Simply Miranda Ch. 03


Doug moved his hardened cock so in her delicate hand she felt it’s life breathing. Miranda closed her hand around it with great determination.

“Oh so you like to play?” She laughed heartily.

She caused her clitoris to move in his fingers eye to eye contact wasn’t broken. His smile told her he was enjoying their stale mate. He pinched it making her squirm. So staring into one another’s eye. They went about masturbating the other one into a climax that both were lusting for. She evens raise her thigh wrapping her calf around his leg. He just kept playing with her, gathering speed. She was moving her fingers around his engorged cock.

Both knew the orgasm was roaring through. Doug was bracing his body for the orgasm. Miranda was leaning harder against Doug. As the band played on, their breathing sped up. They were eye to eye knowing the pleasure was going to rip through them. Miranda broke the gaze first hiding her face in his shoulder. He felt his hand fill with wetness as his cock spewed his hot white lava, like cum all over her hand. He heard her moan, listening to her hit one level of moaning. She went limp he held her up. His mouth searched for her lips. They kissed one another deeply with reassurance of passions spent and passions yet to come.

Miranda was first to make a move. She came to Doug’s ear and licking the lobe and softly blowing into his ear she spoke.

“Mm, Doug you were marvelous. Now that we know the orgasm can be so great. Let’s get out of here I need to see to you.” Miranda whispered in lust.

“Take me where you like.” Doug was a little shaky from having a full blown orgasm in a public dance floor.

Miranda took his hand the one where her cum ran through his fingers. Her hand was sticky from his copious cum. She wanted him without interruptions. Just the two of them. His body was her’s. His night was beginning he would be her prisoner of lust. They left walked a distance and got onto an elevator Doug was following. Luther VanDross was singing Forever and Always. The magic was building, Doug was smiling this wanton woman was showing him that he was the most wanted man.

They stepped off the elevator and on the roof top was a helicopter awaiting their arrival. The pilot was ready as they got inside. Doug was fascinated by this. Miranda fixed their belts and the pilot without speaking took off. Doug was astonished as they flew over the lights of the city. Looking at the city at night by helicopter was something he was certain was special. He would remember this. Looking over at Miranda her face was smiling. This lady was amazing she reached for his thigh Doug watched her hand as she went towards the zipper his heart beat out of his chest.

She moved swiftly getting between his legs finally his zipper was down he was exposed. She started licking at the base, Doug senses blew. Here and now this woman was taking him as the city lights seemed to sparkle all around him. He wanted to watch her, she kept eye contact as she ventured up the under side of the shaft. His mind was racing the sensuality was mind boggling. His every nerve just intensified with every lick, suck and kiss. He didn’t think of the pilot, his mind was on her luscious full lips. Her tongue was so sophisticated in the way it played, then suddenly ingeniously would wrap around his organ. Miranda could execute the right pressure to cause him to slip towards the edge.

She spared no motion on him. Smiling with his güvenilir bahis cock in her mouth she loved the taste of him. She wanted to rejuvenate him. That’s when she winked at Doug smiled and swallowed him fully. Doug inched off the seat being swallowed so completely. He started biting his lips, he was losing it. As though it was planned as his hot white sticky cum shattered down Miranda’s throat, the pilot dove the helicopter down.

Doug’s body went air borne he thought. This woman’s hot mouth was sucking him dry and his senses were being tantalized. His surroundings were swirling, yet he felt safe Miranda was sucking on his hairy balls. His spine was useless he heard a sound when he realized he was screaming. He had never been taken like this. Miranda slipped up his body sitting on his lap. She gave him a full mouth kiss. He was so turned on he hungrily responded. With his hands shaking he pulled down her dress so he could see those breasts. His face was filled with adoration. Her breasts were beautifully large. Nipples more than a mouth full. Perky nipples.

“Oh Miranda your breasts are so beautiful. Your beautiful. This whole day and evening has been erotic for me.” Doug held Miranda’s face in his hands.

