My sex life at 61


My sex life at 61I am 61 years old and married 41 years as of October 2nd. When I first got married I was totally straight and then after 20 years I realized I was bi and now I feel like I am totally gay. For the last couple of years I haven’t been able to get an erection, but I still get horny and I can still cum, albeit once a week. Every Saturday night my wife and I have sex hiltonbet giriş and I use a vibrator on her that I bought at a local sex shop and I would use it until she had an orgasim. Then it would be my turn and I would masturbate while looking at 8 1/2″ glossy photos of cock – one to each picture. I had about ten of these and I would jerk off while hiltonbet yeni giriş commenting about the beautiful cock in the picture I was viewing and when I would cum I could hear it hitting the back of the photo. I just loved this, but one day my wife said I couldn’t do that anymore because it was to weird. I think that she must have confided hiltonbet güvenilirmi in someone and the other person told her that it wasn’t normal or right. However, now I can’t cum unless I am looking at a picture of a nice hard cock and for the last few weeks I have tried really hard to cum, but I have to tell her I can’t. However, if I come downstairs to the computer and I look at pics of cock I cum with no problem. However, I can see that she isn’t very happy about me not cumming and probably thinks I have someone on the side which I don’t. Saturday night is coming up again in two nights and I don’t know what to do.This is true and not a fantasy.allan henry gee

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