Sapphic Serenity Ch. 04


Disclaimer and Author’s Note: All characters portrayed in sexual activity are eighteen years of age or older. This story was a request from a reader and dedicated to them. They know who they are and I hope you all enjoy it. Feedback is welcome, flames will be laughed at, I promise.

Chapter 4- Don’t Look Back

My dreams that night were, not surprisingly, supremely sexual, mostly reliving the events of the previous day and concerning my mother. We had pushed ourselves so far in the daring behaviour we indulged that finally it had been too much- we gave in to our mutual lust and had fucked in the car, not even waiting to get home.

Gone were the pretenses of family humour or acceptable intimacy between family members, they could no longer even try to justify our carnal ferocity. We had mated like tigers, completely given over to our primal needs. Neither of us were bisexual or liked girls, but our deep need for one another’s cum had been overpowering.

I woke up wet. Very wet. My fingers touched my pussy and I shivered. Holy shit. Had I really had Skype sex with my mom last night? What the hell was happening to me?

I slowly slung my legs over the side of the bed and stretched, determined not to worry myself about it. We’d have time to talk today, just as we had the previous day. We’d get this all worked out one way or another. We loved each other too much to let this come between us and ruin the most wonderful mother-daughter relationship to ever happen. She was my best friend and nothing would change that.

I stood and made my way to the door, needing to pee. I didn’t put anything on, I rarely ever did. I left my room and paused, looking at my mother, who had just exited her bedroom as well, equally naked. There was a dead silence for several seconds as we stared at one another. I moved a strand of hair out of my face unconsciously and mom bit her lip as our eyes locked.

That was all it took. We strode forward and threw our arms around each other, kissing with hungry abandon. We moaned into one another’s mouths in lust and relief, all hesitation between us gone. There was no longer any doubt, no worries and no more questions. Mom and I were lovers. There was simply no other way for us to be at this point.

Still grappling onto one another and kissing fiercely, we staggered back into her room and collapsed on the bed, bodies melting together. Tongues plunged and hips thrust eagerly. Hands roved and explored freely, acknowledging no boundaries between us. She giggled and began kissing me all over my face. She slowly made her way down my neck, kissing my spot and causing me to shudder and moan uncontrollably. My hips pushed up against her in response, aching to feel her. She kissed and nipped at my shoulders and collarbone. I tingled all over, feeling her soft lips pressed to my skin, her teeth over every inch of me.

Oh God, she reached my breasts…

I groaned loudly as her tongue swirled around one of my nipples and then began sucking ardently. It felt so good and I cradled her head to me, making incoherent noises. The gentle pinch of her teeth and then a tug, the delicious sting jolting through me. She sucked on my breasts, humming and teasing me. My fingers clasped her hair, kneading and flexing against her scalp.

“Gnnnn, mom!” I moaned as she tugged on my nipple with her teeth again, stretching it out. I felt her hand caressing up and down my thigh, straying close and close to my core, my throbbing, pulsing wet pussy. “I want you so bad!”

She continued her journey down my body, kissing my tummy and sliding her tongue around it before moving further, to that wonderful sensitive area between my navel and cunt. She kissed it and pressed her tongue against it strongly, spreading a warmth through me. Her tongue then found the engorged bump over my woman hood, slithering hungrily. She nipped the skin, played with it and made me squirm in need.

Finally she arrived at my pussy, kissing it and moaning gently as she felt my taste on her lips. Up and down my lips she kissed, flicking her tongue against my clit. I cried out and mashed my hips against her face. She pressed her mouth against me eagerly in response, sucking on my lips before pushing her tongue inside. It was the most incredible thing I had ever felt.

My legs wrapped around her upper back and I rocked back and forth, shuddering and biting at my knuckle. I squirmed and writhed as she fucked me with her tongue, her fingers spreading my gooey lips to give me a delightful little sting.

She rolled me up onto my upper back, kneeling over me now, my legs hooked over her shoulders as she lashed my pussy with her tongue. I whimpered and played with my breasts, watching her through glazed eyes. She smiled at me while she tapped her finger on my clit before sliding it up and down between my lips.

“Mom,” I murmured in a trembling voice. “Stop teasing me, I ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

She finally slid a finger inside me, deep down into my steaming tunnel. I groaned as I squeezed the finger greedily, like I never wanted ankara escort to let it go. Mom sucked on my clit while she fucked me, making my whole body tremble. After a few preliminary strokes, she sank a second finger in along with the first, twisting them to give me a stretch.

