Overseas Assignment


Overseas AssignmentOverseas Assignment(MMFF, slut-wife)Linda and I had been married for several years when my company asked me if I would be interested in an overseas assignment helping the company expand into other parts of Europe and Asia. Without making a firm commitment, I said I would certainly entertain the idea and discuss it with Linda. We agreed that the separation would be difficult, but the payoff in terms of future opportunities within the company might be substantial. A few months later, the regional VP said I had been nominated for a leading role in the company’s expansion to Turkey and the job would take me to Ankara for about one year.As I prepared for departure, Linda and I went out for a romantic dinner. Let me say up front that this lady is truly the love of my life – she’s my confidante, friend and soul mate. Linda is also an incredibly sexy woman with a passion for sex that can only be described as wild abandon. During dinner, I told Linda that I didn’t expect her to sit at home for the entire year and to stay connected with her friends. She was free to go out dancing at a nightclub or go down to the pub for a drink and darts. The conversation moved on to other topics like managing the finances and home repairs.During dessert, Linda asked me how I was going to deal with my sexual needs. I explained that since Turkey was a Muslim country, there was not much westerners could do except to take things into their own hands – literally. When I asked her the same question, she replied that she would probably have to buy some “toys to fill the void,” so to speak. We both chuckled as the conversation seemed a bit awkward. It seemed we were both asking each other if the other could or would remain faithful during the separation.For the remainder of dinner, my mind was going back to the gentle probing question about sex during the separation. I silently debated what I would feel if Linda had sex with someone else while I was gone. Would I be jealous or upset, or would I take a more pragmatic approach if the fling was just for sex and not part of an emotional relationship. I decided to ask her.“Do you think it’s possible for you to have sex with some guy without becoming emotionally involved with him?” I probed.“What do you mean?” Linda countered. “I think the answer is yes. We had sex on our first date because I thought you were cute, but we didn’t become emotionally involved until months later, as I recall.”“Well, I guess what I’m wondering is this. “ I took a breath. “While I’m gone, you will certainly get horny. If you went out to a pub or nightclub for an evening and some good looking chap started chatting you up, if the mood struck you, could you have a one-night stand to scratch the itch without becoming emotionally involved with the chap?”“That’s a tough question, Vic.” She lowered her voice to be barely audible. “I couldn’t fuck somebody I didn’t like. I’m not a machine, you know. The difference between a dildo and a real cock is that the real cock is attached to a live human being who has a personality.”“I know, I know. What I’m getting at is this. I figure that if you get horny and just want to get laid, that should be alright if you can do that without risking our relationship. I don’t want to lose you because of this separation, but I also know that sex is a need that can’t be completely suppressed. I figure if you know you can have sex without feeling guilty about it, and the guy doesn’t really mean much to you, then we should be okay.”“Wow!” Linda mused aloud. “This conversation is blowing me away. I’m pretty much stunned and don’t really know what to think at the moment.”I laughed breaking the seriousness that had taken over the conversation. This was supposed to be a romantic dinner. “Just remember,” I said with a big smile, “that this husband of yours will be fantasizing about you all the time. And you already know that I’ve gotten off while thinking of you treating another guy to the thrill of your charms.”Linda reached across the table to take my hands. With a gentle rub and a smile that would melt an iceberg, she softly said, “You, my dear husband, just remember that I’ll always love you and will be fantasizing about you too. If, and I’m not saying I will, if I did what you have suggested, would you want to know?”