I came out of the shower with a full hard-on. I was thinking about Diane again. The sexiest girl in the world. Perfect body. Lovely, full breasts. Almost no waist. Great ass. Great legs. A pussy she kept shaved that tasted even better than it looked. She’s just so sexy. Loved to suck my cock. Loved to fuck. And fuck and fuck. And she wasn’t shy about it. She initiated it as often as I did. Maybe more. We were together for a little over two years, lived together for almost two. She would have stayed with me if I’d married her. But I wouldn’t. I’m not ready. Probably never will be. No way I want to be a father and try and raise kids. Which is exactly what she wanted.

My best friend, Don, told me over and over how lucky I was to have her. How he’d marry her in a minute. And she made it plain that marriage was what she wanted. Told me she’d leave me if I didn’t. She’s twenty-six and can’t waste more time. she said. Well,I didn’t change and she did. She’s living with Don now. Engaged, the wedding date set. And I know her, she’ll be perfect for him. Will be a great wife and mother. And a great lover.

When she moved out I had two months left on the lease. I worked hard at my job and spent every spare minute in the gym. I had to keep busy. Not think about her. She’s right. Don’s better for her. Of course that means that Don and her were cheating on me for a while. She wouldn’t move out of my bed into his unless she knew that sex in that bed was up to her standards. Which sort of pisses me even though I know it’s all my own fault. And I don’t really want her back because it wouldn’t be fair to her. I’m not changing. But, aaah, I’d like to have someone like her. Some great body to hold and taste and fuck.

I open my eyes and realize I’m standing in the bedroom of my new apartment, naked, near a huge window, holding and lightly stroking my erection, as I think about Diane. I look up. Across the corner of the building, fifteen feet away, I’m looking into the window of a neighboring apartment. There’s a gorgeous, built, naked woman looking at me while she pushes a couple fingers into her bare, shaved pussy. She almost jumps when she realizes that I see her and moves quickly out of my sight.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I come out of the shower, dry off and move into my bedroom. Just a few feet away, catty corner across from me, in this same building, there’s a gorgeous naked guy with a delicious looking, huge erection. I’m looking at him through our windows. He must be thinking of some girl as he stands there sort of caressing his cock. It makes me realize how much I want a good fuck. Need some sex. It’s been too long. Without even thinking about it, I rub my cunny a little and then slide a couple fingers in, Fuck, I need some sex. Need a guy. That guy. Right there. That gorgeous, naked hunk. Shit, he just looked at me. He can see me! I jump out of the way.

Do I dare? He’s a real hunk. I know I’d love whatever happened. And I think he could want me. Guys have been making moves at me since my sophomore year in high school so I know I have a good figure. And I really love being with a guy. I can’t help but think about taking a lovely cock into my mouth. About someone licking me and sucking on my clit until güvenilir bahis I have a wild orgasm. And about being completely filled up by a cock moving inside me. Shit. I have to. The up side is way too good to worry about the down side, getting turned down.

. . . . . . . . . .

I have to laugh at myself. Getting busted. I should pull my drapes before I walk around naked. Of course, I don’t have any drapes yet, just moved in. And she was gorgeous. Terrific body.

My door bell rings. Who could that be? I haven’t given my new address out anywhere yet. I pick up my towel and wrap it around my waist and go into the living room and over to the door. I open it. That gorgeous girl is standing there. She has a towel wrapped around her now. I just look at her for a moment, too dazed to realize what’s happening.

“I need some help,” the lovely body says. I look at her face. A really pretty face. I see her lips moving. I’m almost ashamed of myself, I imagine those lips around my cock. I mean, here’s a complete stranger and all I can think of is sex. “Can I come in?” the beautiful creature says. “I’m only wearing this towel.”

It sinks in just enough for me to back out of the way and sort of stupidly just get out, “Sure.” She comes in, sort of scurries in like she’s in a hurry. I close the door and look at her. She’s smiling. She really is beautiful. Cheeks bunched up in a smile.

“I think you can help me,” she says, still smiling. “I have this itch. Well, not an itch at all, an area that needs some attention.” She has her hand on my chest. I think she’s feeling me. Her eyes are looking right into mine. Her hand slides down onto my stomach. Her naked hand on my naked stomach.

What the hell do I say? “Sure, I’d love to help if I can.”

She steps up against me. Her body against mine. “It’s my vagina. It needs attention,” she says and then gives me a dirty grin. “I saw you through your window and it looked as if you have everything I need to solve my problem.”

If I hadn’t lived with Diane I think a woman as aggressive as this would have scared me off. But I’d seen her naked, at least briefly. She’s really lovely. So I didn’t even answer her with words. I put my arms around her and draw her even closer. I lean my head down, she looks up a little, and we kiss. As we kiss, I move my hand under her towel and feel her nude back, then her firm ass. I slide my hand back up to pull the towel fold apart. I feel her hand doing the same at my waist. We end up in a lovely kiss, tasting each other as our tongues work in each others’ mouths. each of us holding the bare butt of the other.

When we break our kiss we each step back slightly to let our towels fall to the floor. Mine gets hung up on my erection. She looks down at it, then up at me, grinning, then kneels down to remove it. As my cock jumps free, almost in her face, she looks at it and without taking her eyes off it, says, “I knew you were equipped to solve my problem.” As she speaks, her one hand wraps around me. She moves her head forward slightly and licks the head, tasting. She looks up at me, smiles, then looks back down and slides her lips around the head of my cock.

