Rick , Marissa Diamonds are Forever


I was so excited at the prospect of being pregnant that I texted a couple friends saying that I was. I would have been disappointed no matter what when my period started the next day, but I had figured my due date to be around Easter, and I liked the idea of bringing a new life into the world on a holiday that’s all about new life. I got over it without any further thought.

The Saturday of Labor Day weekend, I had slept in, but I woke to hear Rick printing something off the computer. I put on a T-shirt and underwear and went to see what it was. “Here, sign your first and middle names,” he said.

I wrote them where he’d put a red X, before I thought to ask, “What is it?”

“Read the whole thing.” I did. “It’s a marriage license. It’s not valid, obviously. We’d get in trouble if we actually submitted it, but we can hang this up, and anyone who sees it will think my wife’s maiden name is Marissa Leigh. You know, like Vivien Leigh.”

This was too much to process in the morning. “What are you saying, Rick?”

“I’m saying, we’ve got everything but the rings, and we can look out for a deal on those.” He got on his knees. “Will you be my wife?”

I couldn’t tell if he was serious. In case he was, I acted completely serious, knowing that if he wasn’t, I’d just say I was playing it deadpan for fun. “Yes, Rick. I will.” He stood up and kissed me. The fact that he didn’t drag me back to bed on the spot and fuck my brains out convinced me that he was kidding, even though he hung up our fake license later in the day.

Christmas was our first holiday being a couple more or less in the open. Mom and Dad had accepted us being together, and the friends we made in the apartment complex didn’t know our real relationship. We shopped for presents the way couples do, and we took advantage of the deals available on jewelry. Mom and Dad gave us money to help look for a house. We found one not long after that and used the money as a down payment. I was glad to have a place that I could think of as ours together. Even though we’d shared the apartment for a while, I still thought of it as Rick’s.

Come Valentine’s Day, we were in the process of closing but still in the apartment. We had dinner at a very romantic restaurant. For the first time in my life, I bought a serious card, and Rick gave me my first-ever oversized card.

Leading up to the day, we were both secretive about what we’d bought each other. I couldn’t wait for Rick to open his. He unwrapped a large box and found a turntable. “This is amazing!” he exclaimed. “It’s just about the best one they make for non-professionals.” He looked on the side. “It’s even got that new-design stylus.”

When I moved into his apartment, there was a mishap and I destroyed his phonograph, making most of his classic rock albums unplayable. He brushed it off as an excuse to replace them with CD’s, but I could tell he was pissed. Seeing his expression as he looked at the features on the replacement gave me a really satisfied feeling. “A diamond is forever,” I joked.

“And you didn’t even have to go to Jared,” he said. “Now open yours. I got you something similar.”

It was a much smaller box. Was this the newest iPod or its competitor? While I unwrapped it, Rick made an excuse to put his iPod in the dock and play it. In the box was a diamond pendant. It wasn’t huge, but it felt like the biggest gift I’d ever gotten. “Rick, this is wonderful,” was all I could say at first.

“I’m glad you like it,” he said.

“I do, but it’s not even about that,” I explained. “This isn’t something you get your sister. This is something you get your wife. You were serious about the license, weren’t you?”

“I was serious about you being my wife, whether we had the piece of paper for real or not,” he explained.

“Good, because I was serious when I answered,” I lied. I took his hand and led him to the bedroom.

While I unbuttoned Rick’s shirt, he unbuckled his belt. I unzipped and unbuttoned his pants, and he pushed them down to his ankles. He leaned down to take his shoes off, but I nudged him up. I wrapped my fingers around his cock and looked up at him lovingly. Rick quipped, “They really are a girl’s best friend.” I licked a circle around the head and lifted the shaft. I licked a line up and down the lower ridge, and when I came back up, I took him into my mouth. He put his hands on the back of my head. I bobbed up and down, wondering how deep I could take him. Once I could feel his cockhead toward the back of my tongue, I didn’t push any further. Besides, the sensation of his shaft getting hard in my grip was enough of a turn-on. I went a little faster, and he said, “It didn’t even start with Kay!” I sucked the air out of my mouth, surrounding his cock my flesh, and he blurted out, “I love you, Marissa!”