“Holy shit…” I gasped, my body on fire. “Shit shit shit… mom…”

“Mmmm, you like, baby?” she asked, smiling down at me. I nodded my response and she went back to licking my clit as she fingered me. Finally, though, she laid me back down and stretched out beside me, kissing me deeply while she kept teasing her fingers inside my slit. I could taste myself on her mouth and it was heady, enthralling and almost dizzying.

“You want to do mommy now, darling?” she asked, a light dancing in her eyes. I nodded and she slowly turned herself around, climbing over my body and settling down, her face over my cunt and hers over mine. I pulled her legs apart and buried my mouth in her, causing her to groan loudly and squirm against me. She was dripping wet and tasted so wonderful!

Neither of us had ever done anything like this before but instincts just kicked in, coupled with a deep need to please one another completely. Tongues began lapping and probing, fingers caressed and pushed inside, our bodies trembling in delight as we tasted and almost devoured one another. I swirled my tongue around her clit while I slid two fingers in and out of her, eliciting moans of pleasure as she did the same to me.

“Don’t be delicate, baby,” she said in a quavering voice. “Mommy can take it, I promise…”

I sucked her clit into my mouth and she cried out, while I bunched my fingers together into a point and slid them inside her. I pushed steadily, until they were in up to my bottom knuckles. Mom moaned loudly into my pussy, buzzing my clit and making me wild. We fingered and licked with increasing abandon, desperate to cum together, but no too quickly, since we had our entire sexual beings to share and explore.

I shuddered and gasped suddenly as she spread my cheeks and teased the pad of her finger around my little knot. She tapped it gently and hummed as she kissed my clit.

“Oh, are you like mommy?” she cooed. “Do you like a little anal?”

“Gnnnn, fucking love having my ass played with,” I groaned. “Please…”

She nodded and lapped my pussy lovingly while slowly working her finger into my ass. I made a completely incoherent noise as I felt her wiggle it inside me while she buzzed my clit with her lips. For someone who had never been with a woman, mom was showing amazing lesbian intuition. She got her finger all the way down to the bottom knuckle, sending splinters of fire shooting through me. This was totally unlike anything I’d ever felt, even when I guy licked my pussy or fucked my ass.

I began doing likewise, teasing my finger around her tight little rim before snaking inside. She reacted wonderfully, squeezing my finger with her ass and moaning shamelessly. Like mother, like daughter, obviously. We slurped one another’s pussies and fingered asses until we were shaking uncontrollably. I felt like I was going to die of the pleasure that was starting to brim in me.

We pushed our hips into one another’s faces and screamed, unable to resist the mutual orgasm that crashed over us. Pumping and writhing, cum splattering our mouths and fingers spearing deep into our asses. We swallowed each other’s essence greedily, sweat-slicked bodies glued together in lust. I felt transported, as if I could never come down from that climax that was mercilessly battering us.

Finally, I collapsed, shaking like a leaf and panting like I’d run a marathon. My mother lay on top of me, barely moving, only her chest heaving and limbs twitching. Her pussy still oozed against my face, pink and glistening with her cum. I was dizzy. I couldn’t have stood up if I’d tried. What the hell kind of chemistry did we have that we could cum so hard together?

“Holy fuck, mom…” I breathed finally. Her response moan was muffled by my sticky pussy. Even just moving my head seemed like colossal effort, so I just lay still, praying that I would not drown in my mother’s cum, which trickled out of her steadily. I couldn’t believe how alike our bodies were.

Slowly, very slowly, she rolled off of me and tumbled to my side, now facing the ceiling. We both stared blankly at it, the sun rays through the window dancing off our sweaty forms. I couldn’t begin to guess how much time had passed before I stirred, because I couldn’t even feel my limbs yet, much less how long we’d been laying there. And to be honest, I didn’t care that much either. Getting back to reality was not exactly a concern of mine.

I just shut my eyes and breathed deeply. I didn’t think about anything else, just slowly letting the tingles subside. Finally I could move again, curling my fingers and giving my mom’s thigh a squeeze as she lay beside me. She hummed pleasantly and slowly turned herself around and lay half on top of me. We wrapped our arms around one another and kissed deeply, escort ankara contentedly, just happy to be together and flush with the throes of fucking.

“Oh, baby,” she murmured, breaking the kiss and smiling down into my eyes. “I haven’t cum that hard in years.”