Power of lust, closing their eyes they can’t deny the feelings of passions reverberate. Their powers were enmeshed as one. They had something burning inside it was glowing from their smiles. They were intensified with emotions. Right now they had the greatest power in shared by two they had lust with no holds barred.

They stepped on the roof top and she snuggled into his side he wrapped his arm around her. She was bare breasted, his mouth was watering. Stepping around a older building she took him across a few hundred feet and there it was a lit pool. Her private pool, she was smiling as Doug shook his head in astonishment.. In the cabana there were suits for all sizes and daring. She was looking over at the billowy curtain, when she felt him scoop her onto the bed. Her legs raised and landed on his shoulders.

“Now Miranda I have you where I can take you anyway I want you. You have me so hot. Your are beautiful as any woman ever living or dead. You are every man’s fantasy. So now let me find out about you, Miranda? :” Doug whispered as he lowered his head to suckle her nipples.

Miranda, arched her back and turned her face away and blushed. This wasn’t lost upon Doug he absolutely loved a woman to blush when she was enjoying him. His breast play caused her to bite her lips, she wanted to give back. He had her pinned though. His mouth had it’s way with her bringing her to near climax’s. Only to bring her back to focus upon his lips burning their way down her body.

His tongue controlled her every move and her moaning, or purring like a kitten. As he neared her navel she reached for his hair. Running her hair through the luxurious hair. Running it through and then cupping his chin with a gentle touch. Doug enjoyed this intimacy. The trail from her navel to her mound was perfect. Which made Miranda not able to run her hands through his hair. His tongue was certainly leaving a burning path. Miranda looked down and saw his top of his head moving down with every lick.

“Oh yeses!” Miranda gave him encouragement.

Doug licked the fullness of the outer lips with long strokes. Miranda bucked up digging her heels into his flesh of his back. His making full circles he did it a few more times before türkçe bahis Miranda burst out in tears. He looked up watching her at his mercy. Enjoying this he allowed his tip of his tongue to delve into the inner lips.

“Oh Doug I beg of you, please.” Miranda’s voice was so raspy.

Doug licked and sucked the outer lips and inner lips alternating her screaming, her stillness. Then he slipped his finger back into the satiny, soft, wetness. Her hips started to move in rhythm. His finger went deep making her hump his hand. She had grabbed the covers in her clinched fist. His mouth and then his finger was throwing her over the edge.

He brought his finger out, opening the hole a little more he inserted his tongue. She came on his tongue running down his chin. She was delicious. He was surprised how she came so easily. It made him determined to bring her back to orgasm. He played with her lips, hole, then nudged her free standing clitoris. She screamed out he was turned on so bad he wanted nothing to stop her from releasing her desires.

When he curled his tongue around her clit he was gifted again with another orgasm. It was sweet, nectar he slurped it up. He wanted more he assaulted her pussy, clitoris and was rewarded with more of her sweetness. Doug thought this was the most erotic feeling bringing a woman to orgasm by his mouth.

“Please, please fuck me Doug?” Miranda was near tears.

“What? You wanna fuck baby?” Doug feigned innocence.

“Yes!” Miranda answered.

“So tell me how you want it?” Doug asked looking in Miranda’s eye.

She turned her face away, “I want it hard, please.” She managed to say.

“Sorry baby, I couldn’t hear you. You turned your head. Tell me again?” Doug was enjoying this.

“I want you to fuck me hard, Doug please?” Miranda looked him in his face.

“Now that’s all it took, So it’s fucking you need.” Doug said as he lifted his body up going towards her face.

Doug plunged his organ inside with a slight hindrance she was tight. His spine seemed to register the tightness only a mere second to his brain. The fit was like a tight fitting glove one that made his cock feel squeezed. His hips moved and with each hump, her inside allowed him in and then would clutch his organ. Milking it, massaging his organ likes million tiny little vibrators.

