Pre-wedding night jitters


Stephanie Pierce lay on her stomach on the bed, legs in the air and hands beneath her chin. “How about this,” she said brightly, “Michael, your meat is so tasty; I have to own the franchise.” Her best friend Kyra laughed gaily. “Oh his mother would love hearing that one!” “How’s she going to hear it? It’s your vows.” “Yeah, but the Minister comes to dinner once a month! He and the mother-in-law are tight. Trust me, he would tell her. “ Kyra was getting married next week and the two friends were working on her vows. She was seated at the computer writing the ideas onto a word document. So far, very little had been accomplished. “Steph,” she said sternly, “We have to get serious. I just don’t know what to say to him!” “Okay, okay but let me pee first. Be right back.” Stephanie left. Kyra sighed at the delay, then decided to name and save the document while she waited. She rummaged through her purse but could not find her flash drive. She decided to see if Steph had one she could borrow. She would take it home, transfer the file then bring the drive back tomorrow. She opened the right upper drawer and found what she needed. Plugging it into computer she waited while the plug and play feature worked. Soon the pop-up came up asking what she wanted to do with the drive. She chose view files and a new window opened with the contents of the drive. There were files on the drive already. She noticed they were all pictures and from the file names, they appeared to be from a digital camera. Without thinking twice, she double clicked an image. She and Steph had been friends since kindergarten and they shared everything. She was certain Steph wouldn’t mind. The window opened and Kyra’s mouth soon followed. It was obviously a good camera, for before her was a very detailed, full sized, colorful picture of three people posing. They were absolutely and gloriously nude. And there was no question that the subjects were Steph, her mother, and her cousin Mark. “Oh My God,” she gasped as Steph came back in and saw the picture. “Hey! Where’d you get that?” “I…uh… I wanted to borrow your flash drive. I’m sorry, I didn’t know! Oh my God Steph, why didn’t you tell me! This is soooo hot!” Steph tried to find an escape route. The pictures were very dear to her and she reviewed them almost daily, remembering the lustful, pulsing feelings she had felt that day. She wasn’t sure she could explain it to Kyra, and she knew she didn’t want to share it. “I thought we were working on your vows?” Kyra was back in familiar territory now. She understood backpedaling. “Oh no you don’t! You have to tell me why you and your mother are posing nude with your amazing cousin! You are so lucky!” Kyra pointed in an explicit way at the dangling penis in the photo. Trapped, Steph gave in. They had şişli escort never been able to keep secrets from each other. She made Kyra promise not to tell anyone, ever, then told her the story. “Oh my God she repeated when Steph had finished. I wish I had been there. Next to Jason, Mark is the hottest thing in town!” “Jason? My brother?” Kyra looked at Steph thoughtfully. You really haven’t noticed? Or is there something else you’re not telling me?” “NO!. He’s my brother!” “Mark’s your cousin!” Steph considered that and realized she hadn’t really been looking at her brother lately. At least not like that. She wondered what he looked like nude, then flushed when she felt herself getting wet. “This is stupid,” she said then. Grabbing the flash drive from the computer, she pocketed it. “We need to work on your vows.” Kyra reluctantly went back work and about an hour later they had a first draft completed. Steph gave her a different flash drive and Kyra saved the document. “Do you remember you asked what I wanted for a shower present?” Kyra asked suddenly. “You said I could have anything I wanted.” Kyra like was like a sister and Stephanie suddenly felt a foreboding nightmare emerging. “Yes?” Kyra took a deep breath, then continued. “I know now, what I want.” “Kyra, no,” Steph said later, after Kyra had explained her gift idea.” Kyra pouted. “Why not?” “He’s my brother! And you! You’re about to be married!” “That’s just it! I’m going to be married and who knows if I’ll ever get the chance again! Oh Steph, please say yes! I’ve never wanted anything so bad! Never!” It took two hours, but Stephanie finally agreed to Kyra’s plan. She only hoped her mother never found out. They spent time laying out the plans and decided that on Friday evening, one day after the shower and the day before the wedding, Kyra would receive her shower gift. Jason’s Friday night routine was well known to Stephanie, as it seldom varied. He got home from work at 4:30 and showered immediately. He then changed into shorts and a t-shirt and set out to find something to eat. His mother, Anne was still at work and wouldn’t be home until 6. His cell rang as he rummaged through the refrigerator. “Hi Jason,” the caller didn’t introduce herself and didn’t need to. He knew Steph’s voice. “Whassup.” “I need a favor. I’m over at Kyra’s and I need you to stop by here and help us with something.” “You got food there?” “We are going to order a pizza later. I’ll order two instead.” “Okay. Be there in about 15 minutes.” He left his mother a note and jumped into the Mustang. When he got there, a note on the door said they were in Kyra’s room and he should just come in. He entered, then climbed the stairs to her room. Kyra was wearing her wedding dress. It was white of course, but mecidiyeköy escort Jason was surprised at how nice she looked in it. Made from a silky material it had none