Owned: The Training and Taming of Kittenbritches p

Ball Gag

Owned: The Training and Taming of Kittenbritches pI wanted to meet you after your first message on x hamster- I have an unwrapped diamond ? stud collar waiting for the likes of you! You had me at ‘lady in the streets’ part…. Icing on the cake was take home to momma!! Let’s chat! It was such an intellectual/emotional turn-on that you watched my whole profile video, and my pussy gushed a little at Your mention of collar. Could I have met a kindred spirit? My soul mate, so to speak? I seldom respond to messages, there are so many given my sparse free time… And one that tickles my fancy, so to speak, is as rare as the diamonds You mentioned. For Yours, I made time. By the next evening we were talking on the phone and I told You everything about myself, but You already seemed to know… Not the details perhaps, but who I am, what I needed… By the time You said I was “so primed to be owned, it’s crazy”, You already did.A month later I am on a plane bound for San Diego to meet You for the first time. After our nightly conversations, I feel I’ve known You my whole life…. Knew You were out there, waiting for me to find You too. Yet I feel giddy with nervous excitement… What if I disappoint You? What if You are not who You seem to be, and are just another pretender in the long line of would-be Doms? I deplane in balmy San Diego, grab my suitcase full of sex toys from baggage claim, order a Lyft with the address You had given me. The only flight I could get put me in town 2 hours before You were off work, so You left a key for me under a rock in the garden with the instruction- make yourself comfortable.The front door opens into a large tiled entry way. There I find a box with a note on top, “my delicious whore, take off your clothes and put on (or in, depending) all of the items in this box. You’ll notice 4 o-rings in the floor. Lock the cuffs to each ring. Bonus points if u can get the 4th one locked. -Your Master and Owner” I now notice the rings, as well as a padded knee rest embedded into the tile. How many women had kneeled on that knee pad, I wondered. I remove my clothes and sigh- I’d spent so much time choosing an outfit which was sexy, but not overtly slutty. I fold my dress and place them on the nearby staircase. Underneath, my panties and bra screamed fuck toy- they were crotchless and cupless, perfectly displaying my pussy lips, ass cheeks, full breasts and long pert nipples. I open the box. Ah, the best laid plans, I muse, as I remove these as well… I open the box. On top is the diamond studded collar, as promised. Hanging from it was an engraved name tag. Whore, it read. I place it around my neck and close the tiny padlock. As I do so, I realize there are no keys in the box. I’m committed to this collar around my neck, regardless of what happens. A moment of panic grips me. What if You are in a fatal crash coming home from work? How would I explain this collar at the airport? To my coworkers? To my k**s? I hear the reassuring sound of Your voice inside my head, “breathe, whore. I will always come for you. You are mine”. I take a moment to calm my nerves and then buckle the fur lined leather cuffs, but I don’t lock them to the floor just yet. Under the cuffs I find an enema bottle, an unusual looking butt plug, and a mouth spreader with attached nipple clamps. I take the bottle to the bathroom and prepare my asshole for Your use. When I am satisfied that I’m fully bahis siteleri cleaned out, I rub some lube I find in the bathroom on to my rear fuck hole and around the wide plug. It’s shaped like a normal plug, but it appears to have moving parts which I can’t figure out. I struggle to push the thick knot all the way in, and gasp as it seats itself in my rectum, filling me to capacity. Make myself comfortable, He said. Ha! I return to the entryway, licking my fingers, then pinching and pulling my nipples to get them fully erect. I slide a clamp around each one, and tighten just past the point of discomfort. I slide the two prongs into my nostrils and the spring-loaded spreader between my jaws, the piece attached to the spring resting on my lower front teeth. I extend the spring by lowering my bottom jaw and twist a screw tightly to lock my mouth open as wide as the spreader allows… Wide enough that the BBC I’ve seen pictured in my inbox can easily slide thru all the way to the back of my throat. I can’t swallow the saliva that my open mouth is now making prolifically, and drool runs down my chin and wets my nipple clamped tits.I place my knees on the 2 foot long, 