My sexual debut with a mature woman


My sexual debut with a mature womanAlthough my visits to the Adult Theatre gave me many ideas of what having sex would be like, I still hadn’t had my sexual debut at that time. I was around 15 years old and seeing the French and American porn movies and wanking away in the dark gave me many ideas. But I was still too shy to do something about it.But I had a good friend, Poul that I visited often and of course we discussed sex and girls, but he was equally shy as me. Luckily for me his aunt often came in the house. She was around 35 years old with brown long hair and a really sexy body. She had great tits with large nipples that often were visible through her clothes. She had a very nice round ass and a pair of very shapely legs with niche thighs, and I fell in love with her instantly, although she didn’t seem to notice me other than talking to me in a very normal way.Her name way Birgit and worked in a local insurance company and I learned that she had been divorced a couple of years. Every time I met her at Pouls parent’s my cock got hard and sometimes I would find precum in my trousers, when I came home. In the evening I would wank and think of her and my cum would come out like a fountain.One day I came over to Pouls house and neither he nor his parents were there, so I was about to leave again when Birgit pulled into the driveway in her car. She said they had called her to feed the cat, since Poul and his parents would stay over at some family in another city.So Birgit invited me in for a coke and some cake in the kitchen, and we small talked about trivial things while my cock grew in my pants. She was wearing a short skirt and a blouse that gave a good impression of her tits and nipples and it was hard for me to concentrate.All of a sudden Birgit came over to my side of the table and pulled out the chair next to buca escort me and sat down and put her hand on my knee. She looked me straight in the eyes with her green eyes and I was close to fainting.I have noticed the way you look at me and my breasts and body and the way you get uncomfortable in your trousers when you sit down, she said. I blushed all over my face and didn’t dare to say anything.It is perfectly OK, she said and patted my knee with her soft hand with two beautiful gold rings and red nails and moved it slightly up my thigh. My cock reacted instantly and the situation in my jeans became very tight and uncomfortable. You are a very nice and good looking young man and I know how you become interested in girls in your age. No harm in that and I will help you get the right feeling of having sex if you allow me. Her hand came very close to my erect cock and again she looked me straight in the eyes.Yes, please, I stammered and I could hardly breathe as she grabbed my cock through the fabric of my jeans. She moved her hand up and down my cock a couple of times and leaned forward so I could see the top of her beautiful tits and a nice cleavage.She then took her hand away from my cock – I think she could feel how close I was to bursting. OH, my – you are ready. She let her tongue wet her lips and moved forward and kissed me slightly on my mouth.She sat up and started to take off her blouse and revealed a pair of very beautiful and fairly big tits in a white bra. Had I known this was going to happen I would have put on some more sexy lingerie, she said and took my hand and placed on her right breast. I thought it was sexy as hell and it felt fantastic to touch a mature woman’s breast for the first time and I could feel the erect nipple inside the lace bra. My cock was throbbing and she held escort buca my hand on her breast and rubbed the other breast with her other hand.She let go of my hand and reached back to unhook the bra. The breasts burst forward as they were released and she slowly took away the bra and cupped her tits with her hands and pinched the big, brown nipples with two fingers. I had never seen a pair of women’s tits so close and the smell of her body and the breath of her mouth near mine was nearly too much for me.Do you like them, she asked and took my hands and put them on the two globes. The weight and the softness of them was overwhelming and I pulled myself together to touch and feel them and she whispered in my earPlease kiss them, dear – I would love that. Her voice trembled as she said that and her breathing became heavier.I leaned forward and put a kiss on each nipple and she forced the two breasts into my face, so I was totally covered by two soft and very nicely smelling female beauties. It was wonderful and my cock was nearly cumming.Let’s take it a little bit easy, she said and leaned back on the chair. I don’t want you to cum too quickly. She smiled at me and put a finger in her mouth before rubbing her nipples with it.Have you ever touched a woman’s pussy before, she asked and looked me in the eyes.No, mam – never.How sweet – I love that, honey. She stood up and lifted up her skirt and showed her lovely thighs and a white thong. I could hardly sit still on the chair as she slowly took off the thong and came closer. She spread her legs and showed a trimmed bush with black hair. My eyes nearly stood out of my head as she took her hand down to her pussy and put one finger into it. When she took it out again she put it in her mouth and licked it. Then she took my hand and took it to her pussy and buca escort bayan said Put your finger in and feel how wet I am. I slowly introduced my finger in her pussy and felt the softness of her pussylips and the wetness of her pussy. I was a fantastic feeling and I could feel her pussy work my finger inside her. When I took it out she took my hand and put my finger in her mouth and licked it clean.I had never felt anything sexier in my life and my cock was throbbing in my jeans. She realized that and said We had better get that cock out of your pants, darling – I really long to see it and feel it.She bent down in front of me with her big tits touching my thighs and opened my jeans and slowly pulled my erect cock out of my trousers. It was all wet and slimy from precum and I was somewhat embarrassed.Birgit smiled and gave my cock a squeezeWhat a nice big cock you have. Many grown men would like a cock like this and I’m sure many young girls will love to be fucked by you!My cock was about 8 inches and standing tall and erect. Birgit bend forward and took it into her mouth with no further notice and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I came like I had never cum before and instinctively I pushed my cock down her throat and criedI’m cuuuuuuummmmming…..!She took all my cum in her mouth and sucked it dry and gave it a little kiss on the tip before giving me a kiss on the mouth.You really needed that, she said with a loving laugh and it was great to taste your cum. Women like that, you know and I would love to taste it again.Tomorrow morning at 10 I come back to feed the cat and I want you to be here. Then I will show you what it is like to be inside a woman’s pussy or cunt and I will let you lick my pussy too. She grabbed my limp cock in her hand and squeezed it gently and ran a finger round the tip f the cockAnd I look forward to have this lovely cock in my cunt and feel you’re cum inside me!How I got out of the house and back home I don’t remember, but I remember the sweet dreams I had that night, and in my next post, I will tell how I got to know every lovely part of Birgit better.

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