Oral Tiffany


She lay in the center of the four poster bed, gazing off at the gardens outside. The morning sun just finished washing everything rose-red and had become bright yellow. Her hand was between her legs, gently caressing herself. He would be home any minute, now.

Roger rode his Harley into the large garage and listened to it idle down after the long ride home. He shut it off, and the silence was almost deafening. The bay filled with the sounds of hot metal cooling, the kickstand thrown forward, and the forks turned to be locked.

Dismounting his `steed’, the sound of worn leather creaking while he pulled his leg over the saddle and heavy boots hitting the cement floor. Roger pulled off the thick gloves and lay them across the leather seat, then snapped the lock in the fork.

The house was quiet as he stepped in and pulled off the tall leather boots. His jacket followed and landed heavily on the table near the door. He walked back to the bedroom and quietly pushed open the door. Tiffany didn’t hear the door, although she knew just about how long it took for him to reach her bedside. Roger watched her hand moving slowly under the sheet, rising and falling while she toyed with her kitty’s clit.

She turned to face him when she heard the zipper of his leather pants opening. She smiled at her lover and rolled towards him. He stepped closer to the side of the large, soft bed and her hand met his at his pants. Long fingers slid inside the heavy material and quickly found the `prize’ hidden there. She called it a lot of pet names, but her favorite was the descriptive one, when it was fully engorged . His “Dragon”.

One day he had said something like “leaking my lizard” when he had to “go”. When she did see the object in question, she allowed that lizard was not big enough, so she started calling Roger’s eight-inch cock “The Dragon”.

Tiffany pulled it away from the leather prison and kissed the swelling tip. She knew it wouldn’t take long to bring it to full, useable, hardness. She loved the way it felt in her mouth as it grew to full length and girth. It was almost two inches across, sometimes.

The smell of his man-scent mixed with the sharp odor of leather excited Tiffany. Her own sex was getting wetter and the aroma of her arousal began to drift over the room. Hers was a heavy musk, rich and full bodied as a fine wine would be. The sharp, sweet taste of it was enhanced by the scent, evidenced by the relish with which Roger devoured her every chance he got.

Roger loosened his belt and pushed the heavy pants to his thighs, giving Tiffany access to his heavy sac as well. She cupped his balls tenderly as she took the swollen crown of his cock into her hot mouth. Roger moaned softly when he felt her start to swallow and the head slid into her throat. Her enjoyment was obvious as she, too, began to moan, vibrating the flesh in her mouth.

Roger lifted the sheet and exposed Tiffany’s trim cheerleader’s body. The workouts showed her efforts well. Tight skin, firm C-cup breasts, smoothly tapering to a narrow waist, a gentle swell at her belly and hips, followed by strong, tight thighs and muscular legs. Her butt wasn’t large, nor was it small. There was just enough to get one’s attention as she walked. Truly a wonderful body and she could use it well.

Slowly, Roger climbed onto the bed, his cock still halfway down Tiffany’s throat. She rolled with him and spread her legs in welcome. The scent aroused Roger even more. His penis pulsed in Tiffany’s mouth when he touched her soft kitty with his lips. He had followed the `landing strip’ of fine hair above her mound to the center of her treasure box.

Tiffany’s hips rose to meet his face as she felt and tasted the pre-cum sliding down her throat. Sweet, clear fluid, different from the thick salty cum that would be coaxed from deep within Roger’s belly soon. His tongue slid over her erecting clitoris, sending chills through her body. The sweet nectar flowed freely onto his thirsty tongue.

Locked in sixty-nine the orally worshipped each other’s sex. Roger French kissed her kitty, thrusting his stiffened tongue like a small cock, his chin rubbing steadily across her sensitive clitoris. The fluttering began in her belly as Roger lapped at her moist flower.

Her mind raced between the tingling Roger aroused in her and the sensations going on in her mouth and throat. The smooth, soft flesh bursa escort on the rigid penis was warm on her tongue. The ripples and veins of Roger’s erection were being explored by Tiffany’s tongue. Deep in her throat, she could feel the crown sliding past her `reflex’ spot as she swallowed rapidly. Once past there, it filled her throat, and felt as though it reached her stomach.

Lacking control from this position, she relaxed as best she could. Roger was moving his hips ever so slightly, so as not to cause her to choke on a sudden thrust. He worked his oral magic on her kitty with his tongue rigid, yet still soft against her clitoris. Tiffany thrust her belly up to his face in a gentle rolling motion.

Roger sensed some discomfort from Tiffany, and slowly pulled away from her hot mouth. Her teeth grazed the sensitive area below the tip where the foreskin met the crown. He moaned softly and rolled on his back next to her. Seizing the moment, Tiffany rose from the bed and straddled her lover’s face.

Placing her dripping kitty over his hungry lips and lowering hr mouth back to Roger’s stiff, throbbing penis. Much more at ease, she was able to use her mouth and throat to consume the erection more comfortably. Nibbling and licking her way up and down the dragon’s length before she slid her hot throat around it.

