My Sister Jackie Ch. 05


It’s been quite a while since I submitted My Sister Jackie Chapter 4 and, for a time I wasn’t sure if there would ever be more chapters. I have received a lot of feedback from some great readers requesting the fifth chapter so I finally decided to continue this story. I wish to thank you, in advance, for your patience for the time-gaps between the chapters. I would also like to say that because of the obvious complications this kind of relationship creates, this hasn’t been a terribly easy story to tell.


We were at John’s well before the dinner hour so there were only a few other couples scattered around the dining room. We took a table against the windows and Jackie immediately began to watch the surf as it washed up under the pilings of the restaurant and quickly retreated again. I pretended to scan the menu but really was captivated by simply looking at her beautiful profile while she didn’t know I was watching her. Before we had left the beach Jackie had pulled her wet hair back into a ponytail and turned the collar of her dress up. The way her dark hair brushed against the white material of her dress was erotic and beautiful and for some reason it reminded me of the beautiful sight of my own white cum on that at times had spilled onto her skin.

“God, I must look like a mess!” She said as she turned and caught me looking at her.

“No, you look beautiful.” I answered honestly.

“Would you order me a glass of wine?” She said as she pushed her chair back from the table. “I need to go to the ladies room and try to freshen up — or at least do something to make myself look like a woman!” She added with a soft laugh.

After she had left I sat looking out the window reliving in my mind the intense feeling I experienced as Jackie sucked my cock in the surf just a few hours before. I liked the fact that Jackie had swallowed my cum with no hesitation. As I watched the surf outside the window I reflected on the intensely erotic feeling that I felt as I slipped my cock deep into her anus as we made love on the beach. I remembered how, as my hard cock slipped gently into Jackie’s anus, I looked down at the beautiful sight of her pussy’s delicate, crimson labia, and lighter pink clitoris between her lips and between her spread thighs. It was a very private vision I hoped I never lost.

I was shocked back into reality by a heavy hand on my shoulder that shook me heartily.

“Look what the hell the tide just washed in!” A booming voice shouted. It was my friend John. “What brings you all the way out here, you thinking of jumping in and ending it all?” He said with another deep laugh as he nodded toward the ocean outside the windows.

“Well, maybe not this month.” I answered.

John glanced at Jackie’s empty chair and quickly back at me. “Are you here alone?”

“No.” I hesitated. “I’m here with…someone very special.”

“Well good for you…a woman?”

I gave him a friendly, but dirty look. “Of course a woman.”

“Well good, because I was beginning to think you were gay!” He laughed heartily.

“Go to hell!” I answered him.

Suddenly John took a step back and looked at me suspiciously. “Wait, do you mean that gorgeous brunette that I saw going into the ladies room? She’s with you?”

“Um, yes, she’s with me.”

“Damn! This calls for a bottle of good wine.” He emphasized the word good as he left the table and went toward the kitchen.

Jackie had returned to the table looking unbelievably fresh and beautiful. When John finally returned he did so with a very good bottle of wine. As I introduced Jackie to him it was obvious that he was as captivated by her, just as I was that first time I ever saw her.

That evening the three of us had a wonderful dinner, enjoyed great conversation, talked about our past, laughed about our failures and shared more than just a few of our private, silly, vulnerabilities. Jackie never let on, or even şişli üniversiteli escort hinted at, the truth that she and I shared. She talked about growing up and the silly things she did as a young woman and we all laughed. It was obvious that John was moved by Jackie’s beauty and natural charm. Once when she went to the ladies room John looked at me for a long moment and said, “You lucky bastard! — Where did you ever find such a sexy woman?” I didn’t tell him the truth; it wasn’t any of his business

It was late when we left the restaurant and about half-way back to the city Jackie fell asleep in the seat next to me. Driving the lonely roads in the darkness my mind flashed back on bits and pieces of the day behind us, the conversations, the sex, the feelings of contentment, and even the occasional feelings of fear.

As the headlights spread out on the dark pavement ahead of the car I began to slowly fight the dull feelings of hopelessness. I had finally admitted to myself that no matter what happened, I was deeply in love with Jackie and I lusted after her as in a manner that I have never lusted for any woman before. I hoped that she felt the same way about me. The closeness we shared was stronger than I had ever known with a woman. What was difficult to deal with and caused me such despair was the inescapable fact that we were related…brother and sister. It was something that so far we simply ignored and never really confronted. Every time I thought about it I felt so uncomfortable that I tried to put it out of my mind.

