Sex Lessons


It was the ’50s. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n Roll! Well, not exactly. Oh, Rock ‘n Roll (what our parents, grandparents and ministers called “Devil’s Music”, and the rednecks called “Jungle-Bunny Music”) was king, of course. But we’d just finished our Senior year in High School, sex was unknown (although we suspected Mike and Beverly were having sex, since they’d been steadies since 7th grade) and we didn’t know anyone who used drugs in our little suburban school, where there were about a hundred students per class. The sophomore class was the largest, they had about 110 classmates.

Jim, Bill and I (Bob) were jocks. We’d known each other about all our lives, and worked together well as a defensive backfield. While not oversized, we were lean, mean, built for speed, and liked tackling. We were set to become the defensive backfield at our local Junior College next year. We were also all three pretty good wrestlers, and expected to start on the wrestling team next year.

We were a happy-go-lucky trio, always hanging around together, laughing and cutting up, and desperately horny, like all teenagers I ever knew. We all had our driver’s licenses, and really enjoyed the freedom they provided, when we could borrow the family car, since none of us had one. Most often, we could get Jim’s mom’s car, since she didn’t use it much. His dad got killed in Korea, and although his mom worked, she belonged to a car-pool and only drove to work in the city once a week, and rarely went anywhere at night. As long as we paid to fill it up with gas, we could pretty much have her ’53 Chevy any time we wanted.

One weekend, we set off on Friday night, the three of us, in Jim’s mom’s car, to visit Bill’s big brother, Dan, who was a senior in college at the state university, about 80 miles away. Dan was cool, an All-American halfback, set to go into the NFL next year, and didn’t have the condescending attitude toward high school students you’d expect out of a college senior. He was a genuinely nice guy. He had an off-campus apartment, and we’d crash on his couch, chair, and one of us on the floor in a sleeping bag.

We were in for a mind-boggling, life-altering experience. Her name was Chloe. We met her when we arrived at Dan’s apartment, late, after getting lost trying to find it. Dan came to the door, and this diminutive, gamin-like creature was right behind him. Dan introduced her as Chloe, his girlfriend. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a white dress shirt several sizes too big, and saddle oxfords. She was very pretty, with dark hair in a pony-tail, bright, sparkling dark eyes and a big smile on her tiny face. She was about 5 foot nothin’ and petite. She gave us each a firm handshake as we were introduced around, and said she was a freshman.

Dan said he was starved, and he’d treat us to pizza, so we set out for the local pizza joint. Chloe was perky and lively and very flirtatious, and very physical, rubbing on Dan’s arms & chest, and below the table, but also flirting with all three of us, and any other man who was around. Dan just smiled a lot.

Dan picked up a six-pack and back at the apartment we each had one beer before Chloe excused herself, said good night and went into the bedroom. Back then, you could legally drink beer at 18. Dan followed soon after. We were trying to get settled and sleep when the sounds of love-making started from the bedroom, with lots of moans, groans and squeals. I was aroused, and obviously so were Bill & Jim. After all, it was the fifties. A live-in girlfriend was almost unheard-of. Once we finally got to sleep, I know I had a wet dream, and suspect the others did too. Their lovemaking went on for what seemed like hours, before it finally got quiet.

Next morning, Dan woke us with the sounds of his fixing breakfast, and the three of us joined him for bacon, eggs and toast. We sat and talked for awhile before Dan started bragging about all the college girls and how pretty, sexy and friendly they were. He asked about the high school girls, and shook his head, “They were all a bunch of prudes when I was in high school.” We assured him it was still the same, and that none of us had gotten laid yet. We admitted how they’d tease you and then leave you with a bad case of aching blue-balls and think nothing of it.

Dan said he had a meeting with the coaching staff and some recruiters and would be gone all morning. Chloe hadn’t made an appearance yet. Dan told us to do whatever we wanted, look over the campus, and he’d be back that afternoon sometime. He gave us a funny grin as he told us “Enjoy yourselves,” and left.

We cleaned up the kitchen and were sitting around in our boxer shorts when the bedroom door opened. Chloe leaned against the door jamb with one knee raised, tousseled her long, dark hair, and whispered, “Good Morning.”

She was naked! She was totally, gloriously nature-child unashamedly naked! You have to remember, it was the fifties. Girls dressed in blouses buttoned to the chin, usually with a sweater over that, skirts to their ankles, and about ten pounds of underwear. Except for the occasional “sex-kitten” czech harem porno look of a long-sleeve, high-necked sweater that was a little tight, none of us had ever seen more than girls in one-piece bathing suits (a big treat) before Chloe. Damn! I mean, … well… Damn!

