Roxanne’s Demanding Stepmother


“Hurry up now, honey. She’ll be here any second.” Roxanne looked up from the sofa she was lying on, staring up at her dad. She merely grumbled in response. She was wearing a black hoodie and sweatpants, and was enjoying reading on her own for that Sunday afternoon before school started back on when her dad announced she would finally meet his new girlfriend. She was dreading it, and did anything she could to not change into better apparel, something her dad had been insisting on for the last few hours. It was the first time he had ever been with someone and been serious enough to want to introduce them. That meant that if she said she was okay with this woman, they would actually get married. Yeah, married. It was like he didn’t even care about her mom anymore- wherever she was.

Since the divorce, he had been pretty conservative. But he was rich and still young, meaning a lot of woman were interested in him, and she was sure one day they would finally be able to snatch him in their evil claws. She couldn’t believe that was actually happening. Roxanne was beautiful as well, she was 18 years old and had amber eyes and blonde hair, which heavily contrasted against most of the black clothes she wore every day. She had beautiful curves that started developing just recently, and she was pretty proud of them secretly, though she mostly hid it because she didn’t want the boys at school to make fun of her.

“I said, hurry up.” He repeated after she ignored him again. She didn’t know how he could possibly demand anything of her. He was barely even around, prancing from country to country doing who knows what with his job. He had no right to tell her what she should or shouldn’t be doing,

“Ugh… Fine.” She said, walking upstairs to her room to grab the dress he had bought for her for this occasion. She slipped out of her pants and threw them on the floor. The hoodie followed. The dressed hugged her curves perfectly, and showed off her newly developed breasts. She stared at herself in the mirror appreciating herself when she heard a car approach.

Curious, she glanced out the window, staring at the woman that might become her future mom. The woman stepped out (was her name Alison or something?) and Roxanne gaped, she was the most beautiful woman she has ever seen. Giant tits that didn’t seem like they would fit properly in any bra, and a dress hugging her so tight and so short she could be showing off her panties to a crowd if she just bent over. Who the hell dresses like that when they meet their step-daughter for the first time. Jeez. She had wavy blonde hair that fell at her hips (probably extensions) and wore bangles, rings, a diamond necklace and matching earrings, which Roxanne could guess all of which her father bought for her. He liked to spoil his girls.

She heard a knock at the door, and her dad yell, “Roxy, she’s here! Come down!” Roxanne gulped. She didn’t want this at all. She considered running out and never coming back. She walked down the stairs slowly, huffing the entire way. They made eye contact at the bottom of the stairs, both ladies staring at each other dead in the eyes- amber to light blue. Her dad, Peter, watched their reaction. Then beamed.

“I’m so glad my girls are finally meeting each other!” He clapped his hands together. “Roxy, this is Alison. Alison, this is Roxy.”

“Oh my goodness!” Alison yelled, her feminine voice echoing across the halls. “You are even more beautiful than your photos. Look at that dress. Adorable. You should wear them more often! Your dad talks about how you just wear black all the time.” She tsked, then walked up to Alison, patting her from head to toe, studying her. “I’m gonna be the best mommy ever. I’ll teach you how to be a proper lady, and we’ll walk around the streets with all the guys staring at us.” She smiled, her perfect teeth gleaming under the light.

“Hey, did you forget about me?” Her dad chuckled, putting his arms around Alison.

She patted him on the chest, still staring at Roxanne, “C’mon you know you have nothing to worry bursa escort about. You’re all the hunk I ever need. Isn’t that right, Roxy?”

She looked at her dad, than Alison, then Alison touching her dad. “First of all, don’t call me that. It’s Roxanne to you” Roxanne said, crossing her arms. “Second of all, don’t touch my dad in front of me. That’s gross as fuck. Third, just because he likes you, doesn’t mean I do, capiche?”

“Roxy!” Her dad yelled. Alison stood there, glaring at her, but she didn’t say a word. She just continued smiling, hands still on her dad’s chest as it moved up and down.

“It’s alright, Peter. What do you say we all go eat?” She said slowly, staring at Roxanne dead in the eyes.

“Okay. But no more backtalk Roxy. And no swearing!” He said, pointing his fingers assertively at her. Roxanne rolled her eyes, it was ridiculous that he thought he could parent her now even though he’s basically abandoned her for nannies to care for her all these years.

They walked to the backyard, the table already set for them with a few courses in mind. Her dad wanted to go out for their first meeting- he wanted them to love each other- but that already wasn’t going very well. He knew his daughter, and he knew this would be difficult.

They were in the middle of eating their steaks when her dad received a phone call, he smiled at them and left into his office, blabbering about the company’s current stock situation with a backer. Alison tapped her fingers as they waited, smiling at her with her fake smile.

