Noora’s Sexual escapades PT 1 (The Medical Ex

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Noora’s Sexual escapades PT 1 (The Medical ExHamad sat in his office trying to finish his his report which was due by Thursday but was finding it really difficult as he waited for the call from the Head Office in Colorado to decide whether he gets the promotion or not. He was really hopeful of that being one of the smartest guys in his department and had worked his way up and now at thirty nine years old was his big moment to become Head of the THE JOHNSON’S office here in Riyadh. He was thinking all this when his phone rang heart pounding hard he picked up the receiver “Hamad come into my office” Mr.Sawyer said. Hamad said yes and put the receiver down as he got up to go to his GM’S office which he hoped would be his by the end of the day. Mr.Sawyer was a great boss and as much as Hamad was excited to be the new GM he was going to miss Mr.Sawyer as he moved back to the States with his new wife and step-daughter who didn’t like Saudi Arabia much as such Mr.Sawyer had taken a job in the Washington office of THE JOHNSON’S as their head and was going to leave the country in a week’s time. He reached his GM’S office and knocked and was told to enter. As he entered he saw Saad sitting there with a smug look on his face. Hamad had never really liked Saad but as they dealt with different clients they had never come in each other’s way but Hamad didn’t knew why he was here anyway he said good morning to both of them and sat down just as Mr.Sawyer stood up “Well I just got a call from Head Office and it’s my great pleasure and honor to let you both know that Saad you have been chosen to replace me” Mr.Sawyer said smiling looking at Saad who got up and started saying how he was honored and would not let the company down Hamad on the other hand was devastated he didn’t get the promotion he wanted plus he would have to work under someone who he didn’t like but out of professional courtesy he stood up and congratulated Saad by shaking his hand and than he sat down again when Mr.Sawyer cleared his throat “Well Saad you must go and prepare for the conference call in the afternoon with the head of International Relations of the company” Mr.Sawyer said Saad stood up shook his hand and gave Hamad another smug look and then went out of the office Hamad was about to get up when Mr.Sawyer told him to sit down and he looked at him for a couple of minutes. “Do you think I am stupid or the board members in the US are stupid” Mr.Sawyer said Hamad was caught surprised by this question and answered by shaking his head and then he saw a smile appear on Mr.Sawyer’s face ”Hamad we all know you are more qualified than Saad but we gave him that job because we have a bigger and better offer for you. You heard me tell Saad that he had a meeting with the head of International Relations well my boy that is you. We have decided to make you head of International relations” Mr. Sawyer finished. Hamad had no words as how to respond to this news his mood had changed from hope to despair to jubilation in the last fifteen minutes all he could do was stammer a ThankYou as Mr.Sawyer continued to tell him how he would deal with the different offices which are situated all around the world and he would need to fly everywhere from time to time. Hamad didn’t mind anything until Mr.Sawyer told him he had to leave the country and move to Colorado within a week. This changed everything and Hamad’s world came crashing down as this was not in the plans. Even though he was as not as conservative as other Saudis but the prospect of going to and living in the US felt weird to him specially as he had to take his wife Zahra (thirty four) and Noora (s*******n) with him and the thought of going to the land of evil scared him and he sat there silent until Mr.Sawyer told him he had an hour to make the decision and if he said no he had to work under Saad and with that Hamad got up and went to his office and locked the door and started pacing up and down thinking how this was the biggest opportunity of his life but the prospect of going to the US still scared him until he remembered how there were other Muslims in the US and they all were living their religious lives and their religion was not affected by the evil doings of the west and then he thought about his pious wife who had obeyed him throughout his life and had never done anything wrong and his beautiful daughter who was the example of what a Young Muslim girl should be and he laughed out loud that he was scared about them and with that he unlocked his office door and went to Mr.Sawyer’s office and told him he was ready which made Mr.sawyer very happy and he told him the next step.”Now your security