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Online conversation on chat websitePlease leave comments!!! Sorry if this story isn’t amazing. It’s my first one.You: what would you do with me if we were in my bedroom aloneYou: but with clothesYou: onStranger: do u want the whole picture step by step or just a brief descriptionYou: step by stepStranger: what kind of clothes would u be wearingYou: skimpy little top,with no bra,short shorts,and red lace thongsStranger: ur age will be?You: 17Stranger: ok hang onYou: okStranger: ok here we goStranger: i am your new neighborStranger: we haven’t meteStranger: metStranger: it is a hot summer dayStranger: i am on my porch sipping a beer when you come over wearing that skimpy top and short shorts and thongYou: mmhmmStranger: as soon as i see you walking over here my cock starts to poke over the top of the waist band of my short short jogging shorts…i am wearing a tank top sticking fethiye escort to my sweaty body cuz i just got done working outStranger: if i dont sit carefully you will be able to see my ballsStranger: as u walk over i barely whistle and think damn i would love to ride that lil pussyYou: oh yes you wouldStranger: watchin you walk over you come to the bottom of the steps of my porch and i can look down your top to see most of your titsStranger: you say to me?You: hey I’m new in town and i need someone to show me aroundStranger: hey neighborStranger: my name is oh nevermindStranger: you will laugh when i tell youYou: no i won’tStranger: well some think it is the perfect name for me but well we shall seeStranger: my name is Dick CoxYou: sexyStranger: well i have been told that my name fits the rest of meStranger: lolStranger: so neighbor i can’t show you much of this escort fethiye town as i just moved here one week before youStranger: and you are the first girl i have metStranger: but if all the girls here look like you i am gonna love itYou: do you want to come over my house and hang out? ;)Stranger: or you can come inside where it is air conditioned and have a beer or some liquor with meStranger: as i stand up my balls show out of the bottom of my shortsStranger: the bulge of my hard cock is pushing against the inside of my shortsYou: mmmmhhhhmmmmStranger: come on inStranger: i open the door and start to imagine what i would do with that ass if given the slightest signal from youStranger: would u like a beer or some hard liquorStranger: laughing i sayStranger: i love the word liquorStranger: it sounds like lick herYou: hahaYou: as i walk by i slide my ass along your cockStranger: fethiye escort bayan my cock head starts to throbStranger: with the room kinda cold i see ur nipples thru your skimpy shirtStranger: pointing to them i sayStranger: is the room too cold for you?Stranger: i mean u look like u r coldYou: i need someone to keep me warmStranger: moving close to you belly to bellyStranger: like this?Stranger: my cock pushing against youStranger: taking your hand i put it on my cockYou: oh yesStranger: my hands go under your shirt to rub your nipplesStranger: i start to unbutton your shirtYou: my pussy is so wetStranger: taking you by the hand i whisper softly in your earStranger: follow me honeyStranger: i will get you warmStranger: taking u to my bedroomYou: my pussy is flaringStranger: i have you lie down at the endo fo the bedStranger: i gently spread ur legs and kneel between themStranger: i slowly slide off your shorts and thongStranger: your shaved pussy staring at meStranger: my mouth goes immediately to your clitStranger: i start to softly suck on itStranger: my middle finger penetrates your pussy….

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