Siblings are a Handful (POV)


All characters are over the age of 18.

Warning: The latter half of this story contains Fart/Scat material and toilet domination.

Siblings Are a Handful

“Geez, men are the worst!!”

A gym bag slammed unto the cushion near where you were sitting on the couch. You were left completely dumbfounded by the sudden exclamation that startled you and almost caused you to spill some of your “breakfast” onto the living room floor.

There stood your “sister”, a large Bovine anthro with caramel brown fur and fiery red hair. It seemed that she just got home from practice but was for some reason in a foul mood. Her deep brown nostrils were flared as her bountiful chest heaved slightly. There was an obvious pout on her cow face and her brows were furrowed as if she were a child throwing a tantrum.

As you looked at her, baring her dissatisfaction for the world to see, she was also looking at you as you sat frozen on the couch. Her eyes that were brimming with mirth slowly started undertaking a different colour as she looked at what you were doing, holding in your hands a large, bloated condom packed full of a viscous, white liquid. The cloudy goo leaked from your lips as you were made to suddenly pull away from the large slushie straw that you’d been using to slurp up the “breakfast” your “mommy” had left you before going to work.

As you noticed where her gaze landed, as well as the rising tent in your sister’s gym shorts, you started having a bad premonition that came to fruition with the oh so familiar words that the Bovine said next.

“You know…why can’t all men be like you, bro?”

Goddamn it, not this again! What was it, the fifth time this month? How many failed relationships did she have to go through before she realised what the problem was?

Of course, these were thoughts you would never voice out loud, being the loving “brother” you were, you naturally wouldn’t want to see your sister unhappy.

“…Let’s talk in my room.”

Of course, things would develop in this direction. Knowing what was coming next, you quickly tie the opening of the condom to save your “meal” for later and manage to lay it on the couch right before your wrist was grabbed with an absurd amount of strength. Naturally you put up no resistance as you were dragged by your sister off to her room.

The room that you both entered was a strange mix of feminine and tomboyish. There were cute furnishings along with sports magazines as well as one or two volleyball trophies displayed on the shelves.

Before you could even appreciate the slight musky smell that didn’t suite a girl’s room, you were dragged forward and casually tossed onto the bed like a sack of clothes. Naturally, you didn’t mind the rough treatment and simply lay patiently in the position she put you, laying on your side, horizontally along the large anthro-sized bed.

In the meantime, your “sister” was busy throwing of her gym wear, directly stripping herself nude and casually tossing her used garments in random corners of the room. The sight that entered your eyes was mesmerising. Her body covered in sleek brown fur was plump and curvy in all the right places while being tight and well-toned as a result of her sporty nature. Her large bovine butt was especially captivating as her tail swung from cheek to cheek. Then she turned around and…wow.

Everything about your sister was a stark resemblance to your “mom”, from the curve of her ivory horns to the sheen of her beautiful brown coat, all the way down to the size and voracity of her monstrous bovine cock! The beastly phallus stood in an upright posture as thick, pulsating veins adorned the engorged flesh that twitched and spasmed in anticipation. Already there was a stream of pre leaking from the flared head of the Cow’s cock, staining the carpet laid out on the bedroom floor. Your sis’ member was so excited that you felt like you could feel the heat from where you were laying down.

What was definitely real was the thick stench of musk that wafted over to you and ruthlessly invaded your nostrils, a stench that only grew more potent as your sister eagerly hopped onto the bed and got into position, laying lengthways with her lower body lined up to greet your face. Butterflies fluttered in your stomach as you stared right at the twitching head of your sister’s cock. You remained as you were while she grabbed her phone off the pillow she laid her head on and began tapping away at it furiously.

Seconds ticked by with her cockhead pulsing barely an inch from your face before her call connected and you heard her start speaking to someone you assumed to be her best friend.

“Yeah, we broke up…I know right, I knew that guy was no good, he couldn’t even fit the head in his mouth! You should’ve heard him whining, talking about how much his jaw hurt!”

