Plan B Failed Blacken


Plan B Failed BlackenI am John, a 24-year-old accountant, and I am married to Helena a 21-year-old girl working at a clothing store. We met at high school and we stayed together since then. We got engaged 2 years ago and married a few months after that. We are pretty much a normal couple and we live a normal life. However we have been to some troublesome situations in the past.Helena is pretty with a nice slim body. She is a brunette with long length hair and blue eyes. Her breasts are small (28 A size) and she does feel bad about it although I do not mind. She 5’2″ so her short height along with the low weight makes her perfect for sex as you can move her and turn her around very easily. Her ass is also well rounded and small. Her most sensitive place is her clitoris. She really get very excited when you play with it and she cums a lot when she does.I am a little taller than her, average and I have an almost average cock. I am about 5.5″ long and 4″ in circumference when I am fully hard. I like extremely to lick pussy and having sex doggy style but unfortunately Helena does not let me do this often. Two years ago we decided to have an engagement as I mention above so after the whole party and stuff we left for the weekend to go to a place outside the city. We chose a touristic place so that we could go see things around and be among people.We stayed in a small apartment near the center of the town. Since we did not have enough money we could not go to a nice hotel next to the beach. On Saturday we visited a couple of places and then we went to a local tavern for lunch. After that we walked a little and ended up on the beach where we spent our afternoon. At night we went out to 3 of 4 different clubs to have a drink and dance. In the last club we met two couples that were there on longer vacations. They were both from the UK, London to be exact, and they knew each other for a long time. They seemed to be at their forties although we never asked. One of the couples was black, both the man and the woman, and their names were Nick and Anna. The other couple was white and their names were Andrew and Juliet. The men worked together at a bank in the center of London, the black woman was a barwoman and the white was a housewife. We talked a lot with them and we shared a few more drinks since we all had a fun time. At around 4 a.m. they proposed that we leave and join them in their hotel rooms that where near the beach. Helena and I were quite drunk and did not really wish to head back to our hotel, which was quite far so we agreed to spend the morning with them and then head back later on. So we went with them to their hotel where we stayed altogether in the room of Andrew and Juliet.We had some whiskey and we talked a bit more. They kept asking us questions about ourselves, our habits etc. when all of a sudden the discussion went towards sex. They wanted to know what we do in our sex life, if we role play, use any toys and things like that. The two women at some point they left and came back wearing their bathrobes. I of course could not take my eyes off them. Anna had two very large black breasts probably 42DDs. She was tall and hers legs were very smooth and long. Juliet was a bit on the heavy side but also with some really heavy breasts that if I was to guess I would say they were 48GGs. I admit I got a hard on as soon bahis firmaları as I saw them and I could not take my eyes off them. I am sure the guys noticed but said nothing. My fiancée laughed and asked them if they were going to take a bath. The effects of the drinks I guess. They told her that it was hot and they wanted to cool off. They told her that she should do the same and they handed her a bathroom towel. At first she was stunned but then after the other two women kept urging her she took the robe and went to the bathroom only coming out later on wearing the towel and nothing else. The towel covered her breasts and most of her ass but the lower bottom of her ass cheeks could be seen. She passed in front of the guys and came to sit beside me. The women then started asking me questions again about sexual stuff like how many girls I had before Helena and what positions I liked. I felt aroused receiving such questions by these beautiful women so I answered without hesitation. They laughed when I told them that I was a virgin before Helena so I tried to shift the questions to how I fuck her in bed. Luckily Helena backed me up so they got impressed and changed their attitude.After my “interrogation” it was Helena’s turn. The men this time kept asking what positions she liked and how many men had fucked her so far. They were not polite in asking but Helena finally succumbed and replied all their questions. They all made sure to comment on the fact that Helena had three boyfriends before me and that she was fucked by all of them. I did start to feel bad with myself but Helena kept reassuring that I was the love of her life. I noticed however that Helena was not making a point of keeping her legs closed as she did in the beginning. Also when she laughed she would forget she was wearing just a towel and she would move back and forth. I was sure that the guys were getting a full view of hers but now also a few peeks of her pussy. I wanted to say something but the other two women had by now let their robes a little loose and I could see a large part of their breasts and legs.At some point Juliet grabbed Helena’s arm and brought her to sit on the couch among them. The couch was on the left of me and the guys were both siting right across the women now.Anna would laugh at whatever anyone said and each time she would place her hand on Helena’s leg. Juliet that was sitting on Helena’s left side kept playing with the knot of the towel. This got me really horny and I am sure they could see the bulge on my trousers. Then Anna came over to me and told me that she wanted to ask me something. We went to the balcony where she asked if I find her attractive. My response was a YES with enthusiasm so she then proposed me a deal. She was willing to be intimate with me but I would have to agree that we would all be naked in the room. She claimed that her husband was the jealous type and that if he was to let his wife be intimate with another guy he should at least get to see the guy’s fiancée naked. It is obvious that I agreed immediately and hurried back to the room where I saw my fiancée standing in front of the couch trying to explain to the company why she did not like high heels. She was not aware she was naked until I walked inside. She immediately went to cover herself but I stopped her telling her that everyone had seen her kaçak iddaa naked so what would the point be? Then Juliet said that it would only be fair if we