As we drove I felt Jackie stir slightly and her hand came to rest on my leg. Slowly it moved up my thigh and her fingers came to rest on my pants just over my penis. I wasn’t sure if she was still asleep or not. Either way, I was glad it was there. In a few moments her fingers began to lightly rub my cock with the lightest touch. Almost immediately I began to get hard again and I knew she wasn’t asleep anymore. My erect cock was straining against the material of my pants as Jackie moved even closer to me. She still seemed a little sleepy but after placing my hand on her thigh she responded by spreading her legs for me. Jackie worked the zipper of my trousers down and reached in and pulled my hard cock out. Wrapping her fingers around the shaft she just fondled with it.

My hand moved up her thigh to her pussy and I realized that at some point in the evening she had taken off her panties. As my fingers touched the warm flesh of her labia, searching for her clitoris, she shuddered softly and took a deep breath. In just a few moments I parted her labia and inserted my middle-finger into her wet vagina and began slowly finger-fucking her. Her cunt was warm and my finger felt at home inside her body.

As we drove along I realized that neither one of us was really trying to give the other an orgasm — we were both just enjoying the shared sexual intimacy of the moment while we were together. It felt good to be intimate…close, and in a way, a little vulnerable.

I stopped the car in front of Jackie’s apartment and she made no move to leave. She looked out at the dark windows of the apartment building for a moment before turning to me and asking, “Can you come in and spend the night? I don’t feel like being alone tonight.”

I felt a wave of relief go over me. “Me neither.” I said as I turned of the ignition.

Once in her apartment Jackie went straight to the bedroom, took off all of her clothes and turned the bed down. “I need a shower.” She said as she kissed me on her way to the bathroom. I watched her naked butt as she walked away from me and I quickly remembered how delicious her ass felt as I fucked her beautiful anus earlier in the day.

As Jackie stepped into the shower I stripped my clothes off and went into the bathroom with her. I could see her naked body behind the obscure glass of the shower door. taksim anal yapan escort For a long moment I didn’t say anything as I watched her washing her delicate arms and legs. Her breast moved, and swayed erotically as she turned around and ran her hair under the shower head before shampooing. I didn’t move. I simply watched as she continued to bath her feminine body.

Looking down, I realized that I was hard again and I was a little surprised that I was still that horny after all the intense sex we had had earlier that day.

Finally I stepped into the shower with Jackie, the first thing she noticed was my boner and she simply said, “Oh!” as I closed the glass door behind me. Jackie had a mischievous smile on her face as she reached over and took my cock in her hands and gently pulling me forward by it she began to soap it up. She spread the white lather over my cock and down over my balls with her delicate hands, then, stepping forward, she put her head on my shoulder as her hands continued to rub the lather on my cock and gently jack me off. I pulled away from her just before I was about to cum and we kissed as we stood under the hot water. It felt good as it ran over our naked bodies and suddenly I felt exhausted.

Jackie stood back a little so that the water could rinse the soap off my cock and with a mischievous smile she looked at me for a moment before she knelt down and took my cock into her mouth and began to suck me again. The hot water was spraying down on her as she drew my cock into her mouth and deep into her throat. The pleasure was mounting in my groin and suddenly I just wanted to cum in her cunt more than anything. I wanted to look deep into her eyes as my cock spewed my hot cum into her waiting cunt.

With a gentle motion I lifted her up and as I kissed her on the neck I said, “Let’s go to bed, I want to make love to you there where I can hold you. We got out of the shower and after drying off we went immediately to bed.

Jackie spread her legs as I moved over her. With a steady motion I inserted my hard cock into her vagina as deeply as it would go as Jackie let out a soft moan of pleasure. After a few moments she pulled her spread-legs up toward her chest and held them with her hands behind her knees. It was her favorite position because it let me insert the whole length of my shaft into her body.

As our passion and lust increased our bodies slammed harder and harder against each others with the deepest sense of need. I was trying, with each stroke, to slam into her cunt with the power, and the sexual force she was demanding from me.

“Fuck me hard! Fuck me as hard as you can!” She demanded over and over. “God, that feels so good!” My own orgasm was rushing upon me and I wasn’t sure how long I would be able to keep up the pace before I exploded inside her.