clearance has already been done and your medical has been done but not your wife and daughter so that’s why I have arranged their medical at 1 O’Clock at the American Base Hospital. You can now leave and drop them there and than have the meeting with Saad while they have their medicals and then after the meeting you can pick them up” Mr.Sawyer finished Hamad nodded as he got all the information in with all the surprises about how his bosses were two steps ahead of him but he took that as a sign of encouragement and made to leave when Mr.sawyer stopped him “I almost forgot when you get near the base tell your wife and daughter to remove the Niqaab. It’s protocol to be able to see the face of anyone who enters the base”. Hamad wanted to say something but stayed quite and got out and went to his cabin to take his coat and call his wife. Zahra was watching a tv show as she had finished most of her household chores when her mobile phone rang and she looked to see that it was her husband she quickly answered the call waiting to hear the good news about his promotion as the GM but what she heard changed her world upside down but she didn’t question her husband she never had and was happy at her husband’s happiness so she got up and started to get dressed she got out of her home maxi and pulled out a rather expensive one from her closet then she wore her abaya and her hijab and niqaab and waited for her husband and within twenty minutes Hamad was out of the house honking Zahra quickly got up and went out and saw that Noora was sitting at the backseat of the car as she got in the car Noora practically screamed at her for confirming what her father had told her Zahra said yes and Noora fell silent for the rest of the ride but Zahra knew that her daughter was smiling underneath that Niqaab as she was always in awe of the Americans and now she would be able to live there. They drove for about an hour until they reached close to the American Base and Hamad remembering what Mr.Sawyer had told him asked his wife and daughter to remove their Niqaabs they both were stunned at this but they did it anyway and Zahra felt a sense of excitement as the last time she didn’t wear a niqaab outside her house was when she was 16 almost twenty years ago. They were at the gate of the base as two officers with rifles came and ask Hamad why they were here as he told them they confirmed it with their radio from inside the hospital but they stopped Hamad from going inside and told him to drop off Zahra and Noora at the gate as he was not scheduled to meet any doctor Hamad just smiled and said Okay as he dropped the ladies off and told them to call him as soon as they are done and with that he went away as both the women entered the base. “Madam can you please go through this metal door” One of the officer said Zahra did as she was told and than Noora followed when they were done a female officer came and took them to a separate room and told them to remove their abayas which they did as she searched the mother-daughter duo. She told them that they’s get their abayas when they’ll finish their jobs at the hospital they tried to protest but were told that is the protocol and if they refuse they can leave which put a stop to that discussion and both of them followed the female officer as she took them to the hospital but that walking journey was tough for both of them especially Zahra as she was just wearing a long Maxi with half sleeves and with this wind blowing her body parts were quite visible and she had noticed that many officers as well as other people were looking at her and she felt a sense halkalı escort of shame and guilt go through her body but she couldn’t do anything. She had maintained herself quite well. She had D Cups tits and quite a big Ass but they remained covered and it was all for her husband but not now at the moment everyone passing near her could see that Big Ass and those gorgeous tits. Noora who was quite happy that her Niqaab was gone was herself a bit self conscious as she always wore abaya wen she got out and this was different and she also noticed people looking at her she was wearing a pink colored top covering her B Cup tits and Blue jeans with Nike shoes and even though her Ass was not quite as big as her mother’s but in that tight jeans her plump Ass was turning heads just like her mothers. They finally entered the hospital and the officer left while the mother-daughter duo went to the reception to check for their appointment. They were told to sit down and wait which they did looking at other patients and staff and Zahra realized they were not the only Arab women here nor were they the only one’s nervous about not wearing abayas before her thoughts could go any further her daughter’s name