Our BVI Adventure Part 2


Our BVI Adventure Part 2Day FourWe meet up at the pool the next morning for drinks. Before going down, I ask her to wear her vibrating balls deep inside her pussy and to let me have the control. Surprisingly, she agrees and off we go. A perfect sunny pool day filled with lots of umbrella drinks and flirting ensued. By late afternoon, we’re all quite tipsy as we lounge around waiting for more drinks. Tonya glances over at me and commented she’d like to see me blow the pool boy who’s been delivering our drinks all day. A bit embarrassed, I ask where the fuck THAT come from! Sandy just laughed and said, “Relax, I know Randy would like too”.  He just laughs. I relax a bit. Randy asks Tonya if she’s ever had a woman go down on her. Tonya tells him not yet while looking Sandy straight in the eye boldly.  I’d never seen her like this.  A bit of an awkward moment silences us, but quickly passes as we all process this newly shared information. Everything is back to normal after a few minutes, everyone continues with the teasing and we have a couple more drinks. At one point, Sandy looks around and asks what that noise is. Tonya smirks a bit and sips her drink. I look into Tonya’s eyes as I show Sandy the remote in my hand. My lovely wife gives me that pretend mad look but her eyes are sparkling. Sandy expresses quite an interest, so I hand the remote to her and tell her to start pressing the buttons. At one point, as the humming gets louder she looks at Tonya, smiles and leans down towards her midsection, “I can hear it!” she laughs.  She hands the remote over to Randy and asks Tonya to describe the toy. She does so while looking at Randy, who is busy clicking away through the different settings. Sandy wants to try it out so the girls go into the washroom where Tonya pull the balls out and hand them over. As Tonya comes out of the stall, she walks to the sink to rinse them off. Sandy asks what she’s doing.  When Tonya says she’s going rinse them off, Sandy tells her, “I’ll do that!” Tonya hands Sandy the toy and she puts them in her mouth, sucking and licking them like candy!  Tonya is immediately on board with the program, as Sandy slowly lifts her leg to the sink, pulls her bathing suit to the side as she lets her slowly inserts the balls inside her, then licks her fingers When they return to the pool a bit later, Tonya looks a little flush and Sandy very satisfied.  We play with the remote some more, with drinks in hand. We soon learned the girls had inserted them inside Sandy before rejoining us in the pool. At one point Tonya grabs the remote and changes the setting, insisting Sandy try that one. A few short minutes later, a startled Sandy comments that she could probably cum right there.  It was then we drunkenly came up with the game “Which Pussy Has the Balls”. The girls would go to the restroom and put the toy inside one of them. We would play with the remote until we discovered who had it.  We do this probably three or four go rounds. As we’re playing, I noticed Randy’s cock getting rock hard and obviously was every bit as big as advertised.  Tonya noticed as well. I caught her sneaking peaks a few times. They got sneakier during the course of our little game and after a while we couldn’t determine who had it. I changed the setting to what Tonya preferred and left it on. After a couple of minutes and just as the “hot pool boy” as the girls started calling him, walked up, Tonya began an intense orgasm and was really bad at hiding it.  She unknowingly grabbed his arm as she came back down. He asked if she was ok. She said, “I am now and I won”!  We all laughed and pool boy smiled and winked as he walked away. Once she caught her breath, Tonya suggests we reverse roles so that the guys have güvenilir bahis the toy and the girls have the remote. Eyes yes wide, I mumbled “Well this just got weird”.  Sandy sternly admonished me to do as I was told, as Tonya laughed. Off we went into the restroom to follow orders.  Once inside we locked the door and Randy immediately drops his trunks…. he’s fucking huge!  He has a perfect shaped head with veins all over and large balls. He noticed I was staring. He asked if I’ve ever seen a black cock. I informed him I had. He asked how that came about, so I told him about the time I went to the glory hole back home and sucked and fucked a back dude on a day when Tonya thought I was riding my Harley.  He seemed to think that was pretty hot, since he immediately asked if I’d like to suck him. At this point I’m buzzed and horny as hell, so I’m thinking what the hell and dropped to my knees. I tried to get as much of him down my throat as I could but he was so big I could only get his head in my mouth. I licked up and down the underside of him and squeezed his dick hard, just like I like it. Precum started oozing out and I sucked it down like honey. Randy decides we’d better get back to the pool before the girls start wondering. We decide to flip a coin to see who goes first. I lose (win)!  