Physical Education: Part 2


Flowers freshly blooming, the smell of fresh-cut grass, and the noise of the first birds chirping made for a beautiful early spring day. Carson had the windows down and country music blaring as he cruised home from school in his run-down pickup that he worked tirelessly on to keep working. Carson was a senior in high school. His blonde hair fell down just above his eyebrows and his blue eyes pierced through anyone he looked at. He stood at around 5’11 and was on the slimmer side but still had a toned body. He was the star lacrosse player and just naturally athletic. He was no typical jock though. He maintained high grades and was rather quiet. The girls around the school constantly discussed his “glow up” since freshman year and drooled over him, but he was much too oblivious to notice. Carson slowed down and pulled into the driveway of his home before hopping out. He ran his hand through his blonde hair to fix the mess the wind created. Unlocking the front door and taking his shoes off, he headed up to his room after saying hello to his mother. He dropped his bag and flopped onto his bed. He pulled out his phone to a message from his best friend, Jamie.“Party @ 8, Sofia’s house. Be there.” Carson quickly fired a text back and said, “Alright, you need a ride?” Before he read the answer, he hopped out of his bed and switched out of his pants and into shorts. It may have been warm out now but spring mornings were still brutally cold. He skipped a few stairs and kissed his mother’s head on his way out of the house. “Where are you going hun?” his mom shouted after him. “I’m gonna go lift quick and then I’m going to a party tonight with Jamie.”“Ok well, dinner is at 6:30 so please be home by then.”“Of course, mom, I wouldn’t miss it.”Carson laced up his shoes and checked his phone before heading back to school.“2:31, dang Fridays fly by,” he thought to himself. He made it back to school in about five minutes and was heading in and past the girl’s lacrosse team who all chimed their greetings to him. As he made his way to the door, Ms. Taylor, the head lacrosse coach and high school gym teacher, was coming out of the door. Ms. Taylor was young, maybe thirty at the most, and had long blonde hair and a figure any man would give his life for. When Carson got to the door, Ms. Taylor smiled. Carson, like any young boy looking at a woman as gorgeous as Ms. Taylor, could hardly speak. It didn’t help that he stumbled trying to grab the door for Ms. Taylor.“Easy there, Carson, we can’t afford for you to get hurt this early in the season,” Ms. Taylor said and laughed. Her laugh sounded like angels from heaven. “Oh hey, Ms. Taylor. bahis siteleri Yeah oops, should probably be more careful, shouldn’t I?” Carson said back. His face now a cherry as he finally grabbed the door. “You probably should,” she replied. “I thought coach gave you guys the day off, so why are you heading back into the school?” she asked. “Oh, I’m just gonna go lift quick, pass the time ya know?”“Ohhh of course, must be hard work keeping up that athletic body for all the girls to gaze at right?” she joked. “I don-”“Relax, Carson, I was kidding. Coaching high school girls means I hear all the gossip,” she said. “Oh. Yeah, I guess that makes sense,” he said quickly. “I better be getting to practice, or should I say the gossip circle. Bye Carson, keep up the good work,” she replied. And with that, she turned, flipped her blonde hair, and walked away. Carson couldn’t help but fix his eyes on Ms. Taylor’s ass as it bounced while she walked away. Before he could look away Ms. Taylor glanced over her shoulder and grinned at him, catching him staring. He quickly snapped his eyes away and glanced around to see if anyone was watching. She faced forward again and kept on her way towards the field. Throughout his entire lift, Carson couldn’t stop thinking about Ms. Taylor and how he humiliated himself. He had her as his gym teacher but never spoke to her much, he mostly just stared at her and tried not to let his mouth hang. His first real conversation with her was weird, to say the least, but he couldn’t stop thinking about the way she grinned at him as he stared right at her ass. He had to make a brisk walk to the bathroom and stand in the stall to allow his semi-hard cock to go back to normal before going to work out. When he got to the weight room, he was so distracted that he missed the clear signs of the softball girls hitting on him and asking him if he was going to the party tonight. After less than half an hour he realized he was not going to accomplish anything and headed out of the weight room. He opened his gym locker and saw his swim trunk hanging up, they had a pool session for lacrosse cardio every Monday morning. He figured maybe jumping into the pool quick would help him snap out of it. After changing, he walked out of the locker room and jumped into the pool which was attached right to the locker room. There was no lifeguard and the pool was empty so Carson was clearly breaking all of the school’s strict pool rules, but Carson was much too out of it to notice. He swam around a bit and was coming out of the water as a figure walked into the pool from the girl’s locker room. Rubbing his stinging eyes from the canlı bahis siteleri chlorine his vision cleared and his eyes focused on the figure. Standing there, arms crossed, was Ms. Taylor.