was called as she was told to go into Exam room 5. Noora stood up and went and within seconds Zahra’s name was called and she was sent to exam room 9 as she entered she was surprised to see a male doctor there “Hello you must be Zahra I am Dr.Phillips” The doctor said “Hi I don’t mean to be rude but is there any female doctor available which can do my exam” Zahra asked “Ohh I am sorry see this exam is for you to go the US and to be sure you have no diseases that you can transmit to people there that’s why a senior doctor has to do this. The only senior female doctor at the moment is taking your daughter’s exam so that leaves you with me” Dr.Phillips finished”I understand all that but I can’t show my body to another male” Zahra said”Madam I am a doctor you can trust me and when you go to the US you’ll have to deal with this sort of situation many times so it’s better you are prepared for this” Dr.Phillips explainedZahra sighed nodded and sat down on the chair as Dr.Phillips smiled and got up and started to get different tubes and medical instruments out Back in room No.5 Noora was lying on the examination table as Dr.Campbell checked her heartbeat. It felt a littlestrange to Noora as she was told to get naked and wear the hospital gown as it had never happened before in any hospital but Noora shrugged it away as being an American thing and compiled with all the tests and the questions that the doctor asked up until Dr.Campbell took a chair and sat in front of her legs staring right at her pussy with a smile on her face she put her fingers near her pussy putting pressure on the sides making Noora’s breathe heavily andthen stood up and smiled and started writing something on her notepad”If you don’t mind me asking what was that smile for” Noora asked “Ohh nothing it’s been a long time since I saw a virgin pussy. OMG I am so sorry I shouldn’t have said that” Dr.Campbell said in a panicky voice as she realized what she had done and before she could say or do anything else “It’s ok I don’t mind” Noora said”Infact I have some questions for you regarding the subject of sex” Noora said this as she turned red with embarrassment. Dr.Campbell had no idea how to respond tothis but seeing Noora’s condition nodded as she sat on her chair and Noora got down from her examination table to sit on the chair opposite to Dr.Campbell.Back in Exam Room 9 Dr.Phillips got his stethoscope and checked Zahra’s heart rate which he noticed was not normal and even though he knew the reason he acted innocent as he had some other plans in his mind.”Madam you need to take off this maxi” Dr.Phillips said casually”Are you out of your mind” Zahra screamed “Madam you can scream at me and leave the room but I will have to fail you in the medical exam and that will stop you from going to the US what I am asking is all professional and legal” Dr.Phillips finishedZahra was in a state of panic she didn’t want to be in her underwear in front of another male but if he failed her all the dreams of her husband would be over and she never wanted to be the reason for that and this made her gave up as she stood up and pulled her maxi over her head and she stood there. Dr.Phillips needed all his self control to not say anything but his dick was saying as it started to get hard but it was concealed at the moment. Dr.Phillips told her to lie on the examination table and Zahra did as he checked her body roaming his hands everywhere first her neck than her legs then her stomach as he pushed and played with her body Zahra was feeling weird as no other man apart from her husband had touched her and every touch gave her a new sensation and she started to sweat which was noticed by Dr.Phillips and he increased the air conditioner in the room and continued doing what he was doing as the temperature in the room got cold Zahra’s nipples started to get hard which Dr.Phillips noticed.”Now let’s check your breasts for any sign of breast cancer” Dr.Phillips saidZahra nodded and waited but Phillips just stood there making Zahra confused”Well why are you not starting” Zahra asked”Madam you need to remove your Bra so that I can check them” Phillips said “MY BRAA I CAN’T DO THAT” Zahra screamed”Madam as I said before it’s the process” Dr.Phillips replied Zahra didn’t reply as she got up unhooked her Bra and laid down back again without looking at Dr.Phillips who was surprised at his own luck and his dick was now struggling to stay in his pants after seeing those Boobs. Phillips came close to Zahra and held her right breast in her hand touched it massaged it a little then did the same with the left one as he saw Zahra’s facial expressions change as he touched her breast. Zahra didn’t know what to do every touch of Dr.Phillips was giving her sensation after