My Slutster Sister Ch. 02


Copyright © February 2018 by CiaoSteve

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This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Author’s Notes


: All sexually active characters in this story are over 18


: This is a story and intended purely for pleasure.

: The author does not condone nor encourage the practice of incest.

Foreword : This is part 2 of My Slutster Sister. Although there is a little recap at the start you may want to go back to part 1 to see what has happened so far.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ben, an 18 year old maths student, had often felt hard done by. Here he was, scrimping and scraping to fund an education while his sister seemed to have everything in life. What’s more, she had everything without even having to work for it. She had the money, the material goods and the body to boot. If only Ben could know the secret behind his sister’s fortunes.

A combination of events did lead to just that. It all started with an unplanned opportunity to listen in to his sister assumingly pleasuring herself. Then a set of undeleted photos on a mobile phone put his sister into a new light; she had now become a feast of fantasy whom Ben idolised after. He idolised so much that he even rigged up cameras in her bedroom in order to see what she really got up to.

Boy, what a surprise when he found out his sister’s secret as to how she maintained her lifestyle. His sister was nothing more than a wanton slut, fucking her way through life. But it didn’t stop there. It seemed that Ben’s sister didn’t mind who she fucked. Uncle Jack, dad’s brother, was one of her favourites.

So now Ben had given her an ultimatum and today was the day.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So here it was, Friday once more. Maybe I’d already mentioned it but Friday was my favourite day of the week. College finished early and I got a couple of hours of “me” time before returning to the chaos of family life. This Friday though was going to be a Friday unlike any other. Yes, it was still “me” time but not necessarily time alone.

What happened today would all be down to my slut of a sister. She had her options and she had to choose. Only when I knocked on the door would I know how my Friday was to become. Would the door be answered by Dani dressed in that red baby doll, heralding an hour or two of carnal fun. I so hoped that was the case as the alternative was to explain to our parents just how their beloved daughter funded her lifestyle and just what was going on in their own house. The latter would be damaging for all of us, whereas the former would just be one more little secret to keep. One more dirty little secret and Dani was so good at keeping those.

I neared the house, my heart beating wildly. It was time to see which path my slutster of a sister had chosen. I stood on the doorstep for a minute, contemplating. Could I go through with this or should I just pull my keys out and open it? Slowly I reached up and rapped with my knuckles on the wooden door. I waited, the longest three minutes of my life. It seemed that Dani had decided not to go through with it. I was just resigning myself to having to explain all to our parents, thinking just how I would say what needed to be said, when I heard the faint sounds of movement on the stairs. Taking a step back away from the door, I waited in anticipation.

The door opened and I almost drooled at the sight that confronted me. She had followed my instructions to the letter as standing in the doorway was Dani dressed in nothing more than that red baby doll. It was too good to be true. Blinking to make sure it was not a dream, I looked her up and down. I hadn’t noticed from the video quite how see through this outfit was. Those dark aureoles were plainly visible atop her large breasts, as was the whisper of bush which ran staight up across her mound. I stood there, intentionally longer than need be.

“Come on inside,” whispered Dani nervously “we don’t want the whole world to see, do we? Isn’t this just our little secret?”

I broke out of my stance. She was right and, much as I wanted Dani to worry about passers by taking a quick peek at her state of undress, it was better that nobody noticed. I walked slowly towards the door but before I had even crossed the threshold I felt Dani pull me inside, slamming the door shut behind.

There she stood, in all her beauty, right in front of me. Dani reached up and wrapped her arms over my shoulders, pulling me in closer to her. She whispered into my şişli üniversiteli escort ear.

“Is this OK Ben? Are you happy with your sexy sister?”

This was indeed beyond my wildest dreams, a fantasy playing out in front of me. Little did she know of the hours I had spent idolising over this hot body. The videos were a real turn on but lacked reality. That encounter in the shower room was more for show than anything else. Yet now, stood here just inside the front door, things had suddenly become real. Friday “me” time was still all about me, but now it was more apt to call it “us” time. I kissed Dani on the cheek before responding.