“A part of me says no, but the rest of me says I’d want to know every detail. I think if you wrote to me describing everything, it would be like I was with you watching you. It’s like when I hold you while you masturbate. You are giving yourself pleasure and it turns me on to see your body responds to your touch. When you go over the top, watching you during your orgasm is enough to make me come. So, to answer your question, absolutely and positively, yes – and don’t leave anything out.” We left the restaurant and drove home is relative silence while holding hands and contemplating the separation and our conversation. When we got home, we went straight to bed and engaged in the most loving love-making session since our honeymoon.Two days later, I was airborne out of London’s Heathrow airport for Ankara, Turkey.The first few weeks were hectic while I looked for a suitable apartment with security and attempted to get acclimated to the Turkish culture and weather. I got my first email from Linda a week after I called with my new email address. Her email made me laugh with all the small talk. At the end, she closed by saying, “Ann thought you would need something to remind you of your wife back home, so she took this photo for you to keep safe.” Opening the attachment, I saw Linda standing totally naked in our living room with her arms outstretched and wearing only her gardening hat.A few weeks later, I opened another of Linda’s emails and began reading…“My darling Victor,Before you left, you told me that you wanted me to go out if the mood struck me. You also told me that if I did, it would not affect your love for me and I assured you that nothing would affect my love for you. I guess this is where we find out the real truth. As I type this, my hands are shaking and heart is pounding with nervousness. At the same time, I am also very excited.Ann asked me if I wanted to go out dancing at a pub normally frequented by Americans from the oil rigs. Since I hadn’t been there before, I thought, “What the hell.” When we got there, the music was loud and the place was packed and jumping. I was wearing that new sundress I bought just before you left and naturally, I only wore my thong panties underneath.We had to push our way through the crowd to get to the bar. It was impossible for either Ann or me to avoid brushing against both men and women as we squeezed through small spaces. I became very aware when my breasts rubbed against the cool skin of some guy. Several of the guys turned to look down at me as I brushed against them when I passed. Their looks which scanned my entire body were flattering and made me feel so sexy.Ann and I bought a couple of drinks each and pushed our way to a table just vacated by some couples. We hadn’t been seated more than a minute when two guys approached and asked each of us to dance. We got up and danced a couple of numbers with them and then returned to our table. When we were almost finished with our drinks, the two guys reappeared and asked if they could join us and refresh our drinks. Ann and I looked at each other and, since they were both cute, we agreed. They introduced themselves as Tom and Dave. Tom was the one who asked Ann to dance, and I danced with Dave.If you remember, Vic, my sundress is designed to reveal more skin to the sun. You even mentioned that you could see the sides of my breasts when I wore the dress. Well, Dave couldn’t keep his eyes from constantly checking my boobs. When we danced to slow songs, he moved his hands lightly over my back and along my sides. The lightness of his touch made me want him to touch me harder, firmer, and in more places. I was thinking of your touch on my boobs and wanting you inside me. I was starting to get turned on and my thoughts began to reconsider your suggestion. At the end of one song, Dave just stood there on the dance floor holding me instead of moving back to the table. He leaned down and raised my chin to meet his face. When our lips touched, it was like a spark of electricity went through me. I was on fire and totally in heat at that moment. When we returned to the table, Tom and Ann were kissing deeply with tongues entwined. As Dave and I sat down, they broke their embrace and just smiled at us. As we finished our drinks, it was like we were the only ones in the pub even though it was still crowded. Dave broke the silence by suggesting we try to find somewhere more private. I knew at that moment I was about to cross the line into this new territory of our relationship.Walking out into the parking lot, Ann asked aloud where everyone wanted to go. Dave looked down at me and quietly asked if I wanted to go to a hotel. I nodded and Dave suggested to Tom and Ann a local hotel that had a good bar. Since the guys had come to the pub in one car and we had come in Ann’s car, we agreed to meet at the hotel lounge. In the car, it was all Ann could do to contain her excitement. She and Tom had been touching all night and she couldn’t wait to fuck his brains out. I had to admit to her that Dave was turning me on while brushing my tits and caressing my back during the slow songs. Then Ann asked me about you. I simply told her that we had an arrangement, but I didn’t elaborate.When we got to the hotel, Tom and Dave were already inside. As we approached them, they both stood up and Dave was holding a set of keys. “Shall we?” he said while turning towards the elevators.My heart was racing at this moment because I knew what was coming, or so I thought. After getting off the elevator on the 4th floor, we walked kilis escort down the