1st movement. Freda

There is no doubt in her mind that the thrill of exposing yourself to an attractive, sexy man, is not quite like any other thrill. At least, that was what Freda thought. And on this warm sunny afternoon, lying naked in the corner of the sofa, she was displaying her feminine charms to her partner Frank. They had returned from the local pub where both had drunk a reasonable amount of booze. She was feeling rather relaxed and juicy.

Climbing the staircase to their flat. Freda had removed her jacket, then her blouse, then her skirt, leaving it to Frank to pick them off the stairs. He was too occupied doing this to admire the slender legs and shapely buttocks, swaying from side to side in front of him, as she mounted the stairs. By the time Freda had opened the door and walked into the lounge, she was wearing only her flimsy knickers and stockings.

Flopping down on the sofa, Freda quickly removed these last pieces of clothing, before leaning back into the corner of the sofa, her long, elegant left leg draped over the side, the other bent at the knee, with the foot on the cushion. She smiled sexily, with half-closed eyes, as she swung her right knee slowly from side to side, making her outer labia open sufficiently to show the inner lips, nestled in the pink valley of her exquisite vulva.

When it came to women’s private parts, Frank was something of an aesthetic. He saw great beauty in them. Large or small, floppy or tight, he found them all fascinating pieces of female anatomy. He loved to study his girlfriends’ vulvas in detail, always marvelling at the variation in them. No two were alike – thank goodness. But all were a delightful collection of soft tissue, delicate moist lips, flaps and tiny lobes, encased in a fine fleecy frame.

‘Wow, Freda! That’s beautiful.’ Frank spoke softly. ‘You are the most beautiful lady in the world – and I’m going to fuck that lovely lady soon. But first, I just have to feast on your beguiling fanny. That centre of pleasure and beauty.’

Of course, Freda wasn’t the most beautiful lady in the world, though it suited them both at this moment to think so. In fact, any woman showing her naked body to Frank, inviting him to examine closely her peach before penetration, held between her thighs, is the most beautiful lady to him at that moment! And Freda enjoyed flattery. She knew she was beautiful, but liked being reminded of it often. And Frank was good at flattery. She smiled at the look of sheer lechery on his face. Yes, she enjoyed displaying her nakedness to men – and particularly to Frank.

‘Tell me what you’re going to do me darling,’ she murmured huskily.

With attractive features – clear blue eyes, straight nose and generous mouth – Freda was a tallish, slight, blonde lady, with a small waist and fairly narrow hips, though her breasts were full, topped with large, perfectly round pale areolas and small pink nipples. Towards the perimeter of each areola was a circle of small pimples, from each of which a fine blonde hair grew. These fascinated Frank, adding a different texture as his tongue suckled them.

A fine growth of silky blonde hair covered her lower belly, spreading down the inner thighs, framing the plump outer lips of the vulva. Not quite as blonde as the hair on her head, but more of a mousey colour. On the right of her groin was dark mole – a beauty spot, as Frank called it, similar to those used on the face by ladies of the eighteenth century, to draw attention to their more attractive feature. Freda’s beauty spot drew attention to her vulva – her beautiful feature.

Although her waist was fairly narrow, Freda had a considerably large vulva. The long clitoral hood peaked over the pubic bone, with the outer lips stretching down to between her thighs. In a moment of sensual delight, in between making love to it, Frank had measured the length of the crack, from the start of the clitoral hood, to the base of the vulva, a distance of six and three-quarter inches. Although the inner lips were not excessively plump, there was a cluster of pale pink, fleshy lobes around the opening of the vagina, tucked away at the bottom of the valley. They were moist as ever.

‘I’m going to kiss and lick you all over. Taste the sweet juices of your juicy peach. Suckle your nipples, until to moan for release.’

For as long as he could remember, Frank’s lecherousness – never too far below the surface – bubbled over by the sight of a beautiful naked woman. With a growing erection developing in his trousers, Frank’s eyes never left off studying the naked body as he folded Freda’s clothes, before laying them over a chair for her. Watching the labia open and close, showing tantalising glimpses of the inner lips and the treasure they protected, Frank unbuckled his trouser waist band. Lowering the zip of his flies, he slipped the trousers over his thighs, allowing them to shutter down to his ankles.

‘And this is the weapon I shall use to penetrate and fill that most wonderful entrance of kaçak iddaa the Goddess of love. The passage made by the Gods themselves, to be filled with thick cock. My thick cock!’