As soon as the conversation began, the head of your sister’s dick instantly closed the distance to your face and rammed at your closed malatya seks hikayeleri mouth with enough force to slightly push your body across the mattress! Your mouth was instantly pried open by the collision and within a moment’s time, the slimy, salty precum dripping head of your sister’s Bovine cock was wedged inside your mouth in its entirety!

Your sister brought you into her room to “talk” only to end up calling her best friend instead. It made sense though when you thought about it, how would you be able to hold a conversation when your mouth was fully occupied doing something else?!

Your eyes already began to water but your sister certainly didn’t stop there!


Without wasting any time, she scooted towards you, bringing her furry pelvis closer to your face while slowly but surely planting more and more of her girthy member into your face. The harsh gag that came from her cock breaking into the confines of your throat made her shudder.

“Ugh, y-yeah, so I asked him if he’s ever sucked cock before…yeah, that’s what he told me, but she obviously doesn’t count, hers is almost as small as a human’s! Oof, no offence bro.”

“None taken.”

Or so you would’ve responded were it not for the huge quadruple pounder buried half a foot down your gullet. Your throat slowly but surely gave way under the intrusion of your sister’s penile protrusion, your gullet stretching beyond reasonable levels as to accommodate her unreal girth. Her pelvis inched closer and closer, the rib of her cock rubbing against the insides of your throat as her massive beef stick disappeared into your face like a raunchy magic trick. She seemed content in letting your own weight hold you in place as she fed her meat into you.

With one final, forceful thrust, her hairy pelvis was stuck to your nose and her sweaty balls smacked against your chin and neck. A violent retch caused your throat to tighten around your sis’ member, eliciting a pleasured cooing from her as you finally managed to swallow down her entire package. The smell of her musk was now as intense as it had ever been, especially seeing as she’d jumped straight into having you deepthroat her without even taking a post-practice shower. The pungent smell of her grimy crotch sweat fizzled in your nostrils as you were brought right to the source.

“Now THIS is how you swallow a cock!”

Your head was locked in place by your sister’s hot shaft, so you had to swivel your eyes around to see her holding up her phone with the screen pointed in your direction. You could barely make out the amused face of her BFF whom she seemed to be talking to via video call.

The camera quality on your sister’s phone was good enough that her friend could probably make out every detail of her cock that printed through your bulging neck and almost reached all the way into your stomach. If she could see the tears that formed in your eyes from choking on the large bovine meatpole, then she could probably also make out the shade of red on your face that burned from the shame of being seen in such a state.

Without moving away the view of the camera, your sister began slowly moving her hips. Your saliva coating her shaft provided enough lubrication that your body barely moved as she grinded her hips back on forth while lying on the bed.

A wet noise was made as every square inch of her bovine dick rubbed against your tight and wet insides. The view of her pelvis getting closer and then further in a measured sequence was all you could see, her pace was slow and her movements drawn out to give a show of the details of her veiny member moving through your stretched gullet.

Your sister’s friend seemed to be enjoying the show a little too much, her furry face was warped with pleasure and faint moaning could be heard leaking from your sister’s headphones. No doubt the other party was stroking her own cock in sync with your sister’s movements as the latter fucked you mouth.

Over time your sister started to pick up the pace. The bedsheets had become rumpled and out of place and even the bed frame started to creak slightly. The fuzzy tuft of her tail swung around in a blur as she swung her hips with great vigour!

All you could see was rapidly shifting shades of brown fur as her pelvis constantly smacked against your face, you nose going slightly numb as she fucked your mouth like a cheap fleshlight!

Frothy spittle constantly leaked from your mouth and stained her thighs as hot, salty precum leaked from her piss hole and coated your throat and stomach.

“Mmnph, ugh, hold on Sherry…I’m almost there!”

As soon as she said that your sister dropped her phone onto the bed and made for the final stretch. One of her large, meaty legs was slightly raised in the air, opening up space between her thighs and allowing her more freedom of movement with which to ravage your mouth. She then used both hands to grasp the back of your head and neck before leaning in slightly and going to town on your throat!