hall following Dave and Tom. I figured at any moment that Dave would stop at a door and Tom would continue down the hall, or vice versa. When Dave stopped at a door, Tom also stopped. When Dave opened the door, Tom entered the room followed by Ann and then me.The room was spacious and very well appointed. It had two queen-sized beds. Under the desk was an honor bar. Tom opened the small cabinet with refrigerator and announced the contents for everyone to choose. Since there were both beer and airline size bottles of liquor, I chose a rum and coke which Tom quickly mixed and handed to me.Ann kicked her shoes off and took a place on one of the beds. Tom brought her a drink and sat on the bed next to Ann. Dave picked out a beer and we moved to the other bed. There was a moment of awkward silence as the four of us looked at each other while sipping our drinks. Dave set his beer down on the outside night stand and then reached over and gently took my glass from my hand setting my drink beside his. He lay back down on the bed pulling me towards him. Our lips met and we locked ourselves in a hot, exciting embrace. As I kissed Dave, it no longer mattered that Ann and Tom were still in the room. For me, they were no longer there.… Reading this part of Linda’s email caused my heart rate to accelerate because I could visualize what Dave was doing and knowing what was about to happen. My own cock was stirring and I continued reading…Dave reached behind my neck and pulled the material knot holding the top of my sundress. As the dress came apart, I was suddenly aware of my nakedness. Dave’s hands slid up between us to caress my breasts. My nipples were so hard they were aching for attention. I didn’t have to wait as Dave’s thumb and fingers began rolling my nipples. He cupped my tits while lowering his mouth to suck in my nipple and used his tongue to play with me.I reached down to feel the front of his pants and found my prize fully hard and straining to be free. I unbuckled his pants and unzipped the fly allowing his manhood to spring into sight. His cock was a sight to behold, so tall and perfectly shaped arching slightly. When I took hold of his pulsating prick, the heat radiated through my hand. I positioned myself for a closer look. As I neared his beautiful staff, the smell of his sex was strong and intoxicating. All the veins were as well defined as an athlete’s flexed muscles. I moved my face nearer still and pressed his hot meat against my cheek. The smell and heat of this love muscle was overpowering. I began kissing the sides of his pole while holding him against my face. As my kisses rose towards the purple helmet, my need to taste became urgent. I slowly drew the shiny head across my lips feeling the texture of his cock as it moved and smelling his powerful aroma. My tongue darted out, first to feel, then to taste, and finally to bathe this wonderful source of pleasure. I moved around so that I could lavish the sensitive underside of his crown with affection knowing this was the spot that made him completely powerless.I tongued the length of his hot manhood and then took him into my mouth. My tongue gripped and sucked while moving up and down the top half of his cock. I felt his cock become hotter and begin to expand telling me that his desire to spill his seed was becoming more urgent. Using my tongue to savor the sweetness of his precum as it began to ooze out of the slit. I then spread it around the head of his cock. I was rewarded with more precum each time I squeezed his cock from bottom to top. The more nectar he produced, the more I wanted. It was like going after oil knowing it’s just below the surface. I pumped him harder and sucked and swirled my tongue harder. His cock grew harder and hotter than ever before. I wanted his white sperm laden seed in my mouth now. Dave let out a loud moan as he went rigid and he used his hands to hold my head in place. His cock exploded sending jet after jet of his salty cum to the back of my throat. Swallowing hard and fast, I didn’t want to lose a drop. Feeling each jet travel the length of his boiling rod, I kept squeezing his cock from base to top to get everything this beautiful specimen had to offer. When Dave stopped shooting and began to soften, I let him slide out of my mouth and licked my lips. As I turned to reposition myself towards Dave’s head, I noticed Ann and Tom sitting on their bed watching us. Both were naked and touching each other, but they were staring at Dave and me. Tom reached to turn Ann’s face towards his and began to kiss her passionately. Now it was my turn to watch as Tom’s cock sprang up in Ann’s hand. …My own cock was fully hard and I opened my shorts to free it. Lightly stroking myself, precum was oozing out the slit and I slowly spread it around the purple head. The pleasure was growing in intensity, but I was going to make this last for a while. I scrolled down to continue reading Linda’s email…Reaching over to