He stepped out of the trousers, and peeled his underwear off. His now rigid penis was throbbing with excitement – and anticipation. Freda gazed at the object of her admiration through half-closed eyes. A good, solid cock was her idea of a perfect idol to admire and worship. And Frank certainly had a good, thick stiff cock, with a slight upward bend towards the head. It was six inches long and the same in girth. The glans, however, was considerably thicker at its base than the shaft, with its foreskin half retracted at this stage.

Freda studied the tracery of faint blue veins beneath the smooth skin, reaching the very tip of his foreskin; the wrinkled sac, hanging low from the shaft, with its life-producing testes. She would soon the offering of his store at her altar of love. The end of the cock was already oozing its juicy pearl.

‘That looks fantastic, darling. And it’s all for me! Just me! My Eros! My idol to give me delightful sensations like nothing else on earth. To fill me with rapture. Worshipping at the shrine of my Goddess of love.’

‘My Hera, with the large beautiful eyes. And milky white breasts. I shall enter into your shrine of passion and delight after I have adored your body in its entirety.’

She knew that Frank was capable of retaining an erection for hours on end – a condition she took advantage of, since she enjoyed nothing more than a good long, leisurely shag after the first couple of orgasms. She wanted it inside her at this very minute, but patience was called for. The anticipation was delightful, her loins trembling with lust.

During his love-making, as he kissed and nibbled her ears, lips, neck, and eyelids, Frank kept up the sexy talk. Freda just relaxed and soaked up the flattery and promises. She loved it. She was getting very turned on by it.

But Frank was in no hurry. Kneeling between Freda’s thighs, he caressed them gently with the pads of his fingers, taking care to avoid the plump vulva so soon. He knew this would arouse her, make her impatient, encouraging her to flex her sex muscles, dilating and contracting the vaginal opening. Placing his thumbs in the hollow at each side of her outer labia, Frank was able to draw the lips apart, exposing the flexing vagina, where a small pool of whitish liquid had gathered already, just inside the bottom of the vulva. Her elixir of love. He watched the small pool slosh around as the vagina flexed. Soon, he knew, he would add his own white discharge to it, though deeper in the passage.

Freda’s inner labia were small flaps of wrinkled brownish-pink flesh, protecting the opening of the urethra, the lips meeting at the small, pale pea-like button, hiding shyly beneath its hood covered with a tuft of hair. It was waiting patiently for the attention it knew it would receive soon. The pink valley within the inner lips was moist, in preparation for the penetration it so eagerly waited for. Frank moved his face towards the vulva, blowing gently on the clitoris. In response, the loins twitched involuntarily. When the tip of his tongue touched the little button, the hips jerked heavily.

Frank inhaled the musky fragrance of her vulva. Superb! It was her own unique scent. Like the smell of a new-born baby. A hint of violets as he gloried in the erotic aroma. As he started to lick and chew gently on the little clitoris, Freda moaned with pleasure, twisting her loins to reach more of his mouth, pushing against him. He gripped her buttocks, pulling them apart to reveal the full glory of her vulva, starting to lick and suckle the labia and clitoris in earnest, allowing his stiff tongue the joy of penetrating the vaginal opening to dip into the delicious honey gathered there, tasting its heavenly tang.

Her body was now writhing in ecstacy, with a growing tautness in her muscles, her breathing hard and noisy, her cries of painful delight, showing her delight in the action. The whole of her loins were shaking with a craving for relief. Her trembling legs were straining to reach that wonderful moment when the tension snaps. It was blissful agony. She desperately wanted her orgasm, yet wanted the sensation racking her body to last forever. It was sheer ecstasy for her.

She was whimpering and moaning. Snatching at her breath. Bouncing furiously against Frank’s face. She was out of control! She interrupted Frank’s soft talk.

‘Oh, my God! Oh, yes! Let me come! Please make me come! I need cock. Your cock. Get it inside me you bugger! Cock, cock, cock!’

In desperation, she pushed her hand between her vulva and his face, and with stiffened fingers, frantically grappled at her clitoris, seeking the final thrill of orgasm. But it wouldn’t come! It hovered on the brink, driving her to distraction.

‘Come on!’ she yelled. ‘Fuck me you sod! I’m coming! Fuck me! Fuck, fuck, fuck! I’m coming! Oh, God! Let kaçak bahis me come!’

Her fingers got more and more frenzied in their action. The delightful agony was unbelievable!