sensation as he touched her. She had never felt sensations like these even during sex which was almost seven years ago. Dr.Phillips went on as he brought a gel and put it on his hand and then started to massage her breast as he for the first time touched her right nipple Zahra inspite of herself moaned but didn’t even notice that she had done that as Phillips continued his work as he started to play with both her nipples making them rock hard and shiny with the oil gel along with her breasts. Zahra without knowing was really turned on and was now moaning rather loudly when Dr.Phillips told her to turn around while he locked the exam room door and paged the reception telling them the test will be long.In Exam Room 5 As Noora sat down in front of Dr.Campbell both of them looked a bit scared “Are you sure you want to talk about this it can get both of us into big trouble” Dr.Campbell asked”Yes I have always been curious about these things and now that I am going to the states I think I need to have some knowledge” Noora said all this while her heart was beating very hard”I understand but shouldn’t you be asking about this stuff from your parents” Dr.Campbell went on”You are k**ding me right ?? you actually think I can talk to them about this I will be dead in an instant” Noora said with a sad smile on her face “Ok I get that but if your parents found out I told you they will make sure that I am killed” Dr.Campbell said “They won’t there are other secrets that they don’t know and they won’t find out about this either just trust me Doctor” Noora said pleadinglyDr.Campbell looked at the young teen girl and those pleading eyes and cursed herself and sighed”Ok tell me what do you want to know” Campbell said “Ohh ThankYou very much I have so much to ask you but first” Noora said this and stood up and took off the gown and stood there completely naked. Dr.Campbell was shocked beyond belief seeing this and she stood up in panic”What is the meaning of this” She said in a shocked voice”Ohh I have never been naked in front of anyone and to be honest you already saw everything so I figured why not try this here” Noora said smiling “OK so what do you want to do next” Dr.Campbell asked as she looked at the şişli escort young teenagers body “Well I have never seen another woman naked as well so can you show me” Noora asked sheepishly “You want me to what” Dr. Campbell couldn’t believe her ears “Ohh come on Doctor it’s not the first time you are getting naked in front of a woman you guys do that in college don’t you ? I have watched your movies and shows” Noora replied with an exciting smile Dr.Campbell just smiled at the naiveness of the young girl and this made her remove her doctor gown and she started to undress and Noora’s eyes got bigger and bigger as Dr.Campbell removed her Blouse and than her skirt leaving her in just her red lingerie. Noora noticed that Dr.Campbell didn’t have bigger boobs than her mother but they were a decent C cup and as she removed her Bra she noticed how her nipples were hard. The doctor finally removed her panties showing her beautiful pussy it was not clean shaved liked Noora but neither did it had a big bush. She just had a small line of trim hair above her pussy which Noora found exciting. As Dr.Campbell got completely naked Noora inspite of herself moved forward and was looking at every inch of the Doctor’s body. Dr.Campbell who was reluctant at first was starting to enjoy it and started moving in circles showing her complete body to Noora but as she turned around to show Noora her Ass she almost jumped when she felt Noora’s hand on her body and just turned away from her”What in the world are you doing” Dr.Campbell asked in shock”Sorry I just got carried away you have such a nice body and a beautiful Ass I couldn’t help it” Noora replied”OK but maybe we should stop now you saw a naked woman” Dr.Campbell said as she picked up her panties to get dressed but Noora snatched them from her hands “No there is one last thing and I know I won’t get a better chance than this please” Noora beggedDr.Campbell sighed and asked what she wanted and Noora looked sideways as to check whether someone was there or not even though the door was closed and than in barely a whisper said “MASTURBATION”Back in Exam Room No.9 Dr.Phillips locked the door and started massaging Zahra’s back who was not saying anything now and Dr.Phillips slowly slowly started to go down and touch her Ass and than he played his final card”Madam you need to remove your panties for your rectal exam” Dr.Phillip said “Rectal Exam but why” Zahra asked stunned”Madam it’s the procedure” Phillips replied Zahra was now again in a spot of border if she remove her panties she would be completely naked in front of a man even her