“You look fantastic Dani.”

For once in my life I was almost lost for words. Or was it just that I couldn’t find the right words to describe my feelings. After all it’s not every day that you have a steamy slut of a sister hanging around your neck, her whole demeanour exuding wanton lust.

“So Ben, what’ll it be? Upstairs like Uncle Jack or somewhere down here?”

I pulled Dani in tight, feeling her warm bodyup against mine, those large breasts once again squashed up against my chest. Reaching down with one hand I cupped one of her firm ass cheeks and gave it a playful squeeze.

“That’s down to you my little slutster. You can lead me as you did Uncle Jack.” I was whispering up close to her ear, my lips faintly brushing her soft lobes as I spoke. “Today though you will please me as you’ve never pleased anyone before. This isn’t one of your quick humpty dumpties. Let me tell you my little secret.”

“I’m all ears Ben,” Dani replied, her eyes glancing up at mine.

“I’ve wanted this day for so long Dani. Dreamed of it, fantasised over it you could say. The day when my sexy sister becomes my first . . .”

“What?” Dani cut me off in mid sentence. “Are you telling me you’ve never had sex before?” Dani laughed, a soft gentle laugh at my predicament. “Come with me Ben, we’ll soon put that one to rights.”

Dani broke away from our embrace, took me by the hand and headed towards the stairs with me in tow. She climbed the first couple of steps then turned around. That naughty little smile told me that all my dreams were about to come true. Finally we reached her bedroom and Dani changed from little sister to little slutster.

“Better get rid of these, don’t you think?”

Without waiting for an answer she was dancing that lustful tango around me, expertly undoing buttons as she went. My shirt was first to go, followed soon after by my trousers. With one foot over the other I managed to pull my own socks off, leaving me standing there in just my boxers. That soon changed though as Dani ripped them down, allowing an almost erect cock to spring out from its hiding place.

“Hmmmm, now what have we here?” teased Dani as she took one hand and held my cock. “I always thought of you as little Ben, but I see you’re not so little after all. I wonder if it’ll get any bigger if I do this?”

I closed my eyes as Dani started to stroke the length of my cock. It was just like being back in the bath only there was something so much more sensual about another’s touch. My cock twitched with the attention, blood rushing to fill its length. From the hardness I knew I was just about there but at the same time I didn’t want her to stop. I could feel one hand become two as she worked the whole length of my manhood. I wanted to moan but bit my lip.

I never even noticed that Dani had knelt down in front of me until I felt the warmth of her mouth around the head of my cock. Eyes wide open I watched as she took the head inside then, with lips clamped down, pulled it out. A moan did escape, it couldn’t be helped as the feeling of her tight lips on my sensitive head was just too much. Time after time Dani repeated the same, taking me a little deeper each time she sank onto my cock. I could feel the tip nudging into the back of her throat, the warmth of her flesh now caressing it as she held me in position, before finally withdrawing, I was moaning continually now as I felt the fires rise inside. I knew it was only a matter of time before I came and tried to warn her. Dani was having none of it though and just kept going, taking almost the full shaft into her mouth with each stroke. I was amazed at the ease with which she relaxed her mouth so that the tip of my cock nestled tightly into her throat. That feeling as she gulped around my head was exquisite, and then she pulled away gasping slightly for breath before going down once more.

Dani was now in overdrive. Her mouth teasing the tip of my cock and one hand working the base of my shaft. I was on the edge, trying to prolong the ecstacy of this blowjob by not cumming. The second hand did it though, clenching down on my balls. I grunted out loud as I flooded her mouth with my sticky seed. Dani just knelt there, the tip of my cock in her mouth, until I had finished cumming. taksim anal yapan escort I watched as she pulled away, her mouth open, showing copious amounts of cum on her tongue. Then in one swallow it was gone. She stood up and beckoned to me seductively.

“Come with me Ben, it’ll take a while for you to get hard again but we can still have some fun.”