She screams. ‘Oh fuck me you bugger! Please. Fuck! I’m coming! Coming! Oh shit!’

These were words not usually heard from her lips, but Frank had pushed his middle finger deep into her anus. That was it! It triggered the orgasm. Freda’s body jerked violently. Her whole body shook and trembled. Huge spasms, one after another, shuddered her loins and thighs. It seemed to go on forever! She gave a long silent scream throughout the orgasm.

This was the moment Frank had waited for. As Freda’s body was thrashing around, Frank held her thighs firmly, and pressed his groin against her vulva and slid his stiff cock deep into the passage of supreme joy. Whilst Freda trembled and shook in her ecstacy, he slid his cock in and out of her with great rejoicing and relish.

Freda wallowed in the orgasm. Realising that Frank was now fucking her, she slowly rocked against the cock, concentrating on each little flicker of sensation from within her sensitive vagina. Her muscles flexed, exploring the contours of the intruder, fuelling the delicious tensions stirring inside her loins. She rocked against him, now in a continuous movement, lifting herself to the very tip of the shaft and sinking to its fullest depth.

‘Oh, yes! Yes!’ she moaned heavily. ‘This is unbelievable! Your cock is absolutely made for my cunt. Give it to me – I need all of it. Deep inside. I’m Hera, the goddess of love – the Goddess of shagging! The cockaholic!’

Eyes closed, her mouth set in concentrated grimace, Freda concentrated on Frank’s loins sliding up and down, increasing the pace of the rhythm little by little. She focused her mind on the growing turmoil throughout her nervous system. Weak muscular spasms jolted her limbs. For the second time tension mounted in her legs and thighs. He breathing became unsteady.

‘Yes! Yes! Yes! My whole body is responding to your cock,’ she breathed. ‘Don’t stop! Keep fucking me!’

Leaning over her, Frank now latched his lips first onto one stiff nipple for a prolonged suckle, then the other, his hands caressing the trembling buttocks. The moment of penetration had given Frank that supreme feeling of elation he always had when his cock first penetrated a woman’s vagina. Freda’s was surprisingly taut, though well lubricated. A small vagina giving a wonderfully tight fit, which he knew would soon raise him to near ejaculation if he wasn’t careful.

‘That’s fantastic,’ he assured her, his fingers now dabbling with the rim of her rear passage and fingering the labia clutching his cock. She was very wet with her oozing juices. He started to jerk his loins in rhythm to hers, lengthening the stroke with each thrust, relishing the supreme feeling of delight in his cock as it slid back and forth in her wonderful vagina. As he felt the warm softness of her centre, its muscles gripping against the shaft, the spring within him tightened from his toes. Contractions rippled up his legs and into his thighs. Muscles tightened.

‘I’m coming!’ he cried. ‘I’m about to fill your wonderful shrine with the juice of the gods.’

A powerful convulsion slammed his loins. His cock exploded with an almighty jerk, spurting the contents into the deepest reaches of Freda’s vagina.

Frank collapsed onto Freda’s body, exhausted and relieved. Her body positively glowed with pleasure. It was always better than he expected. It was heavenly to share the sheer joy of giving each other the ultimate, all-consuming physical thrill.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in one long spell of adoration of the human body and the mystery of sexual union. They fucked and fucked. Freda was in paradise! Her body being penetrated by the man she most wanted to enter her. Nipples being nibbled and kissed heightened the carnal feeling enveloping her whole body. Her conscious mind concentrated on the delightful feeling of being fucked. Every nerve end in her vaginal passage was thrilling to the caress of the cock. She wanted it to last forever. But she knew the twitching muscles in her groin would soon build up, her clitoral stem shimmer with joy, the anguish becoming almost intolerable. She was gasping with joy, every thrust an ecstatic thrill.

‘Oh, yes!’ she breathed into Frank’s ear, ‘oh, yes! Yes! Ye-e-e-s! This will be a exceptional orgasm. Fuck me beautifully. Slowly, slowly. Mmmm!’

And he did. Dinner could wait.

2nd movement. Cherry

But Frank’s sexual appetite required different dishes to satisfy him. Freda was an elegant, slender woman who loved being fucked and whose outward demeanor belied the bawdy language she came out with during sexual action. She was not one to engage in much oral sex, though she loved getting it, nor would she ever agree to masturbate for Frank. Man’s cock was her dish, and it belonged inside the receptacle nature intended for it, between her legs, rather illegal bahis than in the mouth.