“Me either.” I agreed, lost in her liquid brown eyes. “We can’t stop this, mom. I don’t want to. I don’t give a shit if people think it’s wrong or whatever. I need to be fucking you like this. Whenever we can.”

“Mmmm, I’d like that,” she whispered, caressing my cheek gently. “But are you sure?”

“I’m a grown woman, mom, I’m very sure.” I said, nodding. “Maybe it’s weird that the only woman I’ve ever wanted is my mother, but there you go. I can’t help how I feel or what I want. And what I want is to bury my tongue in your cunt every chance I get. God, imagine us cumming like that all the time, together.”

“I love it,” she said sweetly, kissing my lips again. “So we’re going to be lovers? Are you going to beat all the boys off with a stick?”

“Well, I’m not going to keep you from having your fun,” I replied reasonably. “I’m not jealous, I just know that I need to fuck you as often as we can manage it. Hopefully you feel the same.”

She nodded. “I do, baby.”

“And no regrets.” I added, holding up a finger.

“I promise,” she said softly, kissing the proffered finger. “We both want this, we want to fuck one another whenever we can, and given what horny sluts we both are, that should be quite often.”

I sighed in satisfaction. “You do know that the rest of today will be spent fucking and trying out all our new toys, right?”

She smirked. “That does seem like the only sensible use of the rest of our day, yes. I’ve no doubt we’re going to keep one another very busy. As long as we keep hydrated, so we don’t just crumble to dust after we cum together for the twentieth time.”

I giggled and she kissed me deeply again before straddling me, sitting on top of me and looking down. She moved one of my legs and nestled her sticky pussy into mine, undulating it back and forth gently.

“Mmm, can’t wait to girl-fuck you like this again,” she purred, reaching down to massage my breasts as we squirmed our cunts slowly. “And now that there’s no holding back or regrets, it’ll be better than ever.”

I nodded and stretched languidly beneath her, enjoying the feel of mom’s body squirming with mine. She leaned down and kissed me again, the two of us giggling as our tongues wrestled playfully.

“Just think about all the things we can do,” I murmured, my hands now on her magnificent breasts, gently rolling her nipples between my fingers. “We’ve found so many ways our bodies are similar already, there must be more.”

“I know,” she replied, shivering as I teased her. “That same spots on our necks…”

“Oh, God, that,” I moaned, my hips pressing up almost involuntarily at the thought. “If I get kissed there, it’s over, I become the biggest slut. The smelliest, grossest kid at school could kiss me there and I’d be spiking myself on his cock like a volleyball.”

“I’m pretty much the same way,” mom purred. “Your dad actually got me to fuck for the first time that way, not that I needed any encouragement.”

“Just the sound of the size of his dick alone would have done that for me,” I giggled. “What was his cum like?”

“He nearly drowned me,” she laughed. “First time we fucked? Yeah, I swear my cunt almost burst from overfilling.”

“Well, we both also like anal,” I continued, reaching back and pulling her ass cheeks apart while she squirmed her pussy against mine. “I love having fingers or a cock in my ass.”

“I’m glad to know that,” she sighed, feeling me stretch her. “We’ll do this a lot, I promise.”

We made out some more, neither of us ready to cum just yet, only wanting the feeling of closeness that came with what we were doing. There was plenty of time to get our fuck on. I couldn’t believe how perfect this felt. It was so natural. Incest was now the farthest thing from my mind. It’s not like anyone else had to know, right?

“God, just think of all the places we’re gonna fuck,” I mused, stretching myself and feeling sated for now. “The pool, the hot tub, the showers, we can try the pool cue again, the exercise equipment… nothing’s gonna be safe from us now.”

She giggled. “And don’t forget the mall or other places we can take risks in,” she reminded me. “We both seem to get off on public misbehaviour.”

“I’ll admit to that,” I affirmed. “I used to fuck at school, seeing how close I could come to getting caught. I actually did a couple of times, but only once by a teacher.”

Mom raised and eyebrow and smirked. “How did I never hear about that?”

I shrugged. “I sucked him off and he promised not to tell.”

She laid down on me now, giggling. “That’s my girl,” she said cheerfully. “Resourceful in her sluttiness. You’re just like your mom.”

“Best role model a girl ever had,” I purred, kissing her again. “Ready for a shower?”

Mom nodded. “We’d better go or ankara escort bayan we’re gonna be stuck to my sheets.”