husband had not seen her completely naked but her conscious said she has already gone far enough what’s the use now so she got up and removed her panties without showing her face to Dr.Phillip and lied down back at the table but Dr.Phillip didn’t care as he got what he wanted. He applied gel on his middle finger and started to enter Zahra’s butthole slowly. Zahra clenched her teeth as his fingers went inside her asshole after a minute or two Dr.Phillips managed to get inside and started to finger fuck Zahra’s Asshole who in turn had started moaning slowly as she was loving the feeling of what was happening to her body and Phillip seeing this increased his speed of finger fucking as Zahra’s moans increased and she started enjoying the pleasure but Phillip stopped suddenly”Well Mrs.Zahra one more exam and than everything will be fine can you please turn over over for your vaginal exam” and he moved away waiting to see if his tricks had workedZahra got her breath back as she heard what the doctor said and understood what might happen if she went through with it but the fear of not passing the exam forced her to turn as Dr.Phillip for the first time saw that beautiful body completely naked and couldn’t wait to fuck this Arab Milf as he got forward and opened Zahra’s legs and repeated his trick and put his middle finger inside Zahra’s pussy and started to move it.”Is this really how the exam is done” Zahra asked shocked as she tried to control the moans”Yes Madam this is exactly how it’s supposed to be” He said as he entered a second finger inside her pussy and increased his speed inciting loud moans from Zahra as she got close to her orgasm and within a minute she screamed at the top of her lungs as her orgasm hit her and she came after nearly 11 years but as she calmed down she realized what the doctor had done to her and she got up angrily “YOU ARE GOING TO GO TO JAIL FOR THIS ” She screamed at Dr.Phillips but he just smiled”Ahh no I won’t you voluntarily removed your clothes and let me do all those things and by the laws in your country if this comes up in court you will be killed” Dr.Phillip smiled and he took of his lab coat as Zahra realized what he was saying was truth and she felt a sense of shame that how could she let him do this and how could she enjoy it because she knew she did enjoy it and really enjoy and her wet pussy was the evidence of that but before she could go any further with her thinking she saw Phillips removing his clothes and immediately stood up in panic”WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING” She asked angrily”Well you had your fun it’s fair I have mine too” And with that she removed her boxers and got his 8 inch hard dick out and started moving towards Zahra who was shocked beyond belief seeing all this but her eyes never left the big white cock and her pussy twitched as she saw it for the first time. Phillips reached near her”Come on you know you want to I see it in your eyes just give me your hand”And without asking Zahra he took her hand and put it on his dick and started stroking his dick and Zahra couldn’t stop her hand from moving and started giving him a hand job without realizing what she was doing as her eyes were still fixed at that cock but as Phillips let out a moan Zahra came back to her senses and jerked her hand away cursing herself and Phillips in Arabic but Phillips had gotten bolder now and he moved for ward and backed Zahra into the wall”Stop acting we both know you want my dick so the quicker you stop acting the better for both of us and if you refuse well your husband’s dream of the big promotion goes away”And with that he went and sat on his chair stroking his dick. Zahra now had no choice but to accept and as much as she didn’t want to accept she was happy from inside about the prospect of getting fucked by that big white dick so she just nodded.”Finally so come hear and get on your knees” Phillips ordered as he stood up. Zahra did what she was told but had no idea what was about to happen as sex with her husband only consisted off Missionary sex inside blankets with lights off and no real chance of orgasm for her no wonder she lost it when Phillips fingered her. Phillips ordered her to take his dick inside her mouth but she refused and felt disgusted but Philips had the upper hand of the medical report which forced Zahra to open her mouth and wrap her lips around Dr.Phillips Cock.In Exam Room Number 5 Dr.Campbell was still trying to wrap her head over the demand of Noora and was processing how to reply as she cleared her throat “Masturbation do you think it’s the right idea” Dr.Campbell asked”Yes it is and don’t act like you don’t do it yourself” Noora replied witch a cheeky smile making Dr.Campbell flush with guilt as she