She let us stare for a long minute before bouncing over to each of us, perching her twitchy little butt on our laps, and giving us a big titty-rubbing-against-our chest kiss, with another individual “good morning”. We were thunder-struck! Each of us finally muttered a good morning back, somehow, and Chloe parked in a chair, tucked her feet up in the chair with her, and asked if there was any coffee left. We stumbled all over each other, and ourselves, getting her a cup, because we were staring at her perky, nice-size titties and hairless, smooth, firm body. Damn! She was gorgeous! “I don’t wear clothes in private much,” she explained, “only when I go out in public.” None of us had seen a grown woman naked before, and our mouths were hanging open, and our eyes couldn’t take in enough. Chloe giggled, “You look like you’ve never seen a girl naked before.” We admitted it was true. She giggled again, “Yeah, I heard you talking with Dan while I was waking up.” She giggled again, and told us her story.

“It all started,” she began, “when my parents took a week’s vacation to Las Vegas. They were prudes, like most parents, and didn’t think Vegas was a proper place for a teenaged girl to go, and didn’t want me to miss a week of school, so I was left with mom’s brother, Al, whose wife had died.” Chloe was absent-mindedly rubbing one plump breast with her fingers while she drank some coffee.

She continued, “My weird uncle Al had been without sex for about eight months, after what he told me later was a very satisfying sex life with his wife. The first night at his house, he came to my bedroom, stripped off my nightgown, and made gentle, sensitive love to me. Then he spent the rest of the week teaching me how to fuck.”

Our mouths dropped open even more. We’d never heard the “F***” word out of a woman’s mouth before. Chloe giggled and went on, “He taught me about every position and location you can have sex in, and most of the plain-and-fancy perversions that go along with it.” She paused and sipped coffee. “And I loved it, I loved it all. I loved making love, I loved fucking. I loved sucking. I loved running around naked and showing off my body. And”…another pause…” I’ve been an unrepentant nymphomaniac ever since.” She giggled again at the expressions on our faces.

She sipped her coffee again, and asked, “You guys got any cash?” We fumbled a little and told her we had a little. We’d each brought enough to get us through the weekend, pay for meals and gasoline, etc. “Tell you what, I’m a little short on funds,” Chloe went on, “for twenty bucks each, I’ll teach you how to fuck just about any girl you want. That’s pretty cheap tuition.” We quickly agreed and coughed up $60. That was a lot of money back in the fifties. Chloe nodded, and took me and Bill by the hand, waving at Jim to come along. “Come into my classroom,” she said, leading us back into the bedroom.

Jim frowned, “What about Dan?” he asked.

“Trust me, he won’t mind,” answered Chloe, “I keep him plenty satisfied. He knows me, and we don’t have any serious commitment, with him going off to play pro football next year.”

She bounced on the bed, and said, “O.K. guys, get naked.” We shed our boxer shorts hesitantly. “Hummm… impressive,” Chloe murmured. We all blushed.


,” Chloe announced, “cleanliness is next to godliness. Go take a shower and brush your teeth.” We hesitated, and she urged, “You heard me, go on… girls don’t like stink.” So we went into the bathroom and took showers and brushed our teeth.

We came back into the bedroom to find Chloe rubbing her fabulous body. “Rule

,” she announced, “never have sex without a condom. And I mean never. You don’t want to make unwanted babies or catch some disease.” She reached into a drawer and pulled out a strip of condoms. “I buy ’em by the case,” she giggled. She opened one, showed us inside-from-outside, and slid it on Jim’s cock (we’d all been hard since she came into the kitchen). Then she handed one to Bill and had him put it on himself. The third, she opened and said, “Once a girl learns, this is the best way.” She put the condom in her little mouth, leaned down and took my cock between her lips and slid it down my cock with her mouth. I gasped and groaned. I’d never felt anything so soft, warm and wet! Chloe looked up with a smile as she gave my cock a couple of strokes with her little hand. We were seriously impressed, especially me.

,” Chloe announced, “Foreplay. Never have sex until the girl is ready, and that requires foreplay, more for some girls than others, especially at first. An over-riding rule is never stick your dick in a dry hole. If it’s not lubricated and slicked-up, it won’t be pleasant for either of you.” She stretched out on her back, and got one of them on czech mega swingers porno either side, which left me sitting on the edge of the bed. Chloe assured me I wouldn’t be left out.