Dani lay in the middle of the bed and I followed suit, positioning myself to lay at her side. An outstretched leg blocked my way though, at the same time giving me a clear view of her naked pussy. With my route blocked I simply knelt there staring at my first up close pussy. I guessed that Dani was already a little aroused as the outer lips were puffy enough to pull apart slightly, revealing inner lips glistening with the moisture of her love juices. Nervously I reached out with my hand. Dani’s reaction caught me on the hop. She pulled herself further up the bed, further away from my prying fingers, and at the same time she laughed.

“Oh Ben, I guess you’ve never eaten pussy before. Use your tongue, not those fingers. It’s so much better.”

I was like a kid in a candy shop and, with no finesse, buried my head into her snatch. Dani purred as I ran my tongue up and down her slit before finally probing a little deeper, easing those outer lips apart and dipping into the sweet delights inside. Pussy or clit, that was the question running through my mind. I decided on the former and drove down in search of her opening. There it was, deep inside her inner most lips. I flicked my tongue around the rim before pushing it inside, gaining joy in the way Dani gasped at the intrusion.

The sweet taste was as good as I had always imagined and I almost forgot about her clit. Finally I did switch and started tormenting her hard nub with a flick of my tongue. Dani’s breathing was heavy; moans telling me she was enjoying the torment, but for me it was all about the pussy. Her juices were as sweet as nectar and I could have just stayed there all evening lapping at them. Dani had other ideas though and after several minutes of being eaten she pulled away, her breath still coming in short pants.

“Roll over Ben and let’s see if that cock of yours is ready to play again.”

How could I resist. Here was my sweet, not so innocent, sister asking to play cocky once more. Who was I to refuse? The evening could have gone so many different ways but none could have been better than this. I pulled myself up from her sweet tasting pussy and lay at the side of Dani, watching intensely as she wriggled around until she was at the end of the bed, kneeling across my shins. A smile on her face, she lifted up the baby doll and slowly pulled it over her head.

“Didn’t Momma tell you it was rude to stare?”

I was broken out of my transfixed state by her whispered words. It was those huge jugs which did it. They appeared bigger in real life than on the videos, each topped with a huge hard nipple. I could already imagine taking them one by one into my mouth, nibbling away at the hard nub in between suckling on the soft flesh beneath. That would have to be a dream for another day though as Dani was only interested in the semi hard cock lying in front of her.

“Close your eyes Ben. Let your other senses take over. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it more.”

Much as I wanted to watch every move she made, I also wanted my first time to be the best. So, reluctantly I followed her suggestion, closed my eyes and waited. It seemed that I was waiting for ever, the only evidence that Dani was still there was her wriggling across my legs and the odd creak from the bed. She was doing something between her legs, a hand maybe, dipping into her snatch then withdrawing again. I jumped at the surprise of a now wet hand touching my ball’s, the fingers of which proceeded to glide up my shaft all the way to the head then back down again. My cock twitched as blood rushed to fill its length once more. It was a simple, gentle stroke but it was doing the trick as I felt my shaft harden. Dani was a tease, applying just enough pressure to ease the tip of my head out of its cover but not enough to go all the way. I wanted her slick hand on my sensitive head and could feel it straining to get out from within. Dani though knew just what she was doing, pulling the skin down then letting it slide back into place. Gradually and almost indiscernibly she increased the pressure of those fingers until my whole head was revealed.

Then another sensation. Not the smooth silkiness of fingers barely tracing a path up my manhood. It was now something smaller, harder, rubbing its way almost jerking along my length. I gasped as the hardness rubbed against the bare head of my cock, dancing around in a random pattern before being replaced by a soft warmth. It was only then that I realised what Dani was up to. The hardness was her nipple followed by the soft warmth of her breast. I felt a taksim bdsm escort second breast join the first, my cock now the filling in a sandwich of warm flesh; warm wet flesh. Yes, her breasts were wet. Of course I hadn’t seen Dani coating the insides of her breasts with her love juices but I was about to enjoy the rewards as she slid her slick breasts up and down the length of my now hard cock.