of the ruffles and pleats that he always associated with such dresses. Its simplicity was enchanting, especially given the low neckline and the nice way the Kyra’s breasts filled the gap. She was seated on the bed and Jason’s sister was pinning her hair into place. Steph looked hot. She always did these days. Her short shorts showed the bottom side of her ass cheeks whenever she reached or bent. Her t-shirt was white and she wore no bra so Jason could see shadows of her breasts dancing just out of reach. Or so he imagined. His cock began to respond. “What do you need done?” he asked amiably. “Oh, hi”, Steph turned around. Kyra looked up and smiled at him. “We need your opinion on some things,” Steph answered briskly. “That’s it?” “Oh please Jason,” Kyra chimed in. It would mean so much to me if you would help me. I want to make sure everything goes perfectly tomorrow.” “Okay.” He shrugged. Steph touched Kyra’s arm. Kyra, as if on cue, stood up. “First, how does she look?” “The dress looks great!” “Not the dress, silly. She couldn’t return that now anyway. We want to know if men will desire her when they see her tomorrow. “ “Why would she want that?” “Jason,” Kyra tried, “Do I look hot!” “Yes!” “Are you sure? Do my boobs look alright? Steph thinks I should show more. Take a closer look and tell me what you think.” Jason walked up to Kyra and looked straight at her chest. His erection was showing through his shorts now, and Steph noticed. The sexual tension was heavy in the room despite the fact that Jason didn’t realize the plan yet. She walked up close behind him and leaned in, her right breast pressing firmly against his forearm. “I said she should wear a shelf bra, but she’s chicken.” Jason was conscious of the breast on his arm. He also thought Kyra’s breasts looked awesome, just the way they were. But his knowledge of women’s lingerie was nil, so he asked, “What’s a shelf bra?” Steph and Kyra both smiled. The net had closed. “You don’t know? I’m wearing one.” “He looked at his sister’s chest. Her nipples poked clearly through the material. He had been sure she was braless. He was confused a bit by the whole thing. Kyra giggled. “Why don’t you show him?” “Good idea,” Steph replied. She stood back as Jason watched and pulled the t-shirt over her head. As the cloth passed her chest her breasts became visible. The pink nipples were taut, and pointed straight at Jason. He suddenly understood what a shelf bra was. The bra was normal in every way, except that the material stopped short of her aureoles. The effect was to lift her breasts while leaving her nipples şişli eskort completely exposed. Jason marveled at the invention, and the candy it held. Steph stood nervously before him, exposed. Her breathing was heavy now, fear, or maybe just a sense of the unknown pushing her pulse. His cock leaped inside his shorts and he felt a sudden urge to free it. He was nervous; however, not fully understanding what was happening here. She was his sister and at varying points in his life their relationship had been comfortable, contentious, competitive, even endearing. After he’d grown into puberty he’d realized she was hot, but even that was observed from a distance and through the filter of a caring family member. Never had he lusted for her as he did right now. He would never again, could never again view her in quite the same way. He would always want to possess her, hold her, love her. No matter what the outcome, he knew that if he did not touch her in the next instant; if he lost that opportunity, he would forever regret it. He reached out trepidatiously with both hands and pinched her nipples gently, feeling them for the first time. Next, his hands moved gently across her breasts, roving at will. The firm flesh felt good in his hands and he lingered, enjoying the momentous occasion. She sucked in her breath sharply, surprised at his boldness as well as her reaction to it. Her thighs felt moist and a tension formed in the pit of her belly. She felt flushed in a way that hadn’t happened since she touched Mark. She had agreed to help get Kyra laid; even to show her tits to Jason in order to accomplish that, but her plan had been to watch or maybe slip out at some point. She had told Kyra that she did not want to screw him, that it would be too weird. She’d convinced herself of it too. Now, with one little touch from him, she was crumbling, dissembling quickly into a ravenous slut who would do anything to have him. She glanced at Kyra then smiled tremulously at her brother, her mind struggling to regain control. “A little forward, don’t you think?” He dropped his hands, reminded that these were forbidden. His face was red and his hands trembled slightly. He tried to remember what he was supposed to comment on. Kyra saved him. “Do you think I would look too trashy wearing that?” He kept his eyes on his sister, his attention waffling between her blue eyes and her enticing chest. But rather than get lost in the moment, he saw the opportunity it presented. He He didn’t know the answer to Kyra’s question, but he knew how to answer her. He turned to look at her. “Mmmm…not sure. Why don’t you try it on?” Kyra giggled again. “Okay.” She got up and turned her back to him. “Could you unzip me?” He unzipped her quickly, his eyes roving over her bare back. She had no bra on! She dropped the dress quickly and stepped out of it, utterly naked. She had been wearing nothing underneath and as Jason’s cock raged, she walked up to Steph. Steph removed the bra and handed it to her. She donned it quickly, turning then to Jason.

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