ScenePicture the scene. A romantic dinner for two with you wearing a silky red dress I’ve bought you and no underwear whilst we pretend to discuss politics but actually just play footsie under the table all night, teasing each other before retiring to a hotel room for a night of passion.We decide to go to a bar rather than the hotel and order some cocktails, the latin influenced jazz makes you want to move your body as we sit and you start thrusting your hips almost subconsciously. You start to rub your neck gently with one hand, shifting your hair around while the other sneaks gently up your thigh and I can tell you’re getting so turned on.I kiss you deeply, slowly, softly with lots of tongue once before we go back to talking about something incidental. Meanwhile my hand has worked it’s way up the slit of your dress and is teasing your inner thighs. I can feel how how and wet you are. Without are underwear the heat just emanates from your aching pussy but I’m in the mood to tease. I remove my hand and instead begin slowly, subtely but deliberately scratching down your back just as I would do if you were sitting on top of me writhing around on my rock hard shaft.I give you a folded note and tell you to go to the toilet and do what it says. You excuse yourself. You come back quickly and show me your bra which is now stuffed inside your handbag. Again I scratch your back and you instinctively thrust trying to take me deeper even though my cock is nowhere near your swollen pussy, yet. I shift your hair to the side and begin to kiss/bite your neck. Instantly your nipples are visible straining against the fabric of your dress as your breathing gets heavier and heavier. You take a sip from your drink and wrap your lips around the straw as you make eye contact fethiye escort with me deeply then you lick your lips very slowly.This time I exit briefly. As you wait for me to come back you realise how exposed you are sat in this bar with just a thin layer of silk protecting your body from the leering eyes of all the other men, and most of the women, in the bar. You decide to tease further by pulling out a mirror snd slowly reapplying your lipstick in an exxagerated manner. You finish just as I return and pull out my phone to show you the picture I just took of my shaved cock, pre-cum oozing from the tip of it after the evening of mutual teasing. You gasp, clearing wanting it in one of your orifices, any orifice, and I slip my hand under your dress again and slide two fingers straight into your hungry cunt. I take your hand and pretend to dance with you while sitting down, using the excuse of the movement to the music to really work my fingers inside you as you try desperately not to let the entire bar you’re getting finger fucked like a horny slut.The music begins to speed up and I start to fuck your pussy harder and faster, my thumb now pressed against your clit circling against it quickly as I start to bite your neck, breathe heavily against it and tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to pleasuring your gorgeous body ever since I first laid eyes on it. You begin to tremble and shake as I manipulate your dripping cunt with my hand and grip your arse tight with the other. You grab my raging hard on through my suit trousers and your eyes roll back in your head as you shake in powerful orgasm saying “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard fuck my cunt…..”I ask you if you’re sure about me fucking you. You’re a little tipsy and even though I’m escort fethiye desperate to have you I wouldn’t want to take advantage of you in this state. You tell me to fuck you like I’ve never fucked anyone. You tell me to fuck you like an a****l in heat.I make a call and soon we walk out of the bar. A limo pulls up and we jump in. Before the door is even closed your dress has come off and you’re pulling my dick out of my trousers. You suck it hungrily for a couple of minutes whilst furiously rubbing your clit until you beg me to fuck you like a dirty dirty girl.I manhandle you into position with my on the seat and you sitting reverse cow girl my cock slidin into you so deep and so easily because you want it, no need it, so fucking badly. I begin to ryhtmically pump into you while I grope your tits and bite your neck hard from behind using your body for some hard rough sex with you even more fucking turned on knowing that the driver is watching you get fucked like a dirty whore. I’ve got one hand pulling your hair and the other groping your tits as I smash your cunt when I command you to start filming it. You grab your phone from the seat and start filming yourself getting brutally fucked by me for us to watch back later. Your face contorting in a delicious mix of pleasure and pain as I make you my bitch and your pussy dribbles for me.”Fuck me, fuck me like the nasty slut I am, pound that pussy good” you scream as I thrust harder and faster into you making that cunt mine as I slam my dick into it over and over again sending shockwaves of pleasure from your pussy all over your body. Once you’ve cum hard I pull you off me and force you to suck my dick again taking it deep in your throat lapping up your own juices before I throw you on the floor fethiye escort bayan of the limo, legs on my shoulders and begin fucking you nice and deep. I open the sunroof so everyone on the street can hear your screams of pleasure as I thrust into you slowly, then faster and faster, groping your tits as you bite your lip. I pull your hair hard to try and shove myself deeper into you as I near orgasm and your face contorts with pleasure until finally I explode and my cum squirts up inside your tight hot cunt just as we pull up to the hotel.You try to grab my cock in the lift but I grab your hand and make you rub yourself instead, giving a show for the security guards watching the CCTV.As soon as we’re in the room I rip off your dress. I get some massage oil and spread it over your amazing tits and then I hold you firmly by your hair as I fuck your tits slowly and you play with your cunt for me. You look up at me with hungry, lusty eyes and ask to taste it. I use my tie as a blindfold and then slide my aching cock into your pretty little mouth for you to work your magic.When I’m nearly ready to cum I’ll take my cock out of your mouth and tie you up and put some really dirty porn on on my laptop, I get a vibrator and place it on your clit on the lowest setting before dripping some hot wax all over your inner thighs while I rub ice gently over your rock hard nipples before sliding it inside your hungry hot cunt and watching it melt and dribble out of you then I start to eat it out of you slowly as you writhe your hips. I tease your pussy with my tongue and start to get hard again watching you moan and groan desperate to get fucked again.I move up and pin you down whilst rubbing my smooth shaved cock against your clit until suddenly I’m deep inside you filling your hot cunt and making your eyes roll back in your head. I fuck you slow but hard, getting so deep inside you you can barely breathe until I’m ready. I pull out and spray my hot load all over your gorgeous face and tits.

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