“Swimming alone without a lifeguard, Carson? You know that’s reason to be written up, right?” Ms. Taylor said with a frown. “Umm yes, Ms. Taylor. I was just… well… I thought I’d jump in to cool off quick. Please don’t write me up,” he pleaded. “Relax there, chief, I’m kidding. To be honest, I’ve done the same quite a few times,” she replied, the frown turning to a smile. “Thank you, Ms. Taylor” Carson shyly said.“Ease up, Carson. You oughta gain more confidence in yourself. Mind if I join you?” she asked. “Ok, I guess I’ll try doing that. Umm sure, but won’t we get in trouble?” he questioned. “It’s a Friday at 5 o’clock, there’s not a soul around, plus we have to be accompanied by another person to swim anyways right?” “True. Well okay but I have to be home for dinner by 6:30 so I don’t have a ton of time,” he said. “Then I better hurry up,” Ms. Taylor said matter of factly. With that, she turned and disappeared back into the girl’s locker room. Carson knew better than to stare this time so he turned around and looked at the swimming banners that noted all of the record holders. The water from his swim trunks dripped slowly making a quiet *pit pat* on the pool deck. “What is going on,” he thought to himself. “The hottest teacher in the world just asked me if she could swim a few laps with me. Am I dreaming?” As his thought finished he heard a splash behind him. When he turned around his eyes practically popped out of his head.Since school was a professional place, Ms. Taylor was required to wear appropriate clothing that covered everything. Being a gym teacher meant she was normally in sweatpants and a baggy sweatshirt, sometimes the occasion leggings. On those days, the news ran through the boys like wildfire and every guy had to make sure he got a look in by the end of the day. Regardless, Carson never got a full look at her actual figure underneath the baggy clothes However, apparently, Ms. Taylor forgot about still being with a student at this moment because what Carson was seeing made him almost pass out. From what Carson could tell from the water, her complete picture was this: she stood around 5’7, maybe around 120 to 130 pounds at the most. Up top, she had that luscious long blonde hair that hung to mid-back, although she had it in a ponytail most of the time. Her face was long and she had deep blue eyes with a hint of green. Her smile made a man weak in the knees. Her neck was normal-sized and led to a stunning canlı bahis upper half. Her tits were a perfect size, around a C. Heading down from her tits she had a slim figure. Once you hit the waist her contour changed again. Her ass was perfect, the kind a man sees and instantly wants to fill his hand with. She clearly spent a lot of time working on her ass, but also her thighs. She had long, beautiful legs that featured sizable thighs. Carson couldn’t remove his eyes from the goddess he was looking at. “Carson? Hello, earth to Carson? Anyone there?”Carson snapped out of his trance and noticed Ms. Taylor calling to him. “Oh yes… I just… I …” he couldn’t put words together, still dumbfounded by what he was seeing. “Why don’t you and that third leg of yours join me?” she laughed. Carson looked down and noticed just how excited he had gotten. Earlier he contained himself enough, but this time he didn’t. His seven-inch cock was fully erect and pointed his swim trunks out. Without hesitation, he jumped in to try and hide his humiliating state. When he surfaced Ms. Taylor was still laughing. “Don’t get yourself in a tizzy,” she said. “I work at a high school with teenage boys for a living, I’ve seen my fair share of embarrassing erections.”Carson was too embarrassed to even respond. He just looked down at the water. Through the water, he could see Ms. Taylor was in a hot pink bikini. The top held back her gorgeous tits. The bikini bottom was thin but was obviously not too thin since she clearly used the pool quite often here. “On the bright side, that’s one of the bigger embarrassing erections I’ve seen,” she said brightly. “Ummm, thanks?” Carson couldn’t tell if she was joking or not but it was not helping him settle down. “Chill out, I’m just busting your balls,” she laughed. He couldn’t tell if her joke was on purpose or not. “Let’s change the subject why don’t we. How’s the season going,” she asked him. “Pretty good, we’re undefeated and the playoffs start next week,” he told her.“That’s great. I’ve heard how you’re in the front running for player of the year,” Ms. Taylor said as she fixed her hair. “Um ya I guess I am, I haven’t really been paying attention I guess.” “Too busy paying attention to all the girls around school instead, haven’t you,” she said, jokingly punching him in the arm. “No, not really, I mean I’ve got AP classes and lacrosse to focus on, not much time for that.” “Well, tonight’s party would be a good time to branch out probably.” “How do you even-”“Remember, girls gossip a lot, I hear everything. You can’t tell me you’re busy considering you’re in the pool right now.” Carson noticed how close they were now. He could practically taste her perfume that hadn’t yet washed away from her. He decided to move away since his member was still solid and he didn’t want to poke her, that could lead to all kinds of trouble. 

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