Frank, however, has an irresistible impulse to watch women toy with themselves, watch them delighting in their own sexuality and examine their genitals. It’s riveting to study the changing emotions which cross their face as they masturbate, until they reach the climax of ecstacy, eyes screwed up, mouth drawn back in a scream.

Such a one is Cherry. A compulsive masturbator. As the alarm wakes her each morning, she comes to consciousness with her hand always cupping her vulva – hot and damp. After switching off the alarm with her other hand, eyes still dreamy, she first licks her fingers before teasing her clitoris gently with the pads of her two middle fingers, gradually parting her thighs to allow freedom of access to her private passion. Her beautiful, soft pussy.

With her juices now beginning to flow, Cherry moans softly, wallowing in the wonderful feeling of contentment and delight spreading through her body. Delicious feelings flicker through her whole belly, muscles beginning to tighten. She wants the sensation to last forever, but the growing commotion in her body is swamping the conscious mind. Cherry’s head rolls from side to side, thighs trembling, enjoying the tumult swirling through her entire being. Great waves of lust and desire swamp her completely.

With insistent clawing fingers, she grapples her clitoris urgently to bring the agony to a sweet end. For Cherry, every single orgasm comes to her as a surprise, a new experience. Nothing else in the world matters to her when she reaches this stage. Then the swell crashes over her, the delightful spray of release as she moans and groans her despair and delight. She is oblivious to everything except that supreme feeling of rapture. Cherry absolutely loves her cunt! She masturbates two to six times a day. Oh, she loves it so much!

Cherry is a shortish, plump young lady, with big bouncy breasts with large areolae, and chubby thighs. Her vulva is quite small, though the inner labia are chunky and thrust from the outer lips in a fleshy bunch. The whole vulva is tucked well back between her thighs. The urethra is just below the clitoris and immediately above the vagina, with its cluster of small, fleshy lumps at its mouth, taking up most of the area inside the outer lips. So, although the vulva is smallish in length – rather less than three inches – the vagina is well able to accommodate the largest of cocks. It’s a compact cunt!

Being a natural red-head, with short cropped hair, the whole of Cherry’s genital area has a covering of ginger hair – not too thick – though it doesn’t spread too far up her belly, nor down her inner thighs. She’s not particularly hirsute, which some men prefer to the bald, shaved genital area. She is pretty, with a small nose and plump cheeks with a small mouth. Her eyes are set fairly close – they sparkle – an unusual turquoise-colour.

After her early morning orgasm, a shower and some breakfast settles Cherry, ready to face the day, though her sexual desires are never very far below the surface. She works in a camera and video shop in the high street with two other assistants and the manager. One of the assistants is a woman of around her own age, with dark, flowing hair. During coffee breaks they enjoy talking about sex and men, as women do! Their private fantasies are exchanged and they discuss the best forms of sex. Cherry openly admitted to Jane – her colleague – of her interest in self fulfillment.

‘I love my pussy,’ she confessed to Jane. ‘I can’t leave it alone!’

‘Don’t you like to feel cock in there, though?’

‘Well, you can best control the sexy feeling and the gathering storm with you own fingers. Men aren’t generally very good at it. They’re clumsy. A woman’s fingers are more sensitive. Much more stimulating.’

‘Ye-e-e-s! But I still like the feel of cock inside. In my mouth as well!’

‘Oh no! I like to watch the cock explode. Erupt with its spurts of sperm splashing out! That’s usually enough to trigger another orgasm.’

‘Well, Cherry, I like to feel the sperm gushing into my mouth. To swirl the sticky juice round my cheeks and under the tongue, tasting it, before I swallow the very essence of life. Very satisfying to know you have your man’s living sperm in your belly.

Eventually, egged on by Jane who thought Cherry was just teasing, Cherry rubbed herself off in front of Jane in the ladies’ powder room, much to Jane’s amazement! The sight of Cherry’s twisted face and groans of delight, had Jane lubricating. As she watched Cherry, her hand stole under the hem of her skirt, eased her knickers to one side, and softly rubbed her clitoris with her second finger. Cherry didn’t notice, being completely absorbed in her own excitement. After the first time, they managed to sneak into the powder room most days for Jane to watch Cherry’s self-indulgence.

Jane’s own self-confessed interest is fellatio. She’s hung up and sucking cock. There was nothing she enjoys more than giving deep throat, a technique she mastered as a teenager at college. The taste of sperm she found delicious – and varied from man to man. But she loved it all!

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