The creaking of the bed was now much more audible as she administered a deep and brutal pounding on your throat. Her movements were swift and heavy, the loud smacking as her pelvis smashed against you face overpowering the guttural gagging as your throat was ceaselessly abused and assaulted by her massive, fleshy bovine cock! Your limbs slightly twitched and your eyes almost rolled to the back of your head as you were used like a common pocket pussy!

This continued for a while until your sister’s moans reached the apex. All of a sudden, she dropped her leg and swung her body around until you were both facing in the same direction on the bed. Her cock remained surprisingly flexible despite its fully engorged state, allowing her to lay on her back while you remained on your stomach with your face buried in her crotch.

Her large, meaty legs quickly went up and came back down, folding over the back of your head and firmly locking you in place with her spasming cock buried in your throat!

Just in time too, she released a wall-shaking moo as her huge nuts contracted and released a massive payload of hot bovine sperm!

Her pisspipe bulged against your tongue as thick jets of sticky bovine ball cream raced down the length of her shaft and coated your throat before plunging into your stomach with enough force to make you flinch!

She gripped the displaced bedsheets while her balls twitched heavily against your chin, sending waves of creamy cocksnot into you and packing your stomach to the brim with briny bovine seed. Just a little while into her orgasm, your stomach was already bloated and expanding from the copious load. Strangely enough, your stomach simply kept inflating like an elastic balloon to an unrealistic degree despite your human physique.

This was a result of the medicine your “mom” had gotten from a certain company that made products to cater towards anthros’ various outlandish kinks and fetishes. It allowed your body to expand and stretch to a certain degree while simultaneously lowering your dependency on oxygen and making it so that you could subsist on “certain substances”. You could still vividly remember the time when she shoved the pills down her pisspipe and made you coax them out along with a fat wad of jizz using only your mouth. Her reasoning at the time was that the pills were to be taken with a meal…

In the end though, the pills she’d “fed” you were just a trial version that had greatly watered-down effects in comparison to the original product. While it could allow your body to accommodate your sister’s massive cock, without suffocating at that, there was a limit on how much it could allow your body to expand.

Near the end of the lengthy orgasm, your sister’s cum that had filled your stomach to the limit eventually ended up climbing up your meat-packed throat through whatever sparse gaps it could manage. Salty semen came squeezing out of your lips and nostrils while your head was locked in her thigh vice. Hot nut butter stained your sister’s pelvis, thighs, and ran down her large black balls before soaking into the bedsheet.

The Bovine was uncaring though and simply kept spurting the dregs of her load into you until she was fully spent.

It was only after she was good a drained that her legs flopped of to the sides as she lay on the bed spread eagle, finally freeing your head from it’d hot, meaty prison.

You simply lay there with your chin resting on her twitching nutsack and you face buried in her sweaty crotch while her pubes tickled your spunk-dripping nostrils. Her member was left inside you, still jerking slightly as an aftereffect of the powerful orgasm. Your belly was bloated beyond belief and sunk heavily into the mattress, weighed down by a warm, gooey cumload of unprecedented thickness and volume.

“Hehe, did you cum too?”

Your sister had picked up the phone and resumed talking to her friend after taking some time to catch her breath.

“Lend him to you? I don’t mind, but his schedule will be pretty packed until I find a new boyfriend…haha, maybe we can do a sleepover this weekend.”

Plans were being made without your consent, but in the end, it was a given since it was your duty to comfort your “sister” if ever she got her heart broken. That was how it had been ever since you were “adopted” into this family and that was how it would be in the future as well.

The only thing that worried you was that the Bovine was slowly running out of eligible partners to date. She didn’t seem to realise that there weren’t many that could handle her insatiable sex drive and her brutality in the bedsheets.

“I’ll call you back later.”

As if to prove your point, your sister hung up the phone and urged you with the type of words you’ve already grown accustomed to hearing.

“Up and at ’em brobro, we’ve still got the rest of the morning for me to get over that asshole!”