They finally fit he was riding the saddle, she was fluid in her response moving as one. His arms holding his weight off of her. His mouth finding her nipples playfully. They were in no hurry. They were in their world. Doug’s hot cock was being manipulated by her pussy in the most delicious way. She was moaning as he pumped into her.

“Doug let go.” Miranda said softly

“I’m building it up Miranda.” Doug strained his voice.

“No! Moan, let me know you are enjoying fucking. Just let go. It’s the easiest thing and you know the sounds of pleasure. It’s better than an orchestra hitting each part in a piece. The whole song from top to bottom played with emotions can enter your senses. Allow your senses to come into play.” Miranda was trying to be helpful.

Doug thought about it. He did let go as a young teen. He started holding back in college. Then marriage, kids, more recently grandchildren. He learned to keep his pleasures to himself. Oh he would let loose once in a great while with a call girl. He looked upon Miranda’s angelic face remembering her unveiling of this evening. So he finally did realize sensuality güvenilir bahis siteleri was the senses in play.

“Mm Miranda, you are so intuitive, perceptive, I do enjoy that about you.” Doug said his voice weakened with raw sex.

As the curtains billowed around them, hiding their copulation. Miranda, slipped her hand down his lower back and onto his ass cheeks. She loved their fullness until he was hilt into her then they clinched, tightening. She waited for them to become round and firm, slipping her finger wet from her own wetness.

Doug went ballistic with the natural way she slid into him. His hips gathered speed showing she had found his weakness.

“Doug let me hear your enjoyment?” She coaxed him.

She heard a grunting in return. He was losing focus and becoming more tuned into the ending result.

“Doug shout to me. How does it feel?” Miranda commanded.

“Fine.” Weakly Doug answered.

Then Miranda inserted the second finger with gentleness. Doug lost his composure once and for all.

“Awe fuck me .. Mirandaaaa .. I’m cumming … You are so fucking great … ” Doug screamed while shivering from his inner core.

“Oh Doug … Nowwww … Let’s fall into this with both feet…” Miranda screamed with panting breathing.

They had become entangled, arms, legs, parched throats. They achieved a perfect orgasm together. Miranda held onto Doug his body was involuntarily shaking on top of her. His screams were lessening yet he was letting her know with tears streaming down his face.

“Miranda you give me such pleasure. Today, tonight I am speechless.” Doug whispered laying his wet hair on her bare breasts. He slipped one in his mouth and sucked on it without noticing his action.

Miranda was pleased with the day and the night. Tomorrow would be more sensational if he only knew what she knew. As he entered the cabana again through his mind he noted his drink Cristal and his cigar. Doug quit wondering how she did what she did? She was a magician, seductress, Lady with a capitol L. Classiest woman he knew. She simply went by Miranda.

Doug found himself shaking for thoughts of her. Miranda always was here for him making him feel ten feet tall. Dragging on his cigar he felt like a new man. He laid back on the white on white pillows as she excused herself. He finished his cigar and his drink pouring himself another.

What happened today was importance, of significance not without consequences. Miranda would never allow it to surface.

“Are you in need of refreshments, Doug?” Miranda asked daintily.

Doug looked she had a tray laden with exotic fruit. Figs, fresh pineapple, the strawberries were the one’s that work tuxedo jackets. They had been injected with liqueur. The tray was noteworthy. Miranda was at the top of her game. Slipping into a gauzy white sheer gown, she was nude but slightly covered. Doug pulled her to him after she laid the fare down on the side table.

Kissing her lips he felt the passion meeting his own. It was on idle what would ignite it the next time? He was pleased when she curled onto his bare chest. After a bit she reached for a napkin and fed him a strawberry. His expectations were over the top. Feeding the fruit to one another licking each other fingers they found themselves in foreplay. Miranda always knew the secret multifarious ness would keep her discriminating, above the ordinary pack.

They laid there watching the last of the night time slip like a thief into the night. The last thing they remembered was the coolness of the night air bathing them as they slept. Nobody would find them there was only one way out there and it was through her locked penthouse.

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