“”Fuck me!” Jackie kept whispering, and moaning over and over again. The sound of our bodies slapping together filled the dark room as I felt myself go over the edge and my cock begin spewing cum inside her cunt. Jackie’s orgasm was triggered by the sensation of my hot cum as it shot inside her vagina and she arched her back as her legs gripped my waist.

Jackie let out a long low wail of pleasure as her pussy pumped against my shuddering cock. We were both lost in the last moments of an incredible fuck and Jackie’s wail turned to a soft sobbing. Not from sadness, but from the simple release of her intense emotional and sexual tension.

“I love you,” I whispered softly between breaths as I lay on top of her. Her arms encircled my back and she held me even tighter as I spoke the words. Once the last spasms of my ejaculating cock subsided it began to slowly loose its hardness even though it was held firmly inside her vagina. Like every time we fucked we lay together enjoying the moment of incredible intimacy we had just shared as our bodies taksim bdsm escort relaxed.

“I love you too,” she finally answered softly. At that moment it was as if I finally realized the weight of those simple words that were just spoken between us. “It’s not fair,” she whispered, “it’s just not fair. This is the kind of love I’ve always wanted…I thought I had it before but I didn’t…it was never like this.”

I didn’t answer her.

“The sex is just…just an expression of what we are together and what we have,” she said, “but where do we go from here? What happens now? Maybe we shouldn’t have let things go so far but…I so desperately need love, need to love and be loved…I couldn’t have stopped anything that’s happened…I’m just not that strong.”

I didn’t answer her. My cock slipped out of her pussy and we gently rolled over so that we were lying on our sides face to face. “I love you more than I ever knew could be possible. Jackie? I already lost you once in my life and I can’t let it happen again. I’ll do what it takes to make everything work.”

“It’s not that simple,” she said in a whisper, “now I’m afraid, afraid mostly of failure…the failure of love. I believed in love once before in my life — and I was powerless to keep it from changing. I just watched it slip away…change into something that I didn’t even recognize any more.”

I realized that it was the truth and it was possibly her deepest fear.

Jackie began to cry and she got out of bed and went into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. I immediately felt cut off from her in the deepest sense, suddenly I felt awkward and out of place but I wasn’t willing to give up easily. I realized at that moment that I couldn’t do anything without her help and desire to make it work.

I sat in her bed with my mind running over all the things we had shared since we first met. The dark silence of the room seemed to close in on me as I looked for an answer or at least some sort of solution. Because of what happened to each of us a long time ago we were just like any two strangers. But, we are, and will always be, connected by an undeniable biological bond that carries consequences’.

In this way, undoubtedly life was unfair to Jackie and me. I realized that we both so desperately needed what the other offered. In our lifetimes we’d both tried to find it so many times and ended up being disappointed or worse — hurt. Jackie more so than me. Jackie had been hurt at almost every attempt at serious love, so much so that she had just about given up on ever finding true happiness.

In time the bathroom door opened and Jackie came back to bed. I knew she wasn’t angry with me; it was just that the frustration of our situation was so great. As she pulled the covers over her naked body I pulled her close and held her against me.

“When we were at the beach today,” she said softly, “after everything I have been through in my life, I realized that I’m deserving of love…that I’m capable of loving someone deeply and being loved back. At the beach, we were alone, it was a beautiful place and I let myself think about what we are doing and what might happen if we simply ignored the truth…and, I realize that I’m torn by what I think is right and what I want.

Love,” she hesitated, “no…lasting love, real love…is hard to find.” She paused before continuing. “For so long I’ve been afraid that if…if I never found deep love in my life I would…one day just wake up and I’d be old, and bitter…angry…and worst of all…lonely.” She pressed her body even harder against mine. “I’m confused by the way I feel about us. To me we are like strangers who just met a few months ago and for the first time that I can remember I immediately fell in love with you.”

I didn’t say anything as we just lay holding each other in the darkness of her room. There was more to say, more to understand, more to deal with but we were both exhausted. Just before drifting off to sleep, in the place between sleep and awake I knew that our life together wouldn’t be without difficulty. I just needed Jackie to want for us everything that I wanted.

Little did I know at that point that things would be even more difficult for us in the coming months and very little was settled.

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