all got naked and in an instant both women had thrown their ropes away. The only thing left was for us the men to get naked so we did quickly too. Nick was very thick more than double my size. Andrew was 8″ long but not as thick. They were both fully hard and had a lot of energy. They both sat down and then Anna took me by the hand to sit on the couch. She sat on my lap on my right side and Juliet came on my left. I was really happy to have the tits of these two milfs at my hand and face.I have no idea what Helena was doing as Anna blocked my view but I could see the guys sit back and play with their cocks. At one point Juliet told my fiancée to bring a condom from the top drawer next to her. She did and then Anna turned to her and told her, ” We are going to get a bit intimate with your fiancée so you may as well give a hand or a mouth to our husbands” and then she laughed. I tried to protest but Juliet said that I got to kiss and play with two women so my fiancée should kiss and play with two men. Helena agreed with some anger in her voice, moved over to the two guys and started kissing them. She made a point of looking at me while she did that too. Anna all this time was playing with my cock while Juliet was telling me how horny she was and how much she wanted to have my cock in her mouth. As a result I was rock hard by the time Helena was on Nick’s lap. Anna then said loudly ” I did not know you liked seeing your fiancée on other mens’ laps! You should have told us from the start.” I said that it is not true but then she pointed at my dick and said, “Words lie but dicks do not”. Nick looked at me and said, “You are really hard watching me enjoy your fiancée aren’t you white boy?” I was at a loss I did not know what to say. Then Juliet immediately started kissing me and Anna went to the drawer to bring a condom. They both kneeled on the floor in front of my dick and Anna put on the condom with great expertise. Then they both started blowing me. It was amazing the feeling I had, two beautiful women were giving me head. I closed my eyes and enjoyed it. After a while I opened my eyes again and I saw my fiancée blowing Nick while Andrew was behind her licking her pussy. I got a bit jealous at that point. I mean I did have two women to play with but it did not seem fair two men using my fiancée. It is just not the same thing!! I could not do anything though at that point and I reasoned myself that it is just blowjobs.Juliet then said that she wanted to play with Helena a bit and then have sex with her husband so she got up and took the others to the bedroom leaving me with Anna in the main room. Anna kept blowing me with passion but I could not cum. When I told her that she said that the condom had a retarding agent so that I would not cum fast. She claimed she wanted to also have sex with me. Then she got up pressed her lips on mine and began entering my cock in her pussy. Out of the blue Juliet came out of the bedroom saying, “Where is the condom?” and saw us. I was baffled to hear she needed a condom at that point but then I remembered that Helena was blowing the guys bare and probably she had asked for a condom too. Immediately she said, ” I see you are fucking kaçak bahis Anna well! Have a nice time you two!” and left. Anna kept humping up and down giving me great pleasure and I kept my face buried in her big black tits. It took me 10 minutes to cum and I came like a flood. Anna got up and went to the bathroom to clean up and I stayed n the couch to relax a bit.Then I noticed moans coming from the bedroom. I remembered that Juliet wanted to get fucked by Andrew so I got up to take a peek. When I reached the bedroom I saw Andrew on his back with my fiancée on top of him. She was on her back and he had his cock in her asshole. Nick was on top of her and was fucking her pussy. She was stretched really wide and she was yelling all the time out of lust. I felt betrayed at that moment. Not by Helena but by Anna. I started believing that she wanted this to happen all along. Juliet was in a nearby chair watching me and smiling. Suddenly she got up and looking at me exclaimed, ” Oh no I forgot to bring the condom.” I looked at my fiancée on the bed and I saw both grunting. An indication they were both coming. Then Anna came in the bedroom and said, ” Don’t worry there is always the morning after pill.” They all got up and went to the main room leaving my fiancée and me in the bedroom. I asked her why had she gone through with it especially without using condoms and she said that when she heard Juliet saying, “Where is the condom?” she thought I was fucking Anna bareback and wanted to do the same as retaliation to me.We went then to the main room to join the others. Sperm was oozing from my fiancées pussy and asshole and there was a thick line along her right thigh. Juliet and Anna apologized for the misunderstanding and the guys said they were sorry for cumming in Helena but they were in such a position that they could not avoid it. We forgave them and sat a little to talk until the stores would open so that we could go get the pill. The guys got horny after an hour or so and asked me if it was ok to fuck Helena again. They reasoned that they already had fucked her once and they had cum inside her so what harm would it do? Helena did not say anything but I agreed when Juliet said she wanted to fuck with me too. I stayed again on the couch with Juliet and had sex as soon as she put a condom on my cock for the second time that day.Anna, Helena and the guys went in the bedroom to have their session. Juliet and I joined them after 5 minutes as I came quite fast. This time I saw Nick doing my fiancée doggy style while she was blowing Andrew. Anna was below my fiancée’s pussy licking it while her husband was forcing his cock in and out. This kept happening for 10 minutes before Andrew came on my fiancée’s hair and Nick inside her pussy again. We slept for a couple of hours and then left for a pharmacy. My fiancée smelled of cum and her hair was a sticky mess because she had forgotten to wash up. Unfortunately there were only two pharmacies in the region but neither had this pill we needed. We packed our things and left in a hurry for home.We did take the pill from a pharmacy in our region but the following day. I had to marry Helena after a few months because she had gotten pregnant and she was afraid to face her parents alone. We arranged for her to give birth to a clinic outside the city so we could keep everyone else out of the loop. The nurses in the hospital were very offensive seeing that Helena had given birth to a black c***d. They kept calling her a whore and they kept telling me what a slut she was. Finally we decided to keep the baby.

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