thought what the hell and beckoned Noora to sit on the chair again and open up her legs as Dr.Campbell did the same.”Now think of something that makes you aroused and make your first two fingers wet by licking them and than place it on your clit and start rubbing it” Dr.Campbell continued with her lessons as Noora followed her advice and started rubbing her cunt getting wonderful sensations in her body she started thinking about an actor he would like to fuck but midway her eyes fell on Dr.Campbell and that gorgeous naked body and she licked her lips thinking about the stuff she would do with the doctor and her breathing became heavy as she saw the gorgeous women herself plying with her pussy the way she was fingering herself with three fingers going in and out and her moans increasing Noora wanted to replicate that but was scared of messing her hymen or virginity here in Saudi Arabia so sarıyer escort she just rubbed her clit. Dr.Campbell on the other hand had now forgotten everything and just wanted to have her orgasm thinking about all the girl times she had in college and in states behind her husband’s back and remembering all this brought her a sensational orgasm as she moaned and screamed in her chair as the last effect of her orgasm finished. She opened her eyes and licked her fingers tasting herself and than looking at Noora smiling and offering her the taste who jumped from her seat and licked Dr.Campbell’s fingers and than hugged her. Dr.Campbell herself was lost in the moment and hugged her tightly there hard nipples rubbing against each other and as the embrace ended Noora did what she never thought she would do and kissed Dr.Campbell on her lips and even though the Doctor was shocked at first she responded with full force but broke the kiss and than turned Noora around in her lap licked her own fingers again to make them wet and started to rub Noora’s clit making the teen girl moan incredulously as she felt sensations after sensations that she never felt before and it didn’t take her long before she writhed around in Dr.Campbell’s lap who held her and kissed her body parts as Noora had her first orgasm in life and as she calmed down she took Dr.Campbell’s fingers from her clit and put them in her own mouth to taste herself and she loved it turning around and kissing Dr.Campbell again.Meanwhile Zahra had just wrapped her lips around Dr.Phillips dick in Exam Room 9 but didn’t know what to do so Phillips helped her moving her head forward and backward and Zahra soon understood but Phillips wasn’t done she slowly started to get his entire 9 inch dick inside the mouth of the Arab MILF and even though Zahra tried to resist Phillips continued to get it in until it was entirely in and he could feel it hitting the back of the MILF’S throat and he started to Deep Throat her. Zahra had no idea what was happening and was struggling to breathe but despite all this she was sort of enjoying it her pussy was getting wetter by the minute and Phillips finally got her dick out Zahra coughed as her cheeks were filled with saliva but she had stopped caring and so did Phillips and without even saying a word she pulled her up turned her around and pushed her to the wall and before Zahra realized what was happening had his dick thrust inside the Arab MILF’S pussy making Zahra moan and started drilling her Zahra who had never thought of having sex like this was in heaven with each thrust from Dr.Phillips giving her a new sensation and his big dick going deep in her pussy where her husband’s 6 inch dick had never gone and despite all her efforts she kept saying “wonderful wonderful” in Arabic as she had another orgasm and this one was bigger and better than teh last one as she bit on her elbow to stop her from screaming as her body shook and Phillips continued to fuck her through her orgasm adding extra pleasure for the both of them as he felt his cock being covered in beautiful Muslim Pussy juice he gave her three more thrusts before getting out completely and turning Zahra to face him. Her hair were messy and face sweaty and she was breathing but the lust in her eyes was got his attention and he went on to kiss her and as he predicted she didn’t stop him their tongues getting tangled with each other as Zahra brought her hands up and put them in Phillips hair as she let go of all inhibitions and gave herself to this White American to please. Phillips picked her up and put her on the bed legs raised in the air and with in again in a swift motion and started pluming her once more and this time the moans were louder and the response came in English much to the happiness of Phillips as his room filled with the shouts of “FUCK ME OHH YES FUCK ME YES YES” And fuck her he did like a stallion giving another