6 inch wide padded section of floor. The o-rings are about a foot behind me and 18 inches apart. As I lock my ankles down and lean forward to reach the o-rings in front of me, I realize they are perfectly positioned behind my knees to push my ass upward, and the distance between them perfectly exposes both of my fuck holes, spreading them open, leaving them vulnerable to penetration. I had become accustomed to the fullness of the butt plug, but the arch of my back increases the pressure in my rectum, and once again I focus on relaxing my asshole around it, as it stretches the sphincter further.The o-rings for my wrists are affixed to the floor about two feet away, with maybe 6 inches of distance between them, so that I will be locked down with my elbows bent and my weight distributed evenly between my knees and forearms, my full breasts dangling beneath me, clamped nipples caressing the cold tile. I struggle a bit as I try to lock my left wrist to the floor. I know if I accidentally close the padlock outside of the o-ring, I will be punished. I hadn’t failed to notice Your collection of floggers, paddles and crops on display, expertly hung on an exquisite piece of shiny mahogany, mounted to the wall behind me. The image in the floor-to-ceiling mirror attached to the opposite wall, reflects these spanking implements right above my round and completely vulnerable derriere, which is thrust so far upward by the positioning of the o–rings, my ass cheeks appear to beg to be reddened by any and all of them. It only appears this way. I do not want to disappoint You… I do not wish to be punished… The skin of my butt is very tender…The real struggle comes from the 4th and final cuff. I am sweating from the strain of trying to bend my wrist and manipulate my fingers in a way that I can lock my wrist to the floor singlehandedly… Literally. My difficulties are compounded when I feel something happening inside my ass. The parts of the butt plug I had earlier concluded were movable suddenly begin moving… What began as a barely noticeable hum of vibration rapidly becomes a stronger hum .. the pulsations of which arouse me to the point I start panting, my hips rolling slowly forward and back… But then, the moving canlı bahis siteleri parts begin to move apart. The plug which appeared to be solid all the way through is unfolding inside me, the inner core sliding from the base of the plug, thru the tip of the external shell, pushing deeper into my anal canal. Now fully extended to twice it’s original length, the solid plug has become an 8 inch tunnel from my anal sphincter to the furthest depths of my bowels. My breathing becomes labored as I try to accommodate the invasive penetration, but before I can fully adapt, the tunnel begins an outward expansion, as if the tunnel had multilevel walls, linked together and unfolding one level at a time. Each time an inner level unfolded, there was a rapid increase in the diameter of the tunnel, as well as my anal cavity that surrounding it. The pulsating vibrations help to numb and loosen the smooth muscle tissue of my shitter, but not enough to compensate for it’s very rapid and thorough stretching. Tears stream down my face, combine with the saliva now pouring from my mouth (which would be quivering from crying were it not locked open), run down my breasts, and form a pool under each nipple. I am gasping for breath on the verge of hyperventilating, when I hear Your calming voice again “breathe, my beautiful whore. I won’t give you anything you can’t handle. I am proud of you”. I slow my breathing and quiet my racing, panicked thoughts. I become still… present. It is then that i notice cool air caressing my tender anus, so I reach around with my free hand to gauge the extent to which I have been so unexpectedly gaped open. I gasp as my fingers measure what seems to be a hole almost 2 inches in diameter, the opening of a tunnel 8 inches deep… And 2 inches wide the entire length of it. My fuck hole has been forced and held open at least as wide as my mouth. And it is so uncomfortable… so full and so open all at the same time. Panic again threatens to rear it’s ugly head, so I imagine a breeze passing thru me, in thru my mouth and out of my fuck hole… I am that open to You. My somewhat deranged laugh comes out as a snort because I can’t move my lips, which makes me snort harder. The thought of being so open and vulnerable for You… available for You to use for Your pleasure, as You see fit… to be owned, possessed… to be Your possession… helps me regain my composure and arouses me at the deepest level. My