She’s obviously done this before because she’s good. One hand holds türkçe bahis my cock, the other is busy on my balls, and her mouth attacks my cock hungrily. Fast, strong. Really licking and sucking, almost biting, trying to swallow me. Then both hands are on my butt as her whole head moves back and forth, working me toward giving her a mouthful. It doesn’t really take long and she gets what she wanted. Swallows everything, never missing a drop, then milks me to the end and licks me clean. She then sits back some, looks up at me grinning and licking her lips. As she stands back up, I reach down behind her thighs, pick her up and carried her to my bed.

I’m ready for a long overdue feast. Her breasts are perfect. Full, round, dark nipples. I slather all over one and then the other, then kiss down to what I really want. I pull her around slightly so that her butt is at the edge of the bed, her legs off. I get between her knees, kneel on the floor and put a leg on each shoulder. I ‘m ready to eat her for dinner, to make things last and last. Maybe all girls taste this good. Because she’s at least as delicious as Diane. Maybe I just like the taste of pussy. I lick in her then onto her clit and then back in her, bringing her up and then holding and not causing her to orgasm. Over and over. She isn’t all that noisy and never breaks into uncontrollable moaning. I understand everything she says. Mostly, “Good”, “Down a little”, “Up a little”, “Oh God”(that one a lot), “Quit teasing me”, “Fuck me”, “Get it in me”, “I want you” then finally almost a scream as I attack her clit seriously. She pushes out a lot of juice. Tasty juice.

I rise up and get my cock aimed at her. She reaches down to help aim me in. She’s totally ready, well lubricated. Yet still tighter than I expected. It almost hurts as my foreskin gets pushed back tightly. But it’s a truly lovely hurt. As much as I can feel me stretching her, I know she can feel me moving inside her. I get one leg and then the other, up and lean against them as I pump into her.

She orgasms again as I fuck her. I pull out, have her roll over onto her knees, get behind her and fuck her even more. I can’t even describe how great the feelings are, experiencing all this after more than two months without. She seems to enjoy it all at least as much as me. She cums once more. Her insides squeezing me cause me to erupt, too. I can feel her insides rippling around me, I know she can feel my warm sperm filling her. We both finish and collapse. I pull my softening cock out of her and lift myself to the side. She rolls onto her side, facing me, and scoots over against me.

“That was the best ever,” she says.

“Yeah,” I agree, “it was very good.”

“No, really, the best,” she says. “you’re only the third guy I’ve done this with. Well, except I’ve done it really lots of times, and this was definitely the best ever.”

“Only the third?” I ask. “How old are you?”

“Twenty three. One guy and I lasted all through college. I just broke up with my last boy friend that I’ve been with since college. So I was really needing this. Maybe it was so good because it’s the first time I ever raped a guy.”

I grinned, almost laughed. “You didn’t rape me. You can’t rape someone who’s consenting, güvenilir bahis siteleri who’s cooperating all the way.”

“Well, o.k., but this was the the first time I ever came into a strangers apartment naked and asked for sex.”

“Feel free to do it again any time. I’ll be willing. You’re a truly gorgeous woman with about as good a body as possible. And you seemed to really love everything we did.”

“You’re the one with the beautiful body. You’re like a model or something, just perfect. And I did love everything. I’ve never had anyone lick me down there like you did. You really wanted to, seemed to like doing it, and not just do it because you think you should.”

“Oh, I did. You’re delicious.” I reach down and touch her pussy with a couple fingers, pull my head back to look down. “Your pussy is even beautiful, too. Although it looks a little more red now than before.”

“Yes, well it’s a little sore.”

“Oh, well then, I should probably leave it alone.”

“It’s not that sore,” she says, and leans her head forward to kiss me. “Feel free to do whatever it was you wanted to do.”

“Actually, I was thinking that maybe we should take a shower or wash up some, get you nice and clean down there so I can taste you again. Have another feast.”

She gets a huge grin on her face, rolls over and leaps to her feet. “O.k,” she says quickly, “Come on.”

We shower together. I help her spritz some water up into her pussy. We feel each other. I think my couple months in the gym helped because she really seems to love my body. And I love hers. I can’t help but slip a couple fingers into her as I help wash her pussy and she works on my cock enough that it’s fully up and ready. So vertically, in the shower with the water running, I get it into her again. She wraps her legs around me. I press her against the shower wall to help hold her up. As I pump out, her whole body drops slightly so that when I pump back into her, I lift her body with my cock. In physics, my cock would be the fulcrum, I think. She cums again and, even though I’m still hard, I turn off the water. We dry each other and I hurry her back onto the bed so I can eat that delicious pussy.

She maneuvers her body so that she’s sitting on my face so that she can suck on my still very erect cock as I lick and suck on her. I start to concentrate on her clit with my tongue and lips while I slide a couple fingers up into her. I can tell she’s about ready to cum, her bottom is jumping some. Unexpectedly, she lifts off and moves around very rapidly to straddle my cock. “I want everything,” she says. I want to taste your cum again but I really need to have you in me again.” With that she drops her bottom down and takes my cock up into her.

After we both cum, we lay there holding one another. I learn that she majored in Computer Science and started her own company while still in school. She got some venture capital and the company is just now about to start showing a profit. She’s been spending a huge amount of time on her business and her boy friend didn’t like that. Besides, she doesn’t want to have children. Her vaginal canal is very small and she knows she would have a very painful time during child birth, would probably need a Caesarian delivery, which she doesn’t want. I told her I broke up with my last girl friend because she wanted to get married and have a family and I didn’t. So, for different reasons, we fit in a lot of ways. Things look very good.

# # #

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