He tells me to sit on the counter and he will insert the toy. I lift my left leg to give him access. He has a hard time getting it in. We need lube! We both notice the precum still oozing from his cock. He points it at my ass and rubs his cock around my puckered hole. Panting a bit, he pushes a little harder as he stares at me. The head shockingly slips right in with shocking ease. He just holds it there and starts jacking me off. Just as my ass loosens up, he pushed further in slowly. After a few seconds that seem an eternity, he pulls out and inserts the balls in his place. Wow, what a rush!!  We clean up and go back to the pool bar. The girls immediately sent us wicked smile and remark on how long we took. Tonya gave me a sexy wink and I just smile, feeling a little embarrassed thinking about what I just did. We order another round of drinks and the girls try to figure out who has it. Eventually Sandy notices the wet stain in the front of my bathing suit. It felt so good and was vibrating right on my prostate. I was so focused on not giving it away that I didn’t notice how much cum had leaked out. Needless to say, she won.  Tiring of this game, our new buddies invite us up to their room to show us their toy collection. Once there, Sandy immediately shares her favorite with Tonya…. a remote-control dildo with a clit tickler. Sandy asks Tonya if she wants to try it. Tonya looks at me, her big eyes filled with silent question. I just nod, knowing she really wants to. It’s really large so Sandy asks if she would like some lube. My suddenly not so bashful wife looks straight at Randy’s cock and blurts out “Not after staring at that all day!”. After that ice breaker, it’s on!Sandy asks for the balls I had removed from my ass and inserts them inside her pussy. Tonya, still a tiny bit shy, climbed under the covers to insert her dildo. Sandy hands the remote to the dildo to Randy and I have Sandy’s remote. He tells Tonya that he’s going to show her Sandy’s favorite setting. It didn’t take long on this setting for Tonya to lose all her inhibitions and throw those covers off.  Tonya is clearly getting close to an orgasm, so Sandy grabs the dildo and starts fucking her hard with it. She then pulls it out and licks it up and down sucking her juices. Tonya whimpers, obviously missing the toy but enjoying the show. Sandy shoves it back in and fucks her with it until Tonya squirts everywhere. Sandy pulls it türkçe bahis out and attacks Tonya’s pussy, licking her clean. Tonya just looks at me with lust filled eyes. Randy and I had already pulled out our dicks earlier while watching the scene before us.  Sandy asks Tonya if I can fuck her in her ass. Tonya agrees, but only if Randy fucks me at the same time. Squealing and clapping her hands like a little school girl, Sandy reaches into her bag and grabs some lube, telling me I’m going to need it! I smoothly tell her the head fit just fine earlier. Eyes filled with lust over this news, Tonya grabs my cock and sucks on it like never before. She stops just before I explode and the girls take turns filing my ass with lube. Tonya shoves two fingers deep inside me and decides I’m going to need some up here too. Then it was Sandy’s turn. Tonya does the same to her but much more softly and slowly. She starts fucking Sandy’s ass with her fingers.  I’ve never seen my wife like this. She was in control and everyone was onboard with her directions.  Eventually Tonya stops fucking Sandy’s ass and tells me to bend over. Tonya grabs Randy’s cock and and sucks on the head before lining it up to my ass. Sandy starts pushing his steel rod into me. The head of his dick eased in and my ass is on fire!  I tell them to stop for a minute so I can adjust. After a couple minutes, I could feel myself just open up. He felt it too because suddenly he then slid all the way in. This cock is even larger than the guy in Connecticut who came to my room and fucked me three times before leaving me exhausted and filled with his cum (To this day, Tonya thinks that was a made up story for play time). I was loving it as Randy fucked my ass, hard. Soon after watching us Sandy goes down on Tonya again. Tonya sees cum draining from my cock and asks Sandy for some of my cum, so Sandy licks it off gives Tonya one of the hottest kisses I’ve ever seen. Here we are, me getting fucked by a huge black cock and Tonya making out with the guy’s wife! After making out for a while, Tonya looks at me and demands I fuck Sandy in the ass, now!  Sandy spreads her legs over Tonya’s face. Randy pulls out of me, but I can feel my ass staying open. I look down to see Tonya licking Sandy’s pussy. Tonya then reaches up and licks my cum that’s been fucked out of me. She lines me up with her ass and just as I was getting ready to push in Randy, getting back into position behind me, shoves his cock back up my ass. This causes me to go all the way into Sandy’s ass. She screams. I’m afraid I’m hurting her but he just keeps pounding away. I have no control. He’s basically fucking his wife with my cock. I ask if she’s ok. Tonya says, she must love it because she’s flowing all over her face. I forgot the scene Tonya had up close.  