Seeing A Man Differently


Seeing A Man DifferentlydeletedHi guys! My name is Amulya . A little something about me, I am currently 25 yrs. old and working in Mumbai. I am from a nuclear family from Himachal. I am 5’ 8” tall and have an athletic built. Now about the story, so the incident happened when I was in 12th grade. Mr Kapoor was father of my then bff, Soniya. He was about 40 yrs. old then and I was about 18. He was a gym trainer, so he was in quite a great shape and he was bestowed with a tall, fair and hot body.I and Soniya were best friends since 5th grade I guess. We both knew each other’s families well and we even use to spend a lot of nights at each other’s home. I have never ever had any lustful feeling about Mr Kapoor before that.So how did it happened then? Well one Sunday I went to Soniya’s home and as she was my bff, so I didn’t felt the need to knock and directly went inside there I found Mr Kapoor exercising in his shorts and vest I was facing his back so he didn’t notice me but I was so in wow watching him exercise. It wasn’t like that I had always thought he wasn’t fit and suddenly I got see a new Mr Kapoor but yet I when I saw him perfectly toned body I was wooed. I kept staring at him for some time and then I came to my senses and called out Soniya.Mr Kapoor turned and saw me and asked me when did I came and all that. “OMG! I can still picture him in that grey vest and black shorts with his whole body covered in sweat and the mesmerizing smell of his body giving me chills “.After that day the way I looked at that man changed. I tried to tell myself a million times that what I was thinking of was wrong , I told myself he is at least twice my age and on the top of that he is a close family friend. But I guess heart wants what it wants and when what heart wants is sex it has to get it anyway…. lol.So after a lot of trying I wasn’t able to the thought of being fucked by him out of my head so I decided to give it a shot. I knew that Mr Kapoor have had maltepe escort extra marital affairs so I he being married wasn’t a problem but I was sure would he like a girl of half his age… then I thought who wouldn’t like it right guys. So the only problem was that I was that I was his daughter’s friend. Wait another problem was how to approach the idea. So I tried to go for it a little slow.I asked him to my exercise trainer and he agreed. So every day I would go to his house at early morning and we would exercise in their garden. I wore push up bra, made my cleavage visible and groomed my hair nice. I also created situation where I would touch him or he would touch my body. We would also talk lot and not the boring conversation we would talk about relationship and stuff. I could easily see that his attitude towards me was changing and he no longer saw me as his daughter’s friend or a girl of other generation.After a few day, when I thought I was ready for the final blow, I started asking him questions about his affairs, were the rumors true how many did he had and all. Then I put my hands on his thighs near his scrotum and asked him if he ever had an affair a girl of my age. He was as quite as if he forgot the language.Then I asked if he would like to have it now. I just said this much and I after a sec I got up and started to leave. As I turned he grabbed me by my hands and pulled me and held me tightly close to him. I knew I wanted this and this move just gave me the feel that what was coming next is going to damn exciting. He then kissed me in the open garden. That kiss lasted long and I was struggling for oxygen while he was playing with my hairs.After the kiss ended he asked me if I was really ready for it and he also confirmed that I wasn’t a virgin, which I was not. Then he lifted me and took me upstairs to his bedroom and he the door behind. He put me on bed and came over me he then smooched every inch of my body and lick escort maltepe my sweaty skin and I did the same to him. He kept playing with my hairs the whole time and was in love with his abs.While I was busy fondling his abs, I felt a intruder in my clit and yes it was his fingers. He finger fucked me , licked my juices and then I undid his pants and freed the monster trying to come out since long. I wrapped my hands around it, jerked it, kissed it, licked it and even bite it a little. I played with as if I was a small k** and I had got a new little toy.Then he told me to kneel on the floor. I was a little reluctant to do it so he picked me and put me on floor. Then told me again to kneel, then I did.Then he told me to open my mouth and wrap my lips around his cock. Then he mouth fucked me hard. He was calling me dirty names while doing it and he was also telling me wrap the lips tight because if the cock came out of my mouth, then he would punish me hard. He also told me to rub my clit while he was doing it. After a while he cum, some in my mouth, some in face and body.Then he asked me if I liked it. To be true I was always a fan of BDSM, of course I did also a nice old fashioned relationship and “making love” but once in a while I always get a urge to be dominated in a ruthless way on bed. So yes I told him that I liked it. He said then I am going to love what’s coming next.He then took out one of his tie and blindfolded me and put me on bed, lying on my back. I then felt him climbing on the bed with his knees on either side on me and then he started pinching me at different places. It was quite exciting since I was not able to see it coming. He then pinched my pussy hard a few times. And told me to get used to pain because I was not supposed to scream loud because Soniya’s room was nearby.So I tried to keep my voice down.After a few pinches, he turned me around and put a pillow below my crotch. I was still blindfold.Now he lied maltepe escort bayan completely over me and positioned his cock near my pussy hole and started rubbing so that I wouldn’t be able to guess when he was going to put it in and that is what happened. When I thought that now he wouldn’t put it in at the same time he did it. It was almost half in in the first stroke itself and as it took me by surprise, I couldn’t help but scream. He told me dial down and started stroking again. He told me sat his name and constantly tell him about the fun I was having and I did the same.While stroking he put one of his finger in my ass hole and I was like OMG! Is he going to put his monstrous cock in my anus? I was a little scared and a lot excited about the idea. And I guess he sensed it because almost at the same moment he said “yes baby you are right that is my next destination”.After doing my pussy he changed his condom and told me position myself in doggy so that he could fuck my asshole. I wanted to get out of being fucked in the ass so I told him that I was an anal virgin and that I wasn’t ready for it now because his cock was very thick. So said that he will do in pussy again and told me to get in doggy position and he blindfolded me again.But to my surprised he wasn’t going to leave my ass untouched. He went for my anus and inserted his cock in it and I screamed as if …..(I don’t even know when people screams so loud). He chuckled and said that if I was an anal virgin before, I am not anymore. Tears ran down when he was fucking my anus but pleasure doesn’t come without pain.After the sex I walked out the room with thought “What happens in Mr Kapoor’s bedroom stays in his bedroom and happens again and again in his bedroom“.We had some really good times for quite some times but I had to stop it when my relationship with my then boyfriend got serious. I did shared it with Soniya a few years ago at our school reunion but now our friendship is past all that and stronger than ever. In fact she is my current roommate.So this was my story. If you liked this story then please rate it high. Feel free to leave comments and wait for my next story.And you can also tell me what should I post next

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