“Rule ,” Chloe said, “First base — kissing.” She went on to demonstrate, firm but soft, especially at first, then a little licking, which leads to full-out French, and kissing not only on the lips, but on the face, neck, shoulders, ears, slowly, gently, but firmly. She demonstrated back and forth awhile. She kept admonishing, “Don’t rush it.”

“Rule ,” she said, “Second base — boobs.” “Don’t grab,” she admonished, “gently, slowly, sensuously, and listen for the girl’s response. If you squeeze too hard, you can hear it and feel it.” She let them slide their hands down to her perky tittles and play with them awhile, then made Jim swap off with me for a turn. I bent and sucked one puffy nipple, and she pulled Bill’s mouth down to the other. By this time her taut little belly was convulsing, and her hips twitching. She was very responsive. “Some times, depending on the girl,” she admonished, “it’s better to swap second base and third base. Some girls get all up tight about having their boobs played with, and respond better to more direct stimulation. Don’t think you have to suck her boobs before you go to third base.”


,” she announced, “Third base — pussy stimulation. Work up to it,” she demonstrated with our hands, “slide your hands around on her thighs, lower tummy, especially here,” she showed us the sensitive spot in the leg and hip joint, “and finally down to here.” She slid our hands up and down her slit. Removing our hands, she spread her slick little pussy lips wide and pointed. “This is the clitoris, or clit. It has more nerve endings than anywhere else, so it’s very delicate. Start with really, really light touches, and get very gradually firmer.” She pulled Jim up between her legs and used his hand to demonstrate. He’d no more than begun to touch her when she squealed a loud, little-girl kind of squeal and juices dripped from her cute little slit as her tummy jerked and her hips wriggled. Her face turned red, and then her neck, then her chest. She slumped back, gasping. “And that was an orgasm,” she giggled, “the best feeling in the world. Let me rest a minute.” After she caught her breath, asked for and received a coke and had a couple of swallows, she continued.

“Rule # 7,” she continued, “eating pussy.” She paused at the looks on our faces. “If you really, really want to get a girl hot, licking pussy is mandatory. Most of them have been taught it’s nasty, and so is dick sucking, but it’s not, and once you’ve done it, they change their minds. Let me put it this way… if you don’t eat pussy, even I can take your girlfriend away from you.” She paused again. “And I don’t even have a dick!” she giggled a long time at that one.

“Do it the same way as with your hands,” she pulled Bill’s head down to her plump thigh, “work up to it, lick around it, then up and down it, then the clit.” She was breathing heavily when Bill got to this point, when she gave a hip-jerk and pulled back. “I’m already too worked up for this,” she murmured, “another minute and I’m gonna cum again.” Hearing this, Bill went to sucking on her clit, and, sure enough, she turned red from the top down, face, then neck, then shoulders and chest, her tummy convulsed, she shivered all over, gave a couple of little gasps, then an ear-splitting squeal, and had another orgasm, much larger than the first. Bill looked up with her juices all over his mouth and chin. “Good move,” she gasped at Bill, her hands tangled in his hair, “don’t ask for permission, just go for it.” She gasped for awhile, until she got her breath back. “Be assertive, not aggressive,” she instructed, “go for it, unless she stops you, but don’t be rough or move too fast, or she will stop you.”

“Despite all the evidence,” she gasped, “we have Kinsey’s report and Playboy magazine telling us good girls enjoy sex, but you can bet their mommas have told them otherwise. Most girls are taught sex is something men like and women have to put up with as their “wifely duty.” “I’m here to tell you, it just isn’t so. Women enjoy sex as much…” she paused for a sip of Coke…”or more than men.”

“Rule # 8,” she announced, “fucking.” “Same as everything else, assertive, not aggressive at first, gently, and work up to it.” “Later on,” she instructed, “some girls like it hard and fast, like me, but starting off you need to get things all slicked up and moving right.” She motioned me down between her open thighs, and took my hard-as-a-rock cock in her tiny fingers, rubbed it up and down her slit a few times, then into the entrance to her slick little twat. “Push,” she instructed. I did, and she squealed and locked her ankles behind my back. “Now, pump in-and-out,” she moaned. I did, and her hips started a rhythm that matched my strokes. “Yeah, that’s it,” she breathed through open lips. Her eyes were sparkly and her face flushed. “Just like that,” she moaned. Her czech pool porno eyes closed, and our rhythm quickened. After a couple of minutes, she unlocked her legs and pushed me back. “That’s the missionary position,” she announced.