I lay there, enjoying the stimulation and wondering if her pussy would feel just the same. I did hope that I would find out and that my slutty little sister wasn’t just planning on breast fucking me. I didn’t have to wait long until those breasts disappeared. There was movement up the bed, the weight of Dani’s body now over my thighs. She leaned forward. Those huge jugs were now squashed against my chest as she wriggled up higher, finally placing her lips on mine. When she broke away I could still feel a tingle in that kiss, followed by butterflies inside as she whispered those words.

“What do you say Ben? Do you want me to sit on that huge cock? Do you want your slutster sister to be your first? Do you want me to fuck you?”

I could barely get the words out but finally stuttered a reply.

“Y…ye….yes Dani. Please let me feel your sweet pussy around my cock. Ride me like you did Uncle Jack.”

I opened my eyes and watched as she picked herself up once more, returning towards her kneeling position. The smile on Dani’s face said it all. She was going to enjoy this as much as I was. I let out an audible gasp as she finally lowered her backside down. The warmth from her hot wet pussy was now directly over the top of my shaft. Dani started to wriggle, just a little at first but gaining in speed as she went. Before long she was grinding up and down over the length of my rock hard cock. I struggled to contain myself at the torment, hoping she would go down on me properly before I spewed my second load up and over my belly.

It was almost as if my slutty sister could read minds. She picked herself up at the knees and, taking my cock in one hand, positioned the tip at the entrance to her love canal. A quick wink and down she went, taking my length inside in one continuous movement. I gasped again at the heavenly feeling of my sister’s tight pussy around my hard manhood. I was still getting used to the feeling when she started to ride. Short bounces were soon replaced by long strokes as she lifted almost all the way to the tip and plunged back down again. I watched mesmerized, one eye on my shaft emerging and disappearing between her legs and the other on her large breasts bouncing in time with the rhythm.

The room was a symphony of sexual fervour. The beat of her cheeks slapping against my hips accentuated only by a combination of creaking bed springs and the squish of love juices. Before long the choral sounds of Dani on fire melded seamlessly with my own gasps. Her ragged breathing gave the game away but she never slowed down. Long strokes had reverted back to rapid grinding as she drove herself ever closer to the edge. Closer and closer until finally it hit. A quivering Dani, arms outstretched, propping herself up against my chest, came long and hard. I could feel her walls clamp down on my cock as she tightened up. She sat there, my cock still filling her pussy, without any movement and I did hope this wasn’t the end.

I needn’t be disappointed though as, once her climax had subsided, Dani started her rhythm once more. That combination of grinding and stroking had me purring like a kitten. I could feel my own fires building and closed my eyes waiting for the inevitable. The one thing I had learnt from many hours pleasuring myself, was that an unforced orgasm was so much more sensual than a forced one. My cock twitched slightly as my climax neared. I could feel a tiny trickle of cum seep out and knew I was almost there.

“Aghhh,” I moaned as another twitch hit. “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum inside my slutty sister. Are you ready for it slutster?”

Dani had no time to think let alone react as I grunted and filled her tight cunt with fresh sticky cum. Whether or not she minded I couldn’t tell as she just sat there, my cock inside slowly deflating. Eventually she lifted herself off, a trickle of cum leaking from her pussy as my cock fell out. She reached down with a hand, scooping up what remained of my load and sticking her fingers in her mouth.

Dani stood over the bed and smiled as I sat myself up.

“So, my little brother is no longer a virgin. Was it as good for you as it was for me?”

I couldn’t tell if she was back to her old sarcastic self or whether there was actually a touch of sentiment in her voice. Was she really interested in my feelings?

“Thank you so much Dani, I wouldn’t have wanted the first time to be with anyone else.”

By now we were both standing, naked and sweaty. I took one last look at her perfect body, winked and turned to retrieve my clothes.

“So Ben, I guess you don’t need to be telling Mom and Dad about our little secret, do you?” Dani asked nervously.

I turned, kissed her on the forehead, and whispered in her ear.

“No Dani, I won’t be telling them about our little secret,” she smiled as the words sunk in “but yours was a much bigger secret I think.”

“What do you mean, Ben?”

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