hips again begin rocking with the pulsating vibrations, and I can literally feel my clit engorge with blood, thoroughly aroused by my willingness to completely submit to You, mind, body and soul. Once that decision was made, it took no effort at all to lock my remaining wrist to the floor, with a simple twist over the padlock, the cuff effectively pushed it closed. Now there was nothing to do but wait… I try to rub my thighs against my swollen clit, as the vibrations have escalated to the point my hips are no longer rocking, they’re writhing . The pain from the anal invasion has evolved into a different type of pain… My body is longing for the release of orgasm. I am so aroused, I am only aware of my erect nipples caressing the cold tile… my throbbing and swollen clit… the wetness of my pussy lips- my cunt begging to stretched and filled too… the fullness of my fuckhole, which I tighten and relax around the tunnel, trying hard to simulate thrusting… (God canlı bahis how I want to feel Your beautiful cock pounding in and out of my gaping wide asshole)… I need to cum so badly, it hurts… I am so focused on the overwhelming sensation of arousal, on the brink of ecstasy but unable to reach it, that I don’t hear You come in. I don’t know how long You were standing there watching me, holes held open, moaning, writhing, sweating, fingernails digging into tile before You finally speak. “Oh my, you are perfect, sweet whore. And now you are Mine. There’s no going back. I own You. From this point on, you are to address Me as “My Lord” outside of the bedroom. You may call me “Daddy” only when in the throes of ecstasy. I shall call you whatever I wish- fuck toy, fuck holes, cunt, my love- but your name is now whore, and that is how you will be addressed in public, by my friends and business associates, and how I shall introduce you to strangers. You will wear your collar with your name tag at all times. Only I can remove it, and I will only do so when you bathe. Occasionally I will bathe you at the local pet wash. You will wear nothing BUT your collar then, so that I can lock you into the pet wash like a dog. It has nice large windows looking out on to a busy street. I shall very much enjoy bathing you as you kneel in front of all those strangers while I soap you up and hose you down, kittenbritches, my pet. The nozzle has a jet setting, which should work nicely to clean your bowels too. A public enema sounds delightful! Perhaps we may meet someone with an uncut dog, I’m sure their owner would willingly make a playdate for you. I would really enjoy watching you submit to a dog while my cock is filling your mouth… I’m sure the dogs owner would too. Did u want to say something? I couldn’t hear you with that spreader in your mouth. No no… I don’t want to hear you. You’ve done a lot of talking over the last month. I know everything about you I need to know. You are NOT to speak unless I give you permission. Are you concerned about expressing limits? No need. There are none. I OWN you. If I want to watch a dog fuck you, I will. If u resist, you’ll service a pack of dogs. Do you understand me? There are no safe words. If you are in distress, i will slow down but I will not stop. Just kick your feet on the floor the best you can in this position, and I’ll dial down the tempo. But you lost the Privledge of no the moment you locked that collar around your beautiful neck. Trust that I will never give you more than you can handle and you will learn to submit to me without reservation, and you will find the pleasure and contentment and a sense of self that you’ve been seeking your entire life. We ARE soulmates, my precious love. I see fear in your eyes, but relax. You weren’t wrong, you didn’t make a mistake. Your loss of control is an illusion. You never had control of anyone or anything anyway. You’ll lose that rebellious defiant streak that has held you back for so long, and your impulsive reactivity along with it. Once I strip away everything you are not, you will be who you were meant to be… In spite of you.Now, I see your eyes are beginning to roll back in your head again, as they were when I came in… And those hips… I love how aroused you became as I described how you will be trained. My poor little whore. Do you need to cum? I am not cruel. You did very well locking yourself down… And those holes, you opened them so wide for your master. You look glorious. How can I resist your whorish charms? You deserve to cum after such a grueling gaping… Let me just put a couple of fingers right… Here…”

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