While Tiffany relished her prize, Roger had his face full of the sweet nectar of her sex and the rich, earthy aroma of her anal opening. The brown, puckered ring of flesh was pulsing with each thrust of his tongue into her swollen kitty. He grabbed her hips and pulled them down a little. That gave him the position to lick across her anus.

He felt the muscle tighten at first, but also heard the soft groan from Tiffany’s throat. Her kitty rubbed his chin as he began to rim her back door, the soft flesh yielding to the gentle pressure of his tongue. Her hips moved slowly and deliberately. She rolled them so that Roger was licking her from clitoris to butt-hole. Relaxed as she was, he was able to insert his tongue just inside her back door.

The excitement of the new experience caused Roger to lose his control, and he began to swell in Tiffany’s mouth. She, too, gave in to her body and started to cum hard. Her hips bucked and shivered, guttural cries of release came from her full throat as the orgasm swept through her. She pulled back from Roger’s pulsing rod just as he started to release his hot, thick cum. It splashed her lips and chin, then across her breasts when Roger slipped out of her mouth.

Tiffany recaptured the spewing dragon ass the last of its liquid fire poured out. Most of Roger’s seed covered her upper body and his belly, her girl-cum covered Roger’s face and neck. She raised off his slippery, sticky belly and licked all she could from his flesh. She moved over him and slid her kitty around to his belly, then offered her cum covered breasts to his mouth.

Roger licked them dry, as well as her lips and chin. They shared the taste of his salty essence in a passionate French kiss as their sweat-covered bodies melted into one another. Tasting and teasing each other’s mouth for several minutes, Roger finally broke the kiss to ask Tiffany if she wanted to shower with him.

She was upright in a heartbeat, and heading for the bathroom. Roger finished removing his leathers and followed her to the steam filled room. She had the water running hot by the time he joined her. Tiffany’s blonde hair was plastered to her back as he stepped in behind her. He kissed her neck as his hands roamed over the gentle swell of her taut belly with the bar of soap.

She pushed her butt to his belly and trapped his semi-hard penis between the soft crease formed by her backside. Roger’s hands went up and down her front, gently washing her breasts, belly and thighs. Tiffany turned, and Roger continued to cleanse her back, butt and neck, before he dropped to his knees and started on her legs.

While he was tending to her knees and lower legs, her kitty was directly in front of his mouth. Even through the hot, soapy spray around them, he could still detect the heavenly aroma of her sex. His mouth was drawn to it, like a magnet. Tiffany bent her legs and thrust her mound to his waiting tongue.

Roger devoured her soft lips and pushed his stiffened tongue into her vagina. Tiffany held his head, moaning and calling out his name. bursa merkez escort Roger’s hands continued to roam her backside, and his soap covered fingers found the soft crease of her butt. They were near her rear hole, and gently pressing against it.

Small circles around her tight pucker when suddenly her felt the orifice relax and a finger slid smoothly into her back door. Tiffany stiffened at first, then moaned quietly as she felt the thick finger enter her body. She consciously gave in to the invading digit and pushed against it, allowing Roger to push it all the way in.

Between the tongue at her clitoris, and the finger that impaled her anus, Tiffany started to cum again. Her shriek echoed in the tile shower as she gave over to the intense feelings that coursed through her whole body. Never did she think that anyone could make her cum so much, in so many different ways as Roger had.

He had yet to insert his penis into her vagina, yet she had cum three times already. Each one more intense than the last. `God, he’s such a good lover!’ she thought to herself. `How much longer could this last?’ A second wave of release flowed through her belly and shook her whole body. Tiffany fell away from Roger, and leaned against the slick tile wall for support.

Slowly, she lowered herself to sit on the floor, gently pulling Roger’s body towards her face. His erection had been renewed by his oral efforts, and she took the throbbing flesh deep into her mouth while cradling his heavy sac in her small hand. She was going to reward him well for his attentions to her needs. Bobbing her head, swallowing his length and rolling his balls gently, she soon coaxed another heavy load of the thick cream from Roger’s penis into her throat. She didn’t allow a single drop to escape, this time.

Returning to the original task at hand, they finished washing one another, the dried off with the soft fluffy towels Tiffany had ready. She led Roger back to her bed and lay beside him. They kissed hot and touched all over each other as Roger slowly faded off to sleep. The long night of work, combined with the intense oral sex session had worn him completely down.

Tiffany smiled at his sleeping form, gently caressing his hair and chest, as she thought of how much she loved him, and of how good he was to her. She kissed his forehead, and slid down next to him. Tiffany spooned against his body and joined him in satisfied slumber.

Tiffany didn’t stay asleep long, however, thoughts of tasting Roger kept her awake. She wanted more of his hot, thick seed in her belly. She loved the way he tasted. From the slick, clear pre-cum to the final pulses of his essence, she could eat him all day. Her hand slipped over his sleeping body to search out his beautiful penis.

She had fallen in love with the massive organ at first sight. The way it curved away from his belly and bounced with each beat of his heart when fully erect. The soft, firm crown, plum colored when aroused, felt so good when she wrapped her tongue around it. The soft folds of his loose foreskin were a playground for the tip of her stiffened tongue, too.