Now I really wanted to please him. I could feel his balls contracting. I opened bursa escort my mouth and pulled his dick just enough that I could feel his cum on my tongue before I swallowed it. I hadn’t given Rick a chance to finish undressing, and I started unbuttoning his shirt as his orgasm subsided. Once he finished, I told him, “I love you too.” When I heard Rihanna singing in the background, I realized the playlist was filled with songs about diamonds.

I pulled his shoes and socks off as quickly as I could manage. Once he was naked, he lifted the hem of my dress, making sure the necklace stayed on. I hadn’t left much for him to do. I’d taken my shoes off as soon as we got home, making sure he noticed my red stockings. I was wearing pink panties and no bra. He made a show of pulling the stockings off slowly, but I grew impatient and started taking my panties off while he got the second stocking.

I led Rick to the bed and sat with my knees pulled up. Rick seemed surprised, but he sat the same way facing me. “I don’t think we did anything special the day you printed out the marriage license,” I told him. “This feels like our honeymoon.”

“‘Cause I gave you jewelry?”

“What it represents. I know I was already there, ’cause I’ve never bought anyone a serious Valentine card before, but the pendant just made me see it.”

Rick summarized. “So now you think we’re a real couple.”

I pushed him back and said, “Yes, and now I want to make love to my real husband.”

Rick got on his back. I sat with my legs on either side of his. I leaned forward and stroked his cock a couple times just to bring it back to life. I moved my hips across, bending his dick backwards underneath me. I moved back and forth, making him harder and harder. Rick laughed and asked, “Make love to, or use as your sex toy?”

“Both,” I said. “Got a problem with that?”

“Not at all,” he assured me.

On the next couple trips, I used the ridge of his cock to play with my clit and then my pussy lips. Rick put his hands under my butt and lifted me up a little. I moved backward. Rick held his dick down a little, and when I moved forward, the head spread my cunt lips. I raised my legs and came down slowly, savoring the feel of his crown along every inch of my inner flesh. He moved his hands up my back and pulled me down. I bounced up and down. My tits were shaking, but not as freely as you’d expect because the pendant was in the way. I leaned forward for Rick’s enjoyment. He pulled me down a little, stuffed the jeweled part between my tits and sucked on my nipples. Now I was grinding back and forth instead of up and down, and I could feel his shaft rubbing my mound. When that coincided with his head on my walls, it was like he touched my soul. I felt my walls clench his cock, and I could barely feel him starting to come inside me before the emotional side of my orgasm hit. I literally saw stars, I was feeling so much passion and so much love. I told him, “Fill me up, lover!” just as he did so.

I don’t remember anything that happened between then and finding myself on my back. The pendant was gone, and my wonderful husband was on top of me giving me the best fucking I’d ever had. “Whatever you want, Sweetie,” he said. I didn’t know what I’d asked for, but he clearly was intent on giving it to me.

In between his thrusts, I wondered how much cum he’d already deposited in my pussy. However much it was, I wanted more. I could feel his balls against my thighs, and it felt like he was tearing my pussy apart. He stopped briefly to suck on my neck. It was a beautiful, piercing pain. I looked forward to having to explain to my co-workers how passionate my husband is. Then I thought of something else. “Do you remember the first time we fucked?”

“How could I forget?” Rick asked. “You were in a 69 with Sonya, and she helped slip me inside you.”

“I want it like that,” I told him.

“I don’t know how soon we can get someone over here,” Rick said.

I hit his forearm. “I just mean that position, Rick!”

“Oh. Well, I think we can manage that,” Rick said. He got off me and gave me enough room to get on all fours. I deliberately put my legs close together just so I’d feel his cock on my thighs before he entered me. I had another profound feeling when I felt the shaft passing over the lower part of my cunt. Once he was in, he got hard in a hurry.

“Yes, yes, do that!” I groaned. He put his hands on my hips, centering himself, and I knew what he had in mind. “Fuck your sister, Rick! Come in your baby sister’s cunt!”

He was pounding me harder and holding my hips tighter. “Oh, fuck, yeah!” he groaned.

His dick was already getting wider, and I urged him on. “Do it!”

“I’m coming, Baby!” he shouted, and he did. He pulled my hips toward him, making sure every drop of cum flowed into me.

