Paradise at Home


I knew what they were going to do. I was sitting on the divan skimming through a pornographic magazine as they approached, wearing only their pyjama shorts. I could see their stiff pricks ready for action pushing against the thin cotton.

They sat on either side of me, and Dennis, who was always the spokesman said, “You know what we’re going to do to you, don’t you?”

“Yes, I replied, “and about time too, you’ve kept me waiting long enough.”

“We’re going to fuck you to death,” he boasted.

I didn’t respond to that, but smiling inwardly I thought, “You can try, but I doubt if you’ll succeeded. Plenty or others have promised me that, but it’s they who’ve been nearly fucked to death.”

It’s true, I love sex, I need sex, and if I had my wish I’d do nothing but engage in sex.

Dennis started to remove my blouse while Ted got to work on my skirt. Off came the skirt and off came my blouse, to reveal my breasts – the breasts that had started it all years before.

I knew my breasts were beautiful, large, with pink nipples like strawberry ice cream. It was the church choir master who initiated me.

Of course I needed “special rehearsal” for my solo next Sunday, so, “Would you mind staying for a bit after the rest of the choir has gone?”

Like now I knew what was coming, and welcomed it. He took me on the vestry floor.

“It’ll hurt the first time,” he said, “but after that you’ll really enjoy it.”

He was certainly a prophet in both respects. It hurt the first time, but after that I did really enjoy it. After that first time I couldn’t get enough, and have never had enough.

It was he who taught me how to strengthen my vaginal muscle so as to suck him into me and then grip him until he howled with ecstasy. He also taught me about oral sex and I sometimes wonder if he came to regret that lesson. I used to sit across him and make him lick and suck me until I came and covered his face with my love juice.

Of course I was always fair, and sucked him off frequently, letting him unburden those great testicles of his into my mouth. I knew there was no chance of ever getting married to him because he was already married and his wife held the purse strings. Next to sex it was money he loved, or perhaps it was the other way round.

In my case there was ambivalence. I too wanted money but I also wanted sex, lots of it.

That’s where old Hector came in, poor guy.

He was a member of the choir, and it escort bostancı was quite clear that he was enamoured, in a dog-like devotion sort of way. He was about fifteen years older than me and far from being a great sex symbol.

Glasses like the bottom of coke bottles; balding and with an already bulging stomach and false teeth, he had one distinct advantage; he was an accountant with a lot, and I mean a lot, of money.

I had a battle with him. I practically had to rape him. He was a virgin, so I was gentle with him, only giving him the suck in and squeeze with my vagina. That had him going, but only for a while.

Poor guy; I’ve never been sure whether it was Hector or the choir master who gave me the twins, but it was Hector who made me a respectable woman of me and married me.

After that, I had the money, I had the time, but I didn’t have the sex –- or at least, not with Hector.

This absence of sensual gratification was easily over come. Over the years the choir master and other guys from the church congregation would visit, and that included two of our ministers.

It was all going very well, but the trouble was, none of them had the stamina to keep up with me.

No doubt you’d say I am a sex maniac; I simply say I enjoy lots of sex.

The strange thing is, that apart from the my breasts and my ability to make guys howl when I suck them into me, I don’t think I’m a particularly good looking woman. Yet somehow guys seem to know that I am that sort of woman, and since they seemed to get little gratification from their wives, they got their pleasure from me.

And here’s another strange thing; I’m sure Hector had no idea what went on when he wasn’t around. There were a few close calls, with lovers fleeing out the backdoor while Hector came in the front door. If he did know about my shenanigans he never said anything, and perhaps he was just relieved that I didn’t bother him for sex.

Hector might not have known, but eventually the twins did. To some extent they worked it out in retrospect. While they were still kids I would often have men in the house while I hustled them out to play in the back garden. Once they got into their teen years they worked out what was happening.

They did actually walk in on me once when they were about sixteen. I was sitting on the kitchen table, my knickers on the floor, legs up and spread while the guy moaned into me. They walked in and then walked straight out, ümraniye escort and the guy never knew because he shot his load into me with a most almighty yell that would have awakened a deaf person.

