Sexiplicity Ch. 10


***Sorry for the long wait for this chapter and story, also for the errors and typos, we lost our editors due to the time gap. Enjoy anyway***

“You bastard! Son-of-a-bitch!” someone was yelling and then hitting me.

Not a great way to wake up and when I opened my eyes to see who it was, Becca smacked me across the face. How the hell did she get in here? Was my first thought, until she hit me again.

“Stop hitting me… don’t you know I’m still injured?!” I hollered at her.

“Good! You deserve it… you deserve everything Cobi did to you!” she screamed.

Where the hell was my mother… my sister… who let her in and why did she come back! I finally was able to sit up and grab her hands, holding her from hitting me.

“Why are you here? Who let you in?” I asked.

“I snuck in after your mother and sister left… used the broken window to unlock the door, you fucker!” she said, trying to break my grip on her arms.

“Becca! Stop… just listen to me… I’ll try and explain everything!” I said.

“Oh really… going to explain incest! How I caught you fucking your own mother! Yeah… you probably fuck your sister too!” she said.

“It’s not my fault… just listen… I promise if you just listen it will all make sense!”

She stopped struggling… too exhausted and mad to continue… I let her go and she started sobbing on my bed next to me.

“You remember the accident… when I got hit by the car?” I began.

“Yes, what of it?”

“Do you remember it was then I started acting differently… almost like a totally different person?” I asked.

“Yes… kind of… you were more aggressive more…” she cut off.

“More sexual… hornier… yes… like someone else was in control of me,” I said.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” she asked.

“Have you ever heard of double personalities?” I asked.

“Yes. Are you saying that after the accident you, weren’t you? Someone else, another personality was controlling you?” she asked.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. I called him evil Peter. He did all these things… got me to have sex with you… with my mom and yes even with Tiffany. They don’t know about him and that he’s gone now.”

“Wait… he’s gone… was he gone yesterday when I caught you fucking your mother!” she screamed.

“Yes, but, just listen. Mom didn’t know that and she just acted normal like we’ve been doing since I got hit by the car and I… well… when evil Peter was in control I still could feel everything. I kinda got lost in the thrill and pleasure and did again yesterday.”

“I think I’m going to be sick again. Do you know how much I’ve puked since I saw you fucking your mother! It’s a lot!”

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t tell you then, if I had tried he would have just taken over my body. I couldn’t stop him when he wanted to. But now… now I’m in control and he’s gone and I can tell you.”

“And you’re going to stop fucking your mom and sister?” she asked.

“I… I don’t know if I can, Becca. They both are… well they are kind of, no not kind of, they are addicted to my penis… its size and what it does to them. I don’t know if I can stop, not with them ‘needing’ me,” I said.

I saw her get green again. She was going to puke, but somehow, she held it in. “I’m addicted too… I fucking know it… that’s why I’m here. For some crazy reason I thought maybe you had a reason for what I caught you doing. I didn’t know what it could be or if it would make any difference but I had to come back and talk or yell at you. Now hearing the reason… and that you won’t or can’t stop. I don’t know what to do. I love when we have sex. I love how big you are, now that I’m used to it and I know you’re not average now and that chances of finding someone that can make me feel like you can, is probably farfetched. Damnit, Peter! What have you done to me!?”

“Becca, I love you. I really never expected to see you again and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to have you here and talk and tell you why all of this happened.”

“You love me… but won’t stop screwing your family for me?” she asked.

“I love them too. This isn’t easy for me either. I’ve tried to quit them. They’ve tried to quite me and every single time it starts all over again and now… they have this plan… they plan to share me. No secrets everything is out in the open. Mom knows about Tiff, Tiffany knows about Mom. They don’t care that’s how bad they want me, they want this!” I said throwing the sheets off my morning wood.

My hard cock was pulsing over my body, she couldn’t look away, mesmerized by the size and hardness of my member. The anger melted on her face, her color returned to normal and she stepped closer to me, wanting to reach out.

“I’m sorry, Becca. I don’t want to make ultimatums but if you and I are still going to see each other. You’re going to have to share me with Mom and Tiffany; there is no other way,” I said, as she continued to look at my cock.

She moved forward again, reaching out and grabbing my Girne Escort shaft without saying anything. I could see her thinking as she held me around the middle. She was weighing the problem around in her head.

“I know you’ll never leave them… it would be too much to ask you to run away with me… come to college and leave them behind. Question is, can I leave this,” she said giving my cock a tug. “Can I just walk away from what this does to me… how it makes me feel… how full, how tight, how hot… how much I cum,” she said, and with each thought came a stroke of my cock.

She was stroking me as she thought about what my cock does to her. I said nothing, just enjoyed the sensation even with a full bladder. I just let her decide what she was going to do.

“Even now… as mad as I am and disgusted… I’m wet… I’m horny, I want you,” she said still stroking to her words.

A drop of pre-cum appeared out of the slit in my cockhead as the battle with Becca continued. I had to admit, it wouldn’t be easy if it was me in her shoes. I didn’t know how this was going to end. She was right. I wasn’t about to up and leave Mom and Tiffany, especially not now when I was still recovering and they had made a deal to share me with no more lies and secrets. What happened yesterday would assure I stuck around with them. Becca seemed to realize that.

“Fuck it!” she suddenly said, leaning over and putting my cock in her mouth.

The sudden sensation caught me off guard, making me flinch and miss a breath. I caught up as the sweet pleasure of Becca’s mouth flooded my cock with bliss. I didn’t know what decision she had made, I just knew that she wanted me at least one last time. She sucked and stroked me voraciously for a few minutes, like she had been away from it for weeks, which of course she had. The last time we had sex was right before Cobi killed evil Peter, so I could imagine how horny Becca probably was.

Becca, came off of me, and started ripping her clothing off, dropping items all over the floor as I watched. It was then I noticed her body had changed, not by too much but it was noticeable. She had thinned out while I was in the hospital. Her little belly was gone, her boobs were smaller but firmer and even her hips and bottom had tightened and thinned. I didn’t mention anything, just let her climb on the bed and straddle me.

“I’ve got to have you inside me, screw the consequences,” she said, grabbing my cock and feeding it into her wet pussy.

Fuck yes! She was tight and wet and it felt incredible as she eased every inch she could into her body as she moaned loudly.

“Ohhhh, that’s it! That’s what I’ve wanted!” she screamed.

Putting her hands on my chest, she started to lift and slam, lift and slam down on to my cock, starved for it since the beating. My bladder screamed out with each pounding but I ignored it, trying to focus on the pleasure in my cock as her hot pussy gripped my shaft and rushed into her over and over. The look of angry pleasure was clear on Becca’s pretty face. Even her face had thinned, kind of like the baby fat was going away.

She looked down at me and I could tell she was still mad and undecided but right then, all she wanted to do was cum and fuck my cock that she loved. It didn’t take long, not after all the time away from it while I was in the hospital. As fast as she was fucking me and as aggressively, she was soon on the verge and I saw the pleasure turn her face from anger to ecstasy as her climax exploded upon her. She clamped down on my chest with her hands, digging into my flesh as her body began to tremble and spasm. I felt her pussy explode with pent up juices as if she had stored them for weeks.

Hot liquid rushed down my cock and balls, down my crack to the bed as she came like I’ve never experienced her do before. She screamed as the waves overwhelmed her, shaking violently and convulsing on my cock until she fell trembling into my arms. I held her as she shook and panted, the climax still coursing through her body. She went limp, only her pussy was still pulsing on my cock, buried deep inside of her.

I didn’t move… didn’t speak, just held her, and held the girl I loved, the girl I thought I had lost forever. Somehow, she was in my arms again, somehow my cock was deep inside her again. I didn’t know if it was the last time or if she’d stay with me and my family, but I just knew I should enjoy the moment as long as it lasted.

And then the door to my room opened. Both Tiffany and Mom came in and stopped short when they saw Becca naked on top of me. Tiffany had a small plastic bag in her hand and I think she and Mom had gone back to the adult store and bought something else, but when they saw Becca, Tiffany put the bag behind her back.

“Oh… well this is unexpected,” Mom said.

“I’d say,” Tiffany added.

Becca just turned her head, still on my chest and looked at my family.

“Oh, goodie, you are home,” Becca said, as sarcastic as she possible could be.

My hard Kıbrıs Escort cock was still deep inside of her, I’m sure Mom and Tiffany could plainly see that from the back as they stood frozen in place. I expected Becca to get off, dress and leave but she did the opposite; she did however sit up on me, keeping my cock planted firmly in her body.

“We have shit to discuss, ladies!” Becca said.

My eyes got wide as I looked at my sister and mother, not knowing what was coming.

“Peter has something to tell you, and I’m not moving until everything is explained,” Becca said.

“Okay, Becca… what does Peter need to tell us,” Mom said.

“Come over here, I don’t want to have to turn and look at you behind me,” Becca said.

Tiffany and Mom, hesitated but then walked over to the bedside. On the way, Tiffany tossed the plastic sack under my bed without Becca seeing. Becca shifted a little, spurring my cock, but she didn’t rise or grind, she just kept me deep.

“Peter,” Becca said.

“Okay… here it is,” I began.

Mom and Tiffany listened as I laid out all about evil Peter, and I could see the realization on both of their faces… how it all had made perfect sense and why I was so different at times since I got hit by the car.

“So now you know why he did what he did and why we are all here and addicted to his penis. He’s explained to me that he has no intentions of quitting you and if I’m to continue seeing him and fucking him, I have to share with you two!” Becca said, talking so unlike her.

“And what have you decided,” Mom asked.

“Well… as you can see I can’t quit either, I had to have him again, it’s been so long since the beating. I’m as addicted as you two are as sick as that is! It shouldn’t be this way… you’re his mother and sister!” Becca screamed, still angry and frustrated. “But I know why it all happened, I know why you both want him even though it’s so wrong. I don’t blame either of you… it’s just hard to comprehend.”

“We feel the same way, Becca. We’ve tried to stop, honest we have,” Tiffany said.

“I know, he told me… Fuck!” she screamed. “My mind and logic tell me to leave now and never see any of you again, but my body and heart can’t obey. I love him and I love this cock inside of me.”

“So, stay, he’s proven he can satisfy us all at the same time. His penis is amazing and you know you’ll never find another one like it, at least not connected to someone like Peter,” Tiffany said.

“She’s right, Becca. He loves you too, don’t forget that. What do you say? Move in again? Share him with us?” Mom asked.

Becca started to rise and fall on me again, right in front of my sister and mother. She started fucking me right in front of them! As if the sensations of my cock would help push her over the edge and help her decide. She said nothing for about a minute, just grinding and fucking my cock as we all waited for an answer.

“Fuck! I can’t quit this, can’t leave. Okay, I’ll stay but I have one condition. He sleeps with me. Here in this bed… no more couch.

Mom and Tiffany looked at each other and nodded.

“We can accept that; you two can share this room we can all get along, no more secrets and lies,” Mom said.

Becca hadn’t stopped moving, she kept fucking me as Mom and Tiffany accepted her one condition. My bladder was screaming by then and mixed with the sensation of Becca fucking it, made for a confusing feeling.

“Oh, one other thing… a question really. How do we exactly share him?” Becca asked. “Are we going to schedule times with him or is this going to be like a big group orgy?”

“What would you prefer?” Mom asked. “I mean… you’re making love to him right now in front of us.”

“I know, kind of why I asked. Do you two want to join us? Or is that not how this works?”

Mom and Tiffany looked at each other. My eyes got big again. This was the craziest morning ever and I’ve had plenty of crazy mornings. The image of all three of them naked with me on the bed flashed in my head; my cock lurched inside Becca and she noticed.

“Oh… well… seems Peter has no objections, his penis just jumped inside of me at the thought,” Becca relayed.

Mom looked at Tiffany. Tiffany shrugged her shoulders and said, “Fine with me.”

I couldn’t fucking believe it! This was not happening. I knew I must be dreaming and had not woken up for the day yet, except it was all too real. The full bladder, the hot, wet pussy around my cock, my sister and mother taking off their clothing as my girlfriend rode me. This wasn’t a dream, this was a dream come true! Evil Peter would have been besides himself right now, seeing how it had all come together to have an orgy with all three women. Boy was he going to miss out!

“Wait… wait!” I said.

They all froze… including Becca.

“What’s wrong, little brother,” Tiffany asked.

“Nothing really. I mean I want this, I want you all but if I don’t go to the bathroom I’m going to explode!”

This made them Magosa Escort all laugh, but it wasn’t funny to me… I really had to go.

“Fine,” Becca said, rolling off of me.

I eased off the bed, heading to the door, my wet cock wobbling back and forth as I walked.

“You better hurry back… you wouldn’t want to keep us waiting long,” Mom said

I looked back at all three of my women, naked and waiting and went down the stairs as fast as my recovering body would allow. I thought about just peeing in the shower like at the hospital because my cock was so hard, but I managed to lean over and bend my cock down enough to hit the porcelain and empty my bladder.

I hurried back upstairs, hoping beyond hope, something hadn’t happened and they were all still waiting and not yelling at each other over something. I came into the room, out of breath and found them all sitting on my bed looking at a butt plug. It had to be the thing in the package Tiffany had in her hand earlier.

“He’s back,” Becca said.

“Whatcha got there?” I asked.

“It’s Tiffany’s… she’s filling me in on her little training sessions; she says it’s to bridge the gap between her other toys and you,” Becca explained, handing it back to Tiffany.

“Oh… she told you about that?” I asked.

“Yep, no more lies no more secrets, remember, little brother. She knows all about you and Mom and anal and me trying to get ready to try you some day,” Tiffany said.

“Wow… okay then… and what do you think, Becca,” I asked. Walking up to the three of them.

“Well, I guess I can understand it with your mom. She’s had two kids and they tell me your dad was big as well, so that makes sense she might want to feel full even with you, but… anal for Tiffany or me! Yeah, I don’t think it’s needed.”

“I thought the same thing… until yesterday. Then I watched him do anal with my mom and it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen, and then I tried a little with the toys and I’ve got to say, Becca, there is something to it. It made me cum big time and felt incredible.”

“I see… and you think you can handle Peter someday and feel the same way?” Becca asked.

“That’s the plan and why I just bought this. It’s the next step up to him,” Tiffany said, showing me the new plug.

My cock was oozing and hard as they discussed anal sex and sat naked on my bed. I took the toy from her and checked it out, even placing it next to my shaft to compare sizes. Even at the widest point of the plug, I was still wider but not by much, it was a good step. If she could handle this width, then Mom’s large plug would be next and then I wasn’t far behind. The idea of putting my cock in Tiffany’s tight ass, had my cock really hard and the girls noticed.

“Mmm… look at that thing… he’s excited about fucking your ass, Tiffany,” Becca said.

“I’m sure he is, but I have more training to do so he’ll just have to wait,” Tiffany said, hopping of the bed and falling to her knees in front of me.

“Who wants to help me tame this monster,” she said.

“I’ll help,” Becca said, joining Tiffany on the floor.

Mom stayed on the bed, smiling at me as my sister and girlfriend started taking turns sucking and stroking me. I’ve never had a double blowjob before, holy shit. Let me just say it’s amazing! Having your cock sucked while another woman licks or sucks on your balls is phenomenal. Looking down, watching them suck and lick me was surreal. Breasts jiggling as then bobbed and stroked, eyes looking up at me adoringly, naked bodies so hot and sexy. Good hell, I was the luckiest guy on earth.

They started seeing who could take the most of my cock in their mouth, both gagging before they would give up. I was a mess of pre-cum and saliva as they continued to feast on my penis. It was hard to judge who actually took the most of me, well, until Mom decided to join in.

“Move over girls, let me show you how it’s really done,” she said, parting the two younger women.

Mom grabbed my cock as they watched her open her mouth and swallow more than both of them with ease and continue down a few more inches until she had all but the base of my cock in her mouth. It was crazy and they were both very impressed.

“It’s all about practice and control, girls, you’ll get it someday,” Mom said, after taking me back out of her mouth. “I had a lot of practice with his father.”

Heaven is a place and right then it was in my attic room, standing over three hot women sharing my cock. I could have died and been happy with all of them together, all of them wanting me and willing to share. Evil Peter couldn’t ask for more if he was still around; there would be nothing for him to try and conquer. My life was perfect and complete.

One after another they sucked my cock, taking me deep and then sending me on to the next mouth as they each spent around ten seconds at a time before passing me on to the next woman. Interesting how different mouths and techniques can feel so unlike on my cock. All of them felt really good of course, but Mom had something special and her experience showed when she sucked and swallowed me.

They finally decided they had sucked enough and ordered me on the bed. It became an age thing then, or so it seemed. Becca rode me first while I ate Tiffany’s pussy and Mom played with herself.

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