She’s watching me get my ass pounded while I’m fucking Sandy’s ass. It so tight it doesn’t take long for me to explode in her ass. At this point Tonya says, I need to get fucked NOW. I tell her, “Baby your timing is bad. I just came”. She replies, “I saw that and my timing is perfect”. I ask her if she wants Randy to fuck her and she says only if I insist. I look over my shoulder and ask Randy to stop fucking me and to fuck my wife. He says, “I thought you would never ask. I’ve been wanting to fuck her since the first time I saw her”. He pulls out of my now gaping ass and he slowly starts kissing up Tonya’s legs. He pays special attention to the backs of her knees, kissing her there. He slowly continues up the insides of her thighs, working towards her flowing pussy. She has her legs spread and her pussy is wide open.  Sandy at this point starts to softly lick Tonya’s nipples. As I’m watching my lovely wife get devoured by this güvenilir bahis siteleri couple I can feel myself getting hard. I think she may have forgotten I’m even there. This rarely happens since my twenties and soon I realize just how horny this is making me. Randy finally works his way to her pussy. He sticks his long hard tongue all the way into her pussy and works it back and forth, fucking her with his tongue. She looks at me with lust and says his tongue is almost as big as my cock. That did it, my cock immediately got hard. She apologizes for the comment realizing what she said. I told her, “No worry at all, baby”. I wanted her to just relax and enjoy. I bent over and kissed her lovingly. About that time, she jerked, yelling “Oh my God!” I looked down to see Randy had pushed her legs all the way back and was fucking her ass with his tongue. Sandy laughed and said that’s his specialty, commenting on the size of his tongue. I was really enjoying the show. Tonya’s nipples where harder than I’ve ever seen them. As Sandy and I licked and bit on her nipples and Randy abused her ass with his tongue, Tonya screamed out, I’m cumming.  She jerked and twisted as he continued to ream her ass. Just as she started to calm down, Randy sit up, grabbed her knees and spread her wide as he buried his hot throbbing cock into her pussy with one long stroke. She immediately came again and squirted all over Randy’s cock.  He slowly started working his monster in and out of her. She was looking into his eyes with pure lust. She was his for that time. He was gentle with her for what seemed like half an hour. She kept asking for him to fuck her hard and he denied her. He just kept slowly going deep with a steady pace.  She must have had ten orgasms while he fucked her. Every now and then I would let her suck the cum off my dick that continued to flow. She decided she wanted on top. Randy pulled out of her soaking pussy and rolled over. While changing positions, the girls made out again. As Randy got on his back, he held up his cock and it looked like a steal rod even after fucking Tonya and I both for a good forty minutes. She climbed on him and grabbed his cock and slid all the way down.  Sandy sat on Randy’s face and started making out with Tonya. I didn’t hate being left out because it was so hot watching my girl fuck that huge cock while making out with his wife. I was stroking while enjoying the show.  Tonya started going at it hard. She looked over at me and said, “Fuck me in the ass, baby!” Being the accommodating husband, I followed her instructions. As I lined up to go in, I was a little worried I might need lube. I was wrong. I sunk in with no problem. She got up on her knees to give me better access. This gave Randy room to start jack hammering her pussy from below. As this happened, I could feel every stroke. It was as if someone were holding our cocks together as he fucked her. As the girls continued to make out and Randy pounded Tonya from below I could feel myself getting ready to cum again. Tonya announced her next orgasm arriving soon. Just then I felt a sensation I’ve never had. It felt like her pussy just got hot and expanded as Randy grunted and started fucking her even harder. Tonya screamed like I’ve never heard and I exploded at the same time. Tonya jumped off his cock and turned to suck on his geyser, swallowing every drop. As I watch my wife swallow her first load, I was proud and little jealous as I wanted to be her first load. She sucked it down like the slut she is.  After she finished sucking him dry we all slowly calmed down and had a moment of silent reflection. After a few minutes Tonya said, “So, we never asked where you’re from or what you do”. Sandy replies “I’m art professor at SMU and Randy is the running back coach for SMU”. Tonya looks at me with a sly grin while still holding his cock and with jizz trickling from her pussy and ass and asked, “So, do you like infused jalapeño margaritas?”

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