We both collapsed onto the bed. I was helpless with his bursa escort bayan entire weight on top of me, and it was wonderful. Once he was soft, he got off me. We both rolled onto our sides. I pulled him toward me and kissed him. “That oughta do it,” he said.

I gave him a wicked smile and answered, “For now anyway.”

Rick laughed and said, “I’m gonna have to start working out!” He kissed me, and we both went to sleep.

Valentine’s Day was a Friday, and Monday was a holiday, so we ended up with three and a half days of non-stop loving. On Saturday I woke to feel something cold between my legs. Rick had retrieved the necklace from the bureau where he’d put it the night before. He was sitting next to me, slipping the chain up and down over my pussy. It didn’t feel terribly erotic over the lips, but it rubbed my clit a special way, and I could feel the diamond setting bouncing off my inner thighs. “I want something living down there,” I whispered.

“I thought you’d never ask,” he said. I spread my legs and waited for my loving brother. He put the necklace next to me on the bed, knelt between my thighs and started licking me.

“I wanted your dick, but this is nice, too!” I squealed. He stuck a finger in my pussy while he circled my clit with his tongue. Then he switched parts, using one hand to rub my clit and the other to separate my pussy lips so he could such each little fold into his mouth. He sucked the whole pussy area to his mouth. When he ran his tongue over the ridge of my lips, I couldn’t help bringing my knees up around his head. “Please make love to me, Rick!” I begged. “I want you inside me so bad!”

“Anything for my beautiful wife,” he said. “How do you want it?”

I looked to the side and saw the necklace. “Sitting face to face, but I want to do something else first.” Rick sat with his legs pulled up. He was already hard, and I dragged the chain up and down on each side of his shaft until it was almost pointing straight up. I pushed his dick down. He put his hands on my buttocks and pulled me forward until the head was well inside me. I did the same to him, driving him further inside me. As the crown worked its way up my walls, I practically cried, “Oh, Rick, I love you so much.”

“I love you, too,” he whispered. We bucked our hips in and out, and I could feel his shaft on my mound. In my mind, I replayed him calling me his beautiful wife. We went from bucking to rocking, and soon he had me on my back again.

For the next ten seconds or so, I had the most amazing fuck, but I moved my leg the wrong way and we had to stop. I got on all fours and stretched my leg out. Rick caressed it and soon it was fine. I looked back and asked him, “As long as I’m like this, how would you like another present?”

“Are you offering me-?”

I shook my ass at him. “Take it,” I said. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

He said, “I chose my wife well,” just as his cock separated my buttocks. I had to stay still and relax. Anal has never been my favorite thing, but knowing that I was doing it just because of how much I loved this man made it easier and way more enjoyable. Every thrust inside my butt reminded me of what he’d just said, and when he came, I had what you might call an emotional orgasm.

A couple minutes later, I wanted him to finish what he’d started and come in my pussy again, but he said before I did that he needed to clean up from the ass-fucking. We both hopped in the shower and took great pleasure in soaping each other up. Once Rick’s dick was clean, I braced myself against the wall of the shower so he could take me from behind. Our apartment building had other plans, though. We ran out of hot water just as I felt his cock touch my thighs.

Rick turned the water off. We both stepped outside and grabbed one of the towels we had ready. We went back to the bedroom, where we had more space, and dried off. I told him, “Seeing the soap in your chest hair reminded me of the only other time I had someone special on Valentine’s Day.”

“Yeah?” Rick asked, rubbing his towel around his left thigh.

“It wasn’t the actual day, but a couple nights before, Emily came over to my dorm room. She went to the shower room, and I followed her a few minutes later to avoid suspicion. We took our clothes off and stepped into the same shower stall. With the water running over our shoulders, we kissed and we ran our fingers up and down each other’s backs. When I hit the small of Emily’s back, it made her lurch forward, forcing her nipple up to me. She’s a little taller, so it was right at my lips. After I sucked on both of hers, she leaned down to do the same to me.

“Emily liked having a full bush. Well-trimmed, but full, and that made it that much more fun when I grabbed the soap and soaped it up. That’s why your chest made me think of it.” Rick had finished drying himself and was sitting on the escort bursa bed. “I was ready to finger her, but I had another idea first. The bar of soap had just enough left that I could run it up and down over her pussy. When she got engorged, I was able to slide it between her lips. Once she started arching her back, I put it in the soap dish and fingered her until I could feel her coming on me.” Rick was stroking himself.