“Is that how you talk to your father? You complete brat.” She said matter-of-factly, not even looking at Roxanne.

“Excuse me?” Roxanne said, her eyes widening.

“You heard me, brat.” Alison repeated.

“You can’t talk to me that way.”

“Why? Are you going to tell on me to daddy?” She said in a baby voice.

“No. He won’t care anyways.” Roxanne grumbled.

“Awww… does daddy not care for his little princess?”

“Shut up.”

“Listen to me, girl.” She turned to face her, grabbed her cheeks and pulled her close to her aggressively.

“You’re hurting me!”

“Listen to me. You do not speak to your mother in that tone. You do not look at me with condescension. And if you ever, ever complain about me to your dad, I will make your life a living hell.”

“Hah. What are you going to do to me? You think he’ll believe a girl he just met over me? His own daughter?” Roxanne was fighting back, but she was honestly still shocked about how she was talking to her. No one has ever talked to her like this.

“I’ll tell him you’re gay.”

Roxanne stared at her, “Excuse me?”

“I see the way you look at my body. I know you want me. Don’t even pretend.”

“I’m not gay.” She said determinedly.

“What would your poor Christian father say when he finds out you’ll never have proper kids, huh? He’ll be so distraught. I can’t even fathom it.”

“I’m. Not. Gay.”

“You just keep telling yourself that.” She flipped her hair nonchalantly. “Anyways, you do anything to break us up, or even talk to me in that tone again, I’m going to ruin you. Watch out, little girl.”

Roxanne shut up for the first time in her life.

It had been just a couple months and Alison had integrated herself fully into Roxanne and Peter’s life. She had brought all her belongings and unpacked it all over the house, making it the exact way she wanted it. Peter, like usual, was barely home. And after he confirmed that Roxanne was fine with Alison being around, he left them to live together, traveling the world and coming back occasionally to bring them out to a fancy dinner and then taking the next flight out. Roxanne had no idea why Alison was into a guy that never paid her any attention when she realized she was exactly the same. She was very busy with her career as well- a bikini line that was world famous and constantly out of stock. The difference was, Alison did most of her job at home, making phone calls and skyping people, making bursa escort bayan the decisions for the line without actually being there. That meant Alison mostly ignored her, but she was always there. In her face. Roxanne hated coming home.

It became way worse the week that their cleaning staff, maid, and cook quit, unable to handle Alison anymore. And because her dad still dealt with most of the expenses, and wasn’t around to interview anyone else for the position, the house was a complete mess, and Alison was not going to take care of it. This meant ordering Roxanne around.

“Hey, brat.” Roxanne looked up from her assignment, which she was working on in the dining room table. Brat was Alison’s new favourite thing to call her- it was like she didn’t even remember her name anymore. She called her from the kitchen, just a room away.

“Yes?” Roxanne asked, afraid of what would come next.

“Come here. Right now.” She walked over, seeing Alison bent over on the counter looking down at the sink.

“Look at this mess. It’s all clogged, it smells. And there’s dishes unwashed. I have guests coming over and there’s no way I want them seeing all this.” She said, waving her nose.

“What do you want me to do about it?” Roxanne said, crossing her arms and leaning back at the kitchen island.

“Clean it. Now.”

“Why don’t you clean it? You’re the one that got the staff fired.”

“What did I say about answering back to your mom? Do it. Now.” She grabbed onto Roxanne’s hair pulling her back to look directly into her eyes.

“Hey! You can’t do that to me.” Roxanne screamed, a shiver shooting down her spine. She had no idea where that sensation was coming from- but she kind of wanted more.

“And who’s going to do something about it? Your dad? The one who barely cares about you?” Roxanne gulped. “And because you answered back to me, you’re going to do all this with a toothbrush. Specifically, your toothbrush. We can’t be wasting any material like that.” She grinned at her. Roxanne gasped. This treatment couldn’t possibly be legal. She could easily tell the police about it… or her dad… but for some reason there was something stopping her. She couldn’t say no to Alison, and she had no idea why. She wanted her to treat her like this, and she wanted more. She wanted to feel those shivers again, and she needed more and more in order to get them.

“Okay, mom.” She said, looking down at the floor.

“Good girl.” Alison said, patting her on the head a few times before walking off in her heels. Roxanne spent the afternoon scrubbing the sink and the plates with her toothbrush, and when she finally had the time to go back to her assignment, Alison called on her again.

“Hey Brat!” Her shrill voice called from the bathroom. Roxanne walked over slowly, not sure what to expect this time.

“Yes?” She called from outside the bathroom, which was shut tight.