It was after that I noticed a change in the twins. It was not anything they said, but the way they looked at me. They were like a couple of hungry puppies.

This went on for more than two years and the longer it went on, the more I became convinced that one day they were going to fuck me. They only had to look at me and they would get erections, and they made no attempts to try and hide them. I was getting the signals, but no action.

I must admit that I’d just about given up on them when they made their move. I’ve never been sure why they made it when they did, but it was probably to do with Hector being away for a week.

So at last it was happening. I hardly ever wore bras, being very proud of my breast that even at more than forty years of age, were still firm and still topped with my strawberry ice cream nipples.

Dennis got straight into sucking a nipple while I clutched his head to me. Ted had got my knickers off and was sampling my love juice. For all my previous experience I’d never had two at once, and with the promise of being “fucked to death,” I was in paradise.

With Dennis trying to get my whole breast into his mouth, and Ted sucking my clitoris like a parched man being given a drink of water, I lay back and let them get on with it.

It didn’t take long. Ted had my legs spread wide, and he was pushing into me. I gave him the sucking and gripping treatment and that dragged a yell of delight from him.

Dennis surrendered my breast and put the tip of his penis against my mouth. I didn’t need telling what he wanted. In a flash I was sucking and licking him, and getting very satisfactory yells from him.

My long experience with men had led me to believe I could outlast – or should I say out-fuck – any man. I was capable of multiple orgasms – in fact I’d go on having orgasms for as long as the guy could keep going. What I hadn’t counted on was that Dennis and Ted were, as they say, “Chips off the old block,” (My block, not Hector’s or the choir master’s). What’s more, there were two of them and only one of me.

As I had my first orgasm Dennis shot his load into my mouth, and that was quickly followed by Ted emptying himself into my vagina.

I thought that would be the end of it for some time, kartal escort bayan but no. It took them only a few minutes to recover and to reverse positions. Dennis had his tongue in my now wet and sticky cunt while Ted enjoyed my penis sucking.

It took longer this time and I think I had about four orgasms before almost simultaneously they let loose their young sperm.

For a while they lay back gasping for breath, so I thought, “Right, you young devils, I’ll give you a bit of punishment.”

I sat astride each one of them in turn, wiping my dripping cunt over their faces and having another couple of orgasms.

I thought that would settle them for a while; I was wrong. I’d no sooner finished stuffing our mingled love juices into their mouths than they had me spreadeagled again, with Dennis working himself in me first, followed by Ted.

“At last,” I thought, “at last I’m getting the sort of loving I need.”

When they had finished they still didn’t give up, and I had them sucking on my nipples while I clutched them to me.

I was still randy, but then, I nearly always am, so I challenged them, “Do it to me again if you can,” and to my amazement, they did.

I didn’t challenge them again after that because there seemed to be no need. I knew that I could take as much as they could give, but I wasn’t sure how much more they could take.

Well, they might not have been able to produce any more sperm for a while, but that didn’t stop them constantly exploring me, sucking, licking and biting me all over.

For the rest of the time Hector was away I really was in paradise. They couldn’t leave me alone. The return of Hector did produce a bit of a problem. We did still occupy the marriage bed, and this rather curtailed my enjoyment with the twins.

As I have said, Hector was quite happy for me to leave him alone sexually speaking. Not long after is return I said to him one night after failing to arouse him to action, “Hector, would you rather we slept apart?”

It was funny the way he made a token protest, while all the time I could tell how relieved he was. Without me he could sleep in peace, and that is how it fell out.

While Hector sleeps the sleep of an accountant – no doubt dreaming of his profits – I spend many hours of the night entertaining my boys. This, I firmly believe, has proved satisfactory to all of us – except the men I used to entertain before the twins took over. Even I can’t cope with all of them; not since the twins have proved they can give me all I need.

Just a word of warning; you can’t rely completely on the contraceptive pill; or maybe I forgot to take it a few times. I don’t really know who daddy is, but the doctor has warned me to expect twins.

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