pick up my rum and coke from the night stand, Dave began lightly caressing my breasts again. I took a sip and watched Tom roll Ann onto her back on the bed with her legs pointing towards me. While Tom was massaging Ann’s small breasts, Dave was massaging mine and I looked down to see Dave’s cock coming back to life. Taking another sip of my drink, I returned it to the night stand and began massaging Dave’s cock while watching the live pornographic show just a few feet away on the next bed. Tom moved his hand down Ann’s belly to her pussy and she spread her legs wide granting him access. After Tom spread her cunt lips apart, his fingers disappeared inside her. Pulling them out completely coated with her vaginal lubrication, he rubbed her clitoris and the rest of her pussy. Tom rolled on top of Ann and I watched as he positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to Ann’s cunt. Slowly, he pushed just the head of his cock into her and pulled back a bit. His cockhead wet, he pushed into her again a little deeper and pulled back, then pushed all the way into her forcing an audible moan from Ann. Her arms circled Tom’s back and she raised her knees as they settled into their steady fucking rhythm. God, you can’t imagine how horny I was at that moment, and returned my gaze to the rejuvenated hardon in my hand. Looking down at Dave, I lowered myself to kiss him, then moved on top of him. It felt so good to lay on top of him skin on skin, chest to chest, stomach to stomach, and feeling his cock in between us. Without breaking our kiss, I began to rub my pussy on his cock feeling the pressure against my clitoris. The tingling intensified and I needed him inside me to scratch that deeper itch. I reached in between us to take his cock and rub it against my vaginal entrance that was dripping. Coating his cockhead with my juices, I lowered myself onto Dave’s turgid pole. He filled me and we were joined as one. I raised myself up off his chest and just stared down at his face while forcing his cock as deep into me as it would go. Dave was fixated on my boobs dangling in front of his flushed face. As I started rocking back and forth, the pure pleasure of fucking again was overpowering. Dave held and squeezed my boobs as I continued my race towards orgasm. Dave’s hips started raising and lowering in timing with my rocking as he shoved himself deep into me with each stroke. I didn’t want this incredible sexual feeling to end, but was now desperate for the inevitable crescendo building in my body. Dave’s pumping became more urgent and his pace increased. I ground my pubic bone into him crushing my clit against him and feeling his cock hitting the depths of my pussy. Again and again, we slammed our sexes together.Ohhh, I could feel the tingling intensify and spread throughout my whole body. I tensed then convulsed into the most incredible orgasm. My mind was lost in the exquisite pleasure that rocked my entire being. Dave pushed deep into me raising me off the bed and he held me up while moaning aloud. I could feel his pulsing cock start shooting his sperm into my womb. His facial expression froze in distortion while his cock continued to send jet after jet of his cum. We were each locked in the throes of pleasure. As we both began to descend back from the high feverish pitch, I laid back down onto his chest and just relaxed in the afterglow.…My cock was straining for release as I continued to spread the oozing precum around and around my cockhead concentrating on that exquisite spot just below the head on the underside. I had to come now and closed my eyes visualizing Linda and Dave together. The sensations began rising from my balls and heading through my sperm tube. My semen shot out onto my chest again and again as my body was racked with the intense pleasure of the moment. And then it was over and my cock began softening. I too began relaxing in the afterglow. After wiping myself with the hand towel, I went back to Linda’s email…We held each other for a short while and looked over to see Tom and Ann lighting up cigarettes and picking up their drinks. I rolled off Dave to one side and propped myself up on one elbow. We all started smiling at each other realizing we had just done something totally wild that most people in the world never experience. After Tom and Ann finished their cigarettes and we all finished our drinks, everyone got dressed and we left the hotel to go our separate ways.Victor, I hope this was what you wanted to know…they sometimes say, “Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.” Well, we both just got it – wow! Now, I need to hear your reaction from you soon. The sex with Dave was awesome, but my love for you is not diminished – I promise. The email was signed, “Love Always, Linda.”I hit REPLY immediately. “I came just after reading that you came! I’m madly in love with you and need you badly! Victor.”

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