“Come on in, I won’t bite.” She obeyed and walked inside, seeing Alison sit in the giant porcelain bathtub, naked except for the bubbles covering her body. Roxanne fidgeted in her pants, feeling fluids soak up her panties. She had no idea what was happening, she had never felt these sensations before, other than watching a weird rom-com on television that came on once in a while, she usually ignored the feelings- but this was too strong to ignore.

She walked over, hesitant. “What do you need, Alison?”

“Peter usually helps me scrub down properly before a party, but since he’s not here, I need you to do it for me.”

“Scrub you down?” Roxanne asked in shock.

“Yes. I don’t want to have to repeat myself, you stupid girl.” Alison said, scoffing in the bathtub.

Roxanne thought about it for a few seconds, but afraid that Alison was getting impatient, got on her knees and took out the bath scrub (the one that only Alison was allowed to use) and scrubbed her back, forming circles at the top and moving lower and lower. She was gentle, but Alison kept requesting it to be harder and harder escort bursa so she could be fully clean. She moved onto Alison’s front, and scrubbed her chest, they were floating so much she could see Alison’s giant areolas floating in the water. Roxanne was getting hot- and it wasn’t just because of the steam in the bathroom. Her panties were completely soaked, and she leaned in more and more and more, her face just inches from Alison. Alison looked at her knowingly and grinned. “You’re not getting the good spots, move lower. My nipples need to be fully scrubbed.” She moaned a little as Roxanne focused on them, pressing in. “Now down more.” Roxanne approached her stomach, “More.” Her hand splashed into the water, hitting her mound, which was just shaved nicely right before her bath. “Good. Scrub the inside and out properly.” Roxanne stared at her, then complied- her body following the orders now. She could not do anything to disobey Alison now. She would do anything she said, at anytime- and she had no idea what had gotten into her. She had to obey this hot mom she never had no matter what, and she wanted her to verbally and physically abuse her as much as possible.

She was lost in her thoughts, working away when Alison said, “You’re such a little slut, aren’t you? Getting off on washing your mom’s body like that.” Roxanne looked at her, completely shocked that she read through her that easily. Was she that obvious? She slapped her, hard. “Did I say you could get off on my body like that? How were you raised huh? You whore. Never look at me like that again, or I’ll call the police on you. Worse- I’ll tell your dad you touched me inappropriately.” She grinned at Roxanne, who was so shocked she dropped the scrub she was holding.

“No. Don’t.” She said, shaking a little.

“Okay, enough of the scrubbing. I’m clean enough.” She made Roxanne watched as she sensually rubbed her body, getting the soap off under the shower. Then, she looked at Roxanne calculatedly, watching her for a few moments before saying. “I have to poop. Go outside.”

Roxanne nodded, and left the room, carrying the towel Alison had thrown at her. She was still naked as she saw her sit on the toilet. She leaned against the door outside. She wasn’t sure if Alison wanted her to keep waiting, but she couldn’t help but just stand there waiting for the next instruction. A few minutes later, she heard a call from the bathroom, and entered as she heard Alison flush.

“I’m out of tissue paper, and the maid we hired didn’t get more before she left.”

“Okay?” Roxanne said, confused about what Alison wanted from her.

“Clean me up, bitch.” She said. She bent over, her ass in the air, a beautiful specimen that Roxanne desperately wanted to touch. She was shocked once more, it seemed Alison had no limits about what she wanted. She just kept asking for more, expecting Roxanne to follow every command no matter what. Roxanne was sure she saw stacks of tissue paper still in the bathroom just earlier that day, but she had no idea where they went, and she knelt down on the ground looking at Alison’s perfect butt.

She put her hands gently on Alison’s thighs, and stuck her tongue out, licking Alison’s ass over and over again as she pulled out her phone, texting her famous clients. Alison barely paid any attention to her as she licked around the hole, making it as clean as possible. She then stuck her tongue into her, cleaning the insides as well. She was drenched at this point, her wetness travelling down her thighs, and she couldn’t help but touch Alison as much as possible while she go the chance. “Enough.” Alison said after a while, and put on her clothes with Roxanne helping.

She ignored her for the rest of the day, and Roxanne finished her assignment in peace before heading to bed, listening to the party downstairs she wasn’t allowed to go to. As she heard Alison’s laugh as she got tipsy on her 5th cosmopolitan with the hot boys she invited when her dad was away, Roxanne fantasized about everything Alison made her do today, her hands traveling down to underneath her panties for the first time ever, flicking her clit and fingering herself over and over, her fingers pretending it was Alison’s, punishing herself until she screamed out loud, imagining Alison’s tongue on her body.

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