I was almost finished drying myself off. I continued, “Once she came down, she lathered my pussy up the same way. By now the soap was down to a sliver and she was actually able to fuck me with it. It didn’t go very deep, of course, but it was still fun. Eventually it fell to the floor and over the drain. Since we couldn’t use it any more, Emily pointed the shower head at my pussy and pretty much masturbated me that way. Once she’d rinsed me off, she got on her knees in front of me. I put my legs over her shoulders and she dove into my pussy. I don’t remember what she did, but she gave me the best orgasm I’d ever had-at least up till you and I got together.”

Rick told me, “Holy shit, that’s hot,” and he dragged me onto the bed.

I was on my back. I separated my legs and told him, “I thought you’d like it.” I’d heard the phrase “fuck me silly,” but I didn’t know what it meant till then. He was like a man possessed. He didn’t speak except for occasional grunts; he just fucked me hard and relentlessly. I only spoke to encourage him. “Yes! Fuck me! Fuck that pussy!” When I could tell he was really hard, I urged him, “Come in my cunt, honey!”

He did, and when he was done, he lay next to me. “That was amazing,” he said.

“You’re telling me!” was all I could answer.

“What you told me about Emily. Did that really happen?” he asked.

I looked him in the eye. “I lost your trust once, and it was the worst thing I ever felt. Do you think I’d ever risk going through that again by making something up?”

“No, but I thought maybe you embellished it.”

I saw a smile in his eye. “Did you want me to embellish it?” He didn’t change his expression. “Okay. We didn’t have stalls; it was just an open area. While I was using the soap as a dick on Emily, another girl joined us. I think her name was Susie.” Seeing some life return to Rick’s dick, I added, “That was just her English name. She took it when she came to America from China.” As expected, that made him a little more excited. “While I was playing with Emily’s pussy, she stood behind me and put her palm over mine. She nibbled on my neck a little. That made me back up, and she was able to get her middle finger inside me. She asked me, ‘Would you rather have something else?’ in that accent of hers.”

Rick was stroking himself, but he was listening so intently to the new version of the story that I don’t think he realized it. “What did you say?” he asked.

“What do you think I said?” I said sarcastically. “I handed Emily the soap, turned around and tongue-kissed Susie. Then I bent down and licked the folds of that sweet pussy.” Looking at Rick, I repeated, “That sweet, Asian pussy.”

“What about Emily?”

“That soap? It was one of those travel-size soaps, and we’d just opened it, so it was the perfect size for her to fuck me with. She even put one hand on my hip to make it seem like she was a guy with a real cock. Anyway, Susie’s tits were big enough that when I looked up from eating her pussy, I couldn’t even see her face. Soon her cum was pouring over my tongue. Now Emily said, ‘My turn!’ She put the soap back, and Susie got on the floor. I sat on her face while Emily ate her. Now, you know what the problem is with eating Chinese pussy?”

“No, what?”

Rick figured out where I was going after the first few words. “A half-hour later, you’re horny again. Lucky for us, the janitor showed up-a big black guy-and started fucking Emily.”

Rick stopped masturbating. “Oh, come on!”

“Too much?” I asked, and I laughed.

“For this story. Save the black guy for the next memory you embellish,” Rick answered. He was on top of me again. His legs didn’t have the strength they did a few minutes ago, but that meant he could string more words together. We both moaned how much we loved each other until he came once more. I imagined all the seed from that morning sloshing around in my womb, and suddenly the gap in last night’s memory was filled in. He was attempting to deliver on his promise.

For the rest of the weekend, the only time either of us put any clothes on was when Rick got the newspaper in the morning. It’s a good thing we got the house when we did, because my birthday present may be even better than my Valentine’s present. Our baby girl is due the day before my birthday. I’ll let nature run its course, but I’d love it if she was overdue by a day. I mentioned to Rick my recovered memory of telling people that one day we’d have four babies. I added that if this one isn’t born on my birthday, he’s got three more tries. The truth is, he’s got as many tries as he wants. I’ve loved this man since I was a little girl, and I’d do anything to make him happy.

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