass up and started to rub my asshole. “mmmm you like having your asshole touched whore?”. Terrified of disagreeing with her i said yes several times. “call me mistress slut”, she smacked my ass and yelled “Call me mistress Shelia bitch!” I cried out Mistress Shelia, she smiled and flipped me over. She laid back on her back and said “come here and lick my pussy slave” I went over to her and started licking her pussy, to my surprise it tasted so good and i was enjoying it. Shelia looked down at me with a look of triumph in her eye and said “i think you and i will get along just fine”.to be continued

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