Tiffany re-played the last time he was in her throat. The way it filled her mouth with its heat, the rippled surface parting her lips as it passed through. The fullness as it slid down her hungry throat, and the pulsing, throbbing sensations as he loosed the liquid fire she craved.

The first time she allowed herself to take all of Roger’s eight inches, she was frightened. Not knowing if she could take it all, she mustered up the courage and gradually took more and more of his dragon in. The touch of her nose to his belly surprised her when she finally got there. It took all the control she had to keep it there. Just as she had become accustomed to its length and girth, she felt it expand and throb. It seemed to be IN her stomach at that point, and she greedily accepted his hot, thick offering.

Tiffany was hooked on the salty/sweet fluid from that moment on. She couldn’t get enough to satisfy her wants. Now, she could take all of him easily, swiftly. She could swallow around Roger’s erection and literally milk the delicious fluid from him. His moans of ecstasy filled her ears when she did that for him.

Her hand found the sleeping giant, resting half hard against his thigh. Gently stroking its soft length, it grew quickly bursa sınırsız escort as if it had a mind of it’s own. Tiffany moved around her lover’s body and approached from between his legs. It was not her preferred angle, but it would do for a start. She kissed on him lightly, her lips barely touching the velvet crown, her tongue exploring the underside at the sensitive place where the foreskin met the head. Roger moaned in his sleep as her mouth closed over the precious plum.

Roger felt the gentle touch at his swelling penis in a dreamlike state. Not wanting to open his eyes and dispel the dream, he lay quietly as the warmth of Tiffany’s mouth closed around his erect penis. It wasn’t a dream. Tiffany engulfed the upper half of his hard rod with her mouth, gripping the lower part with her long, cool fingers. She, too, moaned when the pre-cum began to flow on to her waiting tongue.

Tired as he was, Roger enjoyed her skilled manipulation of his cock. Fellatio was definitely her favorite pastime, next to having Roger’s talented tongue kiss on her needy kitty. She thoroughly enjoyed the way he made her feel and the intensity of the cums when he performed cunnilingus with her. The ideal mixture was, of course, sixty-nine. That way they both got the `licking’ they deserved, and desired.

Tiffany felt his hand in her long blonde hair, gently combing through her soft locks. `Yes’, she thought, `He’s awake for this’. Continuing to felate the pulsing flesh with growing enthusiasm, more and more of Roger’s penis disappeared into her throat. Her hands cradled the heavy sac below, a finger or two pressing on the tender flesh between his testicles and his anus.

Not completely recovered from the recent cums, Roger knew he would last a long time if he simply lay there and let Tiff do all the work. As much as he liked it, he did need to get some sleep. The temporary job he took while visiting Tiffany was only good for a few more days. The extra spending cash would come in handy when he had to return home.

He pulled her head away from his erection, and looked into her sexy green eyes. From the first time he saw that pair of spectacular, captivating eyes, he knew she was something special. Tiffany had proved herself more than just special in the time they’ve been together.

She looked longingly into his eyes, deep blue with the passion of the moment. He whispered softly, “Here kitty, kitty.” Tiffany smiled in lust and changed position, laying head to foot on her back. She placed a pillow behind her neck to allow her head to hang back further. As Roger straddled her body, she guided the pulsing dragon to her lips as she felt his hot tongue slide into her swollen kitty lips.

“OHHH . YESSSS . ROGER!!. Lick it there!!” She swooned and took him back into her mouth. Deeper and smoother at this angle, she swallowed him fully while he nibbled sweetly on her enlarging clitoris. A rough finger pushed into her hole below and the sensations washed through her when he touched her “spot”. He found it so quickly it surprised her into a mini-cum. Her hips bucked with the small flutters in her belly. Tiffany sucked him hard and swirled her tongue around the thickest part of him.

`Cum for me’ she said to herself. `Give me your hot seed’.

Roger detected the swallowing motions of her hot, slick throat muscles begin. He redoubled the intensity of his oral attentions and nipped at her bud with his teeth. The involuntary quivering of her hips told him she was close to release, exciting him even more.

His hips started to roll, thrusting his penis in and out of her deep throat, gently fucking her face. It was all he could stand. He plunged three fingers into her tiny vagina and sucked hard on her clit Her cum forced her body upwards off the bed, her scream was muffled by the thick flesh that impaled her mouth and throat.

The vibrations of her scream, her shuddering body, the rapid swallowing coaxed her desire from his body. He poured the thick fluid into her belly in long, hot spurts. Not as forceful as earlier, but full, deep pulses of the thick juice.

Her kitty exploded at the same time he filled her belly. Girl-cum flooded his mouth, hand, and the sheets below their bodies. Exhausted, Roger rolled off of Tiffany’s heaving body, both gasping for breath. She curled around and purred in his ear, like a satisfied she-cat. Her hands softly stroked the hair on his chest as they returned to `normal’.

“I’m sorry, Roger. I know you need to rest, but I had to have more.” “I could tell, Tiff. Did you get enough?”

“For now.” She purred.

Roger smiled and pulled her close, kissed her softly and whispered, “Good Night, Tiff.”

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