Naughty Coworker


“Click, click, click” the drone of the keyboard noises seemed to be lulling Jane to sleep. It was Friday, and the only thing keeping her awake was the thought of her large, warm couch and scruffy black lab at home, awaiting her return. She lived alone in a spacious loft in Manhattan. She loved her life, and the one thing that allowed her to buy everything she ever wanted – her job. Actually, it wasn’t her job that kept her in the lap of luxury, it was the discovery that she had made nearly 2 years ago – a loophole in the network’s finance processor. At first, Jane was wary of taking advantage of the tremendous opportunity that confronted her, but, after much consideration, she decided it was well worth her while. Her head was nodding sleepily as her boss, Aaron, popped his head in her door, “Hey, Jane, could you just stop by Brian’s office before you leave?”

“Sure,” she said with a smile. Brian Mack and Aaron Ziller were co-owners of the law firm where she worked. She wondered what the meeting with the ‘top guys’ could be about while she finished the file she was typing and packed up her things. It was 4:45 when she opened Brian’s door and saw their two smiling faces.

“Jane, sit down.” Aaron said. As she sat, he began to explain, “we’ve been doing recent checks on paycheck balances as well as a complete overhaul of the finance section. We’ve suspected for some time, now, that someone from the company has been taking advantage of us.” Jane gulped and shifted slightly in her Ralph Lauren skirt, while attempting not to look nervous. “Jane,” Brian said gently, “we know about you. We know about the loophole, we know about the account, and we know about the money.” Jane couldn’t help but to gasp, all she could do was keep her eyes to the ground. How could she have been so stupid?

“Now, Brian and I have discussed this at length, and we’ve decided to give you a choice.” Jane’s head lifted up as her eyes met Aaron’s. What possible choice could she have?

Aaron smiled as he explained, “We can go to the Feds – prosecute you and you’ll end up in jail. Escort Bahçelievler That’s option one.” Jane stopped breathing, she couldn’t believe this was happening. “And option two?” she asked timidly.

“We value your services at our firm, and, frankly, we don’t like the idea of a girl of your intellect and character in prison. So the alternate option is for you to pay us back.”

Jane felt tears start to well up in her eyes, “I… I’ve spent.. n..nearly everything that I’ve taken. I live in Manhattan; I go on vacation… I’m… I’m sorry.”

Brian and Aaron looked at one another as Brian said, “we know that you’ve spent it all, so we’ve opted for you to pay us back… in other ways.”

“… in other ways…” Jane was confused.

Aaron jumped in and said simply, “you will do what we tell you to do, exactly, when we tell you to do it. Jane, you will be our slave, for whatever purposes we want. Tell us now, what is your choice – there’s no going back.”

Jane understood, now, as she looked over her blackmailers’ faces. Aaron was a tall, olive-skinned man, about 30 years old, with bright green eyes and perfect teeth. Brian was much more muscular than Aaron, with blond hair and blue eyes. He had been a football player in high school, but he was also a cunning businessman.

“I… I suppose you leave me no choice…I don’t want to go to prison.” She lowered her eyes as she spoke.

Brian and Aaron smiled to one-another and Aaron stepped forward. “Good, we had hoped you would pick us. To start off your new position at our firm, we have bought you a present,” he said as Brian took out a silver-colored vibrator from the drawer. He also brought out a tube of lubricant and a skin-colored sleeve for the vibrator. Aaron continued as Jane accepted the gift from Brian. “We want to… watch you. We want you to do everything like we tell you to.”

“Alright,” was all Jane could manage to say. She pondered the piece with her fingers, running them along the sticky, eerily-fleshy sleeve and dabbed her finger into the lubricant. Bahçeşehir escort She touched the silver case, and twisted the bottom of the machine, causing it to vibrate loudly. Aaron and Brian looked at her with expectation as each sat in his own black, leather chair.

“Take off your clothes,” Brian said, abruptly. Jane knew, now, that it was either now or never. She simply couldn’t go to prison, she thought, as she began to unbutton her blazer and then the shirt underneath. She slid her blue skirt down past her ample thighs to the floor, and then began to slide the Victoria’s Secret thong down her legs. Soon she was completely vulnerable, completely naked.

“Put the lubricant on the metal shaft and.. um.. put it in you,” Aaron said with nervous eyes. Dutifully, she opened the tube and put four drops on the vibrator and caressed it gently for a moment. Then, she spread her legs over the arms of the chair and slid the instrument deep inside of her. Brian walked over to her and, without saying a word, twisted the end of the vibrator, causing a muffled vibrating noise to eminate from her body. Jane was a sucker for vibrators – she jumped in her seat as Brian turned it on and minutes later she was moaning and pushing her fingers tenderly against her clitoris.

“Pull it out and put the sleeve on it,” Aaron said. She immediately pulled it out of her and pulled the soft, sleeve over the machine. She was so lubricated that she needn’t use more from the bottle as she shoved the vibrating mass into her. “These boys want a show,” she thought, “let’s give them one.” She moaned louder and louder as the pushed and pulled the vibrator in and out and in and out of her trembling flesh. She slid off the chair and sat, squatting on the floor as she plunged her entire weight onto the machine again and again. Brian looked at her longingly and told her to get up.

“Bend over on the desk,” he said. As she bent over, one arm still caressing the wet bud on her outside, the other pressing the vibrator against the back wall of Bakırköy escort bayan herself, Brian reached across the desk and picked a pencil out of the drawer. He lubed it up and then, slowly, gently, pressed it eraser-first into her anus. She moaned deeply in pleasure as the pencil embedded itself until all that was left was the graphite tip. Aaron, deciding to get in on the interactive fun, grabbed a pencil and repeated the process, ever so gently pushing the utensil deep into her puckered mouth.

They moved her back to the chair, bent her over an arm, putting her chin on the other armrest. Brian began to unbutton his pants, allowing his massive cock out of his tight boxers. He pressed his hard member against her cheeks, along her lips, and then into her open mouth. She took him into her against the back of her throat, and, still moaning, she took her hands and grasped him, pulling him deeper into her, tasting his salty skin on her tongue.

Aaron came around to her back side and slowly pulled the pencils out of her, slowly replacing it with his own throbbing penis, first rubbing the outsides of her aching hole with his fingers, then easing the head of his penis into her, letting his pulse stimulate her inside muscles. She cried out, but her cries were muffled by the thrusting of Brian’s body as he came closer and closer to orgasm. Aaron pulled out of her anus and then replaced the vibrator with his tight cock. He was big, she noticed, as he drove his full 8-inches into her warm tissue. He couldn’t contain his libido, now, as he began plunging himself into her again and again.

Brian couldn’t hold himself any longer, as pushed himself deep into her throat hard, one last time. When he pulled out, the slick semen oozed from her shaking lips onto the floor. She flipped over, Aaron still inside of her, and lifted her legs onto his shoulders as he began to moan and thrust harder. Soon, his time had come, and he let the rush of sensation wash over his body until he lay limp at her feet.

Jane lay on the chair while Brian and Aaron put their clothing back on. Then she slowly put the thong, the skirt, the shirt and the blazer on, fixing her hair in a mirror. “Is that all you wanted to talk about?” she asked, smiling at the two of them in the mirror.

“That’ll be all for this week. Enjoy your weekend, we’ll see you on Monday.” Aaron and Brian smiled back at her.

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