orgasm to Zahra who was in oblivion from the pleasure as her third orgasm went through her body. The sex with her husband lasted merely ten minutes with no orgasm and here it was almost half an hour and she had three great orgasms and Phillips was still not done as he got his dick out of her pussy he brought it in front of her mouth and this time Zahra leapt at it like a hungry a****l forgetting everything about it being gross and begin to suck remembering what Phillips had thought her the first time. Dr.Phillips himself was surprised how quick she learned and ordered her to stop and turn around Zahra did as she was told as Phillips licked her pussy for the first time with her Ass hanging in front of his face surprising Zahra who moaned but this surprise turn into joy and pleasure as he continued his licking and started to lick her Asshole Zahra just loved it and moaned to which Phillips replied”You like that”Zahra just moaned “I said did you like that” Phillips asked by spanking hr bare ass cheeks “YESSS” came out from the mouth of Zahra “I should have known you were a SLUT” He continued as he his index finger in her Asshole and despite being called a SLUT Zahra loved the feeling of a finger in her Asshole and just moaned. Phillips continued his taunting as he put a second finger in her Asshole and Zahra was getting close to another orgasm but Phillips stopped which annoyed Zahra but before she could say something she felt his dick on her Asshole and than just like that he was in her Asshole “OHHH FUCKKKK”was the response from Zahra but Phillips didn’t care as he brought his dick out and than went in again and than he got his rhythm and didn’t stop and Zahra was howling like mad”FUCKKKKK HHHHHH MEEHHHH OHHHH YESS HHHH”She just completely lost it which made Phillips even more crazier as he went in her harder and he felt her trembling as her fourth orgasm hit her making her scream like an a****l and this time he came as well right there in her Ass and than dropped on top of her.In Exam Room 5 Noor and Dr.Campbell had finished getting dressed and Dr.Campbell finished making her report passing Noora in her medical exam and as the teen kissed her again as she went out Dr.Campbell smiled knowing this slut is going to get a lot of dicks in the states. Noora came out of her exam room full of happiness a wet pussy and her ticket to the states as she passed Exam Room no 9 she heard a lot of screams and moans from the exam room and she wondered what was happening inside and who was inside but she continued walking and sat on the waiting area waiting for her mother. Inside Exam Room 9 Dr.Phillips had just cummed in Zahra’s Ass and was on top of her as he kissed her neck and got up “Well that was a fun medical exam” he tauntedZahra inspite of herself just smiled and as Phillips came to kiss her she responded back. Phillips finally tore away from her and went to her table to sign the report when “Can I have some tissues please to clean myself” Zahra asked “No you can’t see the thing is you are a dirty little slut and dirty little sluts don’t care about being clean you will wear your panties with my cum in your ass and go home and will remain like this until next morning now get dressed” Phillips finishedZahra tried to protest saying it was disgusting but it was all in vain and in reality she was just acting because just listening about being covered in Phillips’s cum was getting her pussy wet again so she wore bra and panty and covered them with her maxi as Phillips signed her form and she got out not believing what had happened and thinking if one American was like this how will the entire country be. As she reached the waiting room she saw her daughter who had a weird look on her face “What happened to you” Zahra asked “Me you are the one whose walking like you had a back injury” Noora replied “Ohh it’s nothing I fell from the exam table nothing now let’s go your father must be waiting” Zahra said this and started walking towards the main door. Noora was not convinced because she saw her mother exiting from Exam Room No 9 and she had heard those sounds but what could it mean she was thinking all this when her mother called her again and she followed this time going out they didn’t feel any shyness for not wearing abaya or hijab infact they were loving the attention and both still being horny were getting wet again until they reached the gate and wore those abayas and hijab and niqaabs and got out to see Hamad waiting for them”Well you took your time” He said in an annoyed tone and as they drove home he told them the news that spoiled his mood but that news made the mother and daughter more happy and they were smiling hearing about it TO BE CONTINUED

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