But what could you do? You were her “brother”, and the only one that could take on all of her frustrations.

You could already feel your sphincter clenching and quivering in ‘anticipation’ of what was to be yet another day of non-stop rutting.


You groaned as you lay on the couch in the living room. You looked like you were a few months pregnant, both your stomach and guts packed to the brim with your sisters sticky jizz.

After a good face rutting, she had immediately switched holes and ravaged your ass. In a position like a tavern wench being assaulted by a drunk soldier, she had you with your butt in the air while your face was pressed into the semen-soaked bedsheets. Like that she took you and took you hard.

You could still vividly remember the feeling of her full mammaries on your back as she bore her heavy frame down on you. The feeling of her massive bovine cock breaking past your desperately clenched sphincter and pressing into you until you could almost feel the intense heat of her pulsating meat all the way to your chest.

Just as always, she had no intention of being gentle in the least, she did everything short of putting you in a chokehold and she pounded you like a beast in heat. Her movements were rough enough to almost cause you to throw up the belly-full of spunk that sloshed around like a water balloon during the act. Then again, it probably wouldn’t have made a difference as by the time you were through with the fourth round, the bedsheets were saturated in bovine seed to the point that they needed to be hand-washed, and knowing your “mom”, the sight of the bedding soaked in sticky cum would only cause her to be more aroused when she took you for herself later in the night.

In the end, you were left lying on the couch, unable to sit properly, courtesy of your ravaged rosebud. Despite the drug’s effect on your body, it was still a pipe dream to come out fully unscathed after having your insides ruthlessly carved out by a larger-than-life cow cock.

As you lay there you looked at the condom filled with cooling cum that you’d left on the couch. The flavour and potency of the briny bovine ball juice would only mature over time. Unfortunately, even though your stomach had deflated a great deal after digesting most of your sister’s load, yet another effect of the drug, the meal your mom had packed for you would have to remain until later when you’re not feeling so bloated. You would definitely need to get it all down before “mommy” gets home and loads you up with a fresh batch of thick, hot cream.


As you’re sighing to yourself, you suddenly hear a new yet also familiar voice sound out from above you. A bad feeling starts welling up inside you as you open your eyes to take in the sight of your other “sister”.

This one likewise resembled your “mom”, especially with how plump she was compared to your other sister. But unlike the other two cowwomen’s seductively mature countenance, she had more of a baby face upon which sat a pair of glasses. Her fur was also just a tad bit lighter in tone.

She was wearing a short skirt that barely hid her nether region that was fully exposed to you as she towered over you. While the cock tucked away in her panties couldn’t match your other sister’s in size, her ass that stretch the fabric of her underwear taut was sizable to say the least. Even among anthro women her butt ranked in the top half when it came to size and fullness.

As you saw your sister dressed up more than usual, the bad feeling you had only grown deeper, not because you disliked the bovine in any way, but rather because if you remembered correctly, she was supposed to have gone on a date today.

“Sheesh, boys are all such prudes. Why can’t they all be like my loving brother, already in position for me to watch my shows before I even get home.”

…Yep, just like you thought…

As she said this, she walked around the couch and came standing next to the cushion where your head was resting. She then casually turned around, giving you a full, uncensored view of her large furry, panty-clad butt while she faced towards the television. Time seemed to slow as she then bent over and reached for the remote on the coffee table, except instead of standing back up, her lower half kept descending with her ass aimed directly at your face!

Your heart started palpitating as the massive bovine butt eclipsed the light of the living room while falling upon you in slow motion!

Your warped sense of time was broken the moment you tried to utter something, only to have your sister’s doughy posterior slam down unto you with enough force that the legs of the couch ground against the carpet!

Your entire face, head and most of your upper body was completely smothered under her warm butt flesh. The rebound force sent your head right into the very depths of her cavernous crack until your half-open mouth and your entire nose sunk into the wrinkly flesh of your sister’s puffy tailhole, the profile of which clearly showed through the thin fabric of her underwear!

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