“Now, lay on your back.” I did, and she straddled my hips. “This is the cowgirl position,” she said, and slid her pussy down my cock for a few strokes. Then she made a little move, pulled partly out, and turned around facing my feet, “and the reverse cowgirl,” she moaned, and pumped her cute little butt up-and-down a few more strokes, before crawling off me and on all fours on the bed. “Take me from behind,” she moaned, and I got on my knees behind her and slid my cock into her pussy again. “My favorite position,” she gasped, “is doggie-style.” I gave her a couple of strokes, then she squealed, “Harder, oh, harder, pound my pussy!” I did. She was squealing, “Yes, yes, oh, yes, yes, yes, yes…fuck me… oh, fuck me…” I shot off inside the condom about the same time she squealed really loudly, her pussy tried to cut my dick off, and juices ran out and down both her legs. Wow! That was amazing! I slumped on her back, winded and gasping, as was she. I looked into the wide eyes of Jim and Bill. They were just staring.

“I need a short break,” Chloe gasped, “and another Coke.” Jim got her one, and we watched her chug-a-lug it.

Once she caught her breath, she crooned, “O.K. — two more lessons, anal and air-tight.” We looked at each other, and her, in amazement. What did she say?

Chloe reached into a drawer in the bed-side table and took out a tube of ointment. We learned later it was called “Anal-Eze”, got back on all-fours and motioned to Bill to get behind her. He did. She handed him the tube. “Slide your dick in my pussy to warm it up,” she whispered. Bill did, eliciting a jerk of her hips, and a moan. “Now, slick up your fingers with the ointment,” she gasped, “and slide one finger in my butt.” “Remember the over-riding rule,” she admonished, “Never stick your dick in a dry hole.” He did as she instructed, eliciting another hip-jerk and another moan. “Now move it around,” Chloe whispered. After awhile, she moaned, “Now, add another finger, gently.” Another moan when he complied, as Chloe panted. Then her back was hollowing and arching, as she got used to the invaders in her butt. After a little while longer, she gasped, “Now, push your dick against my anus.” Bill withdrew his fingers, and put his cock up to her pucker. A little hip-jerk and swirl from Chloe and about half his dick disappeared into her ass-hole. A long sibilant, “Yessssssss…” came from Chloe’s lips. They both held still a moment, then Chloe began hollowing and arching her back, pushing back against Bill, until his entire cock was inside her. She moaned, “Yeeeeeesssssssss…” and gave her hips a little swirl. “Some women claim they don’t like anal,” Chloe said, “but I just adore it.” We just looked at each other, and her, in wide-eyed amazement. We’d never even thought of such a thing! It was going to get even better.

She helped Bill slide his cock in-and-out for awhile, moaning with each thrust. “Don’t go from anus to pussy without changing condoms,” Chloe warned,” A girl can get an awful infection that way.” She motioned to Jim. “Lay down on your back,” she instructed. He complied, and she positioned him next to them. “Come with me,” she whispered over her shoulder to Bill, and she straddled Jim’s hips, with Bill’s cock still imbedded in her ass. She took Jim’s cock in her tiny hand, and fitted it to her pussy. “This is called DP, for double-penetration,” she panted, as she slowly lowered herself. Once she hit bottom, she began slowly pumping her hips back and forth, with little hip-twists. “Good, oh, my god, that’s good, oh, yes, oh, oh…” she was moaning. Then she motioned me up in front of her. She grasped my cock. And this is air-tight,” she moaned, “or triple-penetration, with all my holes filled.” She took my cock in her mouth. Then she was pumping, and swirling, and sucking me as she jacked me off. Her moans got louder and louder, giving me the benefit of a real “hummer”. Then we were all three pumping into her body, and she was squealing against my cock. Despite having cum shortly before, I didn’t last long with all the vibrations on my cock, and I filled the condom again. God! She was amazing!

She kept sucking, and my dick came back hard again. Amazing!

Then Jim was moaning and cumming, then Bill did the same. I shot another load as Chloe squealed her high-pitched squeal and had another orgasm. We all collapsed on the bed, huffing and puffing.

When we got our wind back, Chloe answered all our questions, clearly and openly. Then she got sleepy, so we guys all got cleaned up and dressed and sat around marveling at our experience while Chloe napped.

We didn’t know what to expect when Dan came back, about noon. We needn’t have worried. Dan was very happy, he’d signed a contract, and gotten a big (well, for back then) signing bonus. He offered to take us to lunch, but Chloe must have heard him come in, as she came running from the bedroom, still naked, jumped up with her arms around Dan’s neck and her legs around his waist and gave him a big kiss. When she broke the kiss, she whispered, “Fuck me, baby.” Dan carried her into the bedroom and the familiar- by now — sounds of love-making wafted out. Chloe was amazing!

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