We clambered off her bed and went into the hallway, holding hands. We paused and I smiled at her. “Y’know, we could try the shower in the basement again. Would be nice to remember this time around.”

“Couldn’t agree more, darling…” she said sweetly, taking my hand and leading me downstairs to the basement. We grabbed two towels and mom turned on the shower. We squeezed in, giggling as we made room for one another. Squished together like this, mom picked up the moisturizer bottle and drizzled it down between our tits. We kissed one another deeply as we began squirming our bodies together, slippery skin tingling.

“Ohhh, Jesus, mom, you feel so good…” I murmured, tilting my hips forward to press my pussy to hers. “I just want to fuck and fuck and fuck.”

“Mmmm, glad to hear it, baby,” she replied, running her hands up and down my ass cheeks while biting at my beck. “Because it’s all I want to do too.”

We kissed and fondled and ground our bodies together in the shower for some time, lost in the exquisite sensations we shared. Finally we lowered ourselves to the floor, scissoring our legs and pressing our slits together, squirming them back and forth, an addiction we were rapidly developing. We both watched in fascination beneath the cascade of water, lips mingling and clits brushing.

“I never would’ve guessed this felt so amazing,” mom murmured as she played with her pussylips and pressed on my button with her thumb. “We’ve got so much to explore and just learn.”

I giggled. “Kinda funny that you’re still the only woman I’m horny for. But yes, I agree that this bears thorough investigation and we should take all the time we could possibly need.”

We pulled one another close and kissed again, squirming our tits and cunts together. I don’t think either of us were quite ready to cum yet, after all the feverish fucking just a little while earlier, but this-body-to-body stimulus thing was exactly what we craved. Finally we leaned back against opposite walls and just ground our pussies in slow circles, fondling our breasts and moaning.

“Wonder what grinding our asses would feel like…” mom breathed. Without another word, we slowly turned ourselves over onto our knees, resting our hands against the walls and began squirming. We both moaned and shivered as our slippery cheeks rubbed into one another, the wonderful warmth filling us both.

“I think we’ve done this before, mom,” I murmured, closing my eyes and losing myself in the sensation. “This feels familiar.”

“Yes it does,” mom agreed, moving her ass in slow, firm circles against me. “I’m not surprised if we did this the other night, given how tight this space is and how fucked up we were. Bet we really enjoyed it then, too…”

“We’re smart cookies, then,” I breathed, squirming back into her. “God, how the hell are we ever going to get anything done?”

“At the moment, who cares?” she breathed, her eyes closed. “We’ve got so many toys to try out…”

We sank further down, legs pushing past one another and our butts pressing harder than ever as we ground. Her pussy met mine underneath and we both moaned in pleasure at the welcome contact. I felt her fingers reach under and begin playing with us both and I shuddered, caressing her in return.

“Mmmmm, and think about all the rooms in the house,” I murmured. “We’ll have to fuck in each and every one of them. And the back yard, and the hot tub…”

“Ooh, you read my mind, baby,” she agreed. “I think we have all our free time figured out.”

“Nnnnn, and now when we go out, it’s not just going out, they’re like dates…” I panted, getting hot once again. “Because I know… I’ll be trying to- gnnnnnnnn- get into your pants afterward.”

“Dating my daughter…” mom gasped. “Mmmmm, dating and fucking my hot daughter…”

We squirmed and pressed harder, fingering ourselves and one another almost frantically, needing one another’s cum again. Our spines flexed and almost accordioned while we struggled to peak together.

“Want to kiss you!” she hissed, turning herself around. “Fucking kiss me, Bron!”

I whirled around and grappled onto my mom, kissing her savagely. The need I felt was unreal. What kind of primordial lust did we share that we got so worked up with one another? Tongues tangled and dueled between us, moaning loudly and with unbridled passion. Mom shut off the water and we rose to our feet, staggering out of the shower while still kissing and groping. We made it to the game room before collapsing onto the plush rug, lost in one another’s wet flesh.

I shuddered and cried out as she dug her fingers into my slit, rippling them inside me. My pussy clenched around her fiercely and I responded by leaning in and gripping one of her nipples between my teeth, tugging. Mom keened loudly and her legs spread instantly, exposing her cunt. I slapped the slippery lips twice and she wailed in delight before I sunk my fingers deep down inside her. We finger-fucked one another frantically, hips bucking shamelessly until we both screamed in pleasure, cumming hard. I jammed my mouth to hers, still vocalizing my delight. She responded in kind, the two of us lost in ecstasy.

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