She Stole My Wife Ch. 03 (Turnabout)


She Stole My Wife Ch. 03 (Turnabout)Turnabout is fair play. Kim came home , still dressed in workout clothes and sweaty from a long session. When she realized Andrea was gone and would be out for sometime, she stepped into my room.”So, you fucked Karen, didn’t you?””Yes I did.””I didn’t think you had it in you.””You were wrong.””Andy tells me you always had a high sex drive, how did you manage without? A little internet porn? Spend all night in here alone jerking off? Feel like less of a man, losing your woman?”I didn’t respond. She didn’t deserve it.”Enjoy your little peephole?”So she knew. I nodded.”At first I was pissed that Gary had been watching us, probably for years. Then it was kind of hot seeing and hearing you and Andrea. I especially liked you sitting on her face. You stretch your body out, tits pointing to the sky, and that beautiful trimmed blonde pussy sliding back and forth on Andrea’s mouth. So hot!””So, you got excited watching me and your wife.””Oh no, Andrea holds no more interest for me that way. She severed the emotional attraction so severely I really feel nothing for her but pain. The way she dumped me then ignored me even has that pain fading fast. You know, you have to care to feel, and I’m afraid I’m left very uncaring. I look at her physically, but I’ve been there, done that, so that attraction doesn’t stand well. It is well worn and pretty played out. You however would make an incredible fuck.””So all these months of trying to ignore me, and all the while you want to make love?””No Kim, I don’t want to make love to you, I’d have to be in love to do that. I know you’ll be dumping Andrea, and when she realizes what she sacrificed for a short term fling, she’ll be crushed. I know you’ve done it before. I think you are cold, cruel, heartless and entirely sex driven. I don’t want to make love with you, I want to fuck you. I want to grab you, throw you to the floor and ram my cock right into your dry pussy until you get wet. I want to rip your shirt off and suck on your nipples so hard you feel it for a month. Then I want to bite them and leave marks that will mark you, brand your tits as mine. I want to pull my dripping cock out of your pussy, and ram it up your ass so hard that when Andy caresses it at night, you’ll wince. I want to pull out, grab your hair and fuck your mouth until I’m both licked clean and hard again, then drive into your pussy so far you’ll know my cum is already deep in your cervix even before I pull out. I don’t want to make love, I want to ravage you.”Kim’s expression was priceless. Her mouth hung open in shock. Her hand was clutched to her breast.”I don’t think you can.””I can. I will. Right now. And I plan to tape it, so I can watch it over and over again, and also so you can’t go running to Andy and say you were tricked, or to the police saying you were ****d.”I looked up at her and sensed that she didn’t expect that answer. She wasn’t however gaziantep escort bayan leaving.”You’d actually tape yourself fucking someone?””I have a video camera attached to my studio. It runs whenever I’m working, so if I lose an idea I can rewind and usually recover my train of thought. It’s running now. If I got up and followed through with my description of fucking you, wait no,… fucking is even too pleasant a term…., banging you, everyone who saw the tape would know, I told you, I warned you and you had plenty of time to leave my room. A private room where you weren’t invited. They might even believe that you were asking for a good fuck, and applaud my performance. Hey Kim, how long has it been since you had a good dick?”I stood and removed my shirt. I was in great shape, so she couldn’t rely on her tactic of ridicule. I undid my jeans and slid them down to the floor, pulling them and my slippers off at the same time. I had gotten aroused describing how I would fuck her, and it was obvious by the tent in my silky black boxers. I don’t think she quite expected what she saw. I don’t think she had believed when Andy had told her I wasn’t small, and through all my teasing, I had never let her clearly see what was under the hood. There was little mystery now, and her eyes widened. She wasn’t the same manipulative controlling bitch right now. And it became apparent she wanted me to play out the scenario. I was about to oblige. I was about to fuck the woman who had stolen my wife. And strangely, I was about to do so feeling no revenge or malice, or love. I was about to do it in pure a****l heat. I said so for the camera to record. She gulped. I’m not sure she knew how to handle this situation she had created, but I was sure things hadn’t gone as she had planned. I removed the final bit of mystery by dropping my boxers, and smiled as her eyes widened further, betraying more desire than surprise. I stepped closer to her.”Kim, I fully intend to fuck you right now. You may or may not enjoy this, and I frankly could care less. If you don’t want to be used, now is the time to leave.”At the end of my speech, I was inches from her face. She didn’t budge, I leaned closer, with no intention of kissing her. That would have implied an intimacy I just didn’t feel. She may have expected a kiss, still being too stupid to realize that there was no romance in my intentions, because she was very surprised when my dick touched her thin strip of silky blonde pubic hair well before her lips were in range of a potential kiss. The contact startled her, and for a second the old Kim returned and she gave my face a brutal slap.”That’s a freebie. If you ever strike me again, I will strike back, only harder.”I pressed my dick into her again, She slapped again, harder. I returned the favor as promised, harder. The force spun her around, and once her back was turned I used her momentum escort bayan to lower her to the floor, with me close behind.I hiked her shorts and panties up and to the side, exposing her pussy. I pressed her upper body to the floor while spreading her legs with my own. She was strong, but I outweighed her by plenty, and her struggles didn’t seem as vigorous as I might have expected. She was helplessly pinned, when I pressed my throbbing cock against the entrance to her dripping wet cunt. She was dripping with the excitement, and her breathing accelerated right away.”I’ll give you one more chance to leave, say you want to go, and I’ll let you up.””Fuck you!””Say the word Kim, say you want to go, and I’ll let you up!””Fuck you!””Not what I expected to hear Kim!””Fuck you, you fucking asshole, just fuck me!”I obliged. I sent my dick right in between those sweet lips, and it slid into a loose dripping pussy. So much for taking her dry and cold, she was quite aroused already. I lowered my full weight onto her back and began to pump her like there was no tomorrow. She shrieked with each thrust, sometimes something intelligible, either profane or insulting, other times just grunts and moans, but she was highly vocal. I reached my hands up under her shirt and around her smooth skin, grabbing her breasts from the side. She struggled against this too, and managed to pull her shirt back down with out interrupting the rhythm of our hips. As she did she swung her head violently back against me, knocking brutally into my temple.”Fuck you!” she growled again, but still pressed hard against my continuing thrusts in an effort to pull me as deeply as I could possibly penetrate.”No, fuck you, Kim.”I placed my forearm across the back of her shoulders to prevent further damage from another well placed headbutt, and continued to plow her, my hips slapping hard against her ass with each thrust. I could feel an explosion welling up inside, and as I continued to probe the full depth of her pussy, I could feel her body tensing…..”Ooooooohhhhh shit…..” the unearthly guttural voice I’d heard coming from her the night before in her threesome with Andrea and Karen returned….and it resonated fully in my mind. Her body was bucking with the waves of climax, and I had never enjoyed fucking anyone as much as this. I decided against fucking her ass now, that could wait. I wanted to spew my first load as deeply into her as possible, as close as I could to her eggs. I wanted her pregnant. I felt my own eruption begin, and in seconds my seed was spewing deep inside her.”Mmmmmm,” I moaned into her ear as she collapsed beneath my still fucking, still cumming frame. Here it comes….a brother or sister for Jeffy. I’m going to make you a mother, and a step mother in one sweet loveless fuck!”Kim had tried to make a cuckold out of me. Now I had turned the tables and made her my tool to cuckold my cheating wife. The woman that had made Andrea a cheating wife was now Andrea’s cheating “wife.” And it would be entirely possible that the mothers of my c***dren would now not only be lesbian partners. Too weird, I would have to get Jeffy out of there, he’d have to live with me.I moved to her tits. Her body really was exquisite, and in another lifetime, I probably would have loved taking my time, being gentle, and making the kind of love I had learned about watching the threesome last night. But tonight was about something else. Tonight was about taking her, not sharing tender moments I began to suck her hard nipples. I had seen through the peephole how sensitive she was, and knew she was enjoying this. I licked and sucked and kneaded her breast meat with my hands. She wasn’t fighting at all. She was moaning with pleasure in fact, and whispering regret that it had been so long since she had enjoyed a good cock. Her hands now caressed the back of my head and shoulders, and slid sultrily down my spine. It felt so good, I went gentler on her tits. We didn’t kiss though, she didn’t even attempt. She knew what this was, and she was enjoying it the same way I was. I reached down, and raised her legs one by one to my shoulders, exposing her dripping wet pussy once more. She groaned a pleasurable consent as I entered her again.She was now too loose and wet to feel. I rolled her over, and spread my legs on either side of her. I maneuvered my dick over her mouth. She clamped it tightly. I grabbed her by the bangs with one hand, and the jaw with my other.”Clean me. Lick your pussy off me.”She proceeded to lick and suck me back to glory. I felt myself harden with every stroke, until as she engulfed my full erection I was long enough to gag her. It felt too good, the heat from her mouth, my head stroking the back of her throat, the vibrations of her ecstatic hums on my sensitive manhood. All I wanted to do was spew down her throat. I told her so. I told her to take me in the mouth, and I’d leave her ass alone. She was happy to agree. Her tongue began massaging the underside as her lips stroked the length of my shaft. I began to hump her mouth, when she said “No, let me.” She spun me to my back and began to bob her head over my cock. She was a master of oral sex, and I was about to burst. I arched my back as orgasm approached, and she dropped her face fully down engulfing me while her tongue continued it’s massage. I felt spurt after spurt of cum escape me, and she swallowed it all. She pumped me dry, and continued to lick and suck after I was spent and beginning to go flaccid.”You are an amazing fuck.” I told her, “I see why Andy fell for you.”She looked up to be kissed. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. Kissing is love. Onc she realized how it was going to be, she rose, looked back once, and left silently.I went back to writing. Suddenly, those creative juices were flowing again. I wonder, is the production level of creative juice proportionate to the production level of sexual juice in an individual? If so, maybe I’d have to steal